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Courting Samira

A humorous, heartfelt romantic comedy that will appeal to readers who enjoy gentle romance.

Pain Hustlers

Emily Blunt and Chris Evans star in a recently-released Netflix film based on the book, but Hughes’s riveting account about the opioid epidemic stands on its own as a work of outstanding narrative nonfiction that should find a place in most libraries.

Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror

The collaboration of these uniquely gifted narrators with extraordinarily talented Black horror authors results in a thrilling, multifaceted audio experience that belongs in all fiction collections.

Under the Tamarind Tree

A beautifully told tale, offering a compelling love story and insight into Partition and its aftermath.

Three Holidays and a Wedding

An outstanding addition to any holiday romance collection, perfect for fans of Jean Meltzer’s The Matzah Ball or Jaqueline Snowe’s Snowed in for Christmas.

The Sight

A bleak but thrilling listen, providing an atmospheric glimpse into the inner workings and superstitions of carnival life. Share with listeners seeking character-driven, supernatural suspense.

Straw Dogs of the Universe

A moving portrait of a fraught time in U.S. history. Share with readers of Jenny Tinghui Zhang’s Four Treasures of the Sky or Lisa Ko’s The Leavers.

They Called Us Exceptional: And Other Lies That Raised Us

This candid and compassionate account reveals the cost of impossible expectations and the courage necessary to find oneself. For fans of Qian Julie Wang’s Beautiful Country or Safiya Sinclair’s How To Say Babylon.

Accidentally in Love

An enjoyable but somewhat slow-going sophomore outing for Jackson (The Accidental Pinup).

The Wake-Up Call

Will appeal to listeners seeking an engaging opposites-attract holiday rom-com. Recommended for fans of Sophie Cousens, Emily Henry, and Katherine Center.

An American Immigrant

This novel about the importance of one’s family and culture should appeal to readers of Leah Franqui and Angie Cruz.

Motherland: A Memoir

This expressively narrated account of a country in crisis balances detailed research and political insight with snippets of daily life. A must-listen that pairs well with Raúl Gallegos’s Crude Nation and Rory Carroll’s Comandante.

The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos

Chiusano’s case study succeeds in revealing the roots of Santos’s shameless behavior and never-ending lies. This account of how an accomplished scammer rose in national politics is both compelling and sickening. Highly recommended, and an essential purchase for all New York libraries.

Silent Cavalry: How Union Soldiers from Alabama Helped Sherman Burn Atlanta—and Then Got Written Out of History

This compellingly narrated contribution to U.S. Civil War historiography, made personal by Raines’s family history, is illuminating and thought-provoking. An important update to Margaret M. Storey’s Loyalty and Loss: Alabama’s Unionists in the Civil War and Reconstruction and an excellent addition to any audio history collection.

The Pole

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a short but stirring literary novel about art and desire. Recommended for fans of Anne Enright and Rachel Cusk.

My Name Is Barbra

A spectacular and heartfelt memoir, written with invigorating passion and read with endearing humor.

Talking to My Angels

Longtime Etheridge fans and those new to her work will be blown away by her music and grace-filled, courageous personal narrative.

The Beginning of Everything

A solid friends-to-lovers romance with some thought-provoking elements. Recommended for fans of Abbi Waxman and Jenny Colgan.

Galatea: A Short Story

Will appeal to listeners seeking a haunting short story with classical inspiration and unsettling contemporary implications. Recommended for fans of Jennifer Saint, Natalie Haynes, and Claire Heywood.

Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country

A brave and heartbreaking work that fleshes out the human cost of Duterte’s violent rule.

The Best Audiobooks of 2023


The Great Gatsby

A satisfying revamping that hits the highlights of Fitzgerald’s classic novel.

The Little Liar

Albom’s latest explores betrayal, survival, and revenge against the backdrop of the German occupation of Greece during World War II. The author’s many fans will be well satisfied.

Red Memory: The Afterlives of China’s Cultural Revolution

A valuable addition to library collections that explores the connections between politics and belief and their consequences.

Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed Movies Forever

A must-listen for all nonfiction collections.

The Mistress of Bhatia House

A delicately rendered, multifaceted novel for those seeking a historical mystery that addresses larger societal issues. Share with fans of Vaseem Khan’s “Malabar House” series or Abir Mukherjee’s A Rising Man.

Farrell Covington and the Limits of Style

Listeners will alternately cackle with glee and gasp in sympathy throughout Henning’s virtuoso performance of Rudnick’s immersive, sexy tragicomedy. Essential listening.

Assistant to the Villain

A possibility for listeners seeking a grumpy-sunshine romantasy, but an otherwise optional purchase.

Fair Rosaline

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a Shakespearean shake-up that explores the abusive aspects of an often misconstrued love story. One need not have an in-depth knowledge of the original work to recognize characters, quotes, and Romeo’s recycled pick-up lines. Recommended for fans of Sarah Dunant and Robin Maxwell.

The Mythmakers

A thoughtful coming-of-age story that captures the intricacies of storytelling, ambition, and the creative process.

Poisoned Prose

Will appeal to listeners seeking a cozy paranormal mystery full of wit, whimsy, and witches. Recommended for fans of Tamara Berry, Casey Daniels, and Carol J. Perry.

The Long Ago

Crime and Western writer McGarrity’s latest is different but no less compelling than his usual fare. For readers of Jane Harper, Meghan Miranda, and C.J. Tudor.

Being Henry: The Fonz…and Beyond

An engaging and endearing memoir by a genuine Hollywood treasure whose work spans generations.

Life on Other Planets: A Memoir of Finding My Place in the Universe

This lyrical, beautifully performed memoir from a Black woman scientist should inspire listeners to look to the sky and also recommend this outstanding title to young women they know who are interested in STEM fields.

Family Lore

Acevedo’s choice to self-narrate her novel further amplifies her already remarkable voice.

The Déjà Glitch

A solid romance that lets readers believe in love in a single day.

Taking Care: The Story of Nursing and Its Power To Change Our World

Anyone interested in improving Americans’ quality of life will be inspired by DiGregorio’s call to action, dynamically delivered by Gideon, arguing that nurses, as integral members of their communities, can help the country heal from structural inequalities such as racism, sexism, unequal access to information, and poverty.


A novel for fans of the monstrous and grotesque. Share this menacing listen with fans of Chase Novak’s Breed or Ben H. Winters’s Bedbugs.

One Hundred Days

Uneasy and complex, Pung’s latest conveys the poignancy of coming of age and the challenging layers of mother-daughter relationships.

The Witching Year: A Memoir of Earnest Fumbling Through Modern Witchcraft

A sincere and unaffected memoir that should appeal to listeners interested in Wiccan beliefs and personal growth stories.

Audio In Depth December 2023

Author and Narrator in Conversation | LJ Talks with India Holton & Elizabeth Knowelden

Audiobooks and Public Libraries 2023

Novels of Note | Fiction Audiobooks Building Holds

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Audiobook Stars | Top Titles To Know, Share, and Listen To

Capers and Crimes for the Ears | Top Audiobooks for Mystery Lovers

Aural Explorations | Spectacular SFF Audiobooks

Rapturous Romantic Listens | Top Audiobooks for Romance Fans

Tune in to Terror | Horror Audiobook Stars

King: A Life

Though lengthy (clocking in at just under 21 hours), this gripping biography of a revolutionary leader flies by. Listeners interested in a new perspective of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life will be captivated.

Tom Lake

Any disappointments aside, the significant demand that Patchett’s text and Streep’s performance will generate is inevitable; whether starters become finishers could be a different story.

Forget Me Not

Dalton and Hamilton’s performance of Soto’s debut contemporary romance will charm fans of Mia Sosa’s and Tessa Bailey’s recent works. This skillfully narrated enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance does not disappoint.

The Parrot and the Igloo: Climate and the Science of Denial

A thorough history outlining how deniers cast doubt on global warming and the U.S. government’s repeated failures to take action. Readers and listeners of Kate Aronoff’s Overheated will want to snap this story up.

