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Wandering with Intent: Essays from Remote Australia

Highly recommended for readers interested in Australia, its history, its First Nations peoples, and cross-cultural relationships.

Africa Is Not a Country: Notes on a Bright Continent

Faloyin delivers an informative, engrossing, outside-the-West look at a current and vibrant Africa.

Into the Great Emptiness: Peril and Survival on the Greenland Ice Cap

Recommended for fans of Jon Krakauer or the Polar explorer biographies of Roland Huntford.

New York’s Great Lost Ballparks

A fascinating niche option for New York–area libraries and baseball history fans everywhere.

The Ethical Traveler: 100 Ways To Roam the World (Without Ruining It!)

Full of bright, quick reminders for travelers and eco-conscious readers sticking close to home.

Walking Broadway: Thirteen Miles of Architecture and History

For all architectural history students and urban designers, who might read Hilary Ballon’s complementary The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan, 1911–2011 alongside the guidebook.

The Atlas of Atlases: Exploring the Most Important Atlases in History and the Cartographers Who Made Them

Visually and textually, a beautiful and absorbing treat.

America’s Classic Ballparks: Celebrating Parks Past and Present

While Buckley’s breezy tone may not be to every reader’s liking, the inclusion of countless unusual facts means even diehard baseball fans will learn something new. An entertaining but optional purchase for most libraries.


Photographers, arm-chair travelers, and anyone interested in Japanese culture will find something of interest and likely some new knowledge too.

Nantucket: The Ultimate Playground

Both casual readers and well-seasoned travelers will likely enjoy this title. Perfect for collections with photography, travel guides, or New England sections.

Base Camp Reno: 101 Hikes from Sage to Snow

A solid choice for local collections and for travelers planning to hike in the area.

The Planet’s Most Spiritual Places: Sacred Sites and Holy Locations Around the World

This is a quick-reference guide for anyone looking for somewhere to travel for a variety of spiritual experiences. It is also fun to page through, enjoying the photos, and learning about instantly recognizable sites around the world.

Back Roads of the Midwest: Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Purchase where coffee-table travel books are popular.

Driving the Green Book: A Road Trip Through the Living History of Black Resistance

This well-written account will appeal to readers interested in civil rights, Black history, and travel literature.

The Edge of the Plain: How Borders Make and Break Our World

A timely, valuable discussion of a pivotal issue.

How To Read the Wilderness: An Illustrated Guide to the Natural Wonders of North America

This affordable, compact, and user-friendly guide is best suited for public library collections. Perfect for casual explorers, seasoned hikers, and students alike.

Sea Trials: Around the World with Duct Tape and Bailing Wire

Armchair travelers and sailors alike should enjoy this well-narrated seafaring saga/family biography, gracefully crafted by the author to be heartwarming as well as heart-stopping.

Life on the Mississippi: An Epic American Adventure

For libraries with healthy history collections and those who enjoy 19th-century U.S. history and the Ohio and Mississippi River regions.

Wild Miami: Explore the Amazing Nature in and Around South Florida

Recommended for all libraries, particularly those in the southeastern region of the United States.

Cheap Land Colorado: Off-Gridders at America’s Edge

A raw, revealing, and effective look at life on the rural perimeters of society.

Polar Exposure: An All-Women’s Expedition to the North Pole

Recommended for adventuresome readers.

Finding Elevation: Fear and Courage on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain

This outstanding mountaineering memoir will appeal to readers of outdoor adventure, climbers, and those who revel in successful women athletes.

A Line in the World: A Year on the North Sea Coast

Inquisitive and flowing, with plenty of insight into how North Sea cultures adapt and respond to the sea. More than a travelogue, with stories about life, death, and nature as an enduring, immovable, ever-changing force.

The Stargazer’s Atlas

Most readers will likely be struck by the writers’ enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, and their knack for picking just the right tidbits that will draw readers into the study of the stars. Librarians can buy this and plan nighttime programs with it.

