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To Catch a Storm

Recommend to readers of fast-paced domestic thrillers.

The Sunset Years of Agnes Sharp

Fans of cozy mysteries will enjoy this outlandish yet heartfelt mystery set in a quiet English village.

The Hunt

An absorbing, suspense-filled novel for true crime and podcast fans. Share with fans of S.A. Cosby, Eli Cranor, and Megan Abbott.

The Secret Hours

Fans of Herron’s “Slough House” series and Apple TV’s adaptation, Slow Horses, will race for this audio.

Murder and Mamon

Manansala and Cabanela excel at creating a welcoming community that mystery lovers will want to visit again and again.

The Graveyard Shift

Despite the predictable ending, Lewis’s (Mockingbird) latest should appeal to horror film fans and suspense and romance readers who don’t mind a bit of gore.

Sleeping with Friends

This audio will appeal to cinephiles seeking a fast-paced amateur-sleuth mystery full of flawed characters and their sinister secrets. Recommended for fans of Tarryn Fisher, Lisa Scottoline, and Colleen Hoover.

Perfectly Nice Neighbors

This riveting thriller delivers plenty of twists alongside incisive social commentary. Great for book groups.

The Darkness Surrounds Us

This atmospheric, evocatively narrated audio will captivate fans of gothic mysteries in the vein of Rhiannon Ward’s The Quickening.

King Me

Highly recommended for listeners who want a madcap mixture of Stephanie Plum, Veronica Mars, and Magnum, P.I.

Murder by Degrees

Listeners will find much to love in this story that weaves social commentary and descriptions of period medical practices into a taut mystery. Mukerji is an author to watch.

One of the Boys

Listeners will be riveted by this complicated family drama that wrestles with the ethical implications of profiling and experimental medical treatments. Share with fans of Delilah S. Dawson’s The Violence or Naomi Alderman’s The Power.

The Murder Wheel

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an atmospheric historical mystery, fast-paced and full of detail, that culminates in a delightful denouement to rival Poirot. Recommended for fans of Martin Edwards, Fiona Davis, and Sophie Hannah.

The Last Applicant

Fast-paced, layered suspense with shocking reveals listeners won’t see coming.

I Did It For You

A good pick for those seeking engaging suspense about small towns, sisterhood, and unsettling secrets. Recommended for fans of Ruth Ware, Kate Robards, and Kelly J. Ford.

Broadway Butterfly

Readers of true crime will be hooked by this intriguing and atmospheric tale. A winner for fans of Beatriz Williams’s The Wicked City and Kate Belli’s Deception by Gaslight.

Good Bad Girl

Feeney’s fans and first-time listeners alike will enjoy seeing the pieces of this twisty thriller come together. Share with those seeking a fast-paced page-turner layered with insights into family dynamics and mother-daughter relationships.

The Quiet Tenant

A chilling debut thriller about the evil that lurks in everyday middle-class neighborhoods, performed by a stellar cast. Ideal for fans of Rene Denfeld and Jennifer Hillier.

The Puzzle Master

Built on mazes, mind games, and puzzles, this intriguing thriller is for fans of Dan Brown’s “Robert Langdon” series, who will likely appreciate the fast pace and surprise ending.

I’m Not Done with You Yet

Sutanto continues to surprise. Her absorbing, often funny thriller, narrated with aplomb, should gain this talented author plenty of new fans.

Harlem After Midnight

Though listeners new to the series may want to catch up with the first book, those who enjoy period mysteries and well-researched historical fiction should enjoy.

The Collector

With stolen paintings, the threat of nuclear disaster, and a beloved protagonist, Silva’s latest mystery/thriller will satisfy Gabriel Allon fans.

Grave Expectations

A delightfully funny whodunit with plenty of depth and heart. Share with patrons looking for a ghostly cozy with a millennial bent.

The Bitter Past

This first installment in a planned series starring Beck is off to a great start. Share with those seeking atmospheric historical mysteries.

Delicate Condition

Will appeal to listeners seeking haunting domestic horror with eerie, occult vibes. Recommended for fans of Zoje Stage, Shari Lapena, and Ashley Audrain. Expect many requests, as this novel inspired the newest season of American Horror Story.

