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Best Wellness Books 2019


Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between: The New and Necessary Conversations Today’s Teenagers Need To Have About Consent, Sexual Harassment, Healthy Relationships, Love, and More

This guide may benefit parents of teens who are looking to start a conversation about issues many young people face today, encompassing the #metoo movement, sexual harassment, assault, and many others.

How To Build Your Baby’s Brain: A Parent’s Guide to Using New Gene Science To Raise a Smart, Secure, and Successful Child

With concrete ideas on incorporating yoga movement to aid brain development or devising a learning-based playlist on your iPod to outdoor play, smart media usage, and eye-and-breathing relaxation methods, this valuable work combines hard research with practical ideas that parents of children from birth to age four can easily implement in their day-to-day life

Lessons I’m Going To Teach My Kids Too Late

As Yung describes how learning these sayings both complicated and shaped his life, readers will appreciate the caustic wit that makes this book impossible to put down.


World Class: Our Mother’s Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children

An intriguing volume on the differences in global education; however, some of the author’s suggestions to help further your child’s education, such as hiring a babysitter who speaks another language, take classes at the local community center, etc., may not be accessible or realistic for many readers.


Kid Food: The Challenge of Feeding Children in a Highly Processed World

A fascinating look at the industry of children’s food and a practical guide for parent’s seeking to teach their children how to eat healthfully.


A House on Stilts: Mothering in the Age of Opioid Addiction

With hundreds dying each day of opiate overdose and more than two million individuals addicted, this powerful and moving account shows the everyday ordinariness of the struggle of substance abuse and recovery.

The Power of Showing Up: How Parental Presence Shapes Who Our Kids Become and How Their Brains Get Wired

A fitting volume that expands on the authors’ previous work, filled with cartoons and straightforward strategies that will appeal to their fans as well as a wide range of general readers.


Understanding Teenage Anxiety: A Parenting Guide To Combat Your Teen’s Chronic Anxiety

Addressing such crucial topics as self-harm, suicide, and integrating diet and natural remedies into one’s routine, as well as traditional treatments such as cognitive therapy and SSRIs, this work offers a further unique perspective of a teenager working through anxiety.

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