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Dark Tarot

Feehan’s 31st entry in the “Dark” series (after Dark Song) is simultaneously a jumping-in point for new readers since it sets up a new story line, and a place for long time fans to enjoy a new couple and revisit old favorites. Required for libraries where Feehan is popular.

Pretty Little Lion

An optional purchase where the first book is popular.

Payback’s a Witch

With a satisfying end to the tournament, and smart, funny characters who support one another, Harper’s series is off to a fantastic start. Highly recommended.

A Wanton for All Seasons

Fans will enjoy seeing these former lovers come together once again, but those new to the series should start with the first “Wantons of Waverton” book, Someone Wanton His Way Comes.

A Thorn in the Saddle

If Weatherspoon isn’t already on autobuy, now’s the time.

The Ex Hex

Recommended for all public library collections.

The Perks of Loving a Wallflower

This clever novel will delight readers looking for queer historical romances and or a series featuring a group of unconventional romantic leads.

After Dark with the Duke

Long continues her “Palace of Rogues” series (after I’m Only Wicked with You) with another strong heroine and the entertaining residents of the Grand Palace. A must-buy for libraries that own the series.

A Reckless Match

Historical romance readers will love this steamy, star-crossed enemies-to-lovers adventure featuring a strong, intelligent heroine and a hero who learns to support her.

Never Fall for Your Fiancée

Readers will relish this engaging, late Regency romcom’s witty duo as they navigate escalating mishaps and growing feelings. Heath (“The King’s Elite” series) has set the stage for an enjoyable new series.

Count Your Lucky Stars

A warm hug of a queer contemporary romance with sparkling prose, heartfelt dialogue, and delicious dirty talk. Fans of the series will be delighted by the returning characters and the steamy heat between Margot and Olivia, while new readers who liked Tessa Bailey’s It Happened One Summer or Karelia Stetz-Waters’s Satisfaction Guaranteed will find much to love. Highly recommended for all libraries.

The Love Con

Recommended for all public library collections.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet

At times heartbreaking, and incredibly hopeful Cousens’s delightful read is a sweet romance that gives its protagonist the freedom to grow as a character. Readers of Jill Mansell or Mhairi McFarlane will definitely enjoy.

Sweet Tea

Fans of Beverly Jenkins, Debbie Macomber, and Sharon Sala will devour this sweet small-town romance.

The Devil’s Own Duke

Some much-needed historical context and a steamy, satisfying romance between the two well-written protagonists tempers some of the sillier aspects of this delightful Regency romance.

Keep Me Close

Virtues’s paranormal romance might not match the Greek mythology that inspired it, but fans of modern retellings will enjoy the second outing in this sexy, action-packed world.

Sailor Proof

This title is a perfect starting point for libraries wanting to add more military romance series and will be in demand by Albert’s many fans.

The Bounce Back

An optional purchase where the author circulates well.

Don’t Look Now

With plenty of possible suspects, Burton’s (Never Look Back) latest will appeal to readers who want light romance and heavy suspense.

Portrait of a Scotsman

Dunmore (Bringing Down the Duke; A Rogue of One’s Own) delivers a novel that is delectably sexy and profoundly romantic at its core. It’s sure to delight fans of the series as well as new readers, thanks to Dunmore’s trademark mix of historical fiction, British feminist history, and steamy Victorian romance.

A Seaside Summer

Fans of classic Regency romance will fall for these charmingly sweet summertime love stories and seek out more by Kilpack (“A Culinary Mystery” series), Keyes (The Road Through Rushbury), and Moore (The Paper Daughters of Chinatown).

First Love, Take Two

Patel’s formulaic companion to The Trouble with Hating You leans too hard on tropes, though it’s recommended for readers who enjoyed the first book and want an HEA that wraps up conflict.

The Heart Principle

Readers of Hoang’s other “Kiss Quotient” books may be surprised by this third installment’s heavy plot points, which weigh down the narrative. Hoang writes a sparkling romance between Quan and Anna, but this novel is very much about Anna’s finding her voice and setting boundaries.

The Singles Table

This third novel in Desai’s “Marriage” series (after The Dating Plan) can be read as a standalone. Recommended for all public library collections.

The Matzah Ball

A fun read and a good addition to holiday romance collections.

