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The Fake Mate

Fans of fake relationships will appreciate Ferguson’s (The Nanny) paranormal twist on the trope.

Mom Com

Romance fans will delight in the story, the addition of sweet bakery treats, and the showdown between the judgmental town, the snooty Buenaventuras, and the pull of the love that got away.

The Takeover

With witty insults, drunk dancing, and pranks, Tanamachi’s extra fun follow-up to The Second You’re Single is positively enjoyable and should be suggested reading for those who loved books by Sally Thorne and Suzanne Park.

The Stage Kiss

This inspired rom-com take on Jane Austen sparkles, with its unique setting and well-interpreted characters.

Do Your Worst

A curse breaker and an archaeologist go from enemies to lovers as they vanquish a fae curse in this delightful, steamy romance.

Raiders of the Lost Heart

With its well-crafted, interesting characters and intriguing storyline, this debut novel will fly off shelves.

Love, Naturally

Sullivan’s (A Guide to Being Just Friends) satisfying opposites-attract, fish-out-of-water romance (complete with fictional fish) is sure to make readers smile.

Not Your Crush’s Cauldron

The third “Supernatural Singles” book (after Not Your Ex’s Hexes) is an excellent addition to the Maxwell sisters’ fun and steamy shenanigans.

Technically Yours

In flashback-laden, dual-POV style, Williams (Do You Take This Man) uploads her best yet contemporary romance, full of complex characters, the highs and lows of being a Black woman in STEM, and plenty of steam. Recommend to readers who enjoyed Jasmine Guillory and Chloe Liese.

The Rom Con

Sex and the City meets How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days in Daniels’s (Meet You in the Middle) sophomore effort.

Her Adventures in Temptation

Frampton fills the next amusing installment in the “School for Scoundrels” series (after His Study in Scandal) with a smoldering artist and a smart, guileless woman, who are opposites and yet somehow the perfect pairing, as well as lots of cameos from Simeon’s fellow scoundrels.

The Lily of Ludgate Hill

An engaging series installment offering a second chance at love to a spunky heroine and a hero with hidden depths. Best read in sequence, starting with The Siren of Sussex.

Consort of Fire

Rocha’s (“Mercenary Librarians” series) new offering is set in a rich, erotic fantasy world, filled with lush characters and a magical landscape of secrets, power, and betrayal.

Game On

Glass’s (The Love Con) gem of a novel is highly recommended for all collections.

Wild Life

Wei’s (Clean Breaks, as Ruby Lang) steamy, slow-burn stranger-to-lovers romance is a great read.

Hedging Your Bets

Denker returns to cozy Willow Cove (after The Rom-Com Agenda) with a fun take on small-town enemies-to-lovers romance.

The Ladies Rewrite the Rules

Allain’s (Miss Lattimore’s Letter) Regency romance engagingly features wronged women who empower each other to take control of their love lives. The power-play dynamics between Diana and Max offer enjoyable fun.

The Breakup Tour

Fans of Taylor Swift and author Bridget Morrissey will especially enjoy this emotional second-chance romance from married writing duo Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka (Do I Know You??).

Love, Me

With several ’90s flashbacks and plenty of character growth, Saunders’s debut will appeal to nostalgic readers and those who enjoy mature romances and novels featuring celebrities.

The Second Chance Year

An ambitious woman finding her way in the world and the heart-meltingly caring man who loves her for who she is combine to make this a charming romance from Wiesner (It All Comes Back to You).

Last Call at the Local

Ruiz (Luck and Last Resorts) writes sensitively about two people trying to thrive amid personal issues and the relief one feels in finding a kindred soul.

You’re the Duke That I Want

This book will appeal to readers seeking a fast-paced historical romance that is passionate and playful, with a heavy dose of modern movie inspiration. Recommended for fans of Eloisa James, Sabrina Jeffries, and Tessa Dare.

A Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch

Full of witty dialogue and steamy sexual tension, the novel unfolds at a steady pace and draws the reader in. Though this is only her sophomore effort, Hawley is bound to become a staple for readers of paranormal romances. Recommend to fans of Katie MacAlister, Lana Harper, and Molly Harper.