An American in Provence: Art, Life and Photography

An exquisite pictorial and travelogue that’s also part memoir and cookbook. It also contains a glossary of French words that many readers will find helpful.

Go Here Instead: The Alternative Travel List

This is a book to page through, to use to build a newly conceived bucket list, and to set armchair travelers dreaming.

Nature Swagger: Stories and Visions of Black Joy in the Outdoors

The contributors’ varied experience levels and expertise make this book accessible and fun; don’t miss the valuable resources mentioned in the essays. Recommended for school and public libraries.

Road Life: An Inspirational Guide to Living and Travelling on Four Wheels

An optional purchase for libraries with extensive travel or lifestyle collections, or where there is demand.

Paris and Her Cathedrals

Essential reading for first-time and return visitors to Paris.

Some Reasons for Traveling to Italy

Italophiles and architecture fans will enjoy the short essays that feature travelers from the 1300s to the present day.

The Bucket List Eco Experiences: Traveling the World, Sustaining the Earth

Whether one is planning a globe-trotting adventure or just looking for images and descriptions written with a sense of wonder, this book offers extraordinary escapism options, all rooted in the reality of the everchanging, ever challenging planet.

Best Bike Rides in New England: Backroad Routes for Cycling the Northeast States

For anyone living in or near or visiting New England. Also for readers who enjoy scenic, fun bike rides with a dose of history and swimming, plus restaurant recommendations.

National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States, 3rd Edition

Readers can learn about national parks they are interested in visiting and discover some they may not have even known existed. The National Park Service protects and preserves sites, and this work does as well.

Kinfolk Islands

Those looking for an island getaway will find this title very useful and enjoyable.

Food Journeys of a Lifetime, 2nd Edition

A good choice to add to travel collections. Put it on display with cookbooks too, as the book gives equal time to the pleasures of both subjects.

100 Disney Adventures of a Lifetime: Magical Experiences from Around the World

Both first-timers and those who believe Disney is a part of their DNA will likely enjoy using this book to plan a trip to Disney parks. The superb photography gives a glimpse of the wonderment of that visitors will experience.

Native American Archaeology in the Parks: A Guide to Heritage Sites in Our National Parks and Monuments

This guide will appeal to both first-time and frequent visitors seeking a deeper understanding of these national parks and monuments. Particularly useful when visiting the Southwestern United States, as 23 of the 30 sites are located in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, or Colorado.

Quiet Escapes: 50 Inspiring Destinations To Find Your Zen

Not for fans of Disney World–type vacations. Instead, selective travelers seeking refuge from all the noise of daily life may enjoy this one.

The Last Speaker of Bear: My Encounters in the North

Although the brevity of the essays may make readers wish Millman had opted to write the fuller memoir he mentions in the preface, those interested in the Arctic will likely appreciate what they’ve gotten.

Paris in Turmoil: A City Between Past and Future

Readers already familiar with Paris will find this fiery and charming volume the perfect companion for a thought-provoking walk around the City of Light.

The Intimate City: Walking New York

With interviews often meandering into the overly personal and with incidental-seeming uncaptioned photographs (their compelling views and dramatic cropping notwithstanding), this book would be more rewarding as a series of video tours.

Himalaya: Exploring the Roof of the World

An important work on an imperiled land, best suited to collections with an emphasis on geography, geology, or environmentalism.

The High Sierra: A Love Story

This would be a good addition to any memoir or travel collection, but it’s also a fun “armchair” hiking experience for those who typically don’t care for outdoor sports. Pair the audio with the text version, which contains photographs and other supplemental materials to enhance the reading experience.

Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse

An essential read, not only for parents of autistic or otherwise neurodivergent children but for all families.

Mapping Historical Las Vegas: A Cartographic Journey

A gorgeous browse and an in-depth work of research that belongs on atlas shelves in public and academic libraries.

The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country in the World

This travelogue will likely inspire many readers to step outside their comfort zones, follow in Nabongo’s footsteps, and emulate her positive, open-minded worldview.

