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Top Docs: Empowering 'Girls Can't Surf'; 'American Horses'; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Ghastly 'Post Mortem'; 'Paradise Highway'; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Timely 'Happening'; 'Mothering Sunday'; and More

Top Docs: Star-Worthy 'Rolling Like Thunder'; 'Laserium'; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Fantastical 'Strawberry Mansion'; 'The Artist's Wife'; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: From Page to Screen 'Where the Lilies Bloom'; 'Raging Bull'; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Coming-of-Age Classic 'Pretty in Pink'; 'Benedetta'; and More

Top Docs: Thrilling 'The Lost Leonardo'; 'Breaking Bread'; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Hard-Hitting 'Oranges and Sunshine'; 'The Worst Person in the World'; and More

Top Docs: Inspiring 'A Song for Cesar'; 'Julia'; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Cult Classic 'Femme Fatale'; 'Mississippi Masala'; 'Belle'; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Suspenseful Set 'Twisting the Knife'; 'France'; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: British Film Noir 'Jigsaw'; 'Scream'; and More

Top Docs: Compelling 'Time'; 'Dick Johnson Is Dead'; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Thrilling 'The Novice'; 'We of the Never Never'; and More

Top Docs: Thought-Provoking ‘The Big Scary ‘S’ Word'; ‘Kingdom of Silence’; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Mystery Classic ‘Murder on the Orient Express’; ‘Encanto’; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: From Page to Screen ‘The Dry’; ‘Belfast’; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Sci-Fi Classic ‘Dune’; ‘Titane’; and More

Top Docs: Adrenaline-Pumping ‘Super Frenchie’; ‘The Human Factor’; and More

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Modern Fairytale ‘Undine’; Stellan Skarsgård in ‘Hope’; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’; Sci-Fi Classic ‘The Incredible Shrinking Man’; and Criterion’s ‘Uncut Gems,’ Among Others

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: A New Coming-of-Age Film from François Ozon; Lynne Ramsay’s Glasgow-Set ‘Ratcatcher’; and More

Top Docs: A Grand Canyon Trek; New Hindenburg Evidence; and More

New on DVD/Blu-ray: ‘Love & Basketball’; HBO’s ‘Mare of Easttown’; the Essential Films of Melvin Van Peebles


Top Docs: Sesame Street, Chuck Berry, and an Abandoned New Orleans Theme Park


Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: Toni Collette as a Welsh Barmaid and Racehorse Owner; A Restoration of 1969 Thriller ‘La Piscine’


New on DVD/Blu-ray: Cary Fukunaga’s ‘Beasts of No Nation’; Clint Eastwood as Arizona Lawman in 1968’s ‘Coogan’s Bluff’


Top Docs: The Life of L. Frank Baum; a Wild Ride into the World of Simulation Theory Believers


Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: Maggie Cheung Plays Silent-Film Star Ruan Lingyu; Benedict Cumberbatch as a Businessman-Turned Spy

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: Shaka King’s Oscar-Nominated ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’; Plus Dramatizations of a Guantánamo Memoir and the Border Crisis


New on DVD/Blu-ray: Laurence Fishburne’s 1992 Thriller ‘Deep Cover’; Otto Preminger’s Pearl Harbor Drama


Top Docs: ‘Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President’; Residents’ Activism in Oakland, CA; and an ‘American Masters’ profile of Flannery O’Connor


Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: Chloé Zhao’s Oscars-Dominating ‘Nomadland’; Plus Oscar-Winning Performances by Youn Yuh-Jung & Anthony Hopkins


New on DVD/Blu-ray: Eddie Huang’s NYC Coming-of-Age Story; Plus Restored Kirk Douglas & Faye Dunaway Gems


Top Docs: Voguing in Northern England’s Ballroom Scene; Plus the Go-Go’s & WWII Codebreaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: An Early Bong Joon-ho Police Procedural; Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland in a Foreboding Wintry Venice

Top Docs: 21st-Century Cowboys, a Utopian Florida Retirement Village, and the Romanian Health Care System

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Dennis Hopper’s Campy Neo-Noir; Robin Wright’s Directorial Debut

