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Episode Thirteen

In this subversion of the classic haunted-house/found-footage story, DiLouie demonstrates his ability to toy with and eventually upend readers’ expectations. What could have been a story full of the typical tropes becomes an unsettling exploration into what lies beyond life, death, and reality itself.

The Spite House

One part road trip, one part family relationships, and one part haunted house, serve this update on genre staples to showcase the voice of a rising new writer to an audience that adores the classics.

Queen of Dust

Dare, who also writes contemporary romance as Hanna Earnest, here pens a science-fiction romance that leans heavily into its tropes and brings forth a successful story. Fans of enemies-to-lovers will be thrilled with this book.

The Cradle of Ice

Recommended where the first book was popular.

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi

An energetic start to a pirate fantasy trilogy, filled with magic, mayhem, and self-reflection. Fans of Jenn Lyons’s storytelling will want to pick up Chakraborty’s (“Daevabad Trilogy”) new series.

Death and Croissants

The charming mystery, released in 2021 in the UK, is a fast-paced, witty story for those who enjoy dry British humor.

Stone Cold Fox

This is excellent writing for a debut author and is a must-read for fans of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl or Lisa Unger’s Confessions on the 7:45.

Some Desperate Glory

The first novel from Tesh (“Greenhollow” novellas) is an intriguing space opera and study of radicalization, indoctrination, and what happens when one breaks free in the most absolute way.

Murder by Definition

Lehane’s complex follow-up to Murder Off the Page will interest fans of the bleak series and readers who enjoy cold-case stories.

The Golden Spoon

With meticulous plotting and the grand backdrop of a country home, this is a thoroughly entertaining, well-crafted read. Highly recommended for all mystery collections and for those who appreciate an ensemble cast in their whodunits.

Bitter Medicine

Urban fantasy readers will appreciate the well-crafted hidden world, and lovers of bad boy or Mafia romances will see Luc as their darkly delicious type, all while Elle’s long sacrifice will break readers’ hearts. Fans of Sarah J. Maas’s epic paranormal fantasies will also find much to savor in Tsai’s debut.

Mastering the Art of French Murder

Agatha Christie meets cozy mystery in this fun tale from Cambridge (“Phyllida Bright” mysteries). Historical fiction readers and fans of cozy suspense will want to add this mystery to their to-be-read pile.

One Last Secret

Readers will race through the pages of this serpentine psychological thriller only to find a shocking, dramatic conclusion no one saw coming.

Murder Your Employer: The McMasters Guide to Homicide

An amusing and cheeky tale with excellent pacing replete with droll observations.

Blown by the Same Wind

This book could serve as a stand-alone novel, but readers who enjoyed the first three novels in the series will like catching up with Ellie, Slip, and the other unusual characters in Cold Storage.

The Kind Worth Saving

Psychological thriller fanatics will scramble to complete this satisfyingly twisty novel.

VAMPS: Fresh Blood

Arend creates an exciting world of civilized vampires that hold power and weight even inside the human hierarchy. It’s an alluring and fast-paced read for fans of The Atlas Six, A Deadly Education, and True Blood.

A Wealth of Deception

Esden’s background in and extensive knowledge of antiques is evident in the follow-up to The Art of the Decoy. The complex story will appeal to fans of Jane K. Cleland’s “Josie Prescott Antiques” mysteries.

It’s One of Us

Ellison (Her Dark Lies) spotlights the issue of infertility, based on her own experiences, then adds betrayal, obsession, and familial ties that bind to create a tension-filled story with an intriguing theme. Readers will race through the pages to an end they didn’t see coming.

The Devil You Know

The series protagonist is a wonderfully complex and likable character, as are the supporting cast. Tracy’s ability to weave multiple plots into a satisfying story makes this a must-read for mystery lovers.

A Small Affair

Collins avoids the sophomore slump with her second novel, a big win that positions her as an up-and-coming author with more tech-savvy stories to tell.

The Scourge Between Stars

Brown’s debut novella is highly recommended for readers who like their science-fictional thrills to be both real and out of this world at the same time.

A Sinister Revenge

The best-selling author of Killers of a Certain Age brings her trademark humor to this compelling historical mystery.

World Running Down

Engaging prose and compelling dialogue make this novel an easy read that will appeal to teen and adult readers who enjoy sci-fi that addresses social justice issues. This is the traditionally published debut novel from Hess, who has previously written the self-published “Travelers” and “Hep Cats of Boise” series.

