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Rick Pender on the Challenge and Opportunity of Summing Up Stephen Sondheim


Saws, Planes, and Scorps: Exceptional Woodworking Tools and Their Makers

Readers need not know a lump hammer from a bevel gauge to appreciate durable, efficient, and striking hand tools. A resurgent interest in handcrafts will draw in newbies as well as seasoned woodcrafters and collectors with an appreciation for tool function and design. Recommended.

National Geographic Photo Ark Wonders: Celebrating Diversity in the Animal Kingdom

“I want people to care,” says Sartore, “to fall in love, and to take action.” Mission accomplished. An essential purchase for most collections.

Beautiful News: Positive Trends, Uplifting Stats, Creative Solutions

Recommended for anyone looking for a more positive perspective on current events.

Patented: 1,000 Design Patents

A unique reference; will be useful to historians and designers and fascinating to browsers.

Illustrated Human Anatomy: The Authoritative Visual Guide to the Human Body

Curious readers can find answers to specific inquiries or browse an overview of the lymphatic system, brain structure, or information on allergic response. A fascinating, attractive, and valuable addition to any library.

Science in the Ancient World: From Antiquity Through the Middle Ages

Loaded with oddball tidbits that will fascinate trivia fans, Lawson’s book will complement other ancient history titles, such as Will and Ariel Durant’s “Story of Civilization” series. A true multidisciplinary resource, it will appeal to general readers as well as high school and undergraduate students.

The Origins of Modern Science: From Antiquity to the Scientific Revolution

Whether consulted as a reference work or read cover to cover, Gal’s work will appeal to college and graduate students studying a wide variety of subjects, including architecture, religion, political science, medicine, anthropology, the classics, natural philosophy, and astronomy.

All Over the Map: Up Close with the Head of National Geographic Books

The Booker T. Washington Papers Digital Edition by University of Virginia Press | Reference eReview

Best of the Reference Backlist: Food, Health, and More

Publishers Open Up About the State of Reference

Reference Best Sellers, Nov. 2021 | The Most In-Demand in Libraries & Bookstores


A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching: Getting To Know the World’s Most Misunderstood Bird

This informative selection will encourage city-dwelling nature lovers to observe and enjoy these ubiquitous birds that often get a bad rap.

Symphonies for the Soul: Classical Music To Cure Any Ailment

Readers will learn of musical suggestions to invite passion as well as soothe grief. Of interest to those seeking gentle, at-home, nonmedical solace and mood-elevating ideas.

Complete Guide to Winter Camping

Highly readable for folks snug at home or preparing for ice fishing, shelter building, or axe sharpening. Callan’s mix of encouragement and safety-first practicality will be helpful to those planning winter outings.

Where Should We Camp Next? A 50-State Guide to Amazing Campgrounds and Other Unique Outdoor Accommodations

A well-organized resource that will be of particular interest to RV campers and those with children.

Edible Flowers: How, Why, and When We Eat Flowers

A treat for organic farmers and anyone who loves to cook.


Notable Native People: 50 Indigenous Leaders, Dreamers, and Changemakers from Past and Present

Bright and appealing yet never simplistic, this is a strong addition for every library.

Stompbox: 100 Pedals of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

A fascinating reference for musicians, with additional interest for industrial designers, photographers, and those who appreciate hi-res portraits of functional beauty.

Black Health Matters: The Vital Facts You Must Know To Protect Your Health and Those of Your Loved Ones

The fundamental health information is well supported, clearly presented, and helpful. Walker’s inclusion of historical context for Black health issues is key.

The Listening Party: Artists, Bands and Fans Reflect on 100 Favourite Albums

A sure hit with fans of Burgess’s listening parties and those interested in behind-the-scenes dish on music, musicians, songwriting, and the industry.

Mental Floss: The Curious Viewer; A Miscellany of Bingeable Streaming TV Shows from the Past 20 Years

Streaming services, reboots, and syndication make all of these shows accessible. Likely to see heavy use in most libraries.

How To Forage for Mushrooms Without Dying: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Identifying 29 Wild, Edible Mushrooms

Novice mushroom hunters who may have a taste for fungi but aren’t seeking scientific training will appreciate this work. Likely to see most use in rural libraries and by sharp-eyed city-dwellers and hobbyist mushroom farmers.

The Baseball 100

This thought-provoking volume is a must-have for baseball fans.

Atheism and Agnosticism: Exploring the Issues

Few are agnostic about atheism and agnosticism; this eloquent, wide-ranging volume should appeal to many, as well as supporting recent academic interest in its subject.

Iconotypes: A Compendium of Butterflies and Moths; Jones’ Icones Complete

A book as lovely as the creatures it depicts. There’s much here for specialists (lepidopterists; art historians) but lay readers too can savor an astonishingly beautiful “pre-industrial butterfly world.”

Three Librarians on the Databases They Count On

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Analysis Powered by CollectionHQ | Reference eReview

New and Upcoming Databases on Law, Women's Studies, Art, and More

Updates to Databases on Career Guidance, Sociology, History, and More

What You Need To Know To Help African American Patrons Start their Genealogical Research


Today’s Health Care Issues: Democrats and Republicans

With misinformation and disinformation everywhere, a book that provides facts without an agenda is a welcome resource for public, academic, and consumer health collections. Anyone searching for information on health policy will find a good starting point here.