Top Docs: Billie Holiday, Margaret Atwood, and Pepe the Frog

New on DVD/Blu-ray: Mel Brooks’s 1968 ‘The Producers’; Goro Miyazaki Adapts a Diana Wynne Jones Novel

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-Ray: A 1950s-Set Neo-Western; Ang Lee’s Tale of China Under Japanese Occupation

Top Docs: Two Generations of Black Women Entertainers; the Last Blockbuster; a Wildfire’s Devastation

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: A Joyce Carol Oates Adaptation; a Historical Drama of WWII Women Spies

New on DVD/Blu-ray: A Peckinpah Western; a Wyatt Earp Biopic; Sigourney Weaver as Primatologist Dian Fossey

Top Docs: A Refugee’s SoCal Donut Empire; an Ode to Glamorous Movie Palaces

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: A Paranoid ’70s-Era Political Thriller & a Neo-Noir Crime Drama

New on DVD/Blu-ray, Feb. 2021: A Go-Go’s Documentary; Diana Ross as Billie Holiday; an Animated “Little Prince”

Best Feature Videos of 2020

Best Documentaries of 2020

New on DVD/Blu-ray: A Proto-'Black Swan,' 5 Scorsese Shorts, & an Appreciation for the True King of Rock & Roll

A Julie Christie Classic & a Soviet Cinema Landmark | May's Top Indie, Foreign, & Classic DVD/Blu-ray Picks

Gary Cooper, a John Carpenter Cult Classic, and a Star-Studded CATastrophe | Now on DVD/Blu-ray

Top Film Picks on DVD/Blu-ray: A Cold War Classic, a "Kitchen Sink" Drama, & an Indie Thriller

Top Docs: A Love Song to a Music City Legend, a Journey Into America's Violent Past and Present

Little Gandhi

An inspiring profile of an enlightened visionary.

Camille Claudel, Winter Kills, & Edie |Top Foreign & Indie DVD Picks

Eastland: Chicago’s Deadliest Day, And Then They Came For Us, & Out of Omaha | RealReels

After Parkland, Wild Nights With Emily, & Serendipity | Coming Attractions

The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel

A must-see for anyone with an interest in WWII or military history.


The Guilty

Reassigned to emergency dispatching duties while awaiting a disciplinary hearing, a sidelined cop (Jakob Cedergren) at the end of his shift gets a frantic call from a woman being abducted by her husband...

Poetry in America: Season 1

Viewers should freely sample the videos from the series website if they are still unconvinced that poetry discussions can be that fascinating. A quality addition to libraries' literature collections.

Angry Inuk

This beautifully shot production makes a strong case to viewers. However, the argument is complex, and the group's resources are tiny and no match for the organizations that apparently intend to stop all commercial seal hunting.


Wealthy New Orleans real estate developer Michael Courtland (Cliff Robertson) loses his wife, Elizabeth (Genevieve Bujold), and nine-year-old daughter during a bungled kidnap rescue...

Horse Speak: The Equine-Human Translation Guide; First Conversations

Particularly useful to therapeutic riding instructors, horse rescue workers, and anyone who likes to spend time around horses.

Elizabeth I and Her Enemies

Fans of the History Channel as well as readers who have devoured the novels of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir will be equally entertained.

Left Behind America

The documentary sums up the region's problems astutely and is highly recommended to everyone with an interest in the region or the nation's economy overall.

Yellowstone: Season 1

Complicated, violent, and tension-filled, this series for adults should appeal to Western fans as well as those who enjoy family drama.

No Date, No Signature

A forensic pathologist (Amir Aghaee) blames himself when the boy he injured in a car accident turns up in the morgue, in spite of an autopsy showing food poisoning as the most probable cause of death...

Move! Dance Your Life

Recommended for most dance collections.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Recently released from prison for murdering a prostitute, Franz Biberkopf (Günter Lamprecht) tries hard to go straight by taking a series a menial jobs in Depression-era Germany...

When Giants Fall

This film is often difficult to watch. Though elephants have survived for two million years, human ambition for unlimited wealth and living space seem to be dooming these intelligent social behemoths. Environmentalists of all stripes will be intrigued.


A multilayered chronicle that highlights many of the challenges facing young women worldwide, this will appeal to those concerned with women's rights and the global climate for women's sports.

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