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Romaine Wasn’t Built in a Day: The Delightful History of Food Language

This deliciously fast-paced nonfiction audio will appeal to foodies, history buffs, and lingua-phile listeners alike.

Perfectly Good Food: A Totally Achievable Zero Waste Approach to Home Cooking

This refreshing guide to zero-waste cooking invites readers to bring what they have to the pot to create unique and flavorful recipes.

Pomegranates and Artichokes: A Food Journey from Iran to Italy

Rich in images and stories, at once accessible to cooks, and crafted for readers, this is a work to cook from and reflect on. Don’t miss it.

A Middle Eastern Pantry: Essential Ingredients for Classic and Contemporary Recipes

With plenty for cooks and cookbook readers, Sercarz has delivered a vibrant collection of recipes that lets the reader peek behind the curtain of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Fieldwork: A Forager’s Memoir

This memoir detailing Regan’s relationship with her body, her family, and the world around her resonates with sincerity and passion.

A Splash of Soy: Everyday Food from Asia

A recommended resource for those looking to broaden their Asian cooking chops without focusing on a specific cuisine or region.

Egg Rolls & Sweet Tea: Asian Inspired, Southern Style

Keng’s first cookbook is recommended for all libraries, especially those with regional interest.

Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, Second Edition: Fresh, Flavorful, and Healthy Plant-Based Burgers—Plus Toppings, Sides, Buns, and More

Just in time for the summer BBQ season, this welcome new edition will delight with a diversity of ingredients and flavors that can’t be found in grocery-store veggie burgers.

50 Pies, 50 States: An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the United States Through Pie

Whether one bakes from it or merely reads it, Fong’s cookbook debut is a treat and a worthy addition to cooking collections.

Flavor Kitchen: Vibrant Recipes with Creative Twists

With charming anecdotes and vibrant photography, this cookbook is a beautiful feast for the eyes that will help cooks create a bountiful feast for their stomachs.

Southern Lights: Easier, Lighter, and Better-for-You Recipes from the South

Give this to readers who enjoy fresh takes on cooking. Recommended for all libraries.

Sofreh: A Contemporary Approach to Classic Persian Cuisine

Fans of the restaurant will enjoy learning about Alikhani’s personal journey from home cook in Iran to restauranteur in New York City and will delight in bringing her philosophy home with her authentic recipes.

Wine Club: A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends

No need to be intimated by wine tasting, Petrosky delivers a fun and easy introduction that will have friends clamoring to start a wine club in this updated edition of her 2005 book.

The Plant-Powered Plan To Beat Diabetes: A Guide for Prevention and Management

A must-buy for library cookbook collections.

The Civilian Conservation Corps Cookbook

Peppered with fascinating tidbits such as Eleanor Roosevelt’s efforts to spearhead a distaff version of the CCC for young women, this book is a tasty treat for anyone interested in how food fueled the United States’ Depression recovery.

Love Japan: Recipes from Our Japanese American Kitchen

A beautifully designed book with fantastic photographs and a mouth-watering array of recipes that serve as a great introduction to Japanese cooking.

100 Morning Treats: With Muffins, Rolls, Biscuits, Sweet and Savory Breakfast Breads, and More

Kieffer’s last two cookbooks (100 Cookies and Baking for the Holidays) earned critical acclaim and best-seller status, so expect high demand for this title. Although it isn’t as accessible for beginners as those previous titles, experienced baking enthusiasts will find a lot to love.

Butcher on the Block: Everyday Recipes, Stories, and Inspirations from Your Local Butcher and Beyond

Recommended for carnivores looking for a great read, instruction on butchery, and a diversity of recipes that go beyond grilling.

Raw Dog: The Naked Truth About Hot Dogs

Equal parts meat-processing indictment, travelogue, hot dog history, and odd facts, this book is irreverent, hilarious, entertaining, honest, and, at times, gross. Will fascinate readers interested in hot dogs, road trips, and regional recipes.

The Dominican Kitchen: Homestyle Recipes That Celebrate the Flavors, Traditions, and Culture of the Dominican Republic

Mota successfully delivers cuisine and flavors that will evoke nostalgia in many while bringing a distinctive cookbook to library shelves.