Vinyl Resting Place

Will appeal to cozy mystery readers, fans of family-centered small-town mysteries, and music lovers.

Off the Deep End

This is a well-done mystery with a plausible yet surprising ending.

Karma of the Sun

For readers of post-apocalyptic cli-fi who enjoy magic-infused stories that don’t center Western cultures.

Critical Mass

This is a fantastic tech-minded sci-fi in the vein of Kim Stanley Robinson.

Murder in Postscript

The atmosphere of Victorian London with its class differences are essential elements in this delightful character-driven historical mystery for fans of Katharine Schellman or Dianne Freeman.

The Lies of the Ajungo

This short but deeply affecting parable will unveil new perspectives to readers long after it’s done. Highly recommended.


Already a bestseller in the UK, Thomas launches an engrossing, magic-filled series that follows the coming-of-age of a witch against the backdrop of modern London.

The Scarlet Circus

This fourth volume in a series of short fictions and poetry from multiple award-winning Yolen (The Midnight Circus) showcases her enchanting storytelling and lyrical voice.

The Curator

King’s (Double Feature) latest is a masterpiece of storytelling to be enjoyed by readers who love language and the fantastical.

Three Can Keep a Secret

Readers who enjoy the library and community connections in Victoria Gilbert’s “Blue Ridge Library” mysteries will want to try this mystery that hints at future answers to the ongoing story line of the murder of Greer’s husband.

The Ferryman

The velvety prose, the creepy heart-clenching suspense, and the meaning and emotion layered into every word all give rise to an incredibly thought-provoking sci-fi thriller from Cronin (The City of Mirrors).

Lost in Paris

The compelling story, filled with actual artists, models and writers, will appeal to readers who enjoy fact-based mysteries involving history, racism, and conditions in post-war Paris.

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun

The plot moves fast, with lots of action and moments where readers will wonder how a situation will end. This book is the third in a series and relies a lot on the events of previous books. Readers who love fast-paced, action-packed mysteries should pick this up.

Furious Heaven

The second “Sun Chronicles” book (after Unconquerable Sun) continues the complex action and intrigue from the first volume. Expansive space opera at its finest.

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride

Chokshi’s (Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality) adult debut is recommended for lovers of gothic romance, magical realism, and stories where fairy tales come true, especially when they shouldn’t.

A Killing of Innocents

Crombie is as skilled as Louise Penny or J.D. Robb in developing characters while entwining personal lives with riveting police investigations. With four years since A Bitter Feast, the previous book in the series, the author’s fans will be eager to catch up with her characters.

Hell Bent

Fans of the series will be thrilled to reenter the world of Lethe house, and the current popularity of dark academia will send it to the top of TBR piles.

The Heiress at Sea

Caldwell, following The Duke Alone, continues the stories of the chatty and charming McQuoid sisters butting heads with reluctant members of the ton, with some added swashbuckling for good measure.

Love and Other Flight Delays

Smart, multicultural, and diverse in professions and ages, this contemporary romance collection from Williams (Do You Take This Man) is perfect for readers who crave happily-ever-afters. Previously published in ebook and audio formats as the “Airport Novellas” series, this collection includes all three stories in print for the first time.

A Kiss in the Moonlight

Will appeal to readers seeking an enemies-to-lovers Regency romance with a dash of espionage. Recommended for fans of Sabrina Jeffries, Grace Burrowes, and Sophie Irwin.


This smart and steamy novel from Kendall (Played) will appeal to readers who enjoy their contemporary romance with a healthy dose of social commentary and story lines featuring fake dating and strong female friendships. Give to fans of Jasmine Guillory.

Sizzle Reel

Readers who enjoy new adult romances with characters who are discovering themselves and their identities or those with an interest in the Hollywood setting will appreciate the latest from Greenwald (Effectuation).

Mr. and Mrs. Witch

Bond’s (The Date from Hell) unique take on the witch and hunter feud is fantastically imagined and makes for an exhilarating, modern paranormal romance.

Yours Truly

Fans of Jimenez (Part of Your World) will clamor for this book, and first-time readers of hers will want to explore her backlist.

The Plus One

This is a must-read for fans of Eddings (Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake), filled with moments of comedic relief and steamy, intimate scenes.

One Month of You

A sensitive romance that explores the emotional weight of inherited disease and how it can shape a life even when dormant. Fans of Jojo Moyes or Talia Hibbert will find this story moving.

Not the Plan

Readers will enjoy this unabashed peek into the (fictional) world of politics with a romantic twist from De Cadenet (Getting His Game Back).