Community College Reference Librarians Support the Whole Student

Comics Plus | Reference eReviews

SAGE Campus | Reference eReviews


Atlas of the Invisible: Maps and Graphics That Will Change How You See the World

This work will appeal to readers with a wide range of interests, including cartography, history, and the environment.

North American Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways To See the Continent

A great choice for school and public library collections.

Work-from-Home Hacks: 500+ Easy Ways To Get Organized, Stay Productive, and Maintain a Work-Life Balance While Working from Home!

This addition to the publisher’s “Hacks” series offers simple fixes and solid advice, along with a few “Why didn’t I think of that?” tips for readers looking to up their WFH game.

Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook; From Aphrodite to Zeus, a Profile of Who’s Who in Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is of enduring interest, and readers aged 10 and older will enjoy this selection.

Bibliophile: Diverse Spines

Perfect for guiding book clubs or anyone looking to read more inclusively.

The True Crime Dictionary: From Alibi to Zodiac; The Ultimate Collection of Cold Cases, Serial Killers, and More

An interesting if occasionally grisly addition for most libraries.

Dr. Disaster’s Guide to Surviving Everything: Essential Advice for Any Situation Life Throws Your Way

Succinct advice best read in advance of need, for awareness and prevention. Information on stroke warning signs, go bags, and evacuation plans could save time and even lives.

Other People’s Words: Wisdom for an Inspired and Productive Life

Less extensive than some compilations, Siegel’s highly personal collection will connect with readers looking for something just a step off the beaten path.

A Chronology of Film: A Cultural Timeline from the Magic Lantern to Netflix

Scholars will especially appreciate the depth of thought, and the images make this work an enjoyable browse for casual film buffs.

The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All the Rules

From engagement to happily-ever-after, this is a practical “you do you” primer, peppered with four-letter words.

Card Night: Classic Games, Classic Decks, and the History Behind Them

From slapjack to minuman (a drinking version of Go Fish) to variations on solitaire, this book has a card game for everyone. A family-friendly guide to low-tech diversions.

Menopause: No Need To Panic

The book’s straightforward, supportive tone and unintimidating size will appeal to those seeking introductory information on menopause.

Bloomsbury Philosophy Library | Reference eReview

Ingram iCurate inClusive | Reference eReview

Pregnancy and Birth

A thoughtful look at issues confronting pregnant Americans. Will appeal to readers who work in think tanks, those involved with public health, and premed, nursing, midwife, and doula students.

The 2000s

Students and general readers curious about the 2000s will find the chapters engaging and the suggested reading lists thorough.

Birdpedia: A Brief Compendium of Avian Lore

Leahy’s breadth of knowledge is impressive, and he expresses it beautifully, allowing readers to easily absorb his many salient points. Most highly recommended for all libraries serving young adults and older, and for all academic libraries, especially those that don’t already have The Birdwatcher’s Companion.

The Congress

Undoubtedly, today’s students need to understand Congress; this slim, detailed, accessible volume is an excellent start for readers from high school up.

The Reagan Revolution and the Rise of the New Right

Though the analysis isn’t groundbreaking, the history of Reagan and his era is told clearly, with useful ancillary material. However, readers who are unfamiliar with U.S. history may come away with an overly rosy view of the Reagan administration.

SAGE Business Cases | Reference eReviews


Gale Archives of Sexuality and Gender, IV: International Perspectives on LGBTQ Activism and Culture | Reference eReview

2020: The Year of Government Information | Government Documents


Southwestern Adventure: In the Footsteps of First Peoples; Mogollon, Hohokam, Salado and Sinagua

Researchers of history or culture, armchair travelers, and vacation planners will find this guide enriching.

The Presidency

An excellent, balanced resource for high schoolers and undergraduates that’s also accessible to the generalist. Even political junkies with in-depth knowledge of the topic will glean much from the material.

Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in America: A Reference Handbook

Well organized and easy to use, the work is a good starting point for information on executive, legislative, and judicial actions taken over the last 200 years to protect and insure individual civil rights. It strikes a strong balance between basic information and specialized content and is an effective resource for students and general readers.

Food Inequalities

Allen aggregates much information and describes pervasive, distressing connections between food and systemic social inequality; the book’s ambitious but unscholarly approach, however, contrasts with such scholarly treatments as Alison Hope Alkon’s Cultivating Food Justice.

Medicare and Medicaid: A Reference Handbook

Most reference works about Medicare and Medicaid focus on benefits, provider requirements, Medicaid planning and application, health care fraud, or the single-payer concept; this volume sets itself apart, offering a detailed, nuanced look at the debate around public health care. A fascinating, useful book.

An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts: The U.S. Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection

A unique, beautifully crafted work that will resonate with artists, gardeners, botanists, farmers, growers, agricultural students, and anyone interested in fruit and nut trivia.

