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Frog Day: A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Amphibian Lives

Biology students and armchair travelers alike will enjoy this chance to explore the remarkably varied ecology of frogs and toads.

Bad Jew: A Family’s Quest from the Minsk Ghetto to Netanyahu’s Israel

A poignant, engaging, important, and personal perspective of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in which Smolar cleverly combines political and historical aspects with elements of memoir.

The Bonus Family Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Co-Parenting and Creating Stronger Families

This definitive practical guide addresses nearly every situation that bonus families might experience.

Born To Rule: The Making and Remaking of the British Elite

Based on numerous interviews of an intriguing demographic, this engaging book is a deep-dive analysis of the British elite. Highly recommended for most collections on Britain.

What Goes with What: 100 Recipes, 20 Charts, Endless Possibilities

The world will never have enough practical weeknight cookbooks, but what will make this one fly off the shelves is Turshen’s unique cooking philosophy and wonderfully tasty results.

The Green Ages: Medieval Innovations in Sustainability

This title demonstrates that historically, people have changed their way of life when called on. More narratives like this are needed.

Steadfast Parenting: How To Raise Children of Character

This character-development book will appeal to not only parents and guardians but educators as well.

Midnight in Moscow: A Memoir from the Front Lines of Russia’s War Against the West

A distinguished insider’s view of United States–Russia relations and what a diplomatic role entails personally and politically, especially in wartime.

Becoming Elizabeth Arden: The Woman Behind the Global Beauty Empire

This well-researched biography is recommended for business history collections. A fun related read, Louise Claire Johnson’s Behind the Red Door, offers insight from an Arden intern who worked there in the early 2000s.

Amish Pies: Traditional Fruit, Nut, Cream, and Custard Pies

Novice pie bakers who need a bit more pastry hand-holding may be better served by Kate Lebo’s Pie School or Allison Kave’s First Prize Pies, but more experienced pie makers will find Lapp’s book to be a good initiation into the world of Amish pies.

The Cake Bible, 35th Anniversary Edition

Owners of the original will want to read this new edition for its updates and additions, while novice bakers could not ask for a better introduction to the art and science of cake baking.

Does This Taste Funny?: Recipes Our Family Loves

A solid, well-thought-out cookbook sure to have wide appeal to cooks and Colbert fans.

The Black Utopians: Searching for Paradise and the Promised Land in America

This enticing mix of personal and general history of Black utopian safe spaces promises to engage readers interested in reckoning with the past and present of Black American experiences and milestones.

The Air They Breathe: A Pediatrician on the Frontlines of Climate Change

This is a compelling, page-turning read on the perils of global environmental issues and a call to action for parents.

Bismillah, Let’s Eat!: Fresh and Vibrant Recipes from my Family to Yours

Librarians looking to add variety to their cookbook collections and readers who want to experiment with fusion recipes will find this a useful addition.

Math for English Majors: A Human Take on the Universal Language

Orlin’s lighthearted, informative, and engaging approach may encourage some math-averse readers to keep trying and could quell math-related anxiety as well. It makes a great complement to the multitude of available basic math texts.

Classic German Cooking: The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites, from Semmelknödel to Sauerbraten

Recommended for extensive international cooking collections.

Belly Full: Exploring Caribbean Cuisine Through 11 Fundamental Ingredients and over 100 Recipes

Enston’s passion for recipe development and Caribbean foodways are reflected in both the book’s delicious dishes and its attention to detail throughout.

What Time Is Noon?: Hilarious Texts, Ridiculous Feedback, and Not-So-Subtle Advice from Teenagers

In a time when raising adolescents can feel more harrowing than humorous, TikTok sensation Leighton provides comedy and maybe a few insights into the world of teens.

Meet Me in the Middle: 8 Mother-Daughter Conversations About Life and Faith

An easy, Christian faith-based read that’s chock-full of practical ideas for meaningful mother-daughter time.

The Opt-Out Family: How To Give Your Kids What Technology Can’t

This volume is a must-have resource for parents. It’s jam-packed with ideas for getting offline, all in a highly accessible and readable format.

A Mom Like That: A Memoir of Postpartum Psychosis

This moving and heartbreaking memoir is a compelling tale about a woman who experienced postpartum psychosis twice. As a result, she calls for increased awareness about the condition and advocates for treating it like the medical emergency that it is.

Chaos Comes Calling: The Battle Against the Far-Right Takeover of Small-Town America

An unflinching, sobering, and essential read, filled with first-person narratives and reflections that offer an urgent warning about the fragility of democratic institutions in the face of rising extremism in the United States and around the world.

The Social Safety Net

Social justice enthusiasts will appreciate this book the most.