Good Catch: A Guide to Sustainable Fish and Seafood with Recipes from the World’s Oceans

One part advocacy, one part travelogue, and one part instruction come together to create a distinctive seafood cookbook that will satisfy palates and readers alike. Recommended for libraries looking to add a robust title with broad appeal to their seafood cookery shelves.

The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors; Plant-Led Pairings, Recipes, and Ideas for Cooks

Food lovers will enjoy Segnit’s meander through food memories, recipes, and advice, along with all the practical uses for this flavor reference guide.

Flavor+Us: Cooking for Everyone

Reading this book is a joyous exploration of the world through food and is an essential addition to cookbook collections nationwide.

Simple French Baking: A Simple French Baking Love Story

A light and inviting cookbook of simple sweets for the French at heart. Recommended for those who follow the Great British Bake Off and to novice to intermediate bakers interested in making elegant desserts at home.

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible: Revised and Updated, with Over 250 New and Classic Recipes

From a baking point of view, this adds some new things, and from a circulation standpoint, this will be a big winner.

Tenderheart: A Cookbook About Vegetables and Unbreakable Family Bonds

Calling all vegetarians and veggie lovers; this is the inspiration you have been looking for.

The Seed Detective: Uncovering the Secret Histories of Remarkable Vegetables

Fascinating for gardeners and ecology-minded readers. May induce a hankering to seek out or grow brown badger peas, Johnson’s Wonderful Longpod beans, and Hanging Lobster tomatoes.

Knead Peace: Bake for Ukraine; Recipes from the World’s Best Bakers in Support of Ukraine

Best for experienced bakers or for diasporic Londoners looking to duplicate goods from their favorite bakeries.

Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted: A Culinary Adventure with 60 Recipes from Around the Globe

Beautiful photos of landscapes and the food enhance the book, which is sure to be a hit with fans of Ramsay’s television series as well as with cooks looking to branch out into more unfamiliar fare.

Bake Me a Cat: 50 Purrrfect Recipes for Edible Kitty Cakes, Cookies, and More!

This seriously adorable cookbook is a must-buy for cat-loving bakers.

Bread and How To Eat It: A Cookbook

Libraries in communities with beloved local bakeries and gourmet food shops may wish to purchase, but the book’s call for artisanal ingredients and its general distaste for conventional grocery stores will make it less accessible for many readers.

Yogurt & Whey: Recipes of an Iranian Immigrant Life

Destined to be an iconic cookbook, this is an essential work.

Y’all Eat Yet? Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen

The simple, straightforward recipes will appeal to beginning cooks, and fans of Lambert will love the pictures and background narrative. A celebrity cookbook definitely worth adding to library collections.

Oh $#!%, What’s for Dinner?: No-Fuss Weeknight Recipes You’ll Swear By

Sansone’s book is full of approachable, family-friendly recipes that will likely make it into readers’ regular rotations.

Magnificent Meals in a Bowl Cookbook: Healthy, Fast, Easy Recipes with Vegan- and Keto-Friendly Choices

This book contains a wide variety of flavors and combinations, full of relatively quick ideas for light meals throughout the week. Highly recommended for those who do not own the original editions.

The Art and Science of Sushi: A Comprehensive Guide to Ingredients, Techniques and Equipment

A carefully curated and deliciously styled reference work that’s appropriate for public and academic libraries. Readers will enjoy this gastronomic delight of food science, Japanese cuisine, and its cultural aspects.

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook

A fun and interesting cookbook from Theoharis (Break an Egg!: The Broadway Cookbook) with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options that fans of the game will enjoy. Definitely a worthwhile addition to any library’s cookbook collection.

Trejo’s Cantina: Cocktails, Snacks & Amazing Non-Alcoholic Drinks from the Heart of Hollywood

While the heart of Trejo’s efforts is giving home cooks the tools to entertain with ease, readers will find the recipes so practical and scrumptious that they will work their way into the regular rotation.

Break Bread on a Budget: Ordinary Ingredients, Extraordinary Meals

This book will appeal to the family chef, the reader who is learning to cook, and anyone who might be watching their food budget.

