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Read-Alikes for ‘The Family Remains’ by Lisa Jewell | LibraryReads


Cinderella’s Secret Baby

Add this title to shelves for fans of slow-burn romance novels.

Capturing the CEO’s Guarded Heart

This first in a series from Winters (Second Chance with His Princess) is a fast-paced and sweet romance with a beautiful and scenic Parisian setting.

Wealth Management

The chapters are unusually short, enabling Zuckerman to keep a lot of thematic balls in the air; he really hits his stride in his first time out, telling a story torn from the headlines with a quick-read focus.

Her Highlander for One Night

Brisbin (The Highlander’s Inconvenient Bride) shines in this tropey, meant-to-be romance that is perfect for fans of hot-and-heavy highlander stories.

Murder on the Vine

Fans of David P. Wagner’s Italian mysteries will appreciate the lush descriptions of food and wine in Trinchieri’s third atmospheric “Tuscan Mystery” (following The Bitter Taste of Murder). The complicated personal relationships (helpfully elucidated in the book’s list of characters) add to the enjoyment.

Reunion at Greystone Manor

Unfortunately, this stand-alone novel from Vanek (Rescue from Darkness) has a convoluted plot and a rather unconvincing second-chance romance.

Dead on Arrival

Libraries will find this book from Severn (Dead Giveaway) an excellent addition to their Harlequin collection.

The Marriage That Made Her Queen

Anthony does an excellent job of developing characters and backstory, but perhaps a fresh story line would keep readers more engaged.

Protected by the Texas Rancher

Though the romance is a bit stronger than the suspense with this one, readers who have enjoyed Whiddon’s (Texas Rancher’s Hidden Danger) other Getaway, TX, novels will be satisfied with this one as well.

Last Chance Reunion: An Enemies-to-Lovers Reunion Romance

Singh Sasson has a gift for depicting close-knit family bonds and showing the importance of resolving familial trauma before a romantic relationship can thrive.

My Year with the Billionaire

A second-chance romance with the twist of enemies-to-lovers, this contemporary novel from Stewart (The Billionaire Behind the Headlines) will have readers rooting for Summer and Edward from the first page.

The Pregnancy Proposal: A Passionate One-Night Romance

Bryant’s (An Offer from Mr. Wrong) surprise-pregnancy story succeeds on the strength of the characters.

Awakened by the Wild Billionaire

Romance readers will be interested in Mason’s first novel that is sure to draw in the contemporary reading fans.

An Ex To Remember: A Western Romance with an Amnesia Twist

Lemmon’s (Million-Dollar Consequences) appealing character work imbues this story with heart.

How To Marry a Bad Boy: A Glamorous Marriage-of-Convenience Romance

McKenna once again combines business and personal matters in the resolution of the love story, fitting for characters who need to make the leap from a professional to a personal relationship.

Falling for His Stand-In Fiancée

The latest from Milne (Second Chance in Sri Lanka) is a modern marriage-of-convenience story with genuine characters that will leave readers wanting more.

Escape from Ice Mountain

The latest from Miles (Gaslighted in Colorado) could have better dialogue and characterization and features a relationship that feels a bit forced.

May the Best Duke Win

In this debut novel, Belgado uses a feminist lens on the historical romance genre. Her sumptuous writing brings drama and a little bit of spice to the forced-marriage and single-forever tropes that readers know and love.

Pregnant Innocent Behind the Veil

Another title romance readers will be snatching off the shelves.

Claimed by Her Greek Boss

The latest from Lawrence (Innocent in the Sicilian’s Palazzo) is a passionate love story that will draw in Harlequin fans.

Their Desert Night of Scandal

Readers will flock to this well-written, international romance.

The Comeback Heir: A Single-Dad Second-Chance Romance

Readers might wish that Maynard (Staking a Claim) had focused more on building the emotional connection between her characters, instead of bridging the emotional gaps with a series of increasingly intense outside incidents, to but they ultimately work as catalysts for the characters to acknowledge the full depth of their feelings.

The King’s Christmas Heir

Well-plotted and developed, this would be an excellent addition to any collection.

Best Man Rancher: A Western Romance

Yates nicely depicts the slowly developing trust between the characters, and though the road is long, the happy ending is deserved.

Captured on Kauai

While the writing is occasionally stilted, Flowers’s love of Hawai‘i and background as a criminologist make an impact. .

Tempting the Sensible Lady Violet

This is a steamier series than Shepherd’s previous books and is complemented by detailed characters and a strong understanding of trope pitfalls.

How To Woo a Wallflower

Heath’s (The Earl’s Inconvenient Houseguest) series launch, with a slow-burn romance and a heroine with a disability, is sure to woo fans of Regency romances; both leads are well-drawn and relatable.

