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Caught in the Act: A Memoir by Courtney Act

Although Jenek’s frank discussions of sex and drug use may not appeal to all, this outrageous and affecting memoir is a must-listen. Purchase multiple copies and share widely; this delicious audio treat will not disappoint.

The Philosophy of Modern Song

This is a fascinating and personalized journey through 20th-century popular music that’s guided by one of its luminaries.

Cinema Speculation

Dynamic film commentary from a contemporary legend that is essential reading for cinephiles.

Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: That’s How the Light Gets In, Vol. 3

Readers’ tolerance for this book will depend on how they feel about its subject, but Cohen has an enormous amount of fans.

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir

A tale of hope for those trying to overcome addiction or in recovery. Friends fans will also likely enjoy Perry’s celebrity anecdotes.

Have I Told You This Already?: Stories I Don’t Want To Forget To Remember

Graham’s down-to-earth stories are funny and touching; a surefire fourth best-seller.

Sour Mouth, Sweet Bottom: Lessons from a Dissolute Life

A walk down the wild side of memory lane that music-loving baby boomers will especially enjoy.

The Wind at My Back: Resilience, Grace, and Other Gifts from My Mentor Raven Wilkinson

An accessible read that will surely be popular with Copeland’s many fans. Also a good choice for libraries looking to broaden their Black history offerings.

Crooked, but Never Common: The Films of Preston Sturges

It’s obvious Klawans has pored over Sturges’s films. After reading his thoughtful analyses, film buffs will want to rewatch them, armed with new insights.

Unspeakable: Surviving My Childhood and Finding My Voice

Fisher is mounting a comeback as a solo artist and receiving press attention, so there will be interest in her story. Her words will likely provide comfort to fellow survivors and encouragement to those needing to escape their own situations.

Number One Is Walking: My Life in the Movies and Other Diversions

Martin is a hilarious physical and multiple-voiced comic whose genius arguably doesn’t convey as well in the more subtle print medium. Readers who enjoyed A Wealth of Pigeons should enjoy Martin and Bliss’s newest collaboration as well.

No Job for a Man: A Memoir

Like the punk bands Bowie idolized as a teenager, his voice rings true in a crowded genre.

Why Not? Lessons on Comedy, Courage, and Chutzpah

This will be of interest to fans of comedy. With Schiff’s heavy focus on faith, readers may also take from it an example of cultural and social history of American Judaism.

Biblical: Rob Halford’s Heavy Metal Scriptures

Rock-music readers who enjoyed Halford’s first book will enjoy his second just as much, if not more.

Playing Under the Piano: From Downton to Darkest Peru

Bonneville’s delightful memoir will be enjoyed by Downton Abbey fans, Anglophiles, and aspiring actors.

Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story

Sometimes confessional, many times humorous, and always clever and entertaining, Bono has delivered a fascinating autobiography of a major force in popular music and world affairs for all readers.

Sound Within Sound: Radical Composers of the Twentieth Century

Not intended to be comprehensive, this work whets the appetite to explore new sonorities. An essential title for academic institutions, especially ones with music programs, and useful for broadening public library collections.

The Birth of Rock ’n’ Roll: The Illustrated Story of Sun Records and the 70 Recordings That Changed the World

This beautifully designed book will captivate readers with a magnetic combination of storytelling, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and a stellar array of photographs portraying the many acclaimed artists that came to be associated with Sun Records. Unmissable and transcending time, this is the ultimate rock ’n’ roll handbook.

Streisand: The Mirror of Difference

This is a beautifully written examination of a star’s image and voice for fans of Streisand who want more than just biographical information. However, this book best suits an academic collection, where it will be a wonderful source for more research to come.

Prince on Prince: Interviews and Encounters

A collection of intriguing, frustrating, incisive interviews and insights into Prince’s remarkable career.

Finale: Late Conversations with Stephen Sondheim

A loose latter-day chronicle of one of theater’s irreplaceable voices; will be cherished by scholars and enthusiasts as a testament to Sondheim’s creative process and to the man himself.

21-Hit Wonder: Flopping My Way to the Top of the Charts

Even those unfamiliar with Hollander’s achievements will enjoy this frenetic, earthy ride told by a survivor of the dog-eat-dog music business.