These Still Black Waters

An auspicious start to a captivating new series. Mystery/crime fans will be delighted.

The Last Lifeboat

Based on true events, this emotionally resonant historical novel is both sobering and inspiring. For those who enjoyed Laura Spence-Ash’s Beyond That, the Sea or Gloria Goldreich’s The Paris Children.

The Stolen Coast

Petkoff’s narration elevates this tale to unforgettable heights, making it a solid recommendation for any crime fiction collection.

Mister Magic

Fans of Stephen King’s It and other stories that dissect precious childhood memories will want to get acquainted with Mister Magic and the Circle.

Happiness Falls

Although the novel is marketed as a mystery, this lushly atmospheric listen will have broad appeal. Share with fans of Celeste Ng and those who appreciate layered family drama that explores race, language, and neurodivergence.

Girls from the County

This audiobook may be short, but it is seriously spooky. Recommended for those who love gothic poetry or true crime or listeners wanting to get in the Halloween spirit.

End Credits: How I Broke Up with Hollywood

Listeners will love how Lin doesn’t stick to the script in this engaging insider’s look into the big business of the small screen.

Old Enough

Balancing humor and hope with the grittiness of becoming an adult, this poignant work satisfies. A potential crossover title for older teens and a solid recommendation for fans of Nina LaCour’s Yerba Buena.

Fever House

Rosson’s dialogue and characters may attract fans of noir-adjacent fiction, but it’s the true horror fans who will love riding out this apocalypse.

The September House

This perfect synergy of author and narrator will have broad appeal. For fans of Rachel Harrison and Grady Hendrix and anyone seeking a unique haunted-house story.

The Secret History

A powerful and captivating classical work, underscoring the timeless lesson that history’s most brutal chapters have an uncanny knack for repetition.

An Honest Man

Recommend to fans of the author and fast-paced thrillers.

A Most Tolerant Little Town: The Explosive Beginning of School Desegregation

Highly recommended for anyone wanting a moving glimpse beyond the better known stories of the civil rights era.

Last Call at Coogan’s: The Life and Death of a Neighborhood Bar

This well-researched narrative history is a delightful listen and a reminder of the power and importance of community.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date

With emotional depth and engaging characters, this sweetly sexy third installment in Blake’s “Bright Falls” series satisfies.

This Exquisite Loneliness: What Loners, Outcasts, and the Misunderstood Can Teach Us About Creativity

A timely and sincere exploration of loneliness. Though it touches on occasionally heavy topics, this insightful book should resonate broadly.

Jackie: Public, Private, Secret

Enhanced by Oppenheimer’s elegant narration, this absorbing account of an iconic woman’s tragic and lavish life is not to be missed.

Pulling the Chariot of the Sun: A Memoir of a Kidnapping

McCrae has created a nonlinear and intricate patchwork, stitching together the forgetting and remembering wrought by childhood trauma. This poetic meditation on family and history should appeal to readers of Harrison Mooney’s Invisible Boy and Natasha Trethewey’s Memorial Drive.

Hey Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking issue-oriented influencer insight, blended with thought-provoking autobiography. Recommended for fans of Stephanie McNeal and Sara Petersen.

The Hive and the Honey

This haunting collection, featuring complex individuals caught between cultures, is a gem, recommended for any collection of audio short stories. A good pick for those who enjoyed Te-Ping Chen’s Land of Big Numbers and Kristina Gorcheva-Newberry’s What Isn’t Remembered.

Lush Lives

This lushly written sapphic romance should appeal to readers interested in women artists and creators and the ruthless NYC art scene.

Love at 350°

A perfect listen for fans of The Great British Bake Off and those craving a satisfying foodie romance.

The Confession of Henry Jekyll, M.D.

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a classic creepy tale with a contemporary spin, presented as an intense and engaging dramatic production. Recommended for fans of horror both old and new, from Stevenson to Stephen King.

The Last Dance

Audiences will love the complex Declan, whose intense grief cannot repress his innate sarcasm. There is a lot going on in this thriller, all of which is brilliantly knit together by the author and a very talented narrator.

Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult: A Memoir of Mental Illness and the Quest To Belong Anywhere

Not only a must for Bamford enthusiasts but an inspired pick for mental-health memoir fans.

No Child of Mine

Though Giraldes’s tale is sometimes dragged down by its ghosts, readers of domestic horror will likely respond to the depiction of an increasingly isolated expectant mother.

Undaunted: How Women Changed American Journalism

Both an intriguing social history and collection of well-drawn, necessarily short biographical sketches of fearless women such as Nellie Bly, the Idas (Tarbell and B. Wells), Gloria Steinem, and Nikole Hannah-Jones, Kroeger’s inspiring account of how women significantly influenced a misogynistic industry should be welcomed by history and journalism buffs.

Leg: The Story of a Limb and the Boy Who Grew from It

With remarkable storytelling, heartfelt narration, and a powerful message, listeners will delight in stories of Marshall’s awkward teen years and sorrow as he describes moments of loss and grief. A perfect blend of heartwarming, hilarious, and horrendous, this memoir is unforgettable and highly recommended for all collections.

Kiss Me, Mi Amor

Give to listeners who enjoy adaptations of classic stories, such as Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors by Sonali Dev.

The Wonder State

Recommend to fans of speculative mysteries and coming-of-age tales, as well as to readers of Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen.

Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think About Animals

A hopeful yet realistic look at successful wildlife rehabilitation projects, narrated with perfectly pitched intensity. This is sure to make an impact.

Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon

Interesting new godpunk with some rough edges.

Recipe for Second Chances

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a playful nom-nom rom-com full of food, friendship, and fun. Recommended for fans of Christina Lauren, Jennifer Weiner, and Amanda Aksel.

Playing the Witch Card

Dell’Antonia brings cozy autumn vibes to a sincere family saga with an unexpected touch of suspense. Listeners who gravitate toward supernatural cozy mysteries (such as Bailey Cates’s “Magical Bakery” series) and adventurous witchy romances (like Erin Sterling’s The Ex Hex) will enjoy.

One of the Boys

Listeners will be riveted by this complicated family drama that wrestles with the ethical implications of profiling and experimental medical treatments. Share with fans of Delilah S. Dawson’s The Violence or Naomi Alderman’s The Power.

The Only Purple House in Town

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a brilliantly bewitching paranormal romance about found family and fitting in. Recommended for fans of Sangu Mandanna, Sally Thorne, and Jessica Clare.

The Midnight News

Baker’s atmospheric tale of friendship, love, and self-discovery should appeal to readers of character-driven, suspenseful historical fiction.

New Adult

Give to listeners who enjoy some whimsy with their romances.

The Murder Wheel

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an atmospheric historical mystery, fast-paced and full of detail, that culminates in a delightful denouement to rival Poirot. Recommended for fans of Martin Edwards, Fiona Davis, and Sophie Hannah.

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

McBride has an uncanny ability to let the good in people shine through his writing; this latest book is no exception. Listeners familiar with Hoffman’s narration of McBride’s previous novels will be satisfied.

California Golden

An atmospheric novel that transports readers to sunny southern California and through the complicated times of the 1960s. Pair with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Malibu Rising or Erica Abeel’s Wild Girls.

Dark Water Daughter

A great addition to the recent spate of pirate-themed fantasy, such as S.A. Chakraborty’s The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi.


Listeners may be intrigued by this creative exploration of Herman Melville, but the content might be better experienced in print.

Young Queens: Three Renaissance Women and the Price of Power

Recommended for lovers of European history focused on women, by authors such as Alison Weir and Nicola Tallis.

My Darling Girl

Full of twists, turns, and plenty of suspense, this slow-burn horror novel has depth and plenty of holiday chills. Fans of McMahon’s other works will not be disappointed.

Labyrinth’s Heart

Recommended for those who enjoy fantasy in the vein of Lee Bardugo’s Six of Crows, Foz Meadows’s “Tithenai Chronicles,” or E.E. Holmes’s “Riftmagic Saga” series.

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