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A House with Good Bones

Both fantastic storytellers, Kowal (The Spare Man) and Kingfisher (What Moves the Dead) are a perfect pairing for this excellent Southern gothic, an essential purchase.

Brother & Sister Enter the Forest

Mirabella’s ambitious novel tackles relationships, sexual orientation, and physical and mental healing. A layered tale that should appeal to fans of Emily Ruskovich’s Idaho or Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life.

Cursed Bunny: Stories

Fans of unsettling short stories should give Chung’s twisted modern folk tales a listen. These visceral, smart tales, teaching their lessons through suffering, make an impact.

The Woman Beyond the Sea

Yishai-Levi’s sensitive story of mother-daughter relationships and lives overturned by devastating circumstances makes an impact. Share with fans of Kelly Rimmer’s The Things We Cannot Say or Lena Manta’s The Gold Letter.

Lone Women

LaValle’s gorgeous prose and dynamic characters, combined with the horrific supernatural, make for a compelling listen. Share with fans of Alma Katsu, Erin E. Adams, and Isabel Cañas.

Your Driver Is Waiting

Listeners will love Damani’s attitude and resourcefulness as she confronts her daily struggles in this scathing and funny debut, flawlessly narrated by the author.

Western Lane

Maroo’s brief but moving debut is in good hands with Soroya as a narrator. Recommend to readers of Alice McDermott and Lydia Millet and those who enjoy reflective coming-of-age stories. It should also have tremendous YA crossover appeal.

House of Cotton

Fans of lushly described surroundings and winding plots will enjoy. An atmospheric, engrossing story for readers of Octavia E. Butler and Tananarive Due.

Big Swiss

A unique story, blending grim humor with intimate, multilayered romance. Share with fans of Ottessa Moshfegh.

All the Broken Places

While scenes from the past and present are rough to hear, both narrators skillfully keep pace without losing sight of the characters. Listeners will pity young Gretel but want to invite the elder Gretel over for tea.

This Other Eden

This quick listen packs a punch. An affecting novel that should appeal to fans of Jamila Minnicks’s Moonrise over New Jessup.

The Islands: Stories

These stories will resonate with listeners and are excellent for book clubs. Pair with Omolola Ogunyemi’s Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions.

Go as a River

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a small-town coming-of-age story about sorrow, shame, and survival. Recommended for fans of Delia Owens, Kristin Hannah, and Lisa Wingate.

The Haunting of Alejandra

Listeners will be buoyed by Alejandra’s decision to find herself, save her children, and break free from generational curses. A feminist retelling that will appeal to fans of psychological horror and the works of Isabel Cañas and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

Chain-Gang All Stars

A mix of voices, thought-provoking worldbuilding, and the forward momentum of the novel make this a captivating listen. Recommended for fans of dystopian fiction laced with social commentary.

Biography of X

Fans of books such as Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and other dystopian novels will love this brilliant and haunting novel.

Victory City

Narrator Sid Sagar imbues Rushdie’s (The Golden House) tale with a spellbinding atmosphere of magic and wonder, skillfully capturing the novel’s many characters and channeling Rushdie’s sly humor and insight. Rushdie’s many fans will be enthralled.

The Hole We’re In

Though the Pomeroys are profoundly flawed and often misguided, they are characters to root for. A sensitive and astute book that is recommended for fans of Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s The Nest or Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere.

The Red Balcony

Wilson’s thrilling historical fiction, combining a legal thriller with romance and intrigue, provides an absorbing audio experience. Highly recommended.

Bad Cree

Johns is an exciting new Indigenous voice in the horror genre. Readers who enjoyed Stephen Graham Jones’s The Only Good Indians and Erika Wurth’s White Horse will not want to miss this.

The Piano Tuner

Although the audio may present difficulties for some listeners, this novel is atmospheric and short enough that most listeners will walk away with food for thought or, at the very least, a deeper appreciation of classical music and piano.


This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a dark, dizzying domestic thriller steeped in menace and mistrust. Recommended for fans of Gillian Flynn, Ashley Audrain, and Riley Sager.

The Curator

This convoluted story, full of illusion and mystery, is perfect for readers of horror-laced fantasy. Fans of Erin Morgenstern’s The Starless Sea, Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, or P. Djeli Clark’s A Master of Djinn will find much to love.

The City Between the Bridges: 1794

Natt och Dag’s latest is Shakespearean in scope. A tragic and chilling tale that should appeal to fans of historical mysteries and Scandi noir.