The Gentleman’s Gambit

A notable ending to a beloved quartet.

Bookshop Cinderella

Smart yet steamy, this historical romance is a treat for fans of Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, or Sophie Irwin.

Kiss and Spell

As atmospheric and cozy as its precedent, the vivid writing and imaginative worldbuilding makes this a lovely addition to the series and all witchy romance collections.

‘This Spells Love’ by Kate Robb | Romance Debut of the Month

Audible Happily-Ever-Afters | Top Audiobooks for Romance Fans

Scripting Love | Romance


The Wake-Up Call

O’Leary’s latest (after The No-Show) is full of heart, humor, and a sprinkle of holiday magic. While this will easily find a spot on holiday displays, it will also appeal to readers who love enemies-to-lovers storylines with supporting characters who shine.

'A Dish Best Served Hot' by Natalie Caña | Romance Pick of the Month


Let’s Get Quizzical

Trivia-loving readers will enjoy this clever and charming second-chance romance from Ohlert (To Get to the Other Side). Perfect for fans of rom-coms looking for a story with lots of heart and fun, random facts.

Reasonable Adults

In her debut novel, Lefler delights readers with snicker-worthy banter and a lovable cast of characters.

The Trouble with Tinsel

This soapy rom-com from married screenwriting couple Juliet and Keith Giglio (The Summer of Christmas) may appeal to library patrons looking for read-alikes for Jenny Bayliss or Sophie Cousens.

This Spells Love

Offering a satisfying slow burn that transforms into delightful heat, the dazzling chemistry in this life-altering rom-com shows how love that transcends dimensions is worth the risk. This debut is an essential purchase for romance shelves.

Recipe for Second Chances

In her fiction debut, cookbook author Rosen (Modern Freezer Meals) creates main characters with believable motivations and emotional baggage in an engaging second-chance romance. Rustic Italian recipes are also included.

Protecting Her Heart

Readers will delight in this suspenseful Victorian mystery mixed with a slow-burn romance and will enjoy seeing many characters from other series installments play an integral role in solving the murder. Those new to the series should start with The Matchmaker’s Lonely Heart.

Hunt on Dark Waters

A clever-witch-meets-stern-pirate, open-door, one-bed delight.


With its interesting, well-paced plot, dog lovers and rom-com fans will enjoy this drama-free romance from Burton (The Accidental Newlywed Game).

For Never & Always

Fans of Greer’s Season of Love will clamor for this sequel that shares the Carrigan’s Inn setting, as will fans of Courtney Kae and Jean Meltzer.

The Cutthroat Countess

For anyone who loves the “Bridgerton” books but wishes its heroines were more adept with close combat and weaponry than the pianoforte, Spencer’s novel delivers.

A Dish Best Served Hot

Highly recommended for fans of contemporary romances with strong social justice and family themes. This second “Vega Family Love Stories” book (following A Proposal They Can’t Refuse) works well as a stand-alone.

Sweeten the Deal

Fans of Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient will be charmed by neurodivergent Caroline and worldly, handsome Adrian in Shepard’s (Bear with Me Now) latest.

Mr. Hook-up

Mann (Dominated) delivers another steamy, sexy novel that leaves nothing to the reader’s imagination. Fans of Chelle Sloan, Colleen Hoover, and E.L. James will be drawn to this new series.

Never Wager with a Wallflower

Heath brings the Regency “Merriwell Sisters” series to a fulfilling close (following Never Rescue a Rogue), with Gal and Vee’s stories fleshing out the characters and relationship that readers only thought they knew.

The Mis-Arrangement of Sana Saeed

Mughees’s debut presents a captivating romance filled with tension and uncertainty along with many other storylines. Recommend to enthusiasts of Bollywood or Indian soap operas, as the novel’s elements may resonate with this audience.

The Christmas Swap

Samuels’s debut will appeal to readers looking for a quick, lighthearted story filled with cozy romantic tropes.

Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date

Blake continues to write compelling and lovable characters with engaging and empathetic storylines. Readers will love this foray back into Bright Falls.

The Takedown

Walker (author of Always, Clementine, as Carlie Sorosiak) makes her adult debut with this might-be-mob caper that is both a romantic comedy and a holiday mystery, complete with snow, carols, and gorgeous bodyguards wrapped in a bow.