Tekebash and Saba: Recipes and Stories from an East African Kitchen

Largely vegetarian, deeply personal, and rich with dishes that are likely to become part of many a dinner rotation.

Milk Street Noodles: Secrets to the World’s Best Noodles, from Fettuccine Alfredo to Pad Thai to Miso Ramen

Carbo-loading never looked so good. Highly recommended.

Love and Lemons Simple Feel Good Food: 125 Plant-Focused Meals To Enjoy Now or Make Ahead

Meatless Mondays will never be the same with this down-to-earth and delicious cookbook that provides oodles of stunning inspiration and encourages variation suited to individual style and taste.

Mastering the Art of Entertaining

This is a thoughtful book on entertaining that covers aspects many other titles may not focus upon. It is particularly valuable for first-time hosts.

Muy Bueno, FIESTAS: 100+ Delicious Mexican Recipes for Celebrating the Year

A tasty treat for libraries looking to expand their Mexican cookbook collections.

Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit

Berens is a cookbook superstar, and her innovative way of creating books, and talking about and sharing food, is a pleasure to read.

Tasting History: Explore the Past Through 4,000 Years of Recipes

A wonderful contribution to the teaching of social history through the culinary pleasures of the day. Great for anyone who enjoys cooking or history.

Meliz’s Kitchen: Simple Turkish-Cypriot Comfort Food and Fresh Family Feasts

Berg’s debut cookbook is a welcome addition to collections. It is wide-ranging and inviting.

Cristy’s Kitchen: More Than 130 Scrumptious and Nourishing Recipes Without Gluten, Dairy, or Processed Sugars

Recommended for libraries with patrons interested in natural cooking and specialty diets. Because of its flexibility, this book is a one-stop shop for a variety of dietary needs.

Buzzworthy: Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats

Croll’s latest (after Dressed To Swill) is an excellent combination of cocktail recipes and literature recommendations that will resonate with avid readers and those just looking for new drink inspirations.

The Complete Beer Course: From Novice to Expert in Twelve Tasting Classes (Revised)

A most welcome revised edition. Best for anyone who enjoys consuming beer or brewing their own.

Stuffed: The Sandwich Cookie Book

While there is no shortage of excellent guides to cookie baking, including Mindy Segal’s Cookie Love and Alice Medrich’s classic Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies, Mubarak’s tempting array of sandwich cookies will prove to be the stuff of sweet dreams for home bakers.

Meal Prep Magic: Time-Saving Tricks for Stress-Free Cooking

Both organizing guide and cookbook, this will appeal to those who love The Home Edit and anyone looking to get homemade, family-friendly meals on the table.

The Dinner Party Project: A No-Stress Guide to Food with Friends

Feldman’s first cookbook is fun to read and should be even more fun to cook from.

Southern Cooking, Global Flavors

This is a unique twist on classic Southern fare that mirrors the cooking journey of a veteran chef and offers meals that will comfort and impress.

Rachael’s Good Eats: Easy, Laid-Back, Nutrient-Rich Recipes

For libraries wishing to expand their cookbook collection with healthy and allergy-free focused works, this is a good choice, and DeVaux’s many Instagram fans will be looking for it.

Truly Simple: 140 Healthy Recipes for Weekday Cooking

Desirable for Cavallari fans and those looking for healthy or gluten-free options. Purchase where there is interest.

Saved by the Bellini: & Other 90s-Inspired Cocktails

Whether one decides to make the Sanderson Sister Sour (based on the 1993 classic film Hocus Pocus), the Apple Mac-Tini, the Salt-n-Pepa Lemonade, the Pumps (inspired by Marty McFly’s sneakers in Back to the Future 2), or the Yabba Dabba Doo (a Flintstones Push Up drink), readers won’t be disappointed by the ’90s nostalgia the book evokes alongside top-notch drink-making techniques.

Ever-Green Vietnamese: Super-Fresh Recipes, Starring Plants from Land and Sea

Detailed instructions and tantalizing recipes make this an excellent book for those wanting to incorporate plant-based options in Vietnamese cooking.