Mindful with Me: Connecting with Your Child Through Daily Mindfulness

An action-oriented manual that makes mindfulness practice an easy addition to a daily routine; caregivers could easily read this book aloud to their children.

Very Good Bread: The Science of Dough and the Art of Making Bread at Home

Weller’s greatest strength as a baker is her focus on learning, and this impeccably written guide to the art and science of bread making will inspire home bakers to embrace their own culinary curiosity as well.

Too Tired To Fight: 13 Essential Conflicts Parents Must Have To Keep Their Relationship Strong

A meaty counseling session, presented in book form, that expertly dispels common misconceptions about conflicts between couples with children.

Bodega Bakes: Recipes for Sweets and Treats Inspired by My Corner Store

Full of personality and flavor, this book will be welcome in all collections.

Raising Securely Attached Kids: Using Connection-Focused Parenting To Create Confidence, Empathy, and Resilience

A digestible, practical resource for those trying to get to the root of issues in their household. Filled with sample scripts for discussions, charts, quotes from parents, and other tools designed to help readers form strong parent-child relationships, this book is ideal for reading in short bursts or to refer to as needed.

Frighten the Horses: A Memoir

Radclyffe’s riveting, moving memoir about his journey of self-discovery is a page-turner that reads like a novel.

An Improbable Life: My Father’s Escape from Soviet Russia

A fascinating story and firsthand view of life during the 20th century. It is a vivid tale of censorship and surveillance that would sit comfortably on a shelf with the other great narratives of life under Soviet oppression.

Einstein’s Tutor: The Story of Emmy Noether and the Invention of Modern Physics

An intriguing title capturing the work of a brilliant mathematician who excelled despite obstacles she experienced simply because she was a woman. Best for students of physics, math, and gender studies.

My Mexican Kitchen: 100 Recipes Rich with Tradition, Flavor, and Spice

Melding her heritage, her enthusiasm for history and food, and her travels, Longoria has created a rich collection of Mexican recipes that will make readers think of her as a chef first and actor second.

Tías and Primas: On Knowing and Loving the Women Who Raise Us

This welcome book (with illustrations) aptly deconstructs the labels often applied to Latinas.

Mind the Science: Saving Your Mental Health from the Wellness Industry

Rooted in science but written in accessible language, this highly informative book is an enlightening resource about mental-health misinformation and pseudoscience.

Bayou: Feasting Through the Seasons of a Cajun Life

Both armchair cooks and anyone seeking an introduction to Cajun cuisine will find that Martin’s latest eloquently and elegantly written book perfectly captures the culinary heart and soul of the bayou.

This Sweet Earth: Walking with Our Children in the Age of Climate Collapse

A helpful and page-turning guide to protecting the planet amid today’s climate change crisis.

The Memory of Taste: Vietnamese American Recipes from Phú Quoc, Oakland, and the Spaces Between

A solid choice for combining family history with traditional and modern Vietnamese cuisine.

Food and Other Things I Love: More than 100 Italian American Recipes from My Family to Yours

A definite winner for those seeking an introduction to Italian American cuisine and for fans of the author.

Zahav Home: Cooking for Friends & Family

Home cooks will think they have struck culinary gold with this passionate guide to the bright, bold flavors of Israel.

Our South: Black Food Through My Lens

This important work should be on every library’s cookbook shelf.

The Hungry Ghost Bread Book: An Offbeat Bakery’s Guide to Crafting Sourdough Loaves, Flatbreads, Crackers, Scones, and More

Decidedly offbeat, this book is not designed for every home baker, but anyone seeking bread enlightenment (and who is willing to put in the time and work Stevens advocates) will be richly rewarded.

Trouble in Censorville: The Far Right’s Assault on Public Education and the Teachers Who Are Fighting Back

A timely look at the current state of censorship in American schools and a few ideas to fight against it.

To Be a Problem: A Black Woman’s Survival in the Racist Disability Rights Movement

A frank critique of the disability rights movement. Recommended for readers interested in activism and social justice.

Antiracism as Daily Practice: Refuse Shame, Change White Communities, and Help Create a Just World

A worthy addition to the canon of antiracism literature. This titles comes with a necessary focus on the importance of self-reflection, self-assessment, and action.

2024 Stars So Far | Sciences


Rethinking Rescue: Dog Lady and the Story of America’s Forgotten People and Pets

Readers will never look at animal rescue the same way again after reading this thoughtful and powerful behind-the-scenes look into the animal welfare world.

Gender Explained: A New Understanding of Identity in a Gender Creative World

This essential purchase accurately captures the pulse of the conversation about gender in the United States, expands awareness and knowledge about gender, and educates readers about common myths and misinformation.