Declassified Documents Online: Twentieth-Century British Intelligence | Reference eReviews

American Religious History: Belief and Society through Time

A valuable resource for teachers, students, and anyone interested in religion and contemporary American society.

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence: The Past, Present, and Future of AI

Beginners will find some important information here, along with a great deal for specialists, but there isn’t much on regulation and policy issues.

9/11: The Essential Reference Guide

The monumental 2011 edition will still satisfy most readers, but this more compact edition preserves the core and adds a few updates.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies

An excellent, well-written starting point for researchers. Will interest a wide variety of readers, including people considering transition and people studying or working in a variety of fields (social sciences, family studies, law, history, think tanks, counseling, medicine).

Mass Observation Project, Module II: 1990s | Reference eReviews


PressReader | Reference eReviews


Organic Food and Farming: A Reference Handbook

McIntyre’s presentation of this complex subject combines authentic expertise with clear, objective communication for a nonexpert audience. Invaluable for new and advanced students of U.S. agriculture, business, and society.

The Supreme Court

Silverstein’s insightful, thorough, well-organized, lucidly expressed guide to both basic and abstruse aspects of the court will be essential for students of U.S. history and government.

Great Sieges in World History: From Ancient Times to the 21st Century

Never glossing over the human casualties and physical destruction wrought by war, Tucker’s thoughtful work will help readers understand the evolution of siege warfare. Highly recommended for those interested in military history.

Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-First-Century Architecture

With stunning visuals, this is not only a captivating study of architecture but also an insightful snapshot of Chicago’s history and daily life. Readers interested in Chicago or in urban architecture, planning, or development will devour this volume.

World Oceans: A Reference Handbook

Compelling and convincing for all readers, especially those interested in oceans, climate change, and consequences of neglecting and abusing the sea.

Rosa Parks: A Life in American History

Those interested in learning more about Parks and the civil rights movement will find inspiration in this enlightening work.

Race and Sports: A Reference Handbook

Will be of interest to social sciences and physical education students, as well as those interested in athletics.


The COVID-19 Pandemic

Though useful, the book focuses on events in the United States before the 2020 election and the widespread rollout of vaccines. It examines social, political, and economic issues rather than medical and clinical information. Those seeking current information about the pandemic and its effects around the world will need to consult other sources for supplemental information.

First Amendment Freedoms: A Reference Handbook

Although readers might wish for more attentive editing and deeper analysis, the excellent scholarly essays and the information consolidated here will be valuable to students of U.S. history and the Constitution.

ProQuest One Business | Reference eReviews


Adam Matthew Digital’s Sex & Sexuality Module II: Self-Expression, Community, and Identity | Reference eReviews


Storey’s Curious Compendium of Practical and Obscure Skills: 214 Things You Can Actually Learn How To Do

Taking on everything from no-equipment-necessary foot massages to the relatively complex tiny shelter on wheels, this one will appeal to DIYers. Particularly useful for rural libraries.

Defining Documents in World History: Pandemics, Plagues & Public Health

In addition to examining epidemics throughout history, readers can explore documents relating to child labor, vaccine safety, or alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs. Likely to see most use in academic settings, with some appeal in public libraries, given that COVID-19 is a major concern for many.

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Your Questions Answered

Evenhanded, with solid nutritional information and suggestions for navigating social interactions when adopting new eating patterns.

Access Guide to the Black Comic Book Community 2020–2021

Of interest to newbies or seasoned comics readers looking to support local stores or find publishers with BIPOC team members.

Encyclopedia of Sex and Sexuality: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture

Users may want to consult more specialized sources for further information on a specific topic, but this is an excellent introduction to sex and sexuality for public and consumer health libraries.

Epidemics and Pandemics: From Ancient Plagues to Modern-Day Threats

With an excellent index, a glossary, and comprehensible and accurate explanations of disease throughout history, this is an outstanding reference source, suitable for all libraries.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Official Guide to Style; Over 100 Fashion, Decorating and Entertaining Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Holly Golightly

Fun and flirty, with a “you go, girl!” attitude, this title will let aspiring Hollys capture her vibe. A quick pick-me-up for the 646 section.

Welcome to Wine: An Illustrated Guide to All You Really Need To Know

An accessible and friendly reference for beginning oenophiles.

Great Women’s Speeches: Empowering Voices That Engage and Inspire

Originally published in 2019 as So Here I Am, this quick, inspiring read is recommended for purchase by libraries that don’t own the original release.

MLA Handbook

A necessary addition to every library’s reference desk, this work is likely to see use from students and scholars, even with the plethora of online citation creators.

Bloomsbury Fashion Business Cases | Reference eReviews

Social Explorer | Reference eReviews

Moon U.S. Civil Rights Trail: A Traveler’s Guide to the People, Places, and Events That Made the Movement

Laden with information, this affecting guide provides a nuanced and powerful representation of Black Americans’ fight for freedom and equality. For every library.

AMNH Birds of North America

Highly recommended, but not crucial for libraries that already have an earlier edition or the National Geographic title.

Bluebird Languages | Reference eReviews

Best Reference Works of 2020

Best Free Resources | Best Reference 2020

Best Databases | Best Reference 2020


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