Life on the Mississippi: An Epic American Adventure

The author’s use of cited local history books in libraries along his journey gives the book a strong factual basis as a history text, and his incorporation of literary words from writers of the flatboat era infuse his own writing with humor and poetic charm. Highly recommended for all libraries.

1,000 Perfect Weekends: Great Getaways Around the Globe

This abundant guide to the world’s best weekend getaways will delight travelers who enjoy National Geographic’s particular take on travel; its design, excellent photographs, and arrangement invite browsing and dreaming. A core title for travel collections.

North American Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways To See the Continent

A great choice for school and public library collections.

Celebrating Cape Cod & the Islands: Traditions, Festivals, and Food

Readers who enjoy high-end settings, food and wine, or art will be pleased.

Guide to Chicago’s Twenty-First-Century Architecture

With stunning visuals, this is not only a captivating study of architecture but also an insightful snapshot of Chicago’s history and daily life. Readers interested in Chicago or in urban architecture, planning, or development will devour this volume.

Strata: William Smith’s Geological Maps

This impressive selection is highly recommended for geologists or for anyone with an interest in what lies beneath our feet.

The Encyclopedia of New York

A must purchase; those who love New York will adore it, and those less enamored with the Big Apple will still find this fun and informative encyclopedia a fascinating portrait of the metropolitan area.

Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era

This scholarly work provides an intriguing, unique way to consider maps. Recommended for those who like cartography and history.

A Slice Through America: A Geological Atlas

A must for anyone who appreciates geology or antique atlases and maps.

An Atlas of Geographical Wonders: From Mountaintops to Riverbeds

Besides appealing to general readers who enjoy cartography, art, and “superlative” books, such as the Guinness Book of World Records, this is also well suited to academics and students of history, geography, and art.

National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks

The quality of this tome and its emphasis on current features make it worth a purchase even where libraries own National Geographic the National Parks: An Illustrated History.

The Bells of Old Tokyo: Meditations on Time and a City

Highly recommended for anyone who has visited or is planning to visit Tokyo. Readers will gain insight into the history, culture, and language of Japan as well as ideas on city hot spots.

The Mountain That Eats Men

Recommended for Latin American collections, and for those who study labor history, this "blend of travel writing and memoir" will consume readers.

Land of the Rising Sun: Japan History and More | Collection Development


The Story of a Marriage

Not for the plot-hungry, this deeply interior meditation will reward serious-minded readers.


A real discovery for those who love world literature.

Against the Inquisition

Both strong historical chronicle and spirited defense of the right to believe, presented in straightforward language appropriate for the widest range of readers.

Waiting for Tomorrow

A smart and affecting study for most readers.

I Didn't Talk

An arresting work, told in stringently beautiful prose; for all smart sophisticated readers.

Hunting Party

Piercingly pitch-perfect; highly recommended.


Great work for worldly readers.


For readers interested in family, memory, 20th-century history, and strong literature.

The Four Roads to Heaven: France and the Santiago Pilgrimage

Essential for potential pilgrims and an excellent European history for others.

The Landmark Julius Caesar: The Complete Works: Gallic War, Civil War, Alexandrian War, African War, and Spanish War

An excellent corpus collection and reference for classicists and historians. Highly recommended for classical departments.

Caesar's Footprints: A Cultural Excursion to Ancient France: Journeys Through Roman Gaul

An easy read for those interested in exploring broader cultural and historical connections during the Roman transition into the European continent and its continuing impact on the region.

Curiosities of Paris: An idiosyncratic guide to overlooked delights… hidden in plain sight

A fun, informative, and entertaining way to explore Paris, especially for those who enjoy their travels off the beaten path.

A Paris All Your Own: Bestselling Women Writers in the City of Light

An engaging, delightful glimpse into female writers' experiences in Paris.

The Beach at Painter's Cove

With fully fleshed-out characters and family drama to spare, Noble's latest (after Forever Beach and Whisper Beach) is a summer read with substance. For fans of women's fiction and the works of Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer.

