Christmas Can Be Murder: 27 Tales of Yule

This year there’s plenty of homicide for the holidays, along with a pack of dog stories and all kinds of delicious holiday treats.

This year there’s plenty of homicide for the holidays, along with a pack of dog stories and all kinds of delicious holiday treats. And have you ever wondered how Charles Dickens came to write A Christmas Carol, or why the toymaker Drosselmeier created the Nutcracker? Read on. [For more holiday fiction, see Kristin ­Ramsdell’s Romance column, LJ 10/15/17, p. 64.]

Andrews, Donna. How the Finch Stole Christmas! A Meg Langslow Mystery. Minotaur: St. Martin’s. Oct. 2017. 288p. ISBN 9781250115454. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250115461. M

Visiting Caerphilly, VA, especially at Christmastime, doesn’t get old in this 22nd series entry (after Gone Gull). Meg’s husband is directing a full-scale production of A Christmas Carol and has his hands full with a famous aging actor playing Scrooge. Meg and most of the town have been enlisted to keep the actor sober enough to get through the play, but one night, when tailing him, Meg stumbles upon a barn full of exotic animals and designer dogs. Then a raid on the property leads to an even more disturbing discovery—a human corpse. VERDICT With her trademark wit and resourcefulness, Meg continues to thwart crime in an entertaining fashion. [See Prepub Alert, 4/17/17.]

Berenson, Laurien. Wagging Through the Snow: A Melanie Travis Canine Mystery. Kensington. Oct. 2017. 224p. ISBN 9781496712981. $19.95; ebk. ISBN 9781496713001. M

Melanie Travis, a special-needs tutor and mom to two boys and six dogs, is back in her 21st adventure (after Murder at the Puppy Fest). When her brother Frank impulsively buys a Christmas tree farm in Connecticut, Melanie and her family are coaxed into checking it out. The purchase of the dilapidated farm looks even more ill-advised when Melanie encounters a dead body in the woods after following the sounds of a whimpering dog. What first appears to be a drunken fatal accident soon starts to look suspicious, and Melanie is compelled to uncover the truth. VERDICT Dog-loving mystery fans will welcome another Christmas caper featuring Melanie, Aunt Peg, and their poodles.

Bowen, Rhys. The Ghost of Christmas Past: A Molly Murphy Mystery. Minotaur: St. ­Martin’s. Nov. 2017. 272p. ISBN 9781250125729. $24.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250125736. M

On the heels of her harrowing adventures in San Francisco (Time of Fog and Fire), this latest entry in a long-running series finds private detective Molly Murphy back home in New York but suffering from depression after a miscarriage. An invitation to spend Christmas in a mansion along the Hudson River promises a welcome distraction for Molly and husband Daniel. However, their hosts seem rather tense and at odds with each other. Molly soon learns why: the couple’s daughter disappeared shortly before Christmas several years ago and was never found. When a teenage girl claiming to be the missing daughter turns up on the doorstep, they all wonder if it’s a Christmas miracle or a hoax. VERDICT For series and historical mystery fans, it’s a treat to return to historic New York during the holidays as the indomitable Molly investigates an unusual disappearance. [See Prepub Alert, 5/7/17.]

Brightwell, Emily. Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women: A Victorian Mystery. Berkley. Oct. 2017. 288p. ISBN 9780399584220. $25; ebk. ISBN 9780399584237. M

The 36th book (after Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong) in this popular historical series finds Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard and his household led by housekeeper Mrs. Jeffries anticipating their holiday plans until a botched murder investigation is assigned to Witherspoon. Given that the killing happened six weeks ago, all are feeling rather pessimistic about achieving justice for Christopher Gilhaney in time to enjoy the holidays. The staff soon rallies and begins hunting for clues to aid their employer. The inimitable Mrs. Jeffries needs a nudge from her three wise women, Luty Belle, Ruth, and Mrs. Goodge, to pursue the case wholeheartedly, but once she’s on board, there’s no chance of the killer getting away. VERDICT An entertaining and well-crafted Victorian mystery that will attract readers of Anne Perry and Victoria Thompson.