Holy Ghost: The Life and Death of Free Jazz Pioneer Albert Ayler

A flawed biography of a tantalizing subject.

Rock & Roll in Kennedy’s America: A Cultural History of the Early 1960s

Readers will be delighted by the knowledgeable Aquila’s survey of a period not completely covered by his earlier works, though even nostalgic baby boomers might question the suggested optimism and innocence of a crisis-ridden era.

Queer Screams: A History of LGBTQ+ Survival Through the Lens of American Horror Cinema

This well-researched and thought-provoking analysis will be a welcome addition to film studies collections.

The Cinema of Stephanie Rothman: Radical Acts in Filmmaking

This book sheds new light on the prevalent sexism in filmmaking, both in front of and behind the camera.

Encyclopedia Madonnica: 40+ Years of Madonna

With more than 60 English-language books written about Madonna, this comprehensive and opinionated encyclopedia stands out as an essential one-stop reference tool for all fans and libraries.

The Kick-A** Book of Cobra Kai: An Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

This book is perfect for fans who can’t get enough of the drama at the dojos.

The Meaning of Metallica: Ride the Lyrics

Though this is directed at those familiar with Metallica, there is much to ponder here, even for those those who aren’t metalheads. The spiritual, philosophical, and psychological musings will provoke debate and reward serious readers.

The Architecture of Suspense: The Built World in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

A truly engaging study that should appeal to fans of both Hitchcock and architecture.

Totally Wired: The Rise and Fall of the Music Press

Gorman’s at times–exhaustive narrative of popular culture contextualizes evolving music reportage and commentary about trends in the arts.

Shotgun Seamstress: An Anthology

A celebration of Black expressions and queer identities that are seen rarely, if at all, in mainstream media. Recommended for libraries with zine collections, as well as music enthusiasts and budding activists.

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man: A Memoir

Readers will want to savor the stories in this oral history-turned-autobiography and undoubtedly be motivated to watch or rewatch Newman’s many films.

Sex and the City: A Cultural History

An interesting, well-researched summation of a piece of television history that is honest in its criticisms.

The Number Ones: Twenty Chart-Topping Hits That Reveal the History of Pop Music

An entertaining and informative survey of some milestones of popular music. This book should delight anyone who has felt the magic only pop music can provide.

Straight Lady: The Life and Times of Margaret Dumont, “the Fifth Marx

While comedy fans will enjoy the reprised storylines and biographical vignettes, this multileveled work also offers media scholars a deeper look into Marx Brothers films in which Dumont was epochal and reflective of the era’s gender standards and mannerisms.


Legions of Jimi Hendrix fans will enjoy this lushly illustrated tribute. Recommended for all popular-music collections.

Magic To Do: Pippin’s Fantastic, Fraught Journey to Broadway and Beyond

An intimate and insightful addition for die-hard fans of Pippin, musical theater, and pop culture history.

It Came from the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror

An excellent purchase for any film or queer studies collection.

The World Deserves My Children

Leggero fans will enjoy the book, and new parents will likely find her candor humorous.

It’s Not TV: The Spectacular Rise, Revolution, and Future of HBO

Media-focused readers may enjoy the executives’, actors’, directors’, and producers’ personal accounts and the abbreviated storylines that review salient aspects of popular culture and iconic shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, The Larry Sanders Show, and Succession.

Mr. B: George Balanchine’s 20th Century

This book will fly off the shelves. It’s that good and the subject that absorbing.

Roots of Film Noir: Precursors from the Silent Era to the 1940s

Between his introductory essay and his reviews, Grant provides an extremely helpful commentary on a major film genre. Film buffs will adore this book.

Folk Music: A Bob Dylan Biography in Seven Songs

An informative, if impressionistic, reflection on one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, by one of his biggest advocates.

Working Girls: Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Professional Womanhood

For librarians serious about building up both their modern humor sections and their selections of books written by drag queens, this sequel is a must.

Maybe We’ll Make It: A Memoir

Grammy-nominated for Best New Artist in 2018, Price’s star is on the rise, and her relatable stories will have widespread appeal.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop: The Team That Changed Children’s Television

Anyone who loved Lamp Chop as a child (or an adult) will likely enjoy this biography of Lewis. It may be also of interest to readers of the history of Jewish entertainment and early television.

