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Fierce Females on Television: A Cultural History

More intended for fans of the shows described than feminist or cultural theorists, this is an accessible study of archetypes and their pop culture iterations. Evelina gives viewers of the featured 10 shows an excuse to binge watch some of their old favorites.

Connecticut in the Movies: From Dream Houses to Dark Suburbia

A fun book for movie lovers anywhere, but especially those in Connecticut.

Energy Follows Thought: The Stories Behind My Songs

A sweet and intimate retrospective of a long and prolific career. This book will make readers feel like they’ve sat down with Nelson, who has just regaled them with tales.

Dressing the Part: Television’s Most Stylish Shows

A great addition to collections. Fashion lovers, aspiring fashion designers, and TV fans will devour this book.

You Are What You Watch: How Movies and TV Affect Everything

A worthy, fun dissection of pop culture that’s full of infographics and data.

Backstage & Beyond, Volume 2: 45 Years of Classic Rock Chats & Rants

Though not entirely filled with fresh information, the book includes enough new material to make the second volume of this set worthwhile for readers interested in more recent rock.

Bridge and Tunnel Boys: Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and the Metropolitan Sound of the American Century

Fans will appreciate Cullen’s insight and respect for Springsteen’s and Joel’s music in this highly entertaining book.

Ferocious Ambition: Joan Crawford’s March to Stardom

This skillfully written, engaging, and carefully referenced biography will appeal to fans of old Hollywood glamour and to readers interested in the social construction of gender, especially within the context of the film industry.

To the Temple of Tranquility…and Step on It!

A memoir that’s both touching and funny. Readers will see how Begley finds joy in life in spite of his battles.

George Harrison: The Reluctant Beatle

Readers who are not extremely familiar with Beatles history or who are seeking a Harrison-focused biography will want this. They’ll gain more insight into the most enigmatic member of the Beatles.

Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life

Schwarzenegger provides a useful, logical, and sometimes humorous blueprint for general readers to achieve a successful and satisfying life, although he chooses to avoid talking about his own misconduct.

Do You Believe in the Power of Rock & Roll?

This impressive collection of articles and interviews is varied and spans decades and numerous alternative music scenes.

Being Henry: The Fonz…and Beyond

Winkler’s personality shines through in this memoir and cements his status as a beloved celebrity for multiple generations.

Black Punk Now

Fans of punk rock will enjoy this anthology. There’s much to like despite the shortcomings of some of the fiction pieces.

C’mon, Get Happy: The Making of Summer Stock

Fans of Garland, Kelly, and the golden age of movie musicals will enjoy this exploration.

Running the Show: Television from the Inside

A must for readers interested in breaking into the business of writing or running a TV show. This entertaining guidebook gives straightforward, no-nonsense advice.

The Novelizers: An Affectionate History of Media Adaptations & Originals, Their Astonishing Authors—and the Art of the Craft

Packed with photos, this is the perfect reference tool for the publishing genre that launched many lifetime readers.

Save Me a Seat: On the Road with Hello Dolly!

Funny and revealing, this book, filled with the author’s opinions, is an evocative record of theater life and life on the road.

Neon Nightmares: L.A. Thrillers of the 1980s

While of obvious regional interest, this book’s informed and lively writing will play well everywhere.

Quartet: How Four Women Changed the Musical World

A beautifully written examination of complicated, intertwined lives during a period of intense social change. Collections of social history, music, and women’s biographies will benefit.

Screen Style

Perceptive observations and a vast fashion vocabulary that may have even die-hard fashionistas scrambling for their dictionaries are perfect accessories. This amazing title will enhance readers’ watching and rewatching experiences.

I Want You Around: The Ramones and the Making of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

A no-brainer purchase for the countless denizens of Ramones Nation. Fans of Rock ‘N’ Roll High School, Roger Corman, and cult movies are going to love this too.

Backstage & Beyond, Volume 1: 45 Years of Classic Rock Chats & Rants

An extensive insider’s knowledge of rock that offers new insights into the genre’s legends. Readers will find this book fascinating and entertaining.

Uncle of the Year & Other Debatable Triumphs

Rannells’s top-notch narration makes this laugh-out-loud listen a must-purchase for patrons who are fans of his work or enjoy well-crafted memoirs.

Did I Ever Tell You This?

A storytelling masterpiece, this work will appeal to Neill’s fans and those interested in the film industry.

So Many Steves: Afternoons with Steve Martin

Will appeal to listeners seeking a candid, creative conversation that offers intriguing insight into celebrity and self. Recommended for fans of Martin’s wit and wisecracks.

Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You: A Memoir

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a raw rock-and-roll memoir. Recommended for fans of arts and entertainers’ stories that include their coping with trauma and landing triumphs.