Byron, Ellen. A Cajun Christmas Killing: A Cajun Country Mystery. Crooked Lane. Oct. 2017. 304p. ISBN 9781683313052. $26.99; ebk. ISBN 9781683313069. M

After the events in Body on the Bayou, Maggie Crozat is back home in Pelican, LA, helping her family run the ­Crozat Plantation B&B. They’re busy fielding guests and preparing for Christmas Eve on the Mississippi levee, where houses along the river will celebrate the holiday with bonfires. The season is feeling less than joyful, though, when an investor threatens the family business and then ends up murdered. With Maggie and her family under suspicion, she plays sleuth along with boyfriend Det. Bo Durand. VERDICT Amid the slew of Christmas cozies, Byron spices up the genre with her colorful Cajun Louisiana setting and entertaining protagonist; the Cajun recipes are an added treat.

Colgan, Jenny. Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery. Morrow. Oct. 2017. 320p. ISBN 9780062662996. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062663009. F

Colgan’s third “Little Beach” novel (after Little Beach Street Bakery and Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery), set on the tiny tidal island of Mount Polbearne off the coast of Cornwall, England, has Polly busily making Christmas pastries at her bakery when she’s not snuggling up with her boyfriend Huckle and pet puffin Neil in their drafty lighthouse home. Polly and Huckle are looking forward to a quiet holiday to themselves, but their plans change as Polly must help her friend Kerensa through a crisis and then is faced with a family problem of her own. A Christmas surprise, though, makes for a sweet ending. VERDICT Women’s fiction devotees will savor this latest and utterly charming visit to Mount Polbearne with some holiday recipes included. Fans of Jill Mansell and Vanessa Greene will relish this series.

De la Cruz, Melissa. Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe. St. Martin’s. Oct. 2017. 240p. ISBN 9781250141392. $18.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250141408. F

In this modern loose twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, it’s almost Christmas, and wealthy hedge fund partner Darcy ­Fitzwilliam has rushed home to the family estate in Pemberley, OH, from New York City for the first time in years to visit her ailing mom. Now forced to attend her family’s annual holiday party, Darcy has to face her former classmates and manages to make out with Luke Bennet after a few too many eggnogs while also playing matchmaker to Jim Bennet and Bingley Charles. But will laidback carpenter Luke ever be good enough for smart and sophisticated Darcy, or should she marry Carl, the obvious choice for her? VERDICT Read this for the fun holiday romance, not for the barely there Pride and Prejudice references.

De Maupassant, Guy & others. A Very French Christmas: The Greatest French Holiday Stories of All Time. New Vessel. Oct. 2017. 142p. ISBN 9781939931504. $22.95; ebk. ISBN 9781939931559. F

After last year’s A Very Russian Christmas, New Vessel presents a new holiday compilation featuring 14 French stories from both classic and contemporary authors. Several selections date from the 19th century, including stories by François Coppée and ­Maupassant, interspersed with more modern tales from Jean-Philippe Blondel, Dominique Fabre, and Irène Némirovsky. The book starts off with Blondel’s slyly humorous story, “The Gift,” about an elderly man who has to put up with his family at Christmas but manages to sneak off with an old flame he spies across the restaurant. However, the remaining pieces don’t live up to the promise of the first. VERDICT Recommend this title only for the most die-hard Francophiles.

Duncan, Francis. Murder for Christmas: A Mordecai Tremaine Mystery. Sourcebooks Landmark. Oct. 2017. 352p. ISBN 9781492651703. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9781492651710. M

The release of this holiday tale marks the relaunching of British golden age mystery author Duncan’s 1950s “Mordecai T­remaine” series. ­Tremaine has been invited to spend Christmas at a country estate in the little English village of Sherbroome, but the holiday brings a rather ghastly surprise as the house guests awake to a dead Father Christmas under the tree. In his retirement, the former tobacconist with a penchant for romance novels has taken up the hobby of amateur investigator and become friendly with Scotland Yard, so, of course, he surreptitiously begins questioning the guests and looking for clues to the murderer. Sporting his pince-nez and making astute observations, Tremaine adeptly solves the mystery. ­VERDICT Fans of Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers will enjoy Tremaine’s exploits. Pair with Mavis Doriel Hay’s The Santa Klaus Murder for a double shot of golden age yuletide mystery.