The Fastest Way To Fall

Williams’s sophomore effort (after How To Fail at Flirting) is a body-positive, feel-good romance with highly relatable protagonists.

A Holly Jolly Diwali

Suggest to readers looking for holiday fun along with their romance.

How To Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

The novel’s premise, which rests on celebrity stalking, is problematic, but fans of friends-to-lovers romance might find it an enjoyable read.

The Devil’s Own Duke

Some much-needed historical context and a steamy, satisfying romance between the two well-written leads tempers some of the silliest aspects of this delightful, well-written romance.

The Bounce Back

An optional purchase where the author circulates well.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet

At times heartbreaking and incredibly hopeful, Cousens’s delightful read is a sweet romance that gives Laura the freedom to grow as a character. Readers of Jill Mansell or Mhairi McFarlane will definitely enjoy.

Broody Brit

Recommended where Simone and the “Cocky Hero Club” series are popular, but also for other libraries looking for more contemporary romance.

Ticket Me More

Perfect for readers looking for a quick diversion.

Battle Royal

With a perfect trifecta of endearing characters, superb use of the enemies-to-lovers trope, and a chemistry-laden slow burn, this excellent start to Parker’s newest series is one readers will rush to dive into.

The Paris Connection

A lighthearted, charming romance that readers will fall in love with; those with wanderlust will want to plan a trip to Paris. Fans of Josie Silver’s One Day in December will be keen to read Brown’s debut.

Dawn Unearthed

Recommended for all libraries with active paranormal romance collections.

Romance Writers of America Rescind Award for Lakota Genocide Redemption Narrative


The Summer of No Attachments

The perfect summer read has memorable characters and heartfelt family drama. Fans of Foster and new readers alike will be pleased with her latest offering.

Up North

Temple (Out & About) launches the “Compass Stars” series about actors and their loves with a solid, enjoyable read. Jack’s lack of knowledge about movies and Hollywood is hard to buy in this age of social media, but Temple does an excellent job of making it believable. Recommended.


Highly recommended for fans of Annabeth Albert’s “Out of Uniform” series, S. E. Jakes’s “Men of Honor” series, and L. A. Witt’s “Anchor Point” series.

Andromeda’s Pirate

Readers looking for a sci-fi romance will find a world worth exploring but should look elsewhere for character development.

Devil in Disguise

A must for historical romance lovers. Fans of Kleypas in particular will find this books essential.

Match Made in Paradise

Dunlop’s (An Unlikely Match) promising introduction to her new “Paradise, Alaska” series gives a fresh angle to the classic misfit couple romance with a twist. Readers will enjoy the layered characters and instant chemistry of Mia and Silas. Fans of Susan Elizabeth Phillips will enjoy Dunlop’s latest fish-out-of-water book.

Meet Me in London

A fun story for fans of the fake dating trope.

Guild Boss

Romance fans already familiar with the “Ghost Hunters” series will enjoy returning to the rich world and recognizable devices, such as powerful characters (both literal and metaphorical), an intriguing mystery, witty dialogue, and of course, an adorable “dust bunny” pet with a distinct personality. Fans of romantic suspense with a side of paranormal will devour this.

Fake It

Trans patrons can read this book without worrying about deadnaming, microaggressions related to being trans, or other trauma often associated with trans stories. The book also features some light BDSM, and the behind-the-scenes perspective of creating a reality show as well as the descriptions of food and the vibrant restaurant scene in the fictional Port Andrea will appeal to fans of the Food Network.

Between Two Thieves

Packed with heists, intrigues, and a steamy romance, Steele’s second in the “Counterfeit Capers” series (after It Takes a Thief) is perfect for an action-filled weekend read.

Cliff’s Descent

Required for libraries owning previous books in the series and recommended for all others.

The Shaadi Set-Up

Vale’s bittersweet, slow-burn story of lost love and difficult choices is lightened by plenty of humor and charming characters. It will please fans of Jasmine Guillory, Sonali Dev, or Tessa Bailey’s “Hot & Hammered” series of renovation-themed romances.

When Sparks Fly

Readers looking for a good friends-to-lovers or forced-proximity romance will enjoy. Recommended for general purchase.

A Certain Appeal

Readers who enjoy sexy contemporary romance will be charmed by King’s light, irreverent retelling of Pride and Prejudice, set in the New York City burlesque scene.