Broken: Transforming Child Protective Services—Notes of a Former Caseworker

A thoughtful debut account, revealing troubling inequities within the U.S. child welfare system.

From South Central to Southside: Gang Transnationalism, Masculinity, and Disorganized Violence in Belize City

An illuminating study about gangs and systemic inequality, best suited for an academic audience.

Dog Smart: Life-Changing Lessons in Canine Intelligence

An engaging, compelling synthesis of the ways scientists study and document canine cognition; this will be enjoyed by all dog lovers.

The Literature of Japanese American Incarceration

An accessible examination of the U.S. concentration camps that held people solely because of their race and heritage, plus a look at how they impacted society and generations to come. Important for both researchers and students.

Challenging Modernity

This provocative volume is wide-ranging, and the contributors do not disappoint. Although neither Bellah nor the contributors offer a definitive conclusion, the scope, depth, and coherence of this collection is a brilliant elaboration of what might have occurred.

Shark Tales | Remarkably Readable Science

The Backyard Bird Chronicles

At turns engaging, sad, and philosophical, this highly recommended title demonstrates that anyone can be a bird watcher by simply venturing into their own backyard and it encourages readers to be aware of the natural world around them. Fans of Tan’s fiction will love this, but so will most other general readers.

The Horses Who Made Me: A Journey to a Horsemanship Philosophy

This title introduces readers to the competitive and risky field of equestrianism. In addition to being a great memoir for animal lovers, it will inspire anyone who faces seemingly insurmountable career obstacles.

Sharks Don’t Sink: Adventures of a Rogue Shark Scientist

Readers certainly do not need to be scientists to enjoy this exceptional, well-written book, but it’s an excellent title for people, especially women and people of color, who are considering a career in marine science. This heartfelt story offers insight into both the stresses and excitement that await them.

The Secret History of Sharks: The Rise of the Ocean’s Most Fearsome Predators

This chronological shark history is thorough, remarkably readable, and recommended for general readers and specialists alike.

Lonesome for Wilderness: Tracking and Trailing in Forest, Desert, or Your Own Back Yard

A lovely book for nature lovers and for readers interested in wilderness exploration and tracking, filled with both reflection and timeless information.

Dismantling Mass Incarceration: A Handbook for Change

Required reading for activists, legal professionals, and public officials. It’s sure to be assigned in seminars and college classrooms for years to come.

Oh No He Didn’t!: Brilliant Women and the Men Who Took Credit for Their Work

This exceptional book’s stories of plagiarism showcase persistence and the insidious and enduring ways in which sexism informs and shapes the contemporary world. Murphy will motivate readers to challenge stereotypes.

Invisible Labor: The Untold Story of the Cesarean Section

This inciting, empowering book shows the clear need not just to improve women’s access to health care but also to shift the paradigm about the restrictions placed on reproductive rights.

The Language Puzzle: Piecing Together the Six-Million-Year Story of How Words Evolved

A brilliant, generous, expansive, and joyful book about the evolution of language.

Twelve Trees: The Deep Roots of Our Future

Lewis’s research makes clear the value and vulnerability of trees and other species. A must-listen for anyone interested in the natural world, particularly in trees and their effect on the greater environment.

Punished for Dreaming: How School Reform Harms Black Children and How We Heal

This compellingly narrated account of unjust and racist educational policies sounds a clarion call for economic restitution and educational reform. A must-listen for those seeking knowledge of educational history and hoping for a more equitable future.

The Hungry Season: A Journey of War, Love, and Survival

A compassionately drawn portrait of an indomitable woman determined to maintain ties to her people through the life-giving, memory-sustaining power of rice.

Soldiers and Kings: Survival and Hope in the World of Human Smuggling

Listeners will learn how smugglers’ lives parallel those of the would-be immigrants who enter the U.S. every year. De León vividly depicts how both groups are part and parcel of a dangerous global industry in pursuit of greater economic opportunity.

2020: One City, Seven People, and the Year Everything Changed

An epic account of a pivotal year, told convincingly through the thoughtful interweaving of personal stories and public facts.

If You See Them: Young, Unhoused, and Alone in America

Absorbing and urgent, Sokolik’s debut is recommended especially for large public libraries serving unaccompanied unhoused minors and young adults.

Namesake: Reflections on a Warrior Woman

A thoughtful, insightful, recommended collection of essays on Palestinian experiences that connects history with contemporary societies.

Queering Rehoboth Beach: Beyond the Boardwalk

This highly recommended title about Rehoboth Beach, DE, is a tour de force of micro history at its best. Both scholars and general readers will appreciate it.

Belonging Without Othering: How We Save Ourselves and the World

Will appeal to readers researching DEI. This interdisciplinary work for think tanks, academics, faculty, and graduate students is most useful as a treatise.