Erickson, Alex. Death by Eggnog: A Bookstore Café Mystery. Kensington. Oct. 2017. 304p. ISBN 9781496708878. pap. $7.99; ebk. ISBN 9781496708885. F

Krissy Hancock, owner of a bookstore café in Pine Hills, OH, is back in her fifth outing (after Death by Vanilla Latte). She’s disappointed that she won’t be heading to California to visit her father for the holidays since he’s made other plans, but her staycation won’t be dull. Talked into filling in as an elf in the local holiday musical, Krissy has to deal with a demanding director and a lecherous actor, as well as her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend. When the actor is murdered in the theater, there are several suspects, including her ex, who flees the scene but ends up at Krissy’s house begging for help. She gives in and starts some amateur investigating. VERDICT A Christmas cozy for fans of the series, but not a standout from the usual holiday crime fiction fare.

Frost, Jacqueline. Twelve Slays of Christmas: A Christmas Tree Farm Mystery. Crooked Lane. Oct. 2017. 320p. ISBN 9781683313175. $26.99; ebk. ISBN 9781683313182. M

After her fiancé leaves her for a yoga instructor shortly before their Christmas Eve wedding, a dejected Holly White returns home to Mistletoe, ME. She finds solace at her parents’ Christmas tree farm until Margaret Fenwick, president of the Mistletoe Historical Society, is murdered on the property right after a very public argument with Holly’s father. Despite the new sheriff’s warnings to leave the case to him, Holly asks questions around town to identify other suspects and exonerate her father. Still, she doesn’t mind getting to know Sheriff Gray better. VERDICT Writing as Frost, Julie Chase (Cat Got Your Secrets) kicks off a lively and festive cozy series, introducing an appealing protagonist and charming Maine setting. Fans of Vicki Delany’s “Year-Round Christmas Mystery” titles will enjoy.

redstarGaynor, Hazel & Heather Webb. Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I. Morrow. Oct. 2017. 400p. ISBN 9780062562685. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062562692. F

An elderly Thomas Harding’s Christmas visit to Paris in 1968 alternates with an epistolary novel that begins in September 1914 at the beginning of World War I with Thomas writing to inform his father that he’s joined the British Army along with his best friend Will Elliott. Will’s sister, Evie, begins corresponding with Will and Tom when they head to the battlefield in France. As hardships on the war front and back home play out through the letters, Evie is faced with difficult choices about pursuing her writing, helping with the war effort, and figuring out who she really loves. VERDICT Best-selling author Gaynor (A Memory of Violets) teams with historical novelist Webb (Rodin’s Lover) to pen a moving and heartfelt story of love and bravery that will attract admirers of World War I fiction and the collection Fall of Poppies: Stories of Love and the Great War. [See Prepub Alert, 4/10/17.]

Hennrikus, J.A. A Christmas Peril: A Theater Cop Mystery. Midnight Ink. Sept. 2017. 288p. ISBN 9780738754154. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9780738754789. M

Edwina “Sully” Sullivan, forced to retire from the police department, returned to her small hometown of Trevorton, MA, to care for her dying father. Having left behind her unfaithful husband with the job, Sully is at loose ends when her father dies, so she decides to stay on in Trevorton as the general manager of the local theater. They’re rehearsing for a performance of A Christmas Carol when powerful businessman Peter Whitehall is killed. Trying to exonerate the victim’s son, Sully must brush off her detecting skills. VERDICT Hennrikus, aka Julianne Holmes (Chime and Punishment), delivers a promising series launch; the intriguing premise of a cop–turned–theater manager is bound to attract cozy aficionados seeking something different from the usual run of pet and culinary mysteries. Tough and independent Sully will also appeal to fans of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey ­Millhone.