Men Are Frogs

Suggest this Fairy Godmothers, Inc. sequel to fans of Hallmark movies who want something a little risqué.


MacLean’s dedicated fan base will be eagerly awaiting this novel, but it will also appeal to other romance readers who are unfamiliar with her body of work. Highly recommended for general purchase.

All the Feels

Highly recommended for public libraries.

Rules for Heiresses

This steamy historical romance is recommended for general purchase.

When a Duke Loves a Governess

Pirate treasure maps, trips to the circus, and genealogical mysteries make this an exciting third entry in Drake’s “Unlikely Duchesses” series (after Forever My Duke).

So We Meet Again

This engaging romance (Park’s second, after Loathe at First Sight) with great characters is highly recommended for fans of Jayci Lee’s A Sweet Mess.

Burly Tales: Fairy Tales for the Hirsute and Hefty Gay Man

Highly recommended for all public libraries.

Well Matched

Readers won’t want to put this novel down once they start and will clamor for more as soon as they finish. Recommended for public libraries.

All Fired Up

A sure bet for Burke’s fans that would also be a good fit for readers who enjoy Annabeth Albert’s “Hotshots” series.

The Dating Playbook

Highly recommended for all collections.

John Eyre

Readers who crave a paranormal twist to their romances will find this a mesmerizing story.

The Devil Comes Courting

A must-have on historical romance shelves.

Dare To Live, Dare To Love

Recommended for libraries where childhood sweetheart romances are popular.


Fans of Showalter will be delighted.

Subtle Blood

Charles (The Gentle Art of Fortune Hunting) fills the final installment in her “Will Darling Adventures” trilogy with more daring exploits, in addition to the characteristic wit, sexiness, humor, and heart. Highly recommended, but readers should start with the first in this compelling series, Slippery Creatures.

A Lot Like Adiós

This sparkling and steamy follow-up to Daria’s You Had Me at Hola is a delicious second-chance romance featuring two bisexual leads. A must-read for those who love contemporary queer, family-focused romances like Adriana Herrera’s American Sweethearts and Alexandria Bellefleur’s Hang the Moon. Recommended for all public library collections.

Breaking Badger

Laurenston expands her “Honey Badger Chronicles” series to the friends of the MacKilligan sisters with her trademark snark and over-the-top humor. Fans will be screaming to read this entry, but it’s not a good jumping-on point for new readers due to the overwhelming number of characters involved; readers will need to know some of the backstory to fully enjoy it. However, Laurenston should be a required purchase for public libraries.

Read-Alikes for ‘Devil in Disguise’ by Lisa Kleypas | LibraryReads

The Love Hypothesis

A realistic, amusing novel that readers won’t be able to put down. Highly recommended for all collections.

Blood and Ember

Recommended for libraries that own the first two books and where fantasy romance is popular.

The Princess Stakes

Readers looking for historical escapism will be swept up in Sarani and Rhystan’s high-seas adventures.

For the Love of April French

Both April and Dennis are thoughtful and introspective, so Aimes’s debut novel can lean heavily on explanation. Wealth solves most of the external conflict; it’s the internal character development, supported by diverse and well-developed communities of friends, that shines.

The Charm Offensive

With its lush locales and LGBTQ and BIPOC representation, this novel shines, especially for readers underrepresented or underappreciated in mainstream romance. For fans of Kate Stayman-London’s One To Watch and Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue.

I Kissed a Girl

This debut is perfect for fans of B-movie horror and rom-com flicks alike. The two main characters are both Jewish, and the book features a large cast of queer and trans supporting characters. A content warning for some stalking, but otherwise this a fun, fast-paced read.

If the Shoe Fits

Murphy’s signature wit and style shine through, and libraries will do well to purchase this fantastic contemporary romance.


Women who have grappled with the pressure to have children might find Guertin’s latest book relatable. It’s a light and breezy read packed with laughter, drama, and spice.

Isn’t It Bromantic?

Vlad is deeply romantic at heart, while Elena is haunted by her past and unable to move forward. The resulting love story is heart-wrenching but with lots of humor. It has plenty to offer for returning fans of the series and new readers alike.

