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The Other Side of Yet: Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness

A sensitive memoir on living and finding joy in life following personal loss. Readers needn’t be Christian to find value in Hord’s advice, but she weaves spirituality throughout the text, which will likely resonate most strongly with readers who share her faith.

The Orchard

As Gorcheva-Newberry deftly demonstrates, coming of age is a universally difficult time, requiring hard choices and both self-assessment and reassessment of the world. Recommended for most fiction readers.

The Heights

In the vein of William Landay’s Defending Jacob, this title is a good choice for readers who enjoy twisting narratives.

Practically Vegan: More Than 100 Easy, Delicious Vegan Dinners on a Budget

A handy guide for quick and easy vegan meals.

Beyond Coding: How Children Learn Human Values Through Programming

Fascinating reading for educators and educational researchers working in a variety of settings.

Cimino: The Deer Hunter, Heaven’s Gate, and the Price of a Vision

A must for film aficionados. Fans of Cimino’s will be satisfied that he has been vindicated.

Headless John the Baptist Hitchhiking: Poems

A gorgeous, open-hearted debut.

Black Girls Must Be Magic

. Fans of Terry McMillan will enjoy this humorous and entertaining novel.

All the Flowers Kneeling

Readers will be sure to find connection and refuge within Tran’s standout collection. Highly recommended for all collections.

Modern Greece

A valuable resource, ideal for students doing research or general readers interested in knowing more about Greece, both its current state and its history.

The Method: How the Twentieth Century Learned To Act

Butler has produced an essential study of this hugely influential theory and practice of American acting. This work should be in every collection of books on theater and film.

Chilean Poet

English-language readers should not allow themselves to be distracted by the plethora of poets populating the novel, some famous (e.g., Nicanor Parra) and others bogus, but should instead focus on Zambra’s overarching paean to literature in general and poetry in particular.

Loss of Memory Is Only Temporary: Stories

Francine Prose’s preface aptly praises Kaplan’s “paradoxically scathing and compassionate insight” into characters revealed in the midst of an uncertain present, poised between Old World and New. A rare gem, recovered.

Otherlands: Journeys in Earth’s Extinct Ecosystems

Halliday’s brilliantly imaginative reconstructions, his deft marshalling of complex science, offers a thrilling experience of deep-time nature for pop-science buffs.

Turtles of the World: A Guide to Every Family

Authoritative, visually compelling, and broadly accessible, this guide will please a broad swath of readers interested in turtles.

A Lady Tempts an Heir

This third lively entry in St. George’s “Gilded Age Heiresses” series (after The Devil and the Heiress) hits all the right notes. The upfront discussion of infertility is particularly notable in a romance that’s set in the British Victorian Era and the American Gilded Age.

Never Simple

A brave exploration of a difficult but forever-connected mother-daughter relationship. Scheier’s memoir will appeal to many, thanks to its wit, unraveling mystery, and honesty.

The Perfect Escape

A supplementary purchase for public libraries whose patrons just can’t get enough suspense.

The Book of Cold Cases

When it comes to sending shivers down readers’ spines, St. James gives Shirley Jackson a run for her money, and her latest addictively readable novel will have one sleeping with the lights on.


The anthropomorphic motif has been effectively employed in adult literature like Animal Farm or Watership Down but feels distracting here, creating an emotional distance between the reader and the four-legged characters. Perhaps through living, breathing human beings, Bulawayo could have better amplified the grim reality of those living under oppressive governments and the courage required to rise up in glory.

Against All Odds: A True Story of Ultimate Courage and Survival in World War II

Fans of James Holland or Kershaw’s earlier works, as well as readers interested in military and World War II history, will enjoy the sharp storytelling and prose on display here.

Whole Earth: The Many Lives of Stewart Brand

A laudatory biography of Brand that admirers, the unfamiliar, and even some detractors will find insightful.


A harrowing debut novel by a very talented natural storyteller, suitable for YA as well as for adult readers.

Youngo Mungo

In language crisper and more direct than Shuggie Bain’s, if still spiked with startling similes, Stuart heightens his exploration of the sibling bond and the inexplicable hatred between Glasgow’s Protestants and Catholics, while contrasting Mungo’s tenderly conveyed queer awakening with the awful counterpart of sexual violence. Highly recommended.

The Simplest Baby Book in the World: The Illustrated, Grab-and-Do Guide for a Healthy, Happy Baby

Expectant and new parents will have an excellent starting place here.

The Golden Couple

Fans of Gone Girl and Woman on the Train will enjoy the surprises, unreliable witnesses, and slow reveals in this thriller.

Comeuppance Served Cold

Readers who love heist and caper stories will be thrilled with Dolly and her quest to deliver much-deserved comeuppance to those who believed they are above the law. The gas-lamp setting gives just the right touch of magic and creeping dread to Deeds’s novel.

