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Truly Simple: 140 Healthy Recipes for Weekday Cooking

Desirable for Cavallari fans and those looking for healthy or gluten-free options. Purchase where there is interest.

How To Build a Treehouse

This book is full of practical advice, such as notifying the neighbors before construction begins and the need to research local building codes. However, it is not for true beginners, as it requires a basic understanding of woodworking, tools, and construction terms. There’s also only one specific architectural plan. If readers want to make a different type of treehouse, they may need to consult a professional or another resource.

A Table Full of Love: Recipes To Comfort, Seduce, Celebrate & Everything Else in Between

Whether readers are looking for the perfect dish to woo or a way to comfort through food, McAlpine provides the tools and recipes to say it with love from a kitchen.


Armchair travelers and fans of the brand will enjoy this title cover to cover, and serious home chefs will delight in the multifaceted, complex yet rewarding recipes. Instructions are in metric measurements, which will detract for some readers but not devotees.

A Generous Meal: Modern Recipes for Dinner

Flynn may be Canada’s best-kept secret, with her laidback attitude, entertaining chops, and deceptively simple dishes. She will be a popular fresh new voice for cookbook shelves.

Cooking for the Culture: Recipes and Stories from the New Orleans Streets to the Table

Part memoir, part cookbook, this is a work that readers will devour cover to cover in between trying Boudy’s recipes in the kitchen. Boudy fans will come for the memoir and stay for the food, while other library patrons will come for the recipes and be delighted by Boudy’s journey.

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook: Leftovers A–Z

Unique and practical, Adler’s title encourages home cooks to achieve what seems impossible: clean out the fridge, not into the garbage but into an appealing meal.

Kintsugi: The Wabi Sabi Art of Japanese Ceramic Repair

The technical aspects of kintsugi are best directed to artists interested in learning the Japanese techniques. For the layperson, there are other methods of repairing ceramics that mimic the look of kintsugi without the expense and difficulty.

How To Promote Your Book: A Practical Guide to Publicizing Your Own Title

A beneficial purchase, of particular use for self-published and small-press authors, with information that will be helpful for anyone seeking to boost the visibility of their work.

Ikebana: The Zen Way of Flowers

This visually striking art book will appeal to all who appreciate the beauty of ikebana and might inspire readers to try their hand at creating their own hanaike using Ueno’s techniques.

Professor Pincushion’s Beginner Guide to Sewing: Garment Making for Nervous Newbies

The clear instructions, attractive photos, and graphics make this an essential starting place for sewing and a foundation to continue to build on.

Kawaii Doggies: Learn To Draw Over 100 Adorable Pups in All Their Glory

This book is as much fun to read as it is instructive. Recommended for public libraries that serve beginner and experienced doodlers and illustrators, along with general readers interested in this adorable art form.

Modern Calligraphy: Learn the Beautiful Art of Brush Lettering

A very useful book for individuals looking to learn about calligraphy. Recommended for public libraries.

Go with the Flow Painting: Step-by-Step Techniques for Spontaneous Effects in Watercolor

An essential book for public libraries. It will appeal to beginner watercolor artists and those wanting to try Win’s loose, go-with-the-flow style of watercolor painting.

Needle Felting Dolls: A Complete Course in Sculpting Figures

A top resource for needle felting and a wonderful addition to any crafts collection.

Yarn Spinning with a Modern Twist: How To Create Your Own Gorgeous Yarns Using a Drop Spindle

This book may be intimidating for readers who have no experience with or easy access to raw wool. It is geared much more to those who are already spinning wool and seeking more specialized advice.

Scandinavian Style Easter Knits

A charming book for experienced knitters.

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Photography: Learn How To Take Professional Shots and Selfies the Easy Way

This is a short, detailed, easy-to-read book filled with great photographs as examples. Perfect for readers looking to take their iPhone photography up a few notches.

Origami and Kirigami for the Home: Paper Art Decorations, Gift Wrapping and Handmade Cards

This is a thorough entry into the world of paper crafting, with beautiful photos to accompany each project and enough pieces for readers of every skill level to enjoy.