That Cheese Plate Wants To Party: Festive Boards, Spreads, and Recipes with the Cheese by Numbers Method

A gorgeous and helpful resource for anyone just starting out with cheese boards that takes readers from basic prep to boards or grazing tables, with all of the necessary steps in between.

LEON Big Salads

A diversity of recipes with big flavor and vibrant energy will make this a hit with library patrons.

Koshersoul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African American Jew

Although Twitty’s latest is rather uneven, it is enhanced by his engaging narration. Share with listeners looking for an original analysis of food and cultural history.

My Vermont Table: Recipes for All (Six) Seasons

This is an utterly charming title that delivers a sense of place with its beauty and narrative, but its wow factor comes from Bullock-Prado’s recipes, which are pure Vermont.

Mind over Batter: 75 Recipes for Baking as Therapy

Hazan’s point of view is simple, comforting, and helpful for those in need of some talk therapy, with the added bonus of baked goods.

The Wiley Canning Company Cookbook: Recipes To Preserve the Seasons

This is not the first canning book one should add to the collection (see the books from Ball for that), but it could very well be the gateway book that starts readers down a path of preserving.

Totally Kosher: Tradition with a Twist! 150+ Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day

Fans of Apfelbaum’s popular blog Busy in Brooklyn already know this is a must-have cookbook for kosher kitchens, but it’s also a breath of fresh air for cooks looking for big flavors and a fun voice.

Khabaar: An Immigrant Journey of Food, Memory, and Family

A strong work from a gifted writer; recommended for medium to large public libraries or for communities.

Have You Eaten Yet?: Stories from Chinese Restaurants Around the World

Kwan’s juicy descriptions of food and travel can immerse the casual listener, but there’s also plenty of meat for the socially conscious.

Did You Eat Yet?: Craveable Recipes from an All-American Asian Chef

This first cookbook from chef and food TV personality Woo is a fun and wonderful introduction to his cooking, appropriate for all skill levels.

More Than Cake: 100 Baking Recipes Built for Pleasure and Community

Best for those who like slow, meditative bakes and unique ingredient combinations.

Sweet Enough: A Baking Book

Those who like a more casual, carefree approach to baking will appreciate this, where the aim is for a delicious, not perfect, result.

A Cook’s Book: The Essential Nigel Slater

Slater’s warmly nourishing paean to the joys of food and cooking definitely earns its place on cook’s shelves next to other contemporary classics like Ruth Reichl’s My Kitchen Year and Nigella Lawson’s Cook, Eat, Repeat.

The Indonesian Table

A good read for home cooks looking to expand their knowledge of Indonesian cuisine along with their palate.

Cucina Povera: The Italian Way of Transforming Humble Ingredients into Unforgettable Meals

Italian cooking that delves deep into traditions and rustic cuisine will be a hit with patrons looking for challenging recipes that go beyond pasta.

Provence, the Cookbook: Recipes from the French Mediterranean

A charming and beautiful reflection on days gone by and the food history of a family and a region; will be appreciated by readers looking for the warmth of the French Mediterranean sun on the library shelf.

Down and Out in Paradise: The Life of Anthony Bourdain

Interest in Bourdain continues to be high; expect this audiobook to be popular among library patrons.

Anyone Can Cake: Your Complete Guide to Making & Decorating Perfect Layer Cakes

Packed with tips and troubleshooting guides, DePaoli’s book is an all-in-one manual for both the new and veteran baker that will take their cakes from flop to fabulous in no time.

Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed

The recipes mirror Balingit’s creativity and the world around her all while delivering unique flavors that will satisfy those looking for nostalgia or something new from their oven.

Veganistan: A Vegan Tour of the Middle East & Beyond

Readers will delight in this work, with its wide range of offerings, eclectic text, and personable tone.

Celebrate with Babs: Holiday Recipes & Family Traditions

This collection of easy-to-follow recipes and holiday ideas will please both new and veteran cooks and is recommended for all libraries.

A Table Full of Love: Recipes To Comfort, Seduce, Celebrate & Everything Else in Between

Whether readers are looking for the perfect dish to woo or a way to comfort through food, McAlpine provides the tools and recipes to say it with love from a kitchen.


