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A Touch of Forever

Crisp descriptions, insightful character development, and four savvy kids bring depth to this romantic historical charmer that is pure gold. Goodman (A Touch of Flame) lives in West Virginia.


A Touch of Frost

Goodman allows her heroine to do a lot of the reconnaissance after a train robbery that leaves our hero, Remington Frost, unconscious on the floor...

The Devil You Know

Wonderfully flawed individuals, unexpected plot twists, refreshing humor, and the appearance of folks from This Gun for Hire, as well as references to Goodman's other earlier books, make this another of the author's must-read historicals. Fans will be pleased. Goodman lives in West Virginia.

This Gun for Hire

Nonstop, sometimes violent action; wicked and witty banter; tender, laughter-laced ardor; and a passel of vividly rendered characters will sweep readers deep into Goodman's adventurous Wild West. Another addition to her growing canon of must-read historicals. Goodman (In Want of a Wife) lives in West Virginia.

In Want of a Wife

Gritty, realistic, and laced with humor, this latest Western is a worthy addition to Goodman's Bitter Springs titles. The author (Boots Under Her Bed) lives in West Virginia.

True to the Law

Protagonists who spar animatedly, humor that lightens the story's darker aspects, and well-handled sexual tension combine in a compelling tale that shares a setting with the best-selling, West Virginia-based Goodman's The Last Renegade. Another winner.

The Last Renegade

Simmering sexual tension, exceptional character development, and slowly revealed secrets make this a book to savor. Goodman (A Place Called Home) lives in West Virginia.

A Place Called Home

Realistic, romantic, and infused with plenty of humor, this brilliantly executed, fearlessly sensual first contemporary title from an author who has made her name in historicals is a stunning success. While this reviewer wouldn't want to see Goodman neglect the historical arena, another modern-day winner like this heartwarming novel would be more than welcome. Goodman (Kissing Comfort) lives in West Virginia.

Kissing Comfort

Deadly secrets that threaten the status quo, an enigma that is not easily resolved, and a well-matched pair of totally likable protagonists make this a romance to savor. Nicely done! Goodman (Marry Me) lives in West Virginia. [Previewed in "Booked Solid," LJ 7/11, p. 30.]

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