Lawrence Tierney: Hollywood’s Real-Life Tough Guy

A sad look at a promising career derailed and how the Hollywood establishment dealt with it.

Transformer: A Story of Glitter, Glam Rock, and Loving Lou Reed

Doonan’s blend of personal reflection and cultural history offers a unique, entertaining, and fascinating portrait of a rock masterpiece that will be appreciated by music fans as well as those interested in LGBTQ+ social history.

Anatomy of 55 More Songs: The Oral History of 55 Hits That Changed Rock, R&B, and Soul

Pop-music fans of a certain age will enjoy this collection and might even use it as a playlist.

Lady Director: Adventures in Hollywood, Television and Beyond

A strong, engaging read that offers insight into Chopra’s life and career and the all-too-familiar struggles of women professionals in misogynistic workspaces.

David Bowie Rainbowman: 1967–1980

This book has been postponed and will be significantly revised when published...

FrightFest Guide to Vampire Movies

Although some of the sumptuous images contain gore and nudity, this splendid encyclopedia of vampire films is an essential reference for horror film fans.

Chuck Berry: An American Life

This account may become the standard biography that may appeal to general readers. Smith lauds Berry’s accomplishments in music but also characterizes him as a lonely, self-destructive, moody, and aggressively sexual man.

Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder

This is not just for dedicated Star Trek fans. Shatner is an inspiring figure with valuable life lessons to share.


Don Rickles: Merchant of Venom

A fun biography that should appeal to Don Rickles fans and those interested in the history of stand-up comedy.

The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series

This extensive and enjoyable oral history of The Big Bang Theory will make fans feel nostalgic for its glory days.

From Connery to Craig: The James Bond Film Series

Seven billion dollars in box office receipts guarantees a built-in audience for this well-written and nostalgic exploration of one of the most successful film series ever.

Crazy Old Ladies: The Story of Hag Horror

Solidly and exhaustively researched and entertaining coverage of a horror subgenre. The lack of an index may limit its use for film studies.


Claude Rains: An Invisible Man

With extensive photographs, notes, and bibliography, this is a notable and detailed tribute to an actor who deserves to be remembered.

The Columbo Companion 1968–78: Investigating Every Detail of All 45 “Classic Era” Columbo Adventures

An affectionate, critical, and immensely entertaining guide to the classic TV series.

The Choreography of Everyday Life

A thoughtful addition to a dance library collection.

The Lives of Brian: A Memoir

This will definitely be a popular book with any library’s rock fan patrons. It’s also an inspiring story for all readers.

Best Seat in the House: An Assistant Director Behind the Scenes of Feature Films

This unpretentious memoir about filmmaking will appeal to anyone in love with the big screen.

Invasion ’51: The Birth of Alien Cinema

Useful for film scholars or sociologists, yet still accessible for general sci-fi fans, Kotz’s book is a fascinating look at the debut of an extraterrestrial movie menace that’s still popular today.

Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard

An honest, at times humorous, and entertaining memoir that movie buffs, especially Harry Potter fans, will enjoy.

Dying of Politeness: A Memoir

For admirers of Davis, film, or anyone who believes women deserve an equal voice in their industry. In particular, her take on the appeal of Thelma and Louise is spot on.

Still Just a Geek: An Annotated Memoir

Wheaton’s memoir is packed with insights about celebrity culture, Hollywood, and the fight to destigmatize mental health to keep even the least Trekkie listener absorbed.


With a running time of just over an hour, this brief but captivating audio play is highly recommended. Share with listeners who appreciate YA crossover titles by authors such as Jason Reynolds, Angie Smith, and Nic Stone.

Out of the Corner: A Memoir

A good mix of honesty and humor with lots of celebrity name-dropping. Recommended for all collections.

Finding Me: A Memoir

Not to be missed, this memoir is a powerful reminder that our childhoods do not define us, that we can determine our perception and worth.

Managing Expectations: A Memoir in Essays

Will certainly meet listeners’ expectations!

Every Good Boy Does Fine: A Love Story, in Music Lessons

Listeners will fall in love with music even more or all over again.

This Woman’s Work: Essays on Music

A varied and fascinating look at a myriad of women who have experienced or influenced music in different ways told by a number of talented women authors; this excellent audio production belongs in all music collections.