Debating Your Plate: The Most Controversial Foods and Ingredients

A strong updated complement to Myrna Chandler Goldstein and Mark A. Goldstein’s Food and Nutrition Controversies Today. Minetor encourages readers to make up their own minds on nutrition, food science, and marketing.

Age of Cage: Four Decades of Hollywood Through One Singular Career

Fans and detractors alike will find films to revisit and new things to ponder about Cage’s protean career.

Ways and Means: Lincoln and His Cabinet and the Financing of the Civil War

Based on Chase’s papers and other documents, Lowenstein’s clearly argued book shines a light on an oft-neglected history of the American Civil War and how it shaped the U.S. economy.

Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation

A can’t-miss memoir that will make readers laugh, cry, and everything in between.

The Fighting Soul: On the Road with Bernie Sanders

A thoughtful and comprehensive account of the Sanders 2020 campaign and an authoritative description of the candidate’s personality. Readers who want to know more about Sanders or are interested in political campaign narratives will enjoy this book.

Totally Pawstruck

Fans of cat cozies and Ryan’s “Magical Cats” series, written as Sofie Kelly, will enjoy the ninth in the “Second Chance Cat” series (following Undercover Kitty).

What’s So Funny? A Cartoonist’s Memoir

An intimate and engaging memoir by an artist who understands that personal thoughts and feelings often lead to remarkable ideas. Recommended.

Under Lock & Skeleton Key

Readers will enjoy not only figuring out the mystery but also learning how the magic tricks are done.

Rocks & Minerals

Beautiful and useful. A necessary addition when updating or enhancing a library’s 549 section.

Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People: How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease

Essential reading for all caregivers, family, and healthcare providers of deeply forgetful people.

How To Raise an Intuitive Eater: Raising the Next Generation with Food and Body Confidence

This informative resource offers compassionate help for parents attempting to build a healthy relationship with food, for both themselves and their children.

Don’t Worry: 48 Lessons on Relieving Anxiety from a Zen Buddhist Monk

Highly recommended for general readers interested in Eastern philosophy and open to learning practical approaches to dealing with anxiety. Masuno’s useful advice is particularly needed in recent times.

The Valet’s Secret

Hand to readers who love a case of mistaken identity and romances that cross class lines; they’ll be sure to enjoy Kenneth and Rebecca’s electric encounters. Kilpack’s (“A Proper Romance” series) Regency novel is full of heartfelt emotion, along with intriguing drama, and will be a sweet fairy tale for readers who can appreciate what it means to find late-in-life lovee.

Incomparable Grace: JFK in the Presidency

Updegrove will alleviate, although not quench, general readers’ continual thirst for biographies of JFK. Pair with the likes of Fredrik Logevall’s JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century, 1917–1956.

The Unsinkable Greta James

Death can change so much for the living. Readers of Debbie Macomber and Robyn Carr will love how unsinkable Greta proves to be.

Master of the Midcentury: The Architecture of William F. Cody

There are too few floor plans, which reduces the value of this volume; suitable for comprehensive architecture collections.

The Pages

Much like Ian McEwan’s Nutshell, narrated by a fetus, Hamilton’s latest novel conceals a clever literary element with beautiful prose and a deeper meditation on time itself.

The History of Speed: The Quest To Go Faster, from the Dawn of the Motor Car to the Speed of Sound

Fascinating fare for racers, drivers, car buffs, and historians. Likely to see use in most libraries.

The Ultimate Book of Pub Trivia by the Smartest Guy in the Bar: Over 300 Rounds and More Than 3,000 Questions

With more than 3,000 questions, this is a winning collection of brain teasers for any library.

Astonishing the Gods

For every reader who balks at the book’s New Age extravagance, another will embrace it as a sumptuous new wisdom text.

The Cartographers

A shimmering delight, full of wonder, danger, and marvel. Suggest to readers of Erin Morgenstern, who has a similar ethos, and Natasha Pulley, who, like Shepherd, well knows how to end a story.

The Black Agenda: Bold Solutions for a Broken System

An important volume for anyone involved in dismantling systemic racism through advocacy and public policy.

Can I Mix You a Drink?: 50 Cocktails from My Life & Career

Some readers may be put off by the profanity and references to intoxication; still, the recipes are sure to enliven any cocktail party.

Ever Green: Saving Big Forests To Save the Planet

This absorbing book provides an in-depth treatment of these boreal and tropical forests and why their preservation is a crucial step to mitigate climate change.

Artisan Design: Collectible Furniture in the Digital Age

A comprehensive overview, unlikely to be supplanted anytime soon.

