How Designing Your Library with Natural Elements Can Make a BIG Impact!

Presented by: Agati & Library Journal
Event Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 

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Learn how designing natural elements into your Library can improve patron success! 

Join Joe Agati Jr., Ind. IIDA, director of design, CIO, Agati, Inc., and Bill Browning, founding partner, Terrapin, for an engaging conversation how incorporating natural elements into your Library Spaces can improve patron satisfaction and Library outcomes. 

This webinar will cover why natural elements matter and how to integrate them into the design of your Library: 

  • Gain an understanding of the patterns of biophilic design 
  • Explore the relationships between nature, human biology, and the built environment 
  • Acquire tools for understanding biophilic design opportunities 
  • Learn the nuances of selecting appropriate furniture for client well-being 


Join Joe Agati Jr., Ind. IIDA, Director of Design, CIO, Agati, Inc.

Bill Browning, Founding Partner, Terrapin


Rebecca Jozwiak, Library Journal

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