One Night with the Duke

Though it’s possible that fans of Malpas’s contemporary romances might be satisfied with this effort, those who typically enjoy Regency romances are unlikely to be as forgiving. This novel is unevenly paced, with inconsistent characters who feel out of place in their setting, and provides an unnecessarily convoluted plot.

Hotel of Secrets

Biller’s (The Brightest Star in Paris) novel, set in 1877 and casting back through Maria’s family history, starts in a tangle of storylines but quickly casts a deeply engaging spell, pulling readers into an effortless and fun yet serious read, rich in banter, chemistry, friendship, and danger.

Right Girl, Wrong Side

The latest from Baird (after First Bride to Fall) is perfect for fans of Netflix’s Love in the Villa and those looking for a romantic beach read.

In Isabeau’s Eyes

Characters from Leigh’s classic “Nauti” series pop up in the start of this new “Kentucky Nights” series, filled with steam, suspense, and a dash of mystery.

Solomon’s Crown

The love story between Richard and Philip is achingly romantic, but some readers may be disappointed by the lack of a lasting happily-ever-after. Those who can accept that part of the ending will find themselves swept away into a heart-wrenching, romantic historical saga.

The Love Wager

A fun, flirty, and timely read from Painter (Mr. Wrong Number), with likable characters to boot.

The Do-Over

Park’s (So We Meet Again) latest does an excellent job of navigating topics of anxiety, self-doubt, nepotism, and misogyny through an enjoyable second-chance romance with great characters. This book is an essential read and highly recommended.

Best Served Hot

This romantic comedy from Elliot (Sadie on a Plate) is a sexy slow burn with sizzling chemistry between the well-developed protagonists. Julie and Bennett fall in love over countless meals, and the descriptions of the foods they consume are incredibly described and guaranteed to make readers salivate. Highly recommended for all libraries.


Croucher’s (Reputation) novel is witty, well-written, and heartfelt and will intrigue those looking for writerly heroines and friends-to-lovers romance between women.

Her Lessons in Persuasion

Frampton’s (Four Weeks of Scandal) series starter showcases two fiercely headstrong protagonists playfully matching wits. Bram’s quirky friends are immensely fun, adding generous amounts of humor to the romance, and fans will be excited to see each of their stories revealed in future installments.

Dog Days Forever

Richard (An Unexpected Christmas) delivers small-town, Southern atmosphere in this story with some sexy scenes and vulnerable characters, who readers can easily champion as they grapple with larger issues such as the death of a parent.


This lush novel is full of danger, war, and heartache, but shows that the bonds of family cannot be torn apart, even by the powers that be. Recommend to historical fiction readers and fans of Thrity Umrigar and Anjali Enjeti.

Stories from the Tenants Downstairs

A vibrant short story collection brimming with NYC culture and authentic characters from a debut author with an insider’s perspective.

Hawk Mountain

This novel is raw and compelling but may not be for the tenderhearted. Recommend this unsettling debut to fans of Roddy Doyle’s Smile or Antoine Wilson’s Mouth to Mouth.

Just by Looking at Him

O’Connell’s high-spirited reading makes this one of the most entertaining audiobooks of the year.

Mika in Real Life

Although the romantic aspects of this book are somewhat predictable, listeners will appreciate Jean’s sensitive treatment of culture, race, and identity, both as an immigrant and an adoptee. A fluffy, but heartfelt novel that will have crossover appeal and should please fans of Kiley Reid’s Such a Fun Age or Chelsey Johnson’s Stray City.

Nuclear Family

Han’s thoughtful story, which touches on the Korean War, the separation of two halves of one nation, and the colonization of Hawai‘i is highly recommended. Kimchi comes, and kimchi goes, but family is forever.

Family Compound

A heartwarming tale of family, dreams, and what matters most when everything is laid bare. Share with fans of Elyssa Friedland’s Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, Jami Attenberg’s The Middlesteins, and Jennifer Close’s Marrying the Ketchups.

If I Survive You

Readers looking for a quick but powerful listen will enjoy this novel. A complex and thought-provoking title that is highly recommended for any library collection.

Florida Woman

Fans of Liane Moriarty will devour this captivating blend of quirkiness and suspense. Listeners will be looking for more from this promising author.

The Most Likely Club

This fun and relatable book leans heavily on the nostalgia, mentioning many of the trends, shows, and stereotypes of the late ’90s, which will appeal to readers who have lived through that time. Recommend to readers looking for a story that tackles issues while also providing laughs.