The Hidden Order of Intimacy: Reflections on the Book of Leviticus

Although readers might be occasionally disappointed by an infelicitous approach to a delicate topic or a missed opportunity for a critical conversation with pre-modern quotations, reading Leviticus alongside Zornberg still manages to be a thoughtful, informative experience.

The Last Wild Horses

While Lunde’s descriptions of a dystopian landscape destroyed by climate change are especially effective, the novel wraps up a little too neatly given the trauma suffered in trying to save the horses.

No Land To Light On

Highly recommended.

Black Cake

Already picked up by Oprah’s Harpo Films, Wilkerson’s novel jumps between Covey’s life and Byron’s and Benny’s in the current day. This engrossing read is highly recommended.

When We Were Birds

Banwo has penned a compelling and imaginative supernatural love story, offering vivid descriptions of local life and scenery that are matched by her application of the natural language rhythms. Though the novel’s narrative pace is initially slow, Banwo wraps up with a redemptive and hopeful flourish that readers will appreciate.

Unnatural Ends

Like Huang’s A Gentleman’s Murder, his latest mystery is a puzzle worthy of Golden Age detective fiction. Fans of historical mysteries and 1920s novels will welcome this twisted, complex story.

Olga Dies Dreaming

Given the forthcoming TV adaptation, libraries should expect demand for this big-hearted, entertaining family drama that also touches on important social and political issues.

Checkout 19

Bennett follows her celebrated debut, Pond, with a stunning demonstration of reading as creation.

Women Talk Money: Breaking the Taboo

An eye-opening book with great insights drawn from individual experiences of money, with stories of success and less-than-success. These essays can start conversations going among women who wish to deal openly and honestly with money and finances. Highly recommended.

The Schlager Anthology of the American Revolution: A Student’s Guide to Essential Primary Sources

A worthwhile resource for public libraries and community colleges.

The Chevron Doctrine: Its Rise and Fall, and the Future of the Administrative State

Students of administrative law, the Constitution, Congress, or the federal courts will find much to mull about the operation and legitimacy of the U.S. administrative state.

The Parent Trap: How To Stop Overloading Parents and Fix Our Inequality Crisis

This analytical tome may be better for those in public policy than for parents themselves; nonetheless Hilger makes a compelling argument for federal investment in child-rearing.

Putin’s Russia: The Rise of a Dictator

Cunningham’s simplistic, unobtrusive cartooning and keen ability to communicate a clear narrative (even with the multitude of characters and historical events detailed here) create an insightful, often-chilling account of both Putin and Russian history since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Things Are Never So Bad That They Can’t Get Worse: Inside the Collapse of Venezuela

A riveting personal exploration of Venezuela’s slow-moving collapse.

Sweep of Stars

The first of this Afrofuturist trilogy takes off with an epic array of characters and plotlines that will enmesh readers in the politics and power struggles set across the stars.

Coach K: The Rise and Reign of Mike Krzyzewski

The national spotlight will be on Krzyzewski as the basketball season winds down; all public libraries and sports collections will want to showcase O’Connor’s appealing, candid profile of college basketball’s winningest coach.

The Crocodile Bride

Fans of fiction about Southern women or about the formative years of girlhood will love this quick, captivating read that tugs at the heartstrings.

The White House Plumbers: The Seven Weeks That Led to Watergate and Doomed Nixon’s Presidency

General readers on both sides of the political aisle will welcome this instructional, conscience-stricken account and will want to compare the book to the five-part miniseries based on it (to appear on HBO in 2022).

The Circus Infinite

A three-ring extravaganza, combining a coming-of-age with Jes’s desperate race to save his new family from a corrupt mastermind. Readers will get caught up in Wong’s debut novel and find themselves wanting to run away to the circus with Jes. Highly recommended.

Wild and Wicked Things

May’s debut fantasy novel, a tale of secrets, lies, and mistakenly raising the dead, will keep readers guessing and turning pages to the very end. Highly recommended for lovers of dark, witchy fantasy, especially those seeking read-alikes of Alix Harrow’s The Once and Future Witches or Katherine Howe’s The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.

Snake Eyes: Murder in a Southern Town

Cathie Ward’s death clearly affected a generation of children from Hot Springs, but Martin’s work offers no unique angle to the true crime genre. Not recommended.

Heroic Hearts

A resoundingly successful collection of stories focused on heart, humor, and the strength of courage.


Chou’s debut opens with promise and an intriguing premise, but as it moves along, multiple story lines are left open, and many characters (like Ingrid’s fiancé Stephen Greene and her academic nemesis Vivian Vo) are left underdeveloped. Nevertheless, readers who enjoyed Vanessa Hua’s River of Stars will appreciate this similarly humorous if sometimes unbelievable romp.