The Millionaire’s Italian Invitation

A fun take on the friends-to-lovers trope from Darkins (Rules of Their Parisian Fling). Ally and Caleb will have everyone falling in love with their story.

Cowboy Justice at Whiskey Gulch

Best for those who enjoy dramatic story lines or fans who want to continue the “Outriders” series, after Missing Witness at Whiskey Gulch.

Colton’s Rogue Investigation

Overall, the romance and the suspense are rather tepid, making this an unobjectionable but also uninspiring read.

Stranded with His Runaway Bride

Recommend Howells’s (Desert Prince’s Defiant Bride) must-read to those who enjoy royal wedding tales.

Cavanaugh Justice: Up Close and Deadly

Bound to appeal only to the most die-hard series fans, the latest “Cavanaugh Justice” book (after Cavanaugh Justice: Up Close and Deadly) suffers from both a lackluster romance and an improbably motivated villain who doesn’t even make an appearance until the last chapter.

Montana Wilderness Pursuit

Purchase for fans of Winters’s “STEALTH: Shadow Team” series, whose previous installment was Lone Wolf Bounty Hunter.

The Lost Hart Triplet

This series launch from Helm (Undercover Rescue) is a highlight of this month’s offerings.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Agatha Award winner Flower’s (“Amish Candy Shop” and “Magical Bookshop” series) first historical mystery introduces a courageous Emily Dickinson as a protagonist who’s stronger than expected. The thoughtful story involving class, social, and political issues may appeal to the poet’s fans, as well as readers of Edith Maxwell’s “Quaker Midwife Mysteries” series.

A Pretend Match for the Viscount

In this classic Regency romance, Martin (The Marquess Meets His Match) explores the nuances of society life, the delicacy of the position of women at the time, and the joy of unexpected romance.

Secrets of Her Forbidden Knight

Matthews is a master of atmosphere, diligently researching the medieval era and making it easy for the reader to envision the setting and characters entirely. This title is full of lush prose and delicious suspense that are sure to entertain and ensnare readers, especially fans of the fake-engagement trope.

A Reluctant Saint

Fields’s seventh Josie Gray mystery is a timely police procedural that deals with current issues from border policing to election tampering. Suggest for readers who appreciate atmospheric procedurals that capitalize on setting.

The Last Karankawas

Populated by indelible characters, this graceful, deeply compassionate work is a moving study of memory, the permeable boundaries it shares with myth, how it roils and folds and persists into the present, and how we are often forced to choose between learning to live inside it and trying to outrun it.


Indian political history is effectively played out in this intense, focused debut, with Razak’s eloquent writing making historical events seem like they are just taking place now.

Read-Alikes for ‘Black Dog’ by Stuart Woods | LibraryReads


An Indiscreet Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria’s Defiant Daughter

Anglophiles and history buffs will enjoy seeing inside the lives of the royal family and find inspiration in Louise’s strength. Readers of Marie Benedict and Melanie Benjamin will want to scoop up Blalock’s (The Other Windsor Girl) latest.

One Woman’s War: A Novel of the Real Miss Moneypenny

Fans of James Bond will definitely want to check out this novel. Readers of Ben MacIntyre’s Operation Mincemeat may also enjoy Wells’s take on this. This title features the usual cast, but due to its telling from the viewpoints of two charismatic women, it offers a fresh women-centric perspective not always found hand in hand with military themes.

Signal Fires

Creator of the popular podcast Family Secrets, acclaimed novelist/memoirist Shapiro (Inheritance) writes with compassion and a deep understanding of the damage that secrets wreak. Shapiro’s first novel in 15 years was well worth the wait.

My Government Means To Kill Me

Unfortunately, the raw, powerful immediacy of the novel is too often interrupted by a didactic distraction that mostly functions to distance the reader from the action, but Newson’s reputation as a TV writer/showrunner (Bel-Air) will attract attention.

Mademoiselle Revolution

A richly imagined work of historical women’s fiction incorporating themes of diversity and equality very relevant today, this thrilling debut will give book clubs much to discuss.

Take It from Me

Many women will see aspects of themselves here in this relatable women’s fiction from Beck (The Happy Accidents). It should appeal to book clubs and readers who enjoy books by Danielle Steel or Kristin Hannah.


In this poignant novel, Emmons reveals how people react under high levels of stress, capturing the reader’s imagination as she moves in an unexpected direction. Excellent for book discussion groups.

About Face

An insightful, wild, and wildly appealing romp that zeros in on the all-consuming nature of celebrity in the social media–fueled environment of the 21st century.

Our Missing Hearts

Ng’s beautiful yet chilling tale will resonate with readers who enjoyed Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Jessamine Chan’s more recent School for Good Mothers. As with her previous novels, her storytelling will not disappoint.


