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Robin DiAngelo on Confronting White Fragility | ALA Midwinter


Meet the Candidates: 2019 ACRL Election

ALA Places Headquarter Buildings on Market | INFOdocket

Julius C. Jefferson, Jr., Lance Werner Announced as ALA Presidential Candidates | INFOdocket

Romance Writers Survey Reveals Long Way to Go on Inclusion

ALA Rolls Back Inclusion of Hate Groups in Bill of Rights Revision

ALA in Pictures: Movers & Shakers Gala

State Library of Ohio Launches Custom Infographic Tool


ALA Council Aims to Refocus Structure, Budget | ALA Annual 2018

Michelle Obama Talks Books, Values, and Doing Pushups with Bishop Tutu | ALA Annual 2018


Five Libraries Take 2018 IMLS Top Honors

Senate Votes to Save Net Neutrality

Wanda Brown Wins ALA Presidency


City of Library Love: PLA 2018 in Philadelphia

Federal Budget Compromise Keeps—and Boosts—IMLS Funding


Net Neutrality Concerns Spark Criticism of ALA Madison Award Pick


Meet the Candidates: ALA President 2018–19

Trevor Owens | Movers & Shakers 2018 – Digital Developers

Ghikas, What ALA Needs: The Perfect Model for the Search Committee | Blatant Berry


Federal Budget Request Seeks to Defund IMLS, Cultural Agencies—Again


News from the Show Floor | ALA Midwinter 2018

Redefining Libraries, Librarianship, and ALA | ALA Midwinter 2018

A Librarian Must Lead ALA: Be Sure You Vote in March | Blatant Berry


Compass Reading: IMLS’s 2018–22 Strategic Plan Sets a New Tone | Editorial


ALA Full Membership to Vote on Executive Director Qualifications


IMLS Report: State Library Funding Still Suffering

Mile High | ALA Midwinter Preview 2018


Museum and Library Services Act of 2017 Introduced in Senate


National Library Partnership Tackles Health Literacy Gap

ALA Launches Policy Corps

House Approves IMLS, LSTA, IAL Funding for FY18

Libraries Take Key Roles in IMLS Community Catalyst Grant Projects

Highlights from the National Conference of African American Librarians

Be Heard: Advocacy in Action | Federal Advocacy

What’s Next for Federal Funding | Federal Advocacy

The State(s) of National Advocacy | Federal Advocacy

ALA: Fighting for Funding | Federal Advocacy


Tools You Can Use | Federal Advocacy


“Acting for Humanity”: Libraries Worldwide Respond to UN Sustainable Development Goals | ALA Annual 2017

OITP’s Report from the Swamp | ALA Annual 2017


Growing Readership Through Diversity | ALA Annual 2017

Libraries Are Not Neutral Spaces: Social Justice Advocacy in Librarianship | ALA Annual 2017


Asking for a Friend: Tough Questions (and Honest Answers) about Organizational Culture | ALA Annual 2017


Hillary Clinton Gives Closing Speech | ALA Annual 2017

News from the Show Floor | ALA Annual 2017

Government, Inside and Out | ALA Annual 2017

New Writers Museum Hosts CCF Benefit | ALA Annual 2017

Q&A with Kathi Kromer, ALA Washington Office Associate Executive Director

Winds of Change | ALA 2017 Preview

Authors & Celebrities | ALA 2017 Preview

Restaurants | ALA 2017 Preview

Sarah Jessica Parker Kicks Off Book Club Central


15 Libraries Named IMLS National Medal Finalists


ALA President-Elect Loida García-Febo: Holding On To ALA’s Core Values

Library Associations Turn Activist for April Marches


ALA, PLA, and Cox Communications Partner for Digital Literacy

Meet the Candidates: ALA President 2018–19

A New Challenge for ALA: Leading Between Activism and Advocacy | Blatant Berry


The Devalued MLIS: ALA’s Leader Must Be a Librarian | Blatant Berry


A Unified Voice: Confronting an Assault on Information | Editorial


Improving Federal and State Policy & Family Engagement in Libraries | ALA Midwinter 2017

Racial Justice at Your Library hosted by Libraries4BlackLives | ALA Midwinter 2017

Placemaking and the Public Library | ALA Midwinter 2017


ALA Goes Looking for a Leader | Leading From the Library


Not Business as Usual | ALA Midwinter 2017

Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces Program Launches

IMLS, COSLA Launch “Measures That Matter”


Academic Librarians On Taking Their Seats at the Table | ALA Annual 2016

Exhibitor News Roundup | ALA Annual 2016

Serving Newly Released Adults | ALA Annual 2016

Library of Congress Drops Illegal Alien Subject Heading, Provokes Backlash Legislation


Five Libraries Win 2016 National Medal for Museum and Library Service

Getting Real @ Annual | ALA 2016 Preview


Authors & Celebrities | ALA 2016 Preview

ALA Sessions for Trustees | ALA 2016 Preview

ALA President-Elect Jim Neal: Looking Back, Looking Ahead


ALA, Google Launch “Libraries Ready to Code”

Meet the Candidates: ALA President 2017–18


Proposed Federal Budget Could Cut State Library Funding by Nearly $1 Million


ALA President, Treasurer Candidates Speak Out | ALA Midwinter 2016

Library Vendors Debut New Offerings | ALA Midwinter 2016

Bots, Block Chain, and Beacons: Hot Topics at LITA Tech Trends Panel | ALA Midwinter 2016

Ready for the Next Phase | ALA Midwinter 2016

Kathryn Matthew To Serve as IMLS Director

Libraries and Book Collections as Essential Cultural Institutions | ALA Annual 2015

Getting Graphic at ALA | ALA Annual 2015


A Taste of San Francisco | ALA 2015 Preview


Fog City Reads | ALA 2015 Preview

Update: Librarians Embroiled in Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Harassment


ALA, ARL Applaud FCC Vote on Net Neutrality

Conference on the Ice | ALA Midwinter 2015


Susan Hildreth on Life After IMLS

Money Still Talks!: ALA’s endowment must support its values | Blatant Berry


View from the Top: Susan Hildreth’s insight on collective impact | Editorial

Library Freedom Fighter Zoia Horn Remembered


What Happened in Vegas | ALA 2014


Banned Books Week Announces Comics Focus | ALA 2014

Latest IMLS Public Libraries Survey Sees Continued Rise in Program Attendance Nationwide

Survival Tips & Vegas Eats | ALA 2014 Preview


Authors & Celebrities | ALA 2014 Preview


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