Nicolas Party

Whether or not they’re familiar with Party, readers are in for a visual treat.

Other People’s Clothes

Henkel, an American playwright, director, and artist living in Berlin, provides a peek into the city’s art world and its communities of expats. Her multilayered debut is capably written.

The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook: Over 100 Fabulous Recipes To Use Eggs in Unexpected Ways

This latest work from Steele will provide cooks and bakers with plenty of new ways to use eggs.

The Discord of Gods

Lyons wraps up “A Chorus of Dragons” by binding all the sprawling plotlines together in an incredibly satisfying epic fantasy adventure.


Osunde writes like the visual artist they are, having directed and produced Tatafo, a forthcoming film based on this novel. Their vibrant style breathes life into people whom hypocritical politicians would prefer remain hidden. Ideal for readers of Akwaeke Emezi.

Bodies on the Line: At the Front Lines of the Fight To Protect Abortion in America

This sweeping history will leave readers wanting to learn more. It is both a celebration of devoted volunteer clinic escorts and a call to action to improve the circumstances under which people seek health care.

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care

The connection among Claire’s friends and the development of Delilah’s backstory add depth to a fun hometown romance, planned as the start of a series of Bright Falls–set queer romances.

Blank Pages: And Other Stories

The 12 stories that make up MacLaverty’s seventh collection emphasize his mastery of image, characterization, and dialogue. He remains one of the most graceful storytellers in modern literature.

Woman, Eating

A delicate, consistently surprising riff on the vampire narrative, and a stealthy, subversive story of one young woman’s declaration of self.

Rachel Carson: The Sea Trilogy

Taken together these books represent a high-water mark in popular science writing. A still-timely immersion, for readers young and old, in the preciousness and fragility of our home.

The Man Who Died Twice

A must-have for all public library collections.

Sword and Shadow

Ideal for readers looking for stories of complex political maneuvering in fully realized fantasy worlds, with earth-shattering events told through complicated, sympathetic characters. This origin story for a well-loved character from the world of Elantra will get new readers up to speed while telling a story that long-time followers have been waiting for. Highly recommended.

The Baby on the Fire Escape: Creativity, Motherhood, and the Mind-Baby Problem

These constructions are far from new, yet Phillips’s powerfully researched, thoughtful, sensitive examinations will be of interest to literary scholars as well as to general readers grappling with their own oscillating creative and pragmatic selves.

Librarian’s Guide to Games and Gamers: From Collection Development to Advisory Services

A superb book for early-career librarians, librarians who are new to games and gaming, academic librarians hoping to install games into the collection, and anyone looking for a fresh perspective on gaming.

The Teen Interpreter: A Guide to the Challenges and Joys of Raising Adolescents

A practical, informative guide to communicating with and understanding adolescents.

Murder at the Porte de Versailles

Black’s latest is a fast-paced, atmospheric mystery that brings back memories of worldwide fear after 9/11. It’s best for fans of the series who will recognize the numerous characters and memories brought together in the 20th in the series (following Murder in Bel-Air).

The Women’s House of Detention: A Queer History of a Forgotten Prison

This blend of queer history and social history is highly recommended for all interested in learning about an often-overlooked landmark.

The Handbook of Archival Practice

This comprehensive guide will be a staple for any archival student or professional.

The Emergency: A Year of Healing and Heartbreak in a Chicago ER

Shedding light on the social justice implications on the health care system and an important snapshot of a grim moment in time, this account will appeal to a wide range of readers. Highly recommended.

Last Call at the Hotel Imperial: Reporters of the Lost Generation in a World at War

Highly recommended for readers who enjoy biographies, modern history, and politics.

The Invisible Siege: The Rise of Coronaviruses and the Search for a Cure

Great for those who want to understand the science of fighting pandemics while trying to avoid conspiracy theories and politicization.

World Architecture and Society: From Stonehenge to One World Trade Center

Erudite but accessible, notable for emphasizing cultural importance over time, these densely informative volumes will attract architecture aficionados, professional or amateur.

Saving Yellowstone: Exploration and Preservation in Reconstruction America

Scrupulously researched and written in appealing journalistic style, this book should attract enthusiasts of Western and U.S. history.

The Korean Vegan Cookbook: Reflections and Recipes from Omma’s Kitchen

The deep connection between food and family shines through in Molinaro’s enticing collection, which is highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about Korean cuisine and culture.

Ancestor Trouble: A Reckoning and a Reconciliation

An engaging and thoroughly researched memoir relaying a family history that is at turns recognizable and abhorrent, as an honest and typical history of American exceptionalism, racism, and misogyny. Will appealing to lovers of memoirs, family secrets, genealogy, and the sociological makeup threading U.S. history.

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