White Cat, Black Dog: Stories

Patrons who enjoy the bizarre and fantastical will be enchanted. Share with fans of Christina Henry’s Into the Forest or A.A. Balaskovits’s Strange Folk You’ll Never Meet.

The Enchanted April

Although it was published over 100 years ago, modern listeners should appreciate author von Arnim’s (Elizabeth and Her German Garden) lovely armchair trip to a sunny Mediterranean estate, where vacationers gaze at the glimmering sea and blooming gardens instead of smartphones and laptops.

The Woman with the Cure

An engrossing and inspiring novel about the life of a brilliant scientific pioneer. Those interested in midcentury medical accomplishments will be captivated.


This sun-soaked romance is the perfect beach read and a winner for fans of Emily Henry, Elin Hilderbrand, and Dorothea Benton Frank.

Time’s Undoing

Inspired by true events, the audiobook has a good sense of location and narration but is unevenly executed. Regardless, some listeners will find Meghan’s research methods fascinating.

In the Upper Country

A vivid, engrossing tale for those interested in history and the narratives of enslaved people. Highly recommended.


Davis’s sophomore novel is a beautiful lens through which to observe subcultures shunned by a puritanical future society, but Rubio’s lackluster narration inadequately serves this otherwise compelling work.

When Trying To Return Home: Stories

This is an exquisite marriage of writer and narrators. Every collection should include these brilliantly written stories that combine sharp social commentary with truly captivating characters.

The Sweet Spot

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a refreshing relationship fiction in the form of a funky, feel-good Three Men and a Baby fiasco. Recommended for fans of Jojo Moyes, Lisa Roe, and Carolyn Prusa.

They’re Going To Love You

A gorgeously written book that is both hopeful and devastating, touching upon themes of dance, family, death, and ultimately, glorious life.

I Have Some Questions for You

Highly recommended for all audio collections; for lovers of contemporary literary fiction and true crime podcasts.

Night Letter

An affecting coming-of-age story that will have listeners hoping that Travis will find a path forward to a healthy, happy future. Recommended for fans of Charles Davis’s Drifting South.

The One

Argy’s debut offers a savvy and pointed commentary on reality tv and its insidious effects on popular culture. A winner for fans of Laura Dave’s Hello, Sunshine or Holly James’s Nothing but the Truth.

The Family Morfawitz

An epic tale that stretches across generations and continents, centered on a ruthless matriarch and her greedy and ambitious family. This book will appeal to those who love lush writing and do not mind irredeemable characters.


This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an atmospheric blend of historical and literary fiction with an intense and intricate plot. Recommended for fans of Laurie Lico Albanese, Jacqueline Winspear, and Sarah Penner.

The Society of Shame

Though full of laugh-out-loud moments, this refreshing listen also provides a scathing commentary on social media fame and the speed at which one’s fortunes can change. Perfect for fans of Bonnie Garmus’s Lessons in Chemistry and Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.

The London Séance Society

Penner (The Lost Apothecary) proves herself again to be a writer to watch. Recommend to fans of historical fiction, especially Victorian-era stories, who enjoy elements of the supernatural. Irwin’s and Wyndham’s theatrical performances make this a must-listen.

Bad Fruit

A compelling and suspenseful psychological thriller that should appeal to fans of Jessamine Chan’s The School for Good Mothers.

Greek Lessons

An outstanding literary novel that will please Kang’s fans and appeal to new listeners.

Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion

A contemporary classic about navigating friendship, love, faith, and culture. This timeless coming-of-age story is a must-purchase for all libraries.


This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a suspenseful dystopian sci-fi that examines the tenuous relationship between technology and truth. Recommended for fans of Dave Eggers and Blake Crouch.

The House Is on Fire

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking immersive early American historical fiction about heroism and heartbreak. Recommended for fans of Jeannette Walls, Marie Benedict, and Kristin Hannah.

Moonrise over New Jessup

Fans of historical fiction will find much to love in this book, which offers a different perspective on desegregation at the dawn of the civil rights era.

A Thousand Miles to Graceland

This hilarious road-trip novel, bursting with eccentric characters and a neat ending, satisfies. A perfect fit for fans of Sara Goodman Confino’s She’s Up to No Good.


A promising otherworldly horror series that offers mystery, momentum, and a touch of sci-fi. Listeners will be glad to know that a sequel is due out in 2024.

Queer Little Nightmares

Listeners will likely sympathize and perhaps even root for these monsters not because they are monstrous but because their status as outsiders is universally human.