1217: The Battles That Saved England

An insightful look at a key but underrecognized moment in English history. History buffs will love it.

Rolling: Blackness and Mediated Comedy

An enlightening collection of essays that will appeal to readers interested in the history of Black comedy.

Nature | Prepub Alert, November 2024 Titles


Critical Insights: Power & Corruption

This resource offers nuanced insights and facilitates engagement with the complexities of power and corruption in literature. A worthy addition to the series and a valuable tool for researchers and academics on this subject.

Current Biography Yearbook 2023

An outstanding and invaluable resource that remains the leader in reference options for biographies of living and recently deceased people.

Birds Aren’t Real: The True Story of Mass Avian Murder and the Largest Surveillance Campaign in US History

This satirical conspiracy-theory book makes a fun addition to collections. Give to fans of other quick, funny, satirical reads such as The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah team.

Accidental Astronomy: How Random Discoveries Shape the Science of Space

A captivating and approachable narrative. The book’s footnotes are a particular highlight, reminiscent of novelist Terry Pratchett’s witty and humorous writing style. This title is sure to educate and delight general readers and astronomy enthusiasts and will make an excellent addition to any science collection.

The Network of Life: A New View of Evolution

A perspective-shifting reconceptualization of evolution for science enthusiasts who want to keep up with current biomedical and environmental scientific theories.

Free the Land: The Root Cause of Inequality and the Fight for a Better Future

A fascinating look at alternative landownership practices. Recommended for readers interested in economics, the environment, and issues of inequality.

The Last Human Job: The Work of Connecting in a Disconnected World

Highly recommended for readers in connective labor professions.

The Bonnet

A beautiful lived history lesson that’s a haunting addition to women’s and gender studies collections.

Alfie and Me: What Owls Know, What Humans Believe

Safina’s lyrical latest is a serene, educational listen that uses simple language to discuss complex topics. Recommended for anyone charmed by the unfolding of life and interested in the effect personal ideologies have had on humankind’s interactions with nature.

For Times Such as These: A Radical’s Guide to the Jewish Year

A highly recommended, educational, and welcome contribution to the literature about Jewish traditions. The authors’ extraordinary guide to combining those rituals with everyday activism practices is what sets this resource far apart from others.

Barbie: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy

A visually captivating scrapbook of Barbie’s evolution that fans will enjoy.

Display Shelf | Sustainable Living

White Supremacy Is All Around: Notes from a Black Disabled Woman in a White World

A valuable read for all. This title not only calls out the white supremacy that continues to oppress communities of color but it also provides a prescription for real change.

Total Garbage: How We Can Fix Our Waste and Heal Our World

This timely, highly recommended book makes a strong case for taking practical steps to reduce nonrenewable consumption and waste.

Tits Up: What Sex Workers, Milk Bankers, Plastic Surgeons, Bra Designers, and Witches Tell Us About Breasts

Required reading that expertly covers the ways in which social constructions, sexualization, and economic viability influence people’s views of bodies, their own and others’.

Mutuality in El Barrio: Stories of the Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service

Highly recommended for collections supporting sociologists, social workers, social justice research, and the study of grassroots and nonprofit organizations.

The Natural History of Selborne

An absorbing and lively account of the natural world.

The Unclaimed: Abandonment and Hope in the City of Angels

This title urges readers to care (in life and in death) about the disturbing number of Americans who go unclaimed each year.

Nature | Prepub Alert, September 2024 Titles

Forever Barbie: The Unauthorized Biography of a Real Doll

This thorough, consideration of the Barbie world is as relevant now as it was 30 years ago.

Big Mall: Shopping for Meaning

The best up-to-date study on malls. For general readers, especially those interested in sociology and capitalism-related topics.

There’s Always This Year: On Basketball and Ascension

Beautifully written. Fans of Abdurraqib and basketball will enjoy the book.

The Well-Connected Animal: Social Networks and the Wondrous Complexity of Animal Societies

This fascinating, easy-to-read work describes the how, what, and why of animal behavior, much of which is remarkably similar to humans. A must-purchase, this book presents what is easily the most intriguing, thorough explanation of animal behavior ever produced.

Mosquito Warrior: Yellow Fever, Public Health, and the Forgotten Career of General William C. Gorgas

This fascinating book is as much of an account of mosquito-borne illnesses, research, and treatment as it is the story of Gorgas’s life. Will draw biography, military history, and medical history readers.

Escape to Clayoquot Sound: Finding Home in a Wild Place

A fascinating, immersive memoir of life off the grid. Will appeal to boaters, fishermen, adventurers, armchair travelers, and readers interested in the natural world.

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