Hesse, Jennifer David. Yuletide Homicide: A Wiccan Wheel Mystery. Kensington. Oct. 2017. 320p. ISBN 9781496704962. pap. $7.99; ebk. ISBN 9781496704979. M

In this third series outing (after Bell, Book & Candlemas), Edindale, IL, lawyer Keli ­Milanni openly celebrates the Wiccan holiday of Yuletide in the midst of trying to identify the murderer of businessman and mayoral candidate Edgar Harrison. The list of suspects grows as Keli discovers that ­Harrison, who harboured many secrets, had several enemies owing to a failed real-estate venture and his disdain for environmentalists. To complicate matters, Keli’s ex-boyfriend arrives in town just as things are going well with new beau Wes. VERDICT Hesse incorporates Keli’s Wiccan practices into her story line, with prayers to the Goddess and incantations that assist her sleuth in gaining insights to solve the mystery. A perfect read for New Age devotees and those who prefer the pagan version of Yuletide.

Hilderbrand, Elin. Winter Solstice. Little, Brown. Oct. 2017. 320p. ISBN 9780316435451. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780316435482. F

Winter Storms was supposed to conclude the Quinn family story, but Hilderbrand has happily written a fourth installment with the Pancik family from The Rumor making appearances, too. As the Quinns gather on Nantucket at the Winter Street Inn for what may be a final reunion there, Kelly is nearing the end of his battle with brain cancer and Mitzi is considering selling the inn. Bart has returned a war hero but is struggling with depression and PTSD. Still, a chance at love gives him hope. Ava is finding success and love in New York City, while Patrick and Jennifer rebuild their lives. VERDICT Devotees of Hilderbrand’s Nantucket-based family saga will find this final “Winter” novel a must-read holiday indulgence. [See Prepub Alert, 4/10/17.]

Honigford, Cheryl. Homicide for the Holidays: A Viv and Charlie Mystery. Sourcebooks Landmark. Oct. 2017. 432p. ISBN 9781492628644. pap. $15.99; ebk. ISBN 9781492628651. M

In 1938 Chicago, Viv is busily navigating her newfound fame as a radio star and getting ready for the winter holidays. While decorating the Christmas tree, she discovers a hidden key to a drawer in her father’s desk and is shocked to find an envelope full of cash along with a threatening note. Hoping to uncover some answers, Viv hires private detective Charlie and does some investigating of her own. It’s not long before Viv begins to regret nosing around as the evidence points to her father’s involvement with gangster Al Capone, making her wonder if her father really died of a heart attack. VERDICT With its cast of colorful characters, this captivating second entry in this historical series (after The Darkness Knows) will please aficionados of the period and readers who enjoy Jill Churchill’s Depression-era “Grace & Favor” mysteries.

redstarHornak, Francesca. Seven Days of Us. Berkley. Oct. 2017. 368p. ISBN 9780451488756. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780451488770. f

The Birch family has to spend seven days together in quarantine over the Christmas holiday at their country home in Norfolk, England, since doctor Olivia has returned from treating the Haag epidemic in Liberia. Olivia and sister Phoebe haven’t gotten along in years, and parents Andrew and Emma each harbor their own resentments and devastating secrets. Then one of those secrets arrives in person, stirring up more revelations and ensuring that the clan will never be the same after a very long seven days. VERDICT Hornak’s brilliant debut manages to be simultaneously clever, funny, and poignant, as the Birch family is forced to spend an isolated week in the country during the holidays. [See full review, LJ 9/15/17; an October LibraryReads favorite.]

Hughes, Anita. Christmas in London. Griffin: St. Martin’s. Oct. 2017. 288p. ISBN 9781250145796. pap. $15.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250145802. F

Louisa has been working long hours at a Manhattan bakery to save money to start her own restaurant. Her delicious cinnamon rolls land her the chance to star in a Christmas TV special at Claridge’s in London. She’ll get to tour the British capital and meet her baking idol Digby Bunting while traveling with the show’s handsome assistant Noah and producer Kate. It sounds like a dream come true, but Louisa is soon weighing her career versus a new relationship. Meanwhile, Kate runs into her college boyfriend, whom she never forgot, and wonders if she can risk falling in love again. VERDICT Having celebrated a French Noel in Christmas in Paris, Hughes now crosses the English Channel with this deliciously satisfying story of love that will have readers yearning for pastries and a holiday trip to England.