Predator: A Memoir, a Movie, an Obsession

Narrator Matt Godfrey helps Monson sound less like an elitist film critic and more like a likable film buff with whom one could share a beer, which might help listeners forgive Monson for dragging them along through his many tangents.

Ideal Beauty: The Life and Times of Greta Garbo

Preceded by innumerable contributions to the study of Garbo, including Robert Gottlieb’s Garbo and Robert Dance’s The Savvy Sphinx, this book presents a truly different approach for both lay and academic readers. It expertly offers an understanding of an elusive figure within the context of the film industry.

Harlem World: How Hip Hop’s Super Showdown Changed Music Forever

Readers looking for perspectives on the July 1981 rap battle might enjoy this. Readers looking for more information on hip-hop’s history and development will find it in Jonathan Abrams’s The Come Up.

The American Theatre as Seen by Hirschfeld: 1962–2002

A remarkable visual history of Broadway theater in its heyday and the New York performing arts scene until Hirschfeld died in 2003. With its comprehensive indexes, this work is a fitting tribute to an outstanding artist. Should be a mandatory addition to reference art and performing arts collections.

The American Theatre as Seen by Hirschfeld: 1928–1961

Packed with iconic artwork, this is an essential purchase.

Ain’t No Sunshine: The Smooth Soul and Rough Edges of Bill Withers

Withers, a staple of classic radio and movie soundtracks, seems as popular now as he’s ever been. Loyal and new fans will appreciate this first full biography of the artist.

Why Willie Mae Thornton Matters

An engaging and well-written must-read with generous resources for further study.

Changing Destiny

Fans of Egyptian history, short stories, and plays and those with deep philosophical questions will enjoy this text. Often triggering thoughtful retrospection and occasionally offering surprising splashes of humor, Okri’s play is recommended for readers who have questioned their place in the world.

Goth: A History

An impressionistic, heartfelt account of the origins, influence, and curative powers of the goth subculture. Will likely appeal to the existing legions of the goth community.

The Masters: Conversations with Dylan, Lennon, Jagger, Townshend, Garcia, Bono, and Springsteen

A complement to Wenner’s memoir, Like a Rolling Stone. Since much of this material can be found elsewhere, fans will appreciate having these key interviews in one place. Also ideal for readers who want to hear from those who’ve made it in the musical industry as they start their own path of discovery.

Monsters on the Couch: The Real Psychological Disorders Behind Your Favorite Horror Movies

From its deeper dives into classic horror archetypes to its spotlights on niche neurological disorders, this book will likely appeal to a variety of readers.

Living My Best Life, Hun: Following Your Dreams Is No Joke

Recommended for everyone who’s interested in pop-cultural explorations of race, gender, and ethnicity. Fans of Hughes’s comedy and readers who’ve enjoyed memoirs such as Tina Fey’s Bossypants, Tiffany Haddish’s The Last Black Unicorn, and Ali Wong’s Dear Girls will also love this book.

Cloverfield: Creatures and Catastrophes in Post-9/11 Cinema

A thorough investigation of Cloverfield as a post-9/11 touchstone of American cinema. A well-suited addition to academically focused library collections, especially those supporting studies in film and media analysis, political science, and sociology.

How To Survive a Killer Musical: Agony and Ecstasy on the Road to Broadway

A fascinating look at the hidden reefs lying below the surface waters of musicals and how to ride over most of them. A treat for anyone interested in theater.

A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune; An Oral History

The story behind Lynch’s Dune is both unique and indicative of the struggles faced when mounting an epic film production. A treasure trove for Dune and Lynch aficionados.


Strictly Dynamite: The Sensational Life of Lupe Vélez

A top-notch biography that ardently recreates Vélez’s ebullient personality.

Misfit: Growing Up Awkward in the ’80s

Familiarity with the author’s comedic career is unnecessary to appreciate his story. This title will undoubtedly generate new fans.

The Spice Must Flow: The Story of Dune, from Cult Novels to Visionary Sci-Fi Movies

This highly recommended book has the power to change the way everyday readers of Herbert’s classic novel experience it.

Creative Producing: A Pitch-to-Picture Guide to Movie Development

Invaluable to readers seeking a career in the film-producing field, but lively enough to please a wide audience.

Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine

This extraordinary book showcases the Bob Dylan Center and the artist himself. It introduces enticing new scholarship in the Dylan historiography to be studied and celebrated for generations to come.

The Singers Talk: The Greatest Singers of Our Time Discuss the One Thing They’re Never Asked About—Their Voices

Readers will come away with an insider’s view of what it means to be a singer with regard to technique and inspiration. The book will be of interest to fans of popular music of all genres.