Be My Baby: A Memoir

The only new information included in this revised edition is the postscript. Spector’s memoir will appeal to music aficionados, NYC historians, and true crime fans curious for a glimpse into the life of Phil Spector prior to his murder trial.

Masters of Make-Up Effects: A Century of Practical Magic

This splendid salute to a century of horror and sci-fi film makeup will be a high-demand item for film fans and budding makeup artists.

Jack in the Box; Or, How To Goddamn Direct

A delightful window into the art of directing in all its ups and downs. Recommended for anyone interested in the theater, and certainly aspiring directors.

Suzuki: The Man and His Dream To Teach the Children of the World

A Suzuki biography will surely interest music educators and historians, but Hotta’s book (which encapsulates a century of Japanese history) will also appeal to general audiences seeking a musical lens on history.

Waxing On: The Karate Kid and Me

Macchio’s book will be enjoyed thoroughly by fans of the movie and those nostalgic for the time in which it was produced.

Hollywood: The Oral History

Recommended for the large audience of popular culture enthusiasts for whom knowledge of the Hollywood past will enable them better to appreciate occurring and anticipated industry changes.

The Academy and the Award: The Coming of Age of Oscar and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

A book of wide appeal, starting but not ending with film buffs.

Godzilla: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide

Lavish with illustrations and praise, this book is geared toward fans but Skipper’s engaging writing is accessible for newcomers.

Cash on Cash: Interviews and Encounters with Johnny Cash

An intriguing and often insightful collection. For Cash aficionados, music critics, and researchers.

Dr. No: The First James Bond Film

An extensively researched and enjoyable look at a screen legend.

Muppets in Moscow: The Unexpected Crazy True Story of Making Sesame Street in Russia

For all readers interested in understanding international media and film production and its role in U.S. diplomacy.

Ernest Lehman: The Sweet Smell of Success

With the marginalization of screenwriters in stories about the entertainment industry, which both Lehman and Krampner resent, this life-history fills a chasm in the literature.

A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions

It’s doubtful that anyone had “Steve-O self-help book” on their pop culture bingo card. But (although he’s certainly no Brené Brown) Steve-O’s ability to be both vulnerable and funny works surprisingly well in this format.

The Come Up: An Oral History of the Rise of Hip-Hop

Recommended for music historians, hip-hop fans, and casual listeners who want to add to their playlists.

All the Women in My Brain: And Other Concerns

For fans of Glow and aspiring actors who want to know what they’re getting into.

From Saturday Night to Sunday Night: My Forty Years of Laughter, Tears, and Touchdowns in TV

An insightful look into the inner workings of television and televised sports by an absolute professional.

Miracle of The Music Man

Will appeal to anyone interested in The Music Man or the process of bringing to life a full-fledged musical entertainment in the mid-20th century United States.

Punk Paradox: A Memoir

The hard-driven Gaffin compellingly and eloquently describes the rewards and pitfalls of a career as successful musician and academic that will fascinate general readers.

Gene Tierney: Star of Hollywood’s Home Front

A well-researched book about the fashioning of a Hollywood star’s public image during World War II that should appeal to fans of Gene Tierney.

Like a Rolling Stone: A Memoir

Wenner writes engagingly and doesn’t pull his punches. It’ll be hard to keep this book on the library shelves.

Nightfly: The Life of Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen

Utilizing a wide variety of resources and some author interviews, Jones’s book is an exemplary examination of Fagen’s music and life and will appeal to Steely Dan fans.

None of This Rocks: A Memoir

Trohman’s self-deprecating humor and rambling asides sometimes take away from what is otherwise an important discussion about mental health.

Kolchak: The Night Stalker

Phillips presents an accessible analysis of a cult classic TV series that continues to spawn horror favorites.

Arrow Through the Heart: The Biography of Andy Gibb

A sad but compelling cautionary tale that fans of Andy Gibb, the Bee Gees, and classic rock will want to read.

The Music Never Stops: What Putting on 10,000 Shows Has Taught Me About Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Magic

A diversion for completist Deadheads and fans of music festivals.

Captain of Her Soul: The Life of Marion Davies

For fans of old-Hollywood lore and classic movies, especially those starring Marion Davies. With notes, bibliography, filmography, and just enough photos to send readers to the internet in search of more images of Davies and her milieu.

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