In the Time of Our History

Listeners will be swept up in Pari’s immersive tale, which is elevated by Marnò’s skillful narration. Suggest to fans of Marjan Kamali and Shokoofeh Azar.

Someday, Maybe

Although the first two parts of Eve’s journey are better than the last, this audiobook makes a good book club read. Includes an author’s note with resources.

The New Life

An engrossing work of historical literary fiction that is memorable and thought-provoking. Recommended for fans of Bethan Roberts’s My Policeman and Edmund White’s Jack Holmes and His Friend.

The Black Guy Dies First: Black Horror Cinema from Fodder to Oscar

The book explores nearly every aspect and example of Black horror cinema, from recurring one-dimensional archetypes to surgical dissections of relevant films, but its overall message resonates. Black voices and creatives in cinema have made strides in representation, but there is clearly more work to do.

All Hallows

Although this Halloween horror is deeply steeped in nostalgia, Golden doesn’t shy away from putting his characters, and listeners, through the emotional wringer. Recommended for fans of Dean Koontz, Grady Hendrix, and Joe Hill.

Atomic Family

While historical fiction, the anxiety about pending nuclear disaster present in all the characters is eerily reminiscent of present-day concerns. Perfect for book clubs and fans of historical fiction and family drama.

Promises of Gold

Seemingly tailor-made for audio, this powerful book is a must-purchase. Olivarez’s invitation to share moments of his history, culture, love, and joy is wholly affecting.

The Crock of Gold

Although this 1912 novel offers phrases and ideas that may seem out of sync with modern times, listeners will relish the opportunity to ponder life’s questions while enjoying elaborate descriptions of the Irish countryside, read in O’Brien’s lilting voice. An excellent addition to any audio classics collection.

The Golden Doves

Kelly’s many fans will be transfixed by this account of courageous women spies who overcame terrifying odds and conflicting political interests to track down escaped Nazis after the close of World War II.

Someone Else’s Shoes

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking fun friendship fiction with a dash of adventurous antics. Recommended for fans of Amy Poeppel, Catherine Newman, and Susan Mallery.

They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us

Abdurraqib is one of the preeminent cultural critics of our time, and his insightful essays give listeners much to consider, so long as the narration style works for them.

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez

Jiménez’s prose and narration shine in this engaging and powerful debut novel exploring identity, trauma, and enduring familial bonds.

A Guest at the Feast: Essays

This absorbing collection, so intimately told, is an excellent choice for any library seeking to expand on its religious and social commentary. Tóibín’s fans will want to dig in.

What You Are Now

A play that questions and affirms the power of trauma, with mixed results in audio.

The Tribe: Portraits of Cuba

Although some of the promises of the revolution did not materialize, these stories of human resilience and ingenuity provide hope for the future. Share with listeners seeking authentic stories of Cuban life; a great fit for fans of Anthony DePalma’s The Cubans or Leila Guerriero’s Cuba on the Verge.

I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

This haunting novel of heartbreak and determination in the face of discrimination resonates. Recommended for fans of Ocean Vuong’s poetry and Julia Armfield’s Our Wives Under the Sea.

Earth’s the Right Place for Love

Although this story can stand on its own, Berg’s many fans will enjoy learning about the backstory of her popular character Arthur Moses. Recommend to readers of coming-of-age stories and fans of Anne Tyler and Ann Hood.

In Memoriam

A haunting, evocative audiobook that will linger in listeners’ minds long after the end.

Looking for Jane

Borges’s narration and Marshall’s descriptions of dramatic scenes are so gripping that listeners will feel they’re right there with the characters. Give to listeners who enjoy audiobooks by Kristin Hannah and Lisa Wingate.

The House of Eve

Johnson’s depiction of the triumphs and challenges encountered by both women should be a hit with book groups and listeners interested in timely historical fiction. Suggest to fans of Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half and Dolen Perkins-Valdez’s Take My Hand.


With Wheeler’s musical Sámi language pronunciations and Laestadius’s atmospheric prose, listeners are transported to this fragile Arctic landscape. Those who like social justice stories will cherish this unforgettable coming-of-age story and performance.

The Come Up: An Oral History of the Rise of Hip-Hop

This well-produced, essential account of hip-hop music and culture will appeal to the genre’s many fans, as well as listeners who enjoy popular culture and oral history.

Take What You Need

Suggested, but not essential, for libraries of the Southern Allegheny Mountain region. Those interested in metal sculpting may find the metalwork process compelling.