The Golden Gate

A satisfyingly twisty historical mystery, combined with a thought-provoking social commentary. Chua’s many fans will be intrigued by her first foray into fiction.

None of This Is True

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking an intricate, immersive suspense novel about obsession and betrayal. Recommended for fans of Darcey Bell, Zoe Whittall, and Greer Hendricks.

The Clementine Complex

Mortimer spins a hilarious tale populated by outlandish characters with hearts of gold. A perfect fit for listeners who enjoy light, funny mysteries.

Lest She Forget

A fresh and surprising psychological thriller from a promising new author. Share with fans of Paula Hawkins and Clare Mackintosh.

The Siberia Job

This outlandish, smart caper illuminates a little-known and intriguing chapter in post-Soviet Russian history. Recommended for readers of Matthew Klein’s Con Ed or Eli Yance’s Consequence.

The Land of Lost Things

A magical suspense novel for listeners who can endure an hour of crushing, real-world sadness before Ceres finds herself in a darker, more adult version of The Neverending Story.


Aki will win audiences over with her sweet demeanor and quick mind. This fantastic historical mystery is a must-listen.

12 Months To Live

Patterson’s and Lupica’s many fans may put up with the novel’s flaws, but this is an optional purchase for most libraries.

These Still Black Waters

An auspicious start to a captivating new series. Mystery/crime fans will be delighted.

The Stolen Coast

Petkoff’s narration elevates this tale to unforgettable heights, making it a solid recommendation for any crime fiction collection.

Mister Magic

Fans of Stephen King’s It and other stories that dissect precious childhood memories will want to get acquainted with Mister Magic and the Circle.

Happiness Falls

Although the novel is marketed as a mystery, this lushly atmospheric listen will have broad appeal. Share with fans of Celeste Ng and those who appreciate layered family drama that explores race, language, and neurodivergence.

An Honest Man

Recommend to fans of the author and fast-paced thrillers.

The Last Dance

Audiences will love the complex Declan, whose intense grief cannot repress his innate sarcasm. There is a lot going on in this thriller, all of which is brilliantly knit together by the author and a very talented narrator.

The Wonder State

Recommend to fans of speculative mysteries and coming-of-age tales, as well as to readers of Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen.

Grendel: Devil by the Deed Master’s Edition

A well-crafted saga exploring the nature of evil, drawn from elements of the crime, horror, and science fiction genres. A perfect starting point for newcomers, while longtime Grendel readers should be thrilled at how Wagner has reinvigorated what was already considered a classic story.

Drop-Dead Authors | Mysteries

Read-Alikes for ‘The Edge’ by David Baldacci | LibraryReads


City of Betrayal

Fans of the series will enjoy revisiting the characters, but readers expecting an engrossing mystery may be disappointed.

‘Radiant Heat’ by Sarah-Jane Collins | Mystery Debut of the Month


Lest She Forget

Fans of authors such as Alex Michaelides or Paula Hawkins will enjoy this amnesia thriller.

Last Night

Readers of Rice’s previous novels involving art, family, and Conor (Last Day; The Shadow Box) will be most interested in this story, with its complicated conclusion.

Cape Rage

Satisfying for crime aficionados of all stripes, especially those with a liking for nonstop action.

One of the Good Guys

In the vein of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, this is a psychological thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats, pushing them to ponder difficult questions.

That Others May Live

Inspired by the collapse of Champlain Towers South in Florida, the seventh in Driscoll’s series (following Under Pressure) is filled with technical details of buildings and explosives. Fans of Meg and Hawk will overlook the technicalities to read about the search-and-rescue teams.

The Mystery Guest

The sequel to Prose’s award-winning debut The Maid marks the return of a charming protagonist with awkward social skills and a big heart.

No Way Out

Readers of Ann Cleeves’s series will want to try this well-written story marked by complicated twists to the end and an interesting police team.

Alice B. Toklas Is Missing

With a multilayered plot, real figures from Jazz Age Paris, and puzzles for Ida and her friends to figure out, this novel will appeal to fans of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code or Sulari Gentill’s A Few Right Thinking Men.

The Vacation House

Best for deep collections that serve a high demand for psychological thrillers.

