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The Harp of Kings

Told in the alternating points of views of Liobhan, Brocc, and Dau, this story contains lush worldbuilding and well-rounded characters. Here, Marrillier (Blackthorn and Grim) launches a new series, but familiar references to her other books will lead fans right into her enchanting universe once again.

Den of Wolves

This is another emotionally powerful entry (after Tower of Thorns) in Marillier's fantasy series set in ancient Ireland. The growing bond between Grim and Blackthorn is consistently a pleasure to follow in each book as they lean on each other to get through every challenge.

Tower of Thorns

This historical fantasy, set in ancient Ireland and imbued with fairies and monsters, builds slowly. Its strength lies in the characters of Blackthorn and Grim, who have developed a bond from their shared pain, even while they continue to keep secrets from each other. Following the pattern set in Dreamer's Pool, there is a mystery for Blackthorn to solve, but the gradual unspooling of the riddle concerning the creature in the tower is secondary to witnessing Blackthorn and Grim struggle with their painful pasts.

Dreamer's Pool: A Blackthorn & Grim Novel

The best thing about this novel (and there are many good components) is that it's the opener for a series featuring the taciturn Blackthorn and mysterious Grim. Typical for Marillier (Daughter of the Forest) is the evocative setting of an ancient Ireland that echoes with fairy tales and just a hint of magic.

Seer of Sevenwaters

This well-written tale by a top-notch storyteller will appeal to the author's fans.

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