Lovesy, Peter & others. The Usual Santas: A Collection of Soho Crime Christmas Capers. Soho Crime. Oct. 2017. 416p. ISBN 9781616957759. $19.95; ebk. ISBN 9781616957766. M

With a foreword and story by Lovesy, this holiday-themed collection presents 18 pieces of short fiction from an impressive roster of international mystery writers. The voices veer from darkly humorous ­(Helene Tursten and Mick Herron) to touching (Timothy Hallinan and Mette Ivie ­Harrison) to disturbing (Stuart Neville and Ed Lin),with tales set around the globe. Standouts include Herron’s title story, featuring multiple shopping center Santas in London who enjoy an unusual Christmas Eve, and Cara Black’s “Cabaret aux Assassins,” a tale of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler in Paris. VERDICT This is a thoroughly entertaining seasonal noir collection with something for everyone. [See Prepub Alert, 4/17/17.]

Maguire, Gregory. Hiddensee: A Tale of the Once and Future Nutcracker. Morrow. Oct. 2017. 304p. ISBN 9780062684387. $26.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062684400. F

The author of Wicked and After Alice has written an origin fairy tale for toymaker Drosselmeier and the famous Nutcracker he creates, the protagonists of an E.T.A. Hoffman story that was later transformed into Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. The novel begins with Drosselmeier’s beginnings as a young foundling, living in the forest with an old couple. A fateful trip to fell a tree sets the boy on a winding path with a magical knife. He finds shelter and work along the way and eventually begins a long friendship and possibly something more with Felix Stahlbaum, grandfather of Fritz and Marie-Claire, commonly known as Klara, and the recipient of the magical Nutcracker. VERDICT Maguire combines the Greek myth of Pan and Pythia with the dark undertones of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, resulting in a strangely fascinating reimagining of how the Nutcracker came to be. Lovers of classical retellings and the author’s other books will admire. [See Prepub Alert, 4/10/17.]

Mugavero, Liz. Purring Around the Christmas Tree: A Pawsitively Organic Mystery. Kensington. Sept. 2017. 312p. ISBN 9781496700216. pap. $7.99; ebk. ISBN 9781496700223. M

In the small town of Frog Ledge, CT, Kristan “Stan” Connor is preparing for the grand opening of her pet patisserie, where she’ll serve up organic real food pet treats. The soft opening is timed to coincide with the town’s Christmas tree lighting, but the evening quickly goes awry when the sleigh arrives, bearing a dead Santa. In the meantime, local residents Seamus and Ray haven’t returned from their poker game in Boston. When Stan and local reporter Cyril start to wonder if Seamus might have been mixed up in an international crime, the mystery deepens. VERDICT For fans of pet-themed mysteries, Mugavero pens a purrfect New England Christmas cozy (after Murder Most Finicky), which also includes gourmet pet treat recipes.

Naigle, Nancy. Hope at Christmas. Griffin: St. Martin’s. Oct. 2017. 352p. ISBN 9781250108678. pap. $15.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250108685. F

Sydney Ragsdale needs space from her soon-to-be ex-husband, so she moves with ten-year-old daughter RayAnne to Hopewell, NC, where she has inherited an old farmhouse from her grandparents and hopes to find some peace as Christmas approaches. Sydney soon rediscovers one of her favorite places, the Book Bea, and is thrilled to help the elderly bookstore owner over the holidays. Mother and daughter receive a warm welcome from the small town, especially from the kind, good-looking Mac, who secretly plays the town Santa each year. Not all is perfect, though, as Sydney grapples with the divorce, a dangerous accident, and a sudden loss. VERDICT Naigle’s (Christmas Joy) wonderfully heart-warming holiday story will appeal to romance and women’s fiction readers.

Noblin, Annie England. Pupcakes: A Christmas Novel. Morrow. Nov. 2017. 384p. ISBN 9780062563781. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062563804. F

Brydie Benson is trying to start fresh in Memphis, TN, after leaving her cheating husband. But walking away from her marriage also meant giving up her house and bakery. Needing a cheap place to live, she agrees to house-sit an elderly pug named Teddy when his owner moves to a nursing home. She quickly warms to Teddy, and a business idea is born when she discovers the dog is a fussy eater and starts to bake snacks for him. Teddy also turns out to be a great way for Brydie to meet the neighbors, especially ­Nathan, the cute owner of a mischievous Irish wolfhound. By Christmastime, Brydie has found a new community of friends and love in unexpected places, with a little help from a finicky pug. VERDICT Fans of Noblin’s canine-themed tales (Sit! Stay! Speak!; Just Fine with Caroline) will beg for more.