The Lies You Wrote

Women pathologists (Patricia Cornwell) and forensic anthropologists (Elly Griffiths) have starred in recent mysteries that appeared on best-of-the-year lists. Through her terrific new heroine, Labuskes has the fire and smarts to join them on the award dais.

The Split

This is two thrillers in one, and readers will be enthralled with both. YA thriller author Frick (The Reunion), making her adult debut, expertly demonstrates how one decision can change a life, and how, despite those decisions, some things, and some people, remain the same.

All the Little Truths

The novel stands well on its own, but as in connected tales, it’s best read in order to experience character growth and story development. Webb’s fans and those who like Lisa Jackson will enjoy.

The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

Miller bears watching. Readers will look forward to more adventures with Freya and Carole in the intriguing world of antiques.

Keep Your Friends Close

This twisty tale told by an unreliable narrator will appeal to fans of Gillian Flynn, Shari Lapena, and Paula Hawkins.

Murder Checks Out

Fans of Jenn McKinlay’s “Library Lover’s Mysteries” will enjoy Gilbert’s follow-up to Death in the Margins. The charming story balances Christmas and family with a mystery with environmental themes.


The lead detectives are new to each other and building trust, and readers will become invested in the fragile bond they currently have, as well as the mystery surrounding Foster and her former partner.

Radiant Heat

The claustrophobic atmosphere of a raging wildfire is handled well. Fans of Jane Harper’s Australian novels will want to try this debut featuring an unreliable narrator.

My Name Was Eden

This strong debut successfully explores intergenerational trauma in a twisty thriller with enough notes of horror to require reading with all the lights on. For fans of Zoje Stage and Lucinda Berry.

The Fury

The tension, unrequited feelings, lies and resentment, friendship and jealousy that permeate this suspenseful page-turner will keep readers guessing until the satisfying ending. Recommended for fans of closed-circle mystery writers such as Agatha Christie, Lucy Foley, and Alice Feeney.

Sniffing Out Murder

Writing as Benjamin, V.M. Burns introduces a charming cast of characters in this new cozy series. Fans of Burns’s “Mystery Bookshop” series, featuring an author and poodles, will appreciate.

The Mysterious Mr. Badman: A Yorkshire Bibliomystery

Fans of Golden Age mysteries and the British Library Crime Classics will enjoy the adventure and humor represented by the shrewd Mr. Digby.

Death Writes

Fans of Carlene O’Connor’s “County Kerry” novels may appreciate this riveting mystery that can stand alone as a story of complex family relationships.

A Most Agreeable Murder

Recommend to listeners who enjoy humor that skewers social norms. Fans of Anastasia Hastings’s Of Manners and Murder will be enchanted.

How Can I Help You

Reference librarian Sims’s (Looker) suspenseful, skillfully narrated novel will have listeners on the edge of their seats, especially those who love books about libraries and literature.

Read-Alikes for ‘Dirty Thirty’ by Janet Evanovich | LibraryReads

Thrillers | Prepub Alert, May 2024 Titles

'Fall' by Tracy Clark | Mystery Pick of the Month

Mystery | Prepub Alert, May 2024 Titles


Blood Betrayal

Readers would likely benefit from reading the first in the series to fully appreciate the relationships among the characters and the context of the troubles in Blackwater Falls. May appeal to fans of Isabella Maldonado and Ayad Akhtar.

Read-Alikes for ‘The Exchange’ by John Grisham | LibraryReads

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord

The fast-paced, witty plot benefits from a variety of supporting characters, including Petra’s feisty lady’s maid, a childhood friend, and a street urchin who runs errands not appropriate for a lady. A cliffhanger implies that there are more adventures to come. For fans of headstrong women sleuths and readers of Deanna Raybourn and Kerry Greenwood.

The Wharton Plot

Thanks to a literary plot laced with arch wit and precise put-downs, appearances by Wharton’s famous friends (including Henry James and the Vanderbilts), and an eclectic assortment of the upper crust in the waning days of a varnished era, Fredericks hits this one out of the park.

The Death of Us

With romantic and family elements, this could appeal to readers of domestic fiction or romance looking to try suspense.

The Other Mothers

Fans of Ashley Audrain and Chandler Baker will enjoy the similar themes of motherhood, the unspoken parts of women’s relationships, desire, envy, and heart-pounding suspense. The alternating timelines build anticipation but the twists will keep readers guessing to the last page.

