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Talented Ripleys: Top Picks for Suspense Fiction Fans | The Reader's Shelf

Essential Titles for Supporting Patrons Who are Grieving | Collection Development


Winter Reads From Olga Grushin, Jane Smiley, and More

Three Books on Space Exploration | Science Reviews

"Ten Things I Hate About the Duke," "The Devil and the Dark Water," & More Stellar Titles | Starred Reviews, Jan. 2021

On The Road: Food & Travel Memoirs | Collection Development, Nov. 2020

Centering Black Livelihoods | Social Sciences Reviews

Focusing on Collective Memory | Social Sciences Reviews

Booklist: Presidential Reading

40 Resources for Raising Awareness of Lesser-Known Chronic Illnesses | Collection Development, Oct. 2020

Fall Abroad: Top Reading from Around the World

Gaming Lives | Social Sciences Reviews

COVID-19 Resources

Horror Under Wraps | The Reader's Shelf

Two Books on The Kennedys | Biography Reviews

Books That Answer, "How Did We Get Here?"


Two Books on Black Suffragists | Social Science Reviews

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Readers Advisory

LJ Talks to Ricky Riccardi, Author of "Heart Full of Rhythm: The Big Band Years of Louis Armstrong"

Provocations: 10 More Poetry Collections for Fall

Dolly's Star Continues To Rise | Music Reviews

Three Books on Climate Concerns | Science Reviews

Four New Books on Perfecting Pie | Cooking & Food Reviews

Plant Power: 32 Cookbooks Featuring Delicious Recipes for Meatless Meals


The Evolution of Language Through Technology, Emojis, Sarcasm, and Politics | Academic Best Sellers

Longing and Speech: Nine Major Poetry Collections from Writers Veteran and New

Two New Books Explore the Battleground State of Ohio | Review Spotlight

Three New Books Put Classic Chefs in the Spotlight | Cooking & Food Reviews

Halloween Humor and B&B Murders | Mystery & Suspense Review Spotlight

Leap of Faith: 30 Works of Christian Fiction Across a Range of Genres | Collection Development

35 Standout Summer/Fall 2020 Debut Novels

Industrial Biochemistry, Women's Contributions to the Periodic Table, Deep Carbon, & More in Chemistry Titles | Academic Best Sellers

15 Guides to Grilling | Cooking & Food Roundup

Top Summer Reads: 56 New and Favorite Titles Across the Fiction Genres

Social Justice in Literature, the Intersection of Cinema and Theater in Popular Works, and More in Literary Criticism Titles in Academic Best Sellers

Studies in Virology, Antibiotic-Resistant Infections, and Advances in Immunology | Academic Best Sellers in Microbiology

Recipes for Learning

Positive Thinking, Aging Gracefully, Improving Friendships, & Navigating Change | Self-Help Reviews

Black Voices Matter 2020


Austen Is Always a Good Idea | Wyatt's World

Ancient Cartography, Mapping Mars, the Ethnography of Tourism, & More in Geography Academic Best Sellers

Making Cocktails at Home

Reading the Roaring Twenties: Fiction & Nonfiction | Collection Development

The Intersection of Art History, Music, and Sociopolitical Movements | Academic Best Sellers

Antiracism: A Starter Booklist

Updating Congress | Notable Government Documents 2019

Federal Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

State and Local Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

International Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

Escapist Reads for Quarantine, Social Distancing, & Beyond | Science Fiction & Fantasy

True Crime Deep Cuts: Documentaries To Distract You in Your Isolation

The History of Science From the Space Race to the Rise of Photography and Beyond: Academic Best Sellers

Climate Change Legislation, Immigration Policy, Free Speech in Safe Spaces on College Campuses, & More | Academic Best Sellers in Politics & Law

Resources to Support Home Caregivers

Hot Off the Presses! Beachy Reads, Political Biographies, and Enthralling History Books/Ebooks Out This Week

The Ethics of Genome Editing, Climate Change's Impact on Disease, & Big Data in Biology | Academic Best Sellers

Crafting in 2020: Modern Takes on the Art of Creating | Collection Development

How To Start Your Spanish-Language Collection

Cats: The True Stars of #StayingHome

The Latest Stephen King, a Guide to Raising an Active Reader, & 64 Other Exceptional Titles | Starred Reviews, May 2020

Books to Battle Quarantine Sleep Problems

Progressive Capitalism, Social Poverty, & Narrative-Driven Economics in Business & Economics Academic Best Sellers

Picture This! | Graphic Novels Preview 2020

Best Resources for Home Workouts

Resources for Those Facing Grief and Mortality

Tripendicular Reads To Expand Your Mind on 4/20 and Beyond

Medical Marijuana and Beyond: Nonfiction Reading for 4/20

The Space Race, AI, and How Roboprocesses Shape Our World in Engineering Academic Best Sellers

Booklist: Post-Binge-Watching Reads

Analyzing Our Inherent Bias as a Society: Academic Best Sellers in Social Sciences

12 Novels Featuring Protagonists on the Autism Spectrum


Best Books for Home Breadmaking

Spring 2020's Most Anticipated Debut Books

Booklist: Cooking from Pantry Staples

Archaeology, Geomechanics, and Paleontology: Academic Best Sellers in Geology

Lots of How-To, plus Life Lessons from Chopra, Lucado, Somers, & Steinem | Self-Help Best Sellers

Max Brooks's Sasquatch Thriller, Talia Hibbert's Latest Rom Com, & 78 Other Stellar Titles | Starred Reviews, Apr. 2020

Indoor & Container Gardening for the Quarantine

Winter/Spring Bests | Debut Novels 2020

The Politics and Economics of Latin America: Academic Best Sellers in Latin American Studies

Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller Trends, plus 49 Exciting 2020 Titles

Crafting Ebooks for Quarantine

Booklist: New to Working from Home

Racism, Addiction, and Classism in Healthcare: Academic Best Sellers in Medicine

Examining the American Revolution, the Fight for Environmental Justice, & Migration in the 21st Century: Academic Best Sellers in U.S. History

Finding Self/Finding Home | Top Spring Poetry

The Politics of Code & Virtual Reality: Academic Best Sellers in Computer Science

Barbara Bush's Pearls of Wisdom, Lucid Dreaming, Conversations for #MeToo | Self-Help

A New Take on Cold War Relations & the Fight Against Slavery in San Francisco: Academic Best Sellers on Asian History

2020 Forward Forecast: Books To Have on Your Radar Now

Seasonal Selections | Editors' Spring Picks 2020

Fractional Calculus and Squaring the Circle: Academic Best Sellers about Mathematics

Romantic Reads for Valentine's Day | Wyatt's World

Serving Veterans | Collection Development

Why Are #OscarsSoWhite—and What To Do About It: A Reading List

Powerful Protests! | Fine Arts, Feb. 2020

Sites & Sounds | Performing Arts, Feb. 2020

Ferrante Fever | Literature, Feb. 2020

Witchy Women | Fiction, Feb. 2020

Building Kobe Bryant’s Bookshelf: Q&A with LA Public Library’s Keith Kesler


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