Great Short Books: A Year of Reading—Briefly

Anyone looking to revisit classics or broaden their reading interests will treasure Ojo’s and Nixon’s brilliant performances and Davis’s curated list of outstanding short fiction.

Call and Response: Stories

An essential addition to any collection where short stories from around the world are in demand. For lovers of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Lisa Cupolo, and Mai Nardone.

Romaine Wasn’t Built in a Day: The Delightful History of Food Language

This deliciously fast-paced nonfiction audio will appeal to foodies, history buffs, and lingua-phile listeners alike.

The Faraway World: Stories

A satisfying, exquisitely narrated mix of sweet and bittersweet tales of love.

The Glass House

While listeners may piece together Julia’s past before she does, those seeking to explore weighty topics, including repressed memories, aging parents, bullying, and unconventional families, will enjoy.

Brotherless Night

Ganeshananthan offers a history lesson that should be known and remembered. Recommended for all collections.

In the Event of Death

An emotional and tender story of one woman’s growth set against the economic recession of 2008. Recommended for fans of Molly Fader and Anne Griffin.

River Sing Me Home

Highly recommended, particularly for listeners interested in postcolonial Caribbean history, the enduring ties of family, and the aftermath of slavery.

The Fake

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a short relationship fiction with hints of suspense and heaps of secrets. Recommended for fans of Kate Atkinson and Jillian Medoff.


A climate-charged spoof of filmmaking superficiality that solidly entertains but doesn’t quite soar. Directed in its excellent audio format by Anna Lyse Erikson and part of L.A. Theatre Works’ “Relativity Series” of science-themed plays.

Pineapple Street

While the Stocktons’ shenanigans may have some rolling their eyes, listeners will likely be captivated by this expertly narrated and often surprising tale. Perfect for fans of Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney’s The Nest.

The Fraud Squad

The high drama and relatable main character make this perfect for fans of Crazy Rich Asians, The Devil Wears Prada, and The White Lotus.

A Likely Story

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an intricate literary fiction about authors, ambition, and acceptance. Recommended for fans of Amy Poeppel and Gabrielle Zevin.

The Keeper of Stories

This novel sometimes feels like a collection of short stories, with many tales nested within the whole; as such, it would be welcome in any collection where short stories do well. Share with fans of Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library or Ruth Hogan’s The Keeper of Lost Things.

All the Beauty in the World: The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me

Bringley brings emotional depth to his experiences, struggling to heal from his brother’s death and immersing himself in the museum’s beauty. Despite minor quibbles, this audio should find a welcome home in most audio collections.

Welcome to the Circus of Baseball: A Story of the Perfect Summer at the Perfect Ballpark at the Perfect Time

This audiobook is an easy score worth the ticket price and a special treat for those yearning for bygone-era baseball or 1990s nostalgia.

Jezebel’s Daughter

Collins’s intricate mystery features paragons of good and evil and characters who continue to surprise more than 140 years after the book’s initial publication. An excellent fit for mystery readers and anyone interested in Victorian “sensation” novels.


Vinall’s gripping characterizations combined with Stokes-Chapman’s intriguing mystery should appeal to fans of light historical suspense in the vein of Dana Schwartz’s Anatomy: A Love Story.

Up with the Sun

Listeners will delight in hearing Dick schmooze with famous 1950s and 1960s celebrities and enjoy Matt’s romance and crime procedural story lines. A treat for book clubs.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

This story, full of heart and hemorrhages, emphatically proves that literary beauty and gory kills aren’t mutually exclusive. Jade Daniels could be the horror heroine who will have both Freddy and Jason checking under their own beds.

Ladies’ Day

The world of women’s golf makes for a unique twist on the mother-daughter storyline and may appeal to sports-minded patrons.

Hang the Moon

A recommended pick for all libraries, given the author’s popularity. Detailed rendering of the Jim Crow South and a multigenerational bootlegger operation may attract additional listeners.

A Dangerous Business

Will appeal to historical fiction readers who like a little mystery mixed in, and readers who enjoy women-led Westerns such as Anna North’s Outlawed.

Cursed Bread

Mackintosh’s unsettling latest will be devoured by her many fans. Share with readers who appreciate atmospheric books where nothing is as it seems.

A Mystery of Mysteries: The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe

A worthy update to any Poe or biography collection, sure to attract listeners who might bypass something headier.

Bang Bang Crash: A Memoir

Recommended for fans of Dave Grohl’s The Storyteller or Carrie Brownstein’s Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.

Last Carolina Girl

A wrenching but wholly affecting tale. Recommend to fans of Southern women’s fiction.

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