Armchair travelers and fans of the brand will enjoy this title cover to cover, and serious home chefs will delight in the multifaceted, complex yet rewarding recipes. Instructions are in metric measurements, which will detract for some readers but not devotees.

A Generous Meal: Modern Recipes for Dinner

Flynn may be Canada’s best-kept secret, with her laidback attitude, entertaining chops, and deceptively simple dishes. She will be a popular fresh new voice for cookbook shelves.

Cooking for the Culture: Recipes and Stories from the New Orleans Streets to the Table

Part memoir, part cookbook, this is a work that readers will devour cover to cover in between trying Boudy’s recipes in the kitchen. Boudy fans will come for the memoir and stay for the food, while other library patrons will come for the recipes and be delighted by Boudy’s journey.

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A–Z

Unique and practical, Adler’s title encourages home cooks to achieve what seems impossible: clean out the fridge, not into the garbage but into an appealing meal.

Somebody Feed Phil, the Book: Untold Stories, Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Favorite Recipes

A charming feast for the ears, to be devoured by armchair travelers, home cooks, and anyone who loves food, people, and stories.

Cooking from the Spirit: Easy, Delicious, and Joyful Plant-Based Inspirations

Charismatic Brown makes this audio cookbook a good bet for public libraries, especially where vegan cooking is popular.

California Soul: An American Epic of Cooking and Survival

Corbin’s gritty and forthright book is perfect for fans of chef memoirs like Notes from a Young Black Chef and Kitchen Confidential.

My First Popsicle: An Anthology of Food and Feelings

This somewhat uneven but scrumptious essay collection will please foodies and non-foodies alike.

Nourishing Vegan Every Day: Simple, Plant-Based Recipes Filled with Color and Flavor

This inviting and engaging collection is a strong choice for public libraries. It is the kind of book readers are happy to discover as it hits the sweet spot of inspiration and usefulness.

6 Spices, 60 Dishes: Indian Recipes That Are Simple, Fresh, and Big on Taste

A study in doing more with less, Kahate’s book delivers realistic weeknight recipes that will satisfy a wide audience; it’s a great introduction to Indian flavors.

Foodwise: A Fresh Approach to Nutrition with 100 Delicious Recipes

A good mix of guidance and recipes. Rigden’s expertise and compassion may make readers feel that they are in her kitchen and have a friend who supports them.

Cocktail Time! The Ultimate Guide to Grown-Up Fun

Feig’s charm and humor elevate this book above the typical how-to-make-cocktails guide. Highly recommended for public library collections.

On the Curry Trail: Chasing the Flavor That Seduced the World

Recommended for readers who want not only to make curry from a variety of cultures but also to understand the scope of this far-reaching fare.

60-Second Cocktails: Amazing Drinks To Make at Home in a Minute

A great choice for the amateur home bartender either looking to master cocktail basics or to step up their game and make drinks to impress.

Boards and Bites: Food Styling and Homemade Recipes for Elegant Party Planning

This book is a feast for the eyes. Perfect for home entertainers or professional party planners who want to go the extra mile to create a memorable charcuterie board.

The Game Night Cookbook: Snacks, Noshes, and Drinks for Good Times

While many of the recipes are not especially unique, they are quick and easy for game nights, parties, or just an evening with friends.

Sugar High: 50 Recipes for Cannabis Desserts

Sayegh’s thoughtful approach to cannabis edibles, combined with the wide variety of delicious desserts, makes this an excellent choice for home cooks interested in incorporating cannabis into sweet treats.

Feed These People: Slam-Dunk Recipes for Your Crew

Cooks of all skill levels can come for the recipes and stay for the laughs and life lessons. This must-have for every cookbook collection is one to savor and enjoy.

Midcentury Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America’s Atomic Age

Tichi offers an entertaining, playful view of life in this era and how the drinks culture fed into it. The recipes here are nothing new, but that is not really the point of this book designed to celebrate the period.

The Sustainable Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: More Than 100 Easy, Healthy Recipes To Reduce Food Waste, Eat in Season, and Help the Earth

While focused on Mediterranean ingredients, this reads and cooks as a general recipe collection. It will please many with its range of offerings, eco-focus, and nutrition details.

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