Glitter and Concrete: A Cultural History of Drag in New York City

This book is extremely timely, as transgender rights and events such as drag queen story hours are constantly scrutinized in legislation and in the American media. A vital purchase for any collection.

Ultimate Heavy Metal Guitars: The Guitarists Who Rocked the World

Headbangers will likely rejoice about the thorough celebration of the power and fury of metal in this enjoyable encyclopedia.

Horror Unmasked: A History of Terror from Nosferatu to Nope

Considering the massive scope, this photobook is surprisingly succinct, informative, and helpful as an overview of horror films.

How Coppola Became Cage

The book artfully avoids any superfan swooning despite the author’s obvious admiration for Cage’s sometimes misunderstood talent. Fascinating details and entertaining provocative backstories make this an important, captivating read for Cage fans and cinephiles alike.

End Credits: How I Broke Up with Hollywood

This will be a good fit where celebrity and industry memoirs circulate well.


The Truth Is Still Out There: Thirty Years of The X-Files

Best for die-hard fans of the show who are already familiar with the cult classic’s storylines and characters and are seeking a deeper dive.

Tell It Like It Is: My Story

A gratifying, spiritual, and hopeful against-all-odds memoir. An essential read for both Neville fans and those who may be unfamiliar with his music.

Staging a Comeback: Broadway, Hollywood, and the Disney Renaissance

Kunze paints a fascinating picture of how the Walt Disney Company has become an indelible part of the world.

Why Mariah Carey Matters

An excellent look at a great artist. Readers will likely find themselves YouTubing the Carey performances described in this book.

No Crying in Baseball: The Inside Story of A League of Their Own; Big Stars, Dugout Drama, and a Home Run for Hollywood

Thorough, detailed, and affectionate, this book will appeal to sports, history, and film fans.

Fashioning the Beatles: The Looks That Shook the World

Rich with detail, this book will immerse rock and fashion history buffs alike in a satisfying intersection of subjects. A must for collections with a particular focus on popular music or historical dress.

Crooner: Singing from the Heart from Sinatra to Nas

While some of Coles’s conclusions are arguable, this is an intriguing study of a wide array of vocalists who were inspired by Sinatra. A fresh and educational look at an influential element of popular music.

The Mummy’s Hand

Often as quirky as the movie it documents, this entry in the “Scripts from the Crypt” series is a great look at a B-horror film.

Here’s to the Ladies: Conversations with More of the Great Women of Musical Theatre

Another delightful gathering of the voices of women of Broadway. An excellent choice for musical theater and women-in-the-performing-arts library collections and fans.

Red Sapphire: The Woman Who Beat the Blacklist

Written with the pulsating pace of a thriller, this book will likely attract readers and scholars interested in political journalism, women in film and television, and mid-20th-century pop culture history.

Hollywood and History: What the Movies Get Wrong from the Ancient Greeks to Vietnam

Erratic in content and weak in analysis, this book reads more like a breezy collection of film factoids.

But Will You Love Me Tomorrow? An Oral History of the ’60s Girl Groups

A noble effort that will likely appeal to music scholars and the genre’s fans.

Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult: A Memoir of Mental Illness and the Quest To Belong Anywhere

Raw and discomfiting, but completely compelling. This is an essential read for Bamford fans and will likely reassure those who are on their own journeys.

Sondheim: His Life, His Shows, His Legacy

This impressive volume is an important biographical addition to collections on musical theater and the Broadway entertainment industry.

Bing and Billie and Frank and Ella and Judy and Barbra

This richly rewarding book is a singular achievement in tracing the prowess of these larger-than-life musical figures, whose talents still have emotional resonance today.

Hound Dog

Will likely appeal to both music scholars and readers investigating the intersection of race and society in the U.S.

Movie-Made Los Angeles

An excellent source on the development of the arts and film. It would work well as a supplemental text in a film or art history course.


Hidden Light: Judaism and Mystical Experience in Israeli Cinema

International-film enthusiasts will applaud the author for providing such in-depth consideration of Israeli films; others might simply be grateful for a list of new movies. Best for only the most comprehensive film studies collections.


Highly recommended for fans of Maurice and general film buffs, who will likely enjoy and learn from Greven’s detailed and historical perspective.


Will & Grace

The author persuasively proves that Will & Grace deserves its reputation as a classic sitcom and a milestone for LGBTQIA+ representation.

Blood in the Tracks: The Minnesota Musicians Behind Dylan’s Masterpiece

Not entirely new, this book’s stories focus much more on the musicians and their brief brush with music history.

Elvis and the Colonel: An Insider’s Look at the Most Legendary Partnership in Show Business

This book successfully explodes the myth of Parker as a manipulative puppeteer by portraying him as a shrewd but fair, loyal, and hardworking marketing innovator.