Will appeal to aficionados of historical fiction but could leave others yearning for a deeper understanding of the characters’ motivations for their sometimes inexplicable actions. Still, the Nobel Prize bestowed renewed international acclaim on Gurnah’s body of work, making this novel a must-have.

Carrie Soto Is Back

Reid (Daisy Jones & the Six) has written another knockout of a book. Public libraries will need multiple copies.

The Mitford Affair

Benedict captures the mood of a certain element of upper-class England in the years leading up to World War II. Appearances by historical figures like Winston Churchill and Evelyn Waugh round out the story. Fans of World War II historical fiction will be fascinated.

Factory Girls

From the author of Big Girl, Small Town, this novel is a wonder; the heroine is cheeky, the humor dark, the dialect thick, the sorrow palpable. Fans of Kenneth Branagh’s Belfast and television’s Derry Girls will find much to love.

The Wilderwomen

Reminiscent of Catherine Ryan Hyde, Lang focuses the main characters’ journey toward finding and cherishing family and friendship under challenging circumstances.

The Goddess Effect

This is a funny and fresh coming-of-age tale. Recommended for readers of Elin Hilderbrand or Jennifer Weiner.


Cuban American Escudero (The Apology Project) writes a sometimes gritty, occasionally hilarious, and mostly heart-wrenching story. A relatable, gripping tale, infused with Latinx culture, that packs an emotional wallop.

Sugar Street

A story of the desperation and ultimate impossibility of isolation, Dee’s narrative is a spider web of questions that won’t let readers go, questions like where does insanity begin and end? Readers of Dee’s earlier novels will not want to miss this page-turner.


The pandemic provides a lens through which Hildyard’s narrator assembles a pastiche of memories. This quiet, well-written novel, which has a surprise ending, is worth a look.

Among Wolves

Readers will find 50 shades of domestic suspense in this sexy thriller focused on unreliable narrators and cheating spouses. Regular readers of the genre will likely have the twist figured out long before the ending, but they will enjoy the journey. Recommended for readers of Tarryn Fisher or Shari Lapena.

The Cloisters

The tension and foreboding builds gradually in this outstanding gothic debut, allowing readers to savor Ann’s voice. The disturbing account plays with class differences and women friendship, set against a medieval, academic atmosphere sheltered from the city.

Behind Her Lives

Cole’s characters are well developed and compelling. Fans of B. A. Paris and Liv Constantine will enjoy this book.

No Strangers Here

Known for her cozies, O’Connor (“Home to Ireland” and “Irish Village” series) moves into darker territory here. For fans of Louise Penny.

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries

Readers will be eager to try this anthology as a dozen celebrated crime fiction authors try their hand at writing traditional short stories featuring Christie’s amateur sleuth. As in any collection, some stories stand out, but they all capture the character of the shrewd, always underestimated Miss Marple.

Secret Lives

Add another wise, experienced senior sleuth to a group that includes Richard Osman’s “Thursday Murder Club” series and even Miss Marple. De Castrique’s (“Blackman Agency Investigations” series) quirky characters and offbeat twists will appeal to Osman’s readers.

Flight Risk

This lighthearted mystery with its travel agent/psychic and her occasional, unofficial partner is a good choice for cozy mystery lovers, animal lovers, and fans of the author. Recommended.

The Immortality Thief

Hunt’s debut is fun, fast-paced, cutting-edge, and full of epic twists, with a highly accessible writing style. Fans of Andy Weir and Martha Wells will love it.

The Kiss Curse

Featuring an opposites-attract romance, this fun, light read has the perfect blend of humor, chemistry, and mystery to keep readers turning pages long into the night.

The Registration

Lawson delivers a compelling dystopian near-future tale with plenty of meaty subject matter and slightly inconsistent pacing. For readers who enjoy their sci-fi with a side of moral quandary.

Buried Deception

Although readers might have a hard time buying into Easton professing his love after only knowing Mia a few days, McKinney’s (Her Mercenary) completely absorbing suspense and low heat converge to make a satisfying read in this series launch.

Into the Riverlands

Vo’s (The Chosen and the Beautiful; Siren Queen) latest is highly recommended for readers of the previous books in the series and anyone who likes high fantasy inspired by Imperial China or wuxia movies and stories.

Lucky Streak

Marcelo’s latest “Heart Resort” installment (following Know You by Heart) is a heartwarming story about family, perfect for fans of Sarah Echavarre Smith and Kelsey Rodkey.

Self-Portrait with Nothing

Pokwatka’s debut is a unique and well-plotted story with many twists and turns. Recommended for science fiction fans, but it will also appeal to a wider audience.

Before I Do

Cousens (Just Haven’t Met You Yet) offers up a chaste, heartwarming romance.

Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake

This is a must-read steamy romance that is filled with personal growth, supportive, healthy relationships and friendships, and a message that the way in which someone thinks doesn’t determine their value, because everyone deserves to be loved as they are.