The Salt House

With alternating chapters focusing on each family member's thoughts and interactions, debut author Duffy eloquently displays the emotional complexities of a family going through the healing process. Readers of Elin Hilderbrand or Luanne Rice will enjoy.

The Beach House: Coming Home

Bockoven's second "Beach House" novel weaves a lovely tapestry depicting the many threads that form a life. With a focus on family, relationships, loss, and reconciliation, along with a pleasing hint of romance, this novel will appeal to fans of Luanne Rice and Elin Hilderbrand.

Wild Swimming in Ireland: Discover 50 Places To Swim in Rivers, Lakes & the Sea

Perfect for armchair travelers, adventure swimmers, families, and for those who simply love or want to explore open-water swimming. Avid swimmers will clamor to get to Ireland posthaste.

Epic Bike Rides of the World: Explore the Planet's Most Thrilling Cycling Routes

For libraries with large travel and recreational collections.

Walking San Francisco's 49 Mile Scenic Drive: Explore the Famous Sites, Neighborhoods, and Vistas in 17 Enchanting Walks

Anybody living near or traveling to San Francisco can utilize this handy and fascinating walking guide. If only every city had one as comprehensive as this.

Map Stories: The Art of Discovery

For more enjoyable travel writing, try National Geographic's Journeys Home: Inspiring Stories, Plus Tips and Strategies To Find Your Family History; for better history in maps, suggest The Times History of the World in Maps.

History of the World in Maps: The Rise and Fall of Empires, Countries, and Cities

An absorbing browse as well as a valuable companion to history classes.

Great City Maps: A Historical Journey Through Maps, Plans, and Paintings

A perfect companion to the publisher's 2014 Great Maps, but also a worthwhile stand-alone purchase, especially where cartography books are needed that serve YA as well as adult patrons.

Making Art from Maps: Inspiration, Techniques, and an International Gallery of Artists

A beautiful title that offers something different for both crafters and cartophiles.

Top Ten Sights: Rio de Janeiro

This ebook is one of many Brazil-themed works by travel writer and editor Jones, who has also written on Salvador de Bahia, São Paulo, Brasilia, and Recife...

The Olympics—Official App by the International Olympic Committee

The Olympics' official app includes historic, current, and future games information (results and records for all Olympic sports, athletes, and games); schedules for the Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018 games; photos and videos; the ability to search for Olympic medalists by games, athlete, and country; and tracking options...

Rio 2016

This Olympics app includes a countdown to the opening ceremony; ticket information; schedules for the games (including Paralympics); and information about venues and history...

Insight Guides: Explore Rio


TeamUSA by the United States Olympic Committee

Inclusive and up-to-the-minute info on the games as viewed through a U...

Lonely Planet: Rio de Janeiro

This is Lonely Planet's ninth edition of Rio de Janeiro, specially updated for the Olympics...

Moon Spotlight: Rio de Janeiro


DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Brazil


Seven Wonders of Brazil: From Christ the Redeemer to Carnival, Robert Beckford Explores the Diversity of Brazilian Christianity


Top 10: Rio de Janeiro


Isabel Orleans-Bragança: The Brazilian Princess Who Freed the Slaves


National Geographic Traveler: Rio de Janeiro


Rough Guides Snapshot Brazil: Rio de Janeiro

This is a 2014 e-only guide, derived from the Rough Guide to Brazil, part of the popular series that is particularly prized by the young or adventuresome traveler...

Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy

Zirin, an experienced sports journalist (Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down), here spotlights the hypocrisy, greed, and societal impact of bringing world-class events to a country already struggling with poverty, crime, governance, and crippling environmental and health crises...

Fodor's Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo: With an 8-page Special Section on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio

An updated third edition of a reliable guide, with special attention given to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games...

Brazil with Michael Palin

This lively four-part series is hosted by Palin (of "Monty Python" fame), a wonderfully engaging performer and travel writer...

Brazil: A Traveler's Literary Companion



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