Stars in Your Eyes

This gorgeously written, romantic story of growth and healing tackles deep subjects while still giving audiences the optimistic ending that the characters deserve.

Plot Twist

La Rosa’s second “Hollywood Series” book, after For Butter or Worse, is recommended for all collections where contemporary romance is popular.

Next-Door Nemesis

Martin’s (Better Than Fiction) sexy friends-to-lovers rom-com is full of endearing characters and emotional plotlines, set against a whimsical Midwestern backdrop. Will appeal to readers of feel-good contemporary romances.

Silver Lady

Recommended for readers who like some fantasy in their historical romance and appreciate stories with chosen family and strong women.

All That We Are Together

Kellen’s angst-filled follow-up to All That We Never Were brings this duology to a conclusion that falls flat after such a dramatic ending in the previous book.

On the Plus Side

Featuring a curvy heroine finding confidence while falling in love, Howe’s (The Make-Up Test) latest is a fun mix of What Not To Wear and Queer Eye. Recommended for fans of Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade and The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun.

Chef’s Choice

This queer fake-dating rom-com is recommended for all romance audio collections. Share with fans of Elena Armas’s The American Roommate Experiment or Taleen Voskuni’s Sorry, Bro.

The Dane of My Existence

Listeners who enjoyed the series’ previous title will enjoy the continuation. Buy where the first audiobook is popular.

Jana Goes Wild

Heron’s (Kamila Knows Best) hilarious yet introspective second-chance romance is perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory and Talia Hibbert. Listeners will be charmed by its slow-burn relationship and enchanting happily-ever-after.

Love, Theoretically

Plummer’s stellar performance makes this audiobook a must-have for most popular collections.

Summer Reading

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a fresh, funny rom-com with a neurodivergent twist on a bookworm-meets-babe trope. Recommended for fans of Emily Henry, Ashley Winstead, and Elle Cook.

Once More with Feeling

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a steamy pop-star rom-com about celebrity and second chances. Recommended for fans of Olivia Dade, Emily Henry, and Katherine Center.

Double Decker Dreams

Though not likely to inspire an insatiable fandom, this audio will appeal to listeners seeking a chaste friends-to-lovers contemporary romance. Recommended for fans of Abby Jimenez and Emily Henry.

You, With a View

Garcia’s entertaining and expressive performance is a delight. A great addition to any contemporary romance collection.

Charm City Rocks

DiMercurio’s depictions of Norman’s endearing characters, full of love for music and the people around them, strike exactly the right note. A satisfying, feel-good rom-com recommended for fans of Jonathan Topper and Richard Roper.

Single Dads Club

This title should have broad appeal, from listeners seeking a multilayered romance to those who appreciate stories about found families and new beginnings.

Business or Pleasure

Lee’s performance amuses and entertains despite the slight variations in character voices.

Emily of 83rd Street

Pressley’s on-point narration is a draw of this debut adaptation. Fans of Austenian retellings with contemporary settings should enjoy.

Vacation Wars

Although this tale is sexy and fun, the constant clashing among the women occasionally wears thin. Even so, this refreshing vacation read should appeal to fans of Jenn McKinlay, Sophie Kinsella, and Emily Henry.

Best Men

Although promoted as a romance, the audiobook is really an upbeat contemporary tale about Max’s life. Give to listeners who enjoy main characters with dry wit.

Mrs. Nash’s Ashes

Wilson’s skillful narration of Adler’s debut is sure to delight listeners, making this a must-have production.


Verity and the Forbidden Suitor

A historical romance full of misunderstandings and mutual pining. Series fans will likely enjoy the sequel, and new listeners may want to explore the first book too.

The Honeymoon Crashers

A thoroughly entertaining listen. Those who enjoyed Olive and Ethan’s love story in the previous novel will fall in love with Ami and Brody’s too.

Bear with Me Now

While the romance isn’t quite as convincing as that in some other books in the genre, romance fans should enjoy.

Practice Makes Perfect

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a steamy contemporary romance about a ne’er-do-well newcomer and a small-town sweetheart. Recommended for fans of Amy Lea, Dylan Newton, and Lynn Painter.