Deploying Dragons

Full of thrilling invention and discovery and show-stealing dragons, this one is for every reader who’s ever dreamed of riding or at least training their very own winged beast.

Never Rescue a Rogue

Heath’s engaging second book in the “Merriwell Sisters” series (following Never Fall for Your Fiancée) flips the script and gives readers a lovable duke in distress who needs to be rescued by a smart and witty heroine.

The Spare Man

Kowal’s comedy-of-manners SF mystery is a rollicking case of knowing when to throw decorum out the window in order to get results. Highly recommended for fans of the author’s Regency fantasy series “The Glamourist Histories,” as well as anyone who loves a good mystery in an out-of-this-world setting.

Station Eternity

Lafferty (Hugo-nominated for Six Wakes) creates a clever and suspenseful sci-fi mystery, with intriguing characters and attentive worldbuilding.

Something in the Heir

This will appeal to readers who are looking for a light romance that centers children and parenthood as integral to a happy relationship.

Extra Witchy

Highly recommended for all public library collections.

Where We End & Begin

With storylines that explore family trauma and immigration struggles, this deeply emotional and epic romance from Igharo (The Sweetest Remedy) will appeal to readers who enjoy the second chance trope, along with fans of Bolu Babalola and Alyssa Cole.

My Dearest Duke

Vayden’s second book in the “Cambridge Brotherhood” series (following Fortune Favors the Duke) is a closed-door Regency-era romance with Christian elements that contains lovely writing and some surprisingly heavy themes, especially regarding mental illness, which is identified as dementia in the afterword.

50 Ways To Win Back Your Lover

Fans of Colleen Hoover, Alison Bliss, and Chelle Sloan will be drawn to this delightfully entertaining and insightful romance.

Built To Last

In her adult debut, Hahn (Never Saw You Coming) successfully brings likable protagonists to life in this character-driven second-chance romance, perfect for fans of Tessa Bailey. Recommended for general purchase where rom-coms are popular.

The Mountain in the Sea

Drawing on decades of experience in overseas service (including time with the United States Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Nayler infuses his debut novel with fantastic elements grounded in real contemporary topics and tackles moral issues related to artificial and animal intelligence without sacrificing plot or pacing. This is a classic sci-fi thriller that’s easy to read and will have broad appeal for fans of speculative fiction.

One Dark Window

A finely detailed magical system enriches Gillig’s debut; fantasy readers will enjoy.


Replete with beautiful metaphors and lyrical prose, poet and folklorist Nethercott’s (The Lumberjack’s Dove) debut novel deploys her poetic storytelling powers to spotlight the struggle against oppression. This modern-day fairy tale will ignite greater understanding of an individual’s ability to incite change with the stories they tell.

Court of the Vampire Queen

Robert’s (Wicked Beauty) spicy polyamorous romance is perfect for lovers of dark plots who are tired of traditional vampire love stories and aren’t squeamish about a little blood.

When in Rome

Featuring protagonists with sizzling, slow-burn chemistry and a small town of quirky, delightfully meddlesome residents, Adams’s (The Cheat Sheet) charming opposites-attract romance is sure to capture readers’ hearts.

Witchful Thinking

A charming paranormal romance that will make readers want to stay and fall in love in Martin’s fictional Jersey Shore town and wish alongside its resident witches.


McEwan, a popular figure on BookTok, has written an ambitious fantasy debut. The plot and worldbuilding are thoroughly fleshed out and make this novel a great start to the “Glacian Trilogy.”

To Capture His Heart

Allen once again combines love and mystery in her second “Matchmakers” series installment (following The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart). Readers will enjoy how the intrigue and romance increase in tandem, ratcheting up the suspense, while Eva’s competent demeanor that hides a bruised heart makes this love story all the more touching.

The Boxing Baroness

Fans of historical romances with strong female characters in non-traditional roles and the men who aren’t afraid to love them won’t be disappointed by this series starter.

The Key to My Heart

The newest novel from Louis (Eight Perfect Hours) is a chaste, heartwarming contemporary romance, but it’s also a beautifully written narrative about grief and letting go. Give this book to fans of Jenny Colgan and Felicity Hayes-McCoy and be prepared to receive backlist requests.

The Duke Alone

Caldwell’s chaste, emotional romance will charm readers looking for a Christmas story that mixes melancholy with joy.

Drunk on Love

Guillory’s (By the Book) latest, imbued with her signature heat, wit, and scene-stealing secondary characters, is sure to be popular.

Hotel Portofino

Highly recommended for public libraries of all sizes.

The Measure

The original and inspiring premise will appeal to listeners seeking magical realism blended with uplifting, emotionally intense literary fiction. Recommended for fans of Emily St. John Mandel and Chloe Benjamin.

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