Leather Sewing: 8 New Projects for Leather Crafters of All Levels

A good choice for readers who enjoy exploring new crafts or those merely curious about leatherwork.

Maybe Swearing Will Help: Relax and Curse Your Ass Off in Cross-Stitch

This is a short but comprehensive and enjoyable companion piece for cross-stitch fans looking to add a little humor to their next project.

Macramé Jewellery: 20 Stylish Modern Projects Using Simple Knots

Strambio’s appreciation for the art of macramé and her encouragement for readers to give knotting a try and let mistakes be part of the unique quality of a hand-crafted piece make this book a celebration of creativity from start to finish.

Restyle & Restitch for Little Ones: 30 Simple Projects from Preloved Clothes

As recycling and sustainability keep growing in importance, this is a creative way to avoid ditching clothing that readers aren’t ready to give up.

The Innovative Artist: Art of Pyrography; Drawing with Fire

This well-structured primer will appeal to artists looking for a new medium, as well as beginning to intermediate–level pyrographers interested in adding new skills and techniques.

Embroidered Crochet: Enchanting Projects To Crochet and Embroider

While the crocheted instructions are adequate, and there are useful sections on blocking and finishing, the book contains several technical errors and omissions with the embroidered topstitching instructions. Only recommended for libraries where there is demand for the author’s books.

Satisfying Stitches: Learn Simple Embroidery Techniques and Embrace the Joys of Stitching by Hand

Highly recommended, especially for libraries looking to expand their beginner-embroidery offerings.

You Can Draw Cute Animals: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing and Coloring Adorable Creatures

This book is great for artists with the desire to learn more about drawing.

Hand Quilting Techniques for Farmhouse Style: Easy, Stress-Free Ways To Quickly Hand Quilt

A truly excellent beginner’s guide that will have readers quilting with confidence.

Friends: The One with the Crochet; The Official Crochet Pattern Book

A truly fun reference book for readers to use to make gifts for Friends lovers in their life or themselves.

Love Fat Quarter Quilts: 20 Delightful Precut Projects for All Skill Levels

Recommended for public libraries that serve a strong, active quilting community.

Sweet Pea Crochet: 20 Beautiful Baby Blankets & Matching Gifts

Although the designs are beautiful and the patterns well written, one drawback is that the book is written in UK crochet terms that may be confusing for those who are used to American crochet ones, but there is a conversion chart. On the plus side, the blanket border instructions are written without a stitch count to allow for differing tensions. An illustrated techniques section is also included.

Sew Maddie: The Adorable Rag Doll Who Loves Fun and Fashion!

Any age will be able to enjoy creating a variety of pieces to complete Maddie’s or another doll’s wardrobe.

The Herbarium of Fabric Flowers: Twenty Flower Brooch Projects Translated from Nature

This book functions as both an art book and a how-to for crafting, which makes it an excellent inclusion in public libraries.

Japanese Motifs in Stumpwork & Goldwork: Embroidered designs inspired by Japanese family crests

Nicholas’s pieces are beautiful, but they’re best for embroiderers with experience in surface embroidery, stumpwork, and goldwork. For a thorough grounding in the basics of these techniques, beginners should start with the Royal School of Needlework’s guides.

Create Naturally: Go Outside and Rediscover Nature with 15 Makers

An interesting study of art inspired by and integrating nature. Not an essential purchase for an art section but will likely be of interest to many artists and makers.

Colour Crochet Unlocked: The Ultimate How-To Guide

Overall, a fair introduction to colorwork for the experienced crocheter up for a challenge. Given the intended audience (UK and experienced crocheters), this book is best for larger libraries’ crochet collections.

Made with Love: Get Hooked with 30 Knitting and Crochet Patterns

There is plenty to like about this book. Its only drawback is that it is written exclusively for right-handers. Experienced left-handed crafters must do their own conversions, and left-handed beginners are advised to look elsewhere. An optional purchase for libraries with craft sections.

Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish: A Whole Brunch of Recipes To Make at Home

An information-packed delight. This is a book to give as a housewarming gift, treasure in one’s kitchen where it will quickly become flour and lox stained, and to make sure is in every library collection.

Home Detox: Make Your Home a Healthier Place for Everyone Who Lives There

Committed environmentalists interested in upping their game and being better citizens of planet Earth will find this guide useful. Highly recommended for all libraries.

Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home: How To Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Life

This book moves beyond the home to include everyday activities and lifestyle. It’s likely to be in high demand due to Kondo’s popularity.

Sundays with Sophie: Flay Family Recipes for Any Day of the Week

The Flays have slayed it with a casual family cookbook that covers the basics for beginners, but it is full of surprises for veteran home chefs.

Fishermen’s Knits from the Coast of Norway

For experienced knitters and those interested in textile history.

The Embroidered Closet: Modern Hand-Stitching for Upgrading and Upcycling Your Wardrobe

A must for beginners and libraries with patrons interested in sustainable crafts.

Drawing for Illustration

A robust bibliography and index are included. The result is an appropriate update for art collections, particularly for universities and large public libraries with teens and adults interested in this craft.

The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, Revised Edition: An All-Natural Approach to Raising and Breeding Chickens and Other Fowl for Home and Market Growers

Recommended for readers interested in homesteading, organic living, and sustainable and eco-friendly poultry farming.

Gateau: The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes

Full of charming gouache illustrations and a wonderful friendly tone to the text. Public-library patrons will like this one.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hand Building: Functional and Sculptural Projects for the Home Potter

Geared toward the absolute novice, this book will appeal to those interested in working with clay but are not looking for glazing or firing instructions.

Essential Sashiko: A Dictionary of the 92 Most Popular Patterns

A thorough guide to the art of sashiko that will inspire hand-embroidery enthusiasts, as well as hand- and machine-quilters looking for geometric designs.

Watercolour Lessons: How To Paint and Unwind in 20 Tutorials

An asset for all library collections that include art tutorials for beginners testing the waters of a new hobby.

Make Your Own Crochet Animals: Create Your Own Unique Animals and Patterns

A great introduction to amigurumi crochet and crafting three-dimensional creatures. Recommended for most public libraries.

Ghetto Gastro Presents Black Power Kitchen

A wonderfully written and beautifully produced book. In keeping with Ghetto Gastro’s multidisciplinary approach, this volume will offer readers an engaging excursion into food history and culture, with a myriad of appealing recipes. Best for those interested in culinary and cultural histories.

P.S.—We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids!

Highly recommended for parents and teachers who are looking for low-cost, easy, fun creative projects for preschoolers to preteens.

The Oil Painter’s Color Handbook: A Contemporary Guide to Color Mixing, Pigments, Palettes, and Harmony

Casey’s thorough and well-designed guide provides an extensive overview of color theory and the ways color can be used in art. Although there’s some beginner-friendly content, it’s best suited to artists with some experience with oil paints.

Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle

For those interested in living off their land and starting a homesteading lifestyle, this book does a great job providing practical tips, recipes, and inspiration to get started on a sustainable path.

Lace Knit Shawls, Sweaters, Socks & Hats: 26 Designs Inspired by Japanese Stitch Patterns

The patterns and instructions are lovely. The gimmicky, surface-level nods to Japanese culture are not.

Romancing the Home: Stylish Interiors for a Modern Lifestyle

Interesting and enjoyable, this book is a welcome addition to art and design collections.

Knitting the National Parks: 63 Easy-To-Follow Designs for Beautiful Beanies Inspired by the US National Parks

Buy where there is reader demand for intermediate-level knitting projects, with the caveat that this is for experienced right-handed U.S. knitters; left-handed and non-U.S. knitters will need to know how to do their own conversions and where to look for stitch abbreviations.

Doodle Everything! Learn To Draw with 400+ Easy, Adorable Designs

This guide is for those who love to bullet journal or craft. It’s also recommended for those needing to pick up a new meditative hobby.