Perry, Anne. A Christmas Return. Ballantine. Nov. 2017. 192p. ISBN 9780425285077. $20; ebk. ISBN 9780425285084. M

In Perry’s latest seasonal novel (after A Christmas Message), Charlotte Pitt’s grandmother Mariah Ellison returns for more sleuthing in the wake of her investigation in A Christmas Guest. It’s nearing the Yuletide season when Mariah receives a letter from Peter Wesley requesting her presence in Haslemere, where his grandfather Cullen died 20 years earlier. The death was ruled accidental, but there were always suspicions of foul play, especially since Cullen, a lawyer, had refused to continue to defend Dr. Durward shortly before he went to trial for killing a 14-year-old youth. Now ­Durward, who was acquitted and moved out of the area, has returned to clear his name, but he greatly underestimates Mariah’s determination and persistence. While she wasn’t able to fight back against her abusive husband, she’s not going to let this man get away with murder. VERDICT Perry’s many fans will enjoy another winning Victorian-era mystery set during the holidays. [See Prepub Alert, 5/7/17.]

Silva, Samantha. Mr. Dickens and His Carol: A Novel of Christmas Past. Flatiron: Macmillan. Nov. 2017. 288p. ISBN 9781250154040. $24.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250154033. F

DEBUT Silva’s first novel offers a take on how Charles Dickens came to write his famous holiday story, A Christmas Carol. Dickens has just excitedly finished his latest installment of Martin Chuzzlewit and welcomed his sixth child when his publishers inform him that Chuzzlewit isn’t selling and he needs to write a Christmas story or lose money from his advance. Dickens is adamantly opposed, but with family depending on him, he accepts the challenge. Beset by demands from everyone he encounters, he struggles to write the story. Finally, he’s captivated by an unexpected muse and his holiday spirit comes back, inspiring the much-loved and enduring classic. VERDICT Silva has imagined an intriguing and atmospheric backstory to the quintessential holiday tale and its most revered author.

Smith, Karen Rose. Slay Bells Ring: A Caprice de Luca Home Staging Mystery. Kensington. Nov. 2017. 352p. ISBN 9781496709776. pap. $7.99; ebk. ISBN 9781496709783. F

In Smith’s seventh series outing (after Shades of Wrath), the holiday season is approaching and Caprice has just finished staging a historic home in Kismit, PA. One of the homeowners, Chris Merriweather, a Vietnam vet, toymaker, and town Santa, hasn’t been himself since a recent trip to Washington, DC, and then is shockingly found murdered on Santa Lane. The weapon: a wooden candy cane stake. As Chris’s secrets come to light, and Caprice probes for answers, someone steals her sleigh bells with the threat: “Stop asking questions or your sleigh bells will never ring again.” VERDICT This Christmas cozy with Catholic undertones ­occasionally becomes more preoccupied with the protagonist’s chastity than the mystery, ­making it an optional read.

Willis, Connie. A Lot Like Christmas: Stories. Del Rey: Ballantine. Oct. 2017. 544p. ISBN 9780399182341. pap. $17; ebk. ISBN 9780399182358. SF

Willis (Crosstalk) gifts readers with an expanded, updated edition of her previously published Miracle and Other Christmas Stories, which includes five new pieces and lists of suggested Christmas viewing and reading. Whether the story features the Spirit of Christmas Present (the gift kind, and the here-and-now kind), artificial intelligence that seems like a real girl, or aliens from another planet, these tales all manage to restore at least some of their characters’ festive spirit or serve up justice. VERDICT There are a few blasts from the past in the previously published selections as characters use “the Net” and make “Xerox” copies, but overall this collection of wryly funny, off-kilter stories offers an excellent alternative to the usual sentimental holiday fare while still reflecting Willis’s love of Christmas.

Melissa DeWild is Assistant Director, Spring Lake District Library, MI


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