This Is Christmas, Song by Song: The Stories Behind 100 Holiday Hits

The eclectic mix of pop standards, songs from TV specials, contemporary hits from Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift, and lesser-known punk and heavy metal Christmas tunes makes this an essential read for trivia buffs, music enthusiasts, and holiday revelers.

Scattershot: Life, Music, Elton, and Me

Written in a highly entertaining, articulate style with a wickedly acidic sense of humor, this book sets a new standard for rock biographies; most readers will enjoy.

Surely You Can’t Be Serious: The True Story of Airplane!

Generously illustrated with stills from Airplane! , this book covers stories about its production and discusses how some of the funniest scenes originated. Fans of the film will likely enjoy this engaging behind-the-scenes look.

Listen: On Music, Sound and Us

The essays in this book don’t display the same attention to fine detail that made Faber’s novels a success. There’s rarely any serious explanation, just opinions, sometimes appallingly argued.


For Mingus fans especially, and those who know the legend and the stories. People who are less familiar with the complicated jazz master will want to delve into the works mentioned in the discography, bibliography, and videography provided by Massarutto.

Still Laughing: A Life in Comedy from the Creator of Laugh-in

While Schlatter may be a better comedy impresario than practitioner, his amiable succession of observations about encounters with entertainers from the past 70 years is a breezy read.

Making Music: The Banjo in a Southern Appalachian County

Appalachian mountain life comes alive as it’s viewed through its musical heritage.

The Drop Dead Funny ’70s: American Film Comedies Year by Year

A knowledgeable, entertaining, and useful critical review of comedy films of the 1970s.


Kick Out the Jams: Jibes, Barbs, Tributes, and Rallying Cries from 35 Years of Music Writing

An inspiring, informative, and challenging collection. Readers will be left with much to ponder and appreciate.

Becoming Nick and Nora: The Thin Man and the Films of William Powell and Myrna Loy

An efficient, well-researched, and polished biography about Powell and Loy that also offers an astute analysis of “The Thin Man” series.

Dreams in Double Time: On Race, Freedom, and Bebop

This would make an excellent accompaniment for an advanced course in musical or racial history, but it’s not for general readers.

Alien Abduction in the Cinema: A History from the 1950s to Today

Meehan’s research into the subjects of alien abduction and related cinema is fascinating, but the book would have ultimately worked better as two unrelated

Highways and Heartaches: How Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, and Children of the New South Saved the Soul of Country Music

An absorbing and richly detailed retrospective that will especially appeal to country and bluegrass aficionados.

Chasing Tone: How Rob Turner and EMG Revolutionized the Guitar’s Sound

A captivating backstage view of the music industry and a pivotal player in the electric guitar evolution.

Eleanor Powell: Born To Dance

Powell’s journey, particularly her comeback in her forties after raising her son, is awe-inspiring. This comprehensive biography will likely appeal to cinephiles and hoofers alike.

Breaking the Code: Otto Preminger vs. Hollywood’s Censors

An insightful and informative book that also includes Segaloff and Arnie Reisman’s two-act comedy Code Blue!, a witty wordplay on the battle between Preminger and Breen.

Pageboy: A Memoir

Page’s fame as both actor and an LGBTQIA+ figure already makes this volume of interest to numerous library communities, but institutions should also consider adding it to collections as important insight at a time when transgender narratives are increasingly sought after.

Time’s Echo: The Second World War, the Holocaust, and the Music of Remembrance

An absorbing read for serious music lovers that may well become a classic in music criticism.

Part of the Magic: A Collection of Disney-Inspired Brushes with Greatness

A quick, engaging read that’s perfect for anyone who loves Disney or ’90s pop culture or who wants an inside look at the music and film industry from a singular perspective.

All Join Hands: Dudley Laufman & the New England Country Dance Tradition

Readers interested in contra dance and its music will find this a satisfying immersion. Best suited for collections specializing in New England history, American folk traditions, or roots music.

Silhouettes and Shadows: The Secret History of David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

This book is fascinating, but its density may be more suitable for academically-inclined music readers.

Leading Lady: A Memoir of a Most Unusual Boy

This joyful, upbeat, and witty memoir will likely capture the hearts of theater and movie buffs.

August Wilson: A Life

This brilliant biography is a vital purchase.

A Pocketful of Happiness: A Memoir

An elegant exploration of the profundity of loss. While the memoir will appeal to Grant’s many fans, it may also comfort those struggling with an impending or recent loss.

Kind of a Big Deal: How Anchorman Stayed Classy and Became the Most Iconic Comedy of the Twenty-First Century

An engaging read for fans of Ferrell and McKay’s iconic film.

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