AphroChic: Celebrating the Legacy of the Black Family Home

Fans of the elegance and distinctive design styles featured in Michael Henry Adams’s Style and Grace: African Americans at Home will likely love this book as well. This is also a great book for those interested in increasing their cultural awareness and learning more about United States history, racial inequality, and interior design.

Chetna’s Easy Baking: With a Twist of Spice

Anyone well versed in British terms and ingredients and equipped with traybake tins will find this another appealing offering from Makan.

Terrain: The Houseplant Book; An Insider’s Guide to Cultivating and Collecting the Most Sought-After Specimens

This beautiful book is chock-full of information about many uncommon plants and seems geared to the collector or at least the intermediate houseplant grower because of the rarity, strict growing conditions, or expense of many of her choices. Tovah Martin’s The Unexpected Houseplant is another solid choice for those who want to grow unusual houseplants; beginners could start with Barbara Pleasant’s The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual or Darryl Cheng’s The New Plant Parent.

Japan Blue Indigo Dyeing Techniques: A Beginner’s Guide to Shibori Tie-Dyeing

This is a jam-packed volume filled with clear instructions and ample color photographs to help crafters master shibori tie-dyeing and incorporate it into their projects. Best suited for those who enjoy crafting, sewing, or designing clothes.

How To Sew Clothes: Learn with Intuitive, Super-Hackable Patterns

The authors make sewing both inspirational and inviting for beginning sewists, in a book that reflects the modern ethos of environmental sustainability and the ethos of thrift from earlier eras. An optional purchase for libraries with a strong crafts section.

Embroidery: Threads and Stories from Alabama Chanin and the School of Making

Purchase only where other titles by Chanin have been popular. For patrons who want to sew their own Chanin originals, purchase the author’s 2008 Alabama Stitch Book instead.

The Art of Seating: 200 Years of American Design

A beautifully illustrated and detailed look at the history of chair design in America. Owing to the unique topic, it will best serve academics, students, and aficionados of style and design.

Studio Ghibli Cookbook: Unofficial Recipes Inspired by Spirited Away, Ponyo, and More!

Call it rereading by eating: this book will please Studio Ghibli buffs. It might not circulate from the stacks, but put it alongside the films or on a page-to-screen display, and fans will delight in finding it.

Crochet Amigurumi for Every Occasion: 21 Easy Projects To Celebrate Life’s Happy Moments

A spectacular choice for beginners of this crochet technique.

Modern Embroidery: A Book of Stitches To Unleash Creativity

A well-written book that will continue to expand embroidery collections and encourage creativity along the way.

Serendipity: A History of Accidental Culinary Discoveries

These short, casual interviews about serendipitous food discoveries mix fact and lore to provide an entertaining collection that food connoisseurs will enjoy. With no sources included beyond the experts being interviewed, this reads more like an oral history, lovingly preserved in book form.

Classic Christmas Crochet

A must-have for any library’s crochet collection. Those experienced with crochet techniques and those new to the craft will likely find much to love. Appealing and artful photographs of the designs will have crafters itching to pick up their hooks.

Everyday Crochet: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Crocheters of all levels will likely find this to be a useful reference guide. Recommended for most public libraries.

Embroidery: The Ideal Guide to Stitching, Whatever Your Level of Expertise

Beginners can use this book to learn and practice new stitches, while advanced stitchers may find inspiration for their own pattern designs. Recommended for most public libraries.

Establishing Home: Creating Space for a Beautiful Life with Family, Faith, and Friends

For DIY newbies and fans of Stoffer.

Persiana Everyday: Easy Everyday Dishes

Ghayour delivers the flavor she is known for, in a simple weeknight-friendly package that will please fans and families.

Knot Bad Amigurumi: Learn Crochet Stitches and Techniques To Create Cute Creatures with 25 Easy Patterns

Green-Hite’s book is full of simple yet extraordinary patterns that would be a fun addition to any library collection.

The Designer Within: A Professional Guide to a Well-Styled Home

McClain’s title is an easily digestible, interior design book that would be an asset to any library shelf.

