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The library—100 years from now

Fractional Calculus and Squaring the Circle: Academic Best Sellers about Mathematics

10 tips for librarians: embedding social media good practice in your everyday work

Ottawa Library-Archives Joint Facility; New Commons at Babson College; Connected Facilities in St. Charles, IL; and a New Home for Meridian Library District’s unBound | Branching Out

Canterbury Tales App Features Middle English Audio, Work by Monty Python’s Terry Jones

From Nero to Putin by way of Paris | Academic Best Sellers in European History

Libraries Play a Key Role in Campus OER Adoption

Cornell University Library Offers Suite of Privacy Services

Top 20 Best-Selling Physiology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Religion Titles | Academic Best Sellers

George F. Coe, Gayle Hunter Holloman, Kathelene McCarty Smith, and More Library People News

Top 20 Best-Selling Physics Titles | Academic Best Sellers

A Tale of Two Hayden Libraries (ASU and MIT), New Property for Deschutes, and a Multiyear Project Launch in Cincinnati | Branching Out

Coming Clean About “Grit” | Peer to Peer Review

Faculty Textbook Affordability Survey Yields Report, Charleston Panel

Top 20 Best-Selling Philosophy Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Looking Ahead to What’s Next for Higher Ed | From the Bell Tower

SPARC Connect OER Report Spotlights Institutional Efforts

Top 20 Best-Selling Botany & Zoology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

An Open-Source Discovery System Gets a Boost

The Oxford Place of the Year 2019 is…

Top 20 Best-Selling Psychology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Hayward PL, Yale's Bass Library, and a New Main Library at Charlotte Mecklenburg | Branching Out, December 2019

Librarians’ Favorite Books around the world

Academic Video Online | Database Reviews, Nov. 2019

Vignettes of the Vietnam War | Collection Development

Top 20 Best-Selling Language Titles | Academic Best Sellers

One Quality All Library Leaders Must Have | Leading From the Library


Embedded librarianship: the future of libraries

MIT OA Task Force Releases Recommendations, Publisher Framework

The Year in Architecture 2019

Taking the Long View | Year in Architecture 2019

Updates Bring the Outside In | Year in Architecture 2019

Academic Libraries Data | Year in Architecture 2019

Where Function Meets Fabulous | Year in Architecture 2019

Architects | Year in Architecture 2019

African American Archives: Preserving History and Increasing Access

Branching Out, November 2019

Top 20 Best-Selling Chemistry Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Digital Labor Forum Tackles Temp Jobs on Grant, Digitization Projects | Peer to Peer Review

Open Source FOLIO LSP Nears Launch, as Lehigh U. Library Partners with Index Data

Academic Librarians and the Pursuit of Happiness | From the Bell Tower

Donuts, Dogs, and De-Stressing: Library Programs to Ease Student Stress

Bringing an Amazon-Like Experience to Interlibrary Loans

Report Proposes New Community College Library Roles

Leading the Library that Leads the Way in Innovation | Leading from the Library

RDMLA Offers Free Online Research Data Management Course


Father Columba Stewart on Digitizing Endangered Manuscripts, Provisional Metadata, and Hope


Top 20 Best-Selling Literary Criticism Titles | Academic Best Sellers


The LIS Pipeline | Placements & Salaries 2019


Jobs by Region | Placements & Salaries 2019


Work Settings and Skills | Placements & Salaries 2019


Job Search Strategies | Placements & Salaries 2019


Survey Methods | Placements & Salaries 2019


The Analytics Age | Placements & Salaries 2019


How Pay Shakes Out | Placements & Salaries 2019

Time for a New Position in the Academic Library? | From the Bell Tower

Top 20 Best-Selling Microbiology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

2019 Academic Research: The Librarian’s Point of View On the Need for Varied Content Types

Next Gen Librarians | LIS and Careers

Using the Dark Web in Libraries | Field Reports

Top 20 Best-Selling Geography Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Tenured Library Faculty Laid Off at St. Cloud State U.


Top 20 Best-Selling Music and Art Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Inclusive Higher Ed: Academic Libraries Serving Nontraditional Students

IMLS Funds Development of Academic Maker Competencies, Rubrics

Updating the Academic Library Code of Conduct for Modern Times | From the Bell Tower

Bearing Witness

As Libraries Reinvent Themselves, Funding Follows

Top 20 Best-Selling Education Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Virginia Next in Line for New OA, Sustainability Wiley Pilot

You Might Be an Intimidating Library Leader | Leading from the Library

Top 20 Best-Selling History of Science Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick on Low Morale Among Academic Librarians

College Costs Are Changing the Undergraduate Experience | From the Bell Tower

Some Alaska University Cuts Rolled Back, Public Libraries Still Threatened

Top 20 Best-Selling Politics & Law Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Collaborative Collections

Becoming a Change-Ready Academic Library Leader | Leading from the Library

LSU Locker Room Gift Spurs GoFundMe for Library

MIT Libraries Launches Center for Research in Equitable and Open Scholarship


Academic Librarians’ C-Word Problem | From the Bell Tower


Top 20 Best-Selling Biology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Relearning from the World’s Greatest Leaders | Leading from the Library

Columbia to Produce Obama Presidential Oral History

Top 20 Best-Selling Business & Economics Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Ex Libris Buys Colorado State’s RapidILL Solution

Academic Librarians’ Extra Credit Conundrum | From the Bell Tower

Indiana University Libraries Hosts First AV Archival Summer School

Who Is Emma Boettcher? Jeopardy!'s New Champ, an Academic Librarian, Talks to LJ

Indigenous Academic Library Serves as a Model for Centering First Nations Cultures, Communities, Collections

Making Academic Research More Efficient

Top 20 Best-Selling Social Science Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Books About Geology | Academic Best Sellers

University of Pittsburgh Acquires Romero Collection, To Found Horror Studies Center

Good Leaders Slow Down for Better Decisions | Leading from the Library

University of Iowa Cancels $600K in Subscriptions


Top 20 Best-Selling Books About Latin American History | Academic Best Sellers

LJ Textbook Affordability Survey: Costs Still a Concern, OER an Opportunity


Gale Expects Few Changes to Library Business Following Cengage, McGraw-Hill Merger


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