Much Ado About Nada

Jalaluddin has mastered the art of retelling classics, offering a tale that will appeal to listeners searching for cultural sensitivity, romance, and the comfort of hearing a cherished story updated for modern times.

Jasmine and Jake Rock the Boat

Listeners looking for a diverting, relatable romance will find much to love. Share with fans of Sajni Patel’s First Love, Take Two, or Lillie Vale’s The Shaadi Set-Up.

Hello Stranger

Center’s signature wit and humor will delight current fans and those just discovering her. Share with those who like Abby Jimenez and Christina Lauren.

The True Love Experiment

A sexy, fun listen that will be welcomed by the author’s many fans.

The Better Half

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking funny, feel-good fiction about facing challenges and finding joy. Recommended for fans of Terry McMillan and Alexa Martin.

Meet Me at the Lake

Though this story has all the tropes a romance fan might want, it also offers a gorgeous setting and tantalizing secrets that will keep listeners guessing.

A Lady’s Guide to Scandal

This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a heartwarming historical love triangle about finding strength and following one’s desires. Recommended for fans of Martha Waters and Sabrina Jeffries.

‘Thank You for Sharing’ by Rachel Runya Katz | Romance Debut of the Month

’Tis the Season for Romance

Love Is the Goal | Soccer Romances


The Hundred Loves of Juliet

This is one Romeo and Juliet spinoff that will keep readers wanting more and longing to find out how the romance will end.

‘Full Moon over Freedom’ by Angelina M. Lopez | Romance Pick of the Month

The Long Game

This slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance from Armas (The American Roommate Experiment) is sexy, satisfying, and perfect for any reader who has ever swooned over Roy Kent.

10 Things That Never Happened

A fresh take on a popular theme, perfect for romance lovers and newbies alike.

The Christmas Wager

Escape to small-town life where the holiday spirit takes on a whole new meaning as tradition and family are tested by love, money, and one wacky community, in Cassidy’s first romance (she also writes suspense novels as Hannah Mary McKinnon).

Wreck the Halls

This delightful holiday rom-com from Bailey (Unfortunately Yours) is filled with emotion as well as humor. Highly recommended for general purchase.

A Holly Jolly Ever After

This sexy, joyful romantic comedy from Murphy and Simone (A Merry Little Meet Cute) is a delightful read.

The Letter Tree

Incorporating elements of Romeo and Juliet and You’ve Got Mail, Fordham’s latest (after Where the Road Bends) will become a favorite for fans of romances with star-crossed lovers who still find their way to a happily-ever-after.

This Spells Disaster

This queer, witchy rom-com from Martin (who also writes as Alanna Martin) should be fun for fans of Lana Harper and Erin Sterling.

A December To Remember

Readers will be captured by the charming setting and the three unique and captivating love stories, as richly drawn characters, dynamic storytelling, and one possibly magical shop cat truly make this a December to remember for both the North sisters and readers of this delightful, heartfelt holiday romance. Perfect for fans of Sophie Cousens and Josie Silver.

Enchanted To Meet You

Cabot’s latest (after The Quarantine Princess Diaries) is just as magical and cozy as ever. Her fans will love the twists, along with immediate sparks between Jessica and Derrick, and they will be impatiently awaiting the next installment with her endearing cast of characters.

It Had To Be a Duke

Fans of Tessa Dare and Grace Burrowes will be happy to find Lorret. This is a strong start to a series that should be in all collections.

It’s a Fabulous Life

This is a tender romance and an excellent, feel-good holiday story with a touch of magic.

Witches Get Stuff Done

Previously only available as an Audible Original, this series launch from Harper (A Farewell to Charms) will appeal to readers who enjoy witchy paranormal romance.

Three Holidays and a Wedding

This charming multicultural and multi-faith romance sparkles with an adorable cast of characters and a storyline that reads like a movie one would want to watch again and again.

All’s Fair in Love and Christmas

Monzon (“Sewing in SoCal” series) delivers tons of laughs and deep emotion in this pitch-perfect holiday rom-com with a touch of faith. For fans of humorous contemporary romance in the style of Courtney Walsh or Toni Shiloh.

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