This Is How We End Things

Recommended for fans of Riley Sager, Harlan Coben, and B.A. Paris.

The Lost van Gogh

Give this novel to art enthusiasts, mystery lovers, and fans of Daniel Silva and Dan Brown.

Invisible Woman

Lief’s (“Karin Schaeffer” series) timely novel can occasionally feel like it predictably echoes the news cycle, but the psychological twists make it worth reading and hard to put down. For fans of Chandler Baker’s Whisper Network or Louise O’Neill’s Asking for It.

Read-Alikes for ‘Blood Lines’ by Nelson DeMille & Alex DeMille | LibraryReads


A Parfait Crime

Corrigan’s ninth “Five-Ingredient Mystery” (after Bake Offed) is a satisfying read and enacts its title as it delivers a riveting murder mystery with a sweet ending.

A Most Agreeable Murder

Seales combines a Jane Austen cast and setting with an Agatha Christie–style mystery in a droll debut. It might appeal to Tamar Myers’s fans, but readers of Austen and Christie may be disappointed with the novel’s over-the-top humor.

Resurrection Walk

Another solid series installment from Connelly. This Lincoln Lawyer/Harry Bosch crossover is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats as Mickey absorbs each legal setback. A brief appearance by Renee Ballard, as well as a few other familiar faces from the Harry Bosch universe, will delight fans.

The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2023

Unger and Cha edit an exceptional selection that clearly shows crime and suspense fiction flourishing still. Mystery lovers will snatch it off the shelf.

Always Something Sings

Once readers get past a housewife with no police experience knowing how to investigate a murder, this first book in a proposed series is a good, well-written story. There are twists and turns, several plausible suspects, and a satisfying conclusion. More police procedural than cozy mystery, Howell’s (The Reclamation; The Magpies’ Song) novel is for fans of strong women characters, historical mysteries, and good investigative techniques.

Where They Lie

Irish author Coughlan’s debut offers a mildly suspenseful narrative that effectively conveys the challenges working women faced in the 1960s. Readers interested in exploring the historical quest for women’s rights and independence will enjoy.

Deus X

There’s a face-off between organized religion and friendship in Jones’s well-written, compelling sequel to Dead of Winter. It’s a gritty crime novel for fans of Joe Ide’s “IQ” series or David Heska Wanbli Weiden’s Winter Counts.

Hanging the Devil

Suggest this enjoyable caper with its well-developed characters to Lee Goldberg’s fans.


In an unusual mash-up, the author of the Eve Ronin books combines police procedural, Western historical, and time travel. An entertaining story for those who can suspend disbelief.

Death Drop

The mystery itself often seems to take a backseat to personal dramas playing out among the engaging cast of characters concocted by award-winning Herren, author of the “Chanse MacLeod” and “Scotty Bradley” series. However, readers who enjoy crime fiction with a vividly evoked setting and an entertaining story frame will find this series launch to be the perfect literary lagniappe.

Stalking Around the Christmas Tree

Readers of the other books in Frost’s series will be pleased with this newest addition, full of Christmas foods, decorations, and festivities, with an intriguing central mystery; it’s sure to be a hit with cozy-mystery lovers.

Cahokia Jazz

Spufford has written an astounding homage to noir mysteries. A poignant drama-filled novel that his fans and readers of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian will thoroughly enjoy.

Irish Milkshake Murder

Libraries looking for cozy St. Patrick’s Day mysteries might want to add this volume to a holiday mystery collection. Fans of the three authors will enjoy the returns of their favorite amateur sleuths.

Lost Hours

Although the sequel to Winter’s End is tortuous at times, with a convoluted plot, the quirky characters and Alaskan setting are series strengths.

Light It, Shoot It!

Illustrated in gorgeous black-and-white brushstrokes and moodily evocative painted washes, this twisty thrill ride through old Hollywood features a large cast of complex and often surprisingly nuanced characters.

Where the Body Was

A fast-paced mystery, propelled by a fascinating cast of characters, that builds to a profoundly moving and deeply romantic climax. Absolutely not to be missed.

Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes

This totally unique depiction of Sherlock Holmes and Watson is likely to be embraced by fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories and also by those who enjoy abstract or experimental comic art.

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