History of Us

Themes of family, duty, and memory are intertwined with a light, sweet romance arc. The romance may seem like it’s been back-burnered compared to the other plot points: Anna’s work as an archivist, Anna’s meddling boss, and Jacob’s realization that he can’t let work consume every part of his life. Agdern shines at conveying her characters’ Jewish heritage and history.

Aloha with Love

Miller (The Magic Ingredient) joins forces with screenwriter Brody for this heart-tugging, gentle romance; it has a Hallmark Channel adaptation on the way.

Allegheny Front

If you like the coziness and charm of small-town life, Kile’s (Quarantine) contemporary will appeal, with a romance as sweet and warm as apple pie. Other readers may find the improbable set-up and grand gesture of love over the top.

The Warlord

Fans of Showalter’s long-running series will be elated to finally have a story with Taliyah as the main character, while new readers will be able to step into the established world at the start of a new story arc. For fans of paranormal romance with snarky characters and quippy lines.

Neon Gods

Though the worldbuilding is sparse, and a few of the pop culture references might feel out of place, this modern-day retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone has lots to offer for romance fans looking for a slightly darker romance.

The Sweetest Charade

A solid addition for public library collections.

Rare Vigilance

Libraries where the author’s other books are popular should consider.

The Mixtape

Some readers may balk at the wish fulfillment plot, where a favorite musician falls madly in love with his biggest fan; it feels a little over-the-top. However, romance readers who crave drama, trauma, and tears on the road to a happily-ever-after will devour this book.

The Dating Dare

Though Lee tries to create chemistry between her leads, much of their banter falls flat. Tara’s growth at the book’s end feels forced and insincere, and Seth’s journey offers no surprises. Fans of the first book will likely enjoy this follow-up, but new readers may be disappointed with the lackluster story.

The Hellion’s Waltz

A good pick for fans of the series, who will recognize nods to past protagonists. It’s also an accessible starting place for those who like their romance with a side of textile arts or covert Georgian-era trade unionism.

A Duke in Time

The number of plotlines and side stories featured in this book threaten to overshadow the main romance, but great chemistry between the hero and heroine, coupled with some truly lovely scenes of friendship and support among women, make this series opener worth a read for hardcore historical romance fans.

To Sir, with Love

A first-tier purchase, especially for libraries where romantic comedies are popular.

Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words

The plot is captivating, and readers will ride its ups, downs, twists, and turns with Kiran and Nash as they search for a happily-ever-after. Recommended for all collections.

Miss Lattimore’s Letter

Get ready to read well past bedtime with Allain’s (Mr. Malcolm’s List) classic Regency romance and its shrewd, funny heroine, who turns her talent for matchmaking into a match of her own. For all public libraries.

The View Was Exhausting

The froth and fun of a jet-setting romance of the rich and famous is grounded by the realities of racism and misogyny in a difficult, image-focused industry. Win’s choice between the career she loves and taking a chance on romance is treated with complexity, and readers who appreciate a serious approach to the genre standard of the fake relationship will enjoy that there are no easy answers for this paparazzi-hounded couple.

The Layover

Former flight attendant Waldon’s debut is a tale of learning to let go of the past to be open to whatever’s ahead. Although readers might be frustrated with Ava’s stubbornness, patience will yield the happy ending they expect.

The Importance of Being Wanton

Fans of the first book in the series and readers of lighthearted historicals will love the witty banter and battle-of-sexes premise.

The Beach House

Alers (The Seaside Café) doesn’t gloss over baggage that comes with mature love in this second-chance romance, but wordy descriptions tend to bog down the pacing of the book. Best suited for libraries where the first book in the series or the author are popular.

An Acquired Taste

This “Everheart Brothers of Texas” series launch is both fun and spicy, with timeless elements of family drama and unacknowledged passion. Thanks to the book’s recipes and mouth-watering descriptions, fans of romance with a culinary bent will be excited by this new addition to the genre.

One Last Stop

Both a satisfying romance and a heartwarming, realistic coming-of-age tale, McQuiston’s (Red, White, and Royal Blue) latest book features finely drawn, fully realized characters, a healthy dose of speculative mystery, and a soupçon of true crime. It will appeal to a wide range of readers and is essential for public library collections.

Hard Sell

Recommended for readers who love steamy romance with a bit of mystery, or for fans of Cole McCade. Readers will stay up all night to finish this story.

Read-Alikes for ‘Legacy’ by Nora Roberts | LibraryReads


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