Activities of Daily Living

Although not a reflection of the quality of the narration, this is an optional purchase, owing to the unique structure of the content, which is somewhat confusing when presented in audio.

Rainbow Rainbow

This collection is a must-add for any library collection. It will appeal not only to queer listeners, but to any person searching to better understand the experiences of friends, family, and neighbors.

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

A classic tale is viewed through a different historical lens, making it more relevant and utterly gripping. Highly recommended for fans of Moreno-Garcia or Isabel Cañas.

The Forty Elephants

A compelling debut, categorized as historical fiction, but sure to appeal to thriller and mystery readers as well. Highly recommended.

Big Girl

An ultimately hopeful book with a top-tier narrator that does not disappoint.

Thérèse Raquin

A darkly gothic tale that is very accessible to modern audiences and presents a rewarding listening experience. An excellent addition to any classic audio collection.

Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta

This masterpiece of absurdist humor uses the narration to elevate the text and is highly recommended for public library collections.


Lozano’s tale of culture, womanhood, gender, and expectation in a world created by and for men is a must-add for any collection.

The Puppeteer’s Daughters

A complicated father-daughter story that fulfills its promise. Fans of Tara Conklin’s The Last Romantics and Melissa Scholes Young’s The Hive will love this.

Walk the Blue Fields: Stories

Award-winning Irish author Keegan (Antarctica) delivered this delightful collection of short stories in 2008...

Lucy by the Sea

: A definite listen for fans of Lucy Barton and her family, though new listeners may want to catch up in order to understand the backstories of other characters in the book.

All the Ruined Men: Stories

Glose’s superbly and empathetically written book is highly recommended. While the subject matter is inherently heavy, it is compassionately managed by one who understands the journey.

The Angel of Rome: And Other Stories

These poignant stories of self-discovery revealing the faces we show to the world, our friends and family, or perhaps no one at all, alternately tug at the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone. An essential purchase.

When We Were Bright and Beautiful

This audio will appeal to fans seeking a thought-provoking domestic fiction filled with tension and twists; a fast-paced foray into family devotion and flagrant depravity. Recommended for fans of Jodi Picoult, Celeste Ng, and Joy Fielding.

The Displacements

This book will no doubt take its place among classic apocalyptic literature. Share with fans of Station Eleven, The Age of Miracles, and other literary apocalyptic novels.

A Woman of Endurance

The listener may wish for a more streamlined narrative, but the side stories paint an authentic picture of Pola’s life and chronicle her healing as she moves from beyond death to life.

Venomous Lumpsucker

: Bleakly prescient, yet entertaining. This is a treasure; recommend far and wide.

Where Wild Peaches Grow

This novel is perfect for fans of The Vanishing Half or books by Edward Kelsey Moore and Kimberly Lawson Roby. Listeners looking for a book that examines family bonds will enjoy this thought-provoking and richly told story.

The Marriage Portrait

For patrons who enjoyed Hamnet and seek out historical fiction about strong women who cleverly fight against the unforgiving restraints of their time.

Gods of Want: Stories

Experiencing this collection in print would allow readers to more easily savor Chang’s lyrical writing, but listening provides an opportunity to fully dwell within the stories and be carried to the end.

The Book Haters’ Club

Anthony’s (The Kids Are Gonna Ask) latest has an interesting premise but a bumpy execution. A nice choice for listeners looking for new book recommendations, but an otherwise optional purchase.

Ghost Lover: Stories

These nine short stories highlighting women’s desires, judgments, obsessions, and frustrations are intriguing, but somewhat uneven. A solid, if nonessential purchase for most libraries.

Other Birds

With its underlying theme of resilience and growth, Allen’s (First Frost) latest will have wide appeal. A great match for book clubs.

Bad Girls

A tough, but tender tale that gives listeners an unsparing and necessary look into the world of trans sex workers in Argentina. An important addition to any public library collection.

I Walk Between the Raindrops: Stories

This stellar collection is an essential purchase for all public library collections. Recommended for those that like grit and good stories.

Small Angels

The isolation of the characters and unsettling supernatural events, combined with enchanting local lore, make this an excellent purchase for any library.

Valley of Shadows

Ruiz’s poetic descriptions describe a world filled with beauty, although it is also home to evil born not from ghosts or demons, but from the hearts and minds of corrupt men. Recommend to readers looking for a different sort of western, one that blends horror, mystery, historical fiction, and magical realism.

People Person

Part family drama, part thriller, and part farce, this stunning audio is highly recommended for all public libraries.

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