Parisian by Design: Interiors by David Jimenez

The very niche nature of the work narrows the checkouts it may receive, but purchase where coffee-table decor books are popular.

Extraordinary Interiors

A delightful peek at the extraordinary interiors of the extraordinarily wealthy.

Mamacita: Recipes Celebrating Life as a Mexican Immigrant in America

With a solid variety of nostalgic Mexican staples, Pons offers an accessible introduction to traditional Mexican dishes that are sure to please. Most of the recipes are less than a page in length with easy-to-follow instructions and generally easy-to-find ingredients. A great choice for cookbook collections.

Spanish at Home: Feasts & Sharing Plates from Iberian Kitchens

All libraries should have a range of Iberian cookbooks on the shelf, and Warren’s will be useful for multiple reasons, be it planning a fiesta or themed party featuring food from this part of Spain, or learning more about the region’s foodways.

From Petal to Pattern: Design Your Own Floral Patterns

The subject matter may be interesting to those looking to experiment with a new medium or discover a new way to view the world around them.

The Enigma of the Shadow Weave Illuminated: Understanding Classic Drafts for Inspired Weaving Today

Winter ensures shadow weave will keep evolving utilizing the powerful combination of text and subtext, of external and internal layering, that is integral to weaving.

Dog Tricks Even You Can Teach Your Pet

The short chapters, full-color photographs, and bulleted lists make this a valuable resource for new and veteran dog owners.

Japanese Interiors

Readers who enjoyed the works of Marie Kondo or jumped on Netflix’s Home Edit craze will be enticed, but this book may be too niche for some public library collections.

House Beautiful: Live Colorfully

An oversized book featuring expansive photography, this may find more of an audience with collectors than with libraries.

The Ultimate All-Around Stitch Dictionary: More Than 300 Stitch Patterns To Knit Every Way

This is an excellent book for newer knitters, but it’s also for those who are more familiar with designing and modifying existing patterns who would like to add a versatile stitch dictionary to their collection.

Beyond the Garden: Designing Home Landscapes with Natural Systems

While these projects are unique to each location, thus making duplication of ideas not realistic for readers, it does provide good insight into creating within a natural environment and ideas for the advanced home landscaper.

Paper Collage Workshop: A Fine Artist’s Guide to Creative Collage

This book is well worth the investment and can lead to hours of enjoyable creativity, group art events, and beautiful collages.

No Dig: Nurture Your Soil To Grow Better Veg with Less Effort

While not for absolute beginners, most gardeners, whether or not they are no-dig adherents, will glean useful information from this guide. Buy where vegetable gardening books are in demand.

(Serious) New Cook: Recipes, Tips, and Techniques

Sure to be a winner, with lovely pictures, clear and cheerful prose, and the promise of tasty food.

Veranda at Home in the South: Interior Design Reimagined

Add this to collections where decorating aficionados are eagerly awaiting their next fix of beauty.

Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals: A Naturalist’s Notebook

This is a lovely blend of science and craft. Recommended for most public libraries.

Knitting Wraps in the Round: 21 Inspired Shawls, Scarves, and Stoles

Confident experienced knitters will likely have great fun with this.

Super Soul Food with Cousin Rosie: 100+ Modern Twists on Comfort Food Classics

This collection of fun and flavorful recipes will be a hit with patrons. Established fans of Mayes will clamor for the new recipes, while those just discovering her cooking will appreciate her modern yet practical twists on classics.

Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Patterns: Easy-Sew Pieces To Mix and Match

A great choice for anyone hoping to create a capsule wardrobe for themselves or others.

Inspired Ikebana: Modern Design Meets the Ancient Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement

This beautifully illustrated guide serves as a thorough introduction to ikebana. Crafters who enjoy working with natural materials will likely be inspired by Zaima’s artistry.

Close Knit: 15 Patterns and 45 Techniques from Beginner to Advanced from Europe’s Coolest Knitter

Recommended for larger collections as an alternative to traditional knitting books.

Viking Knits: Over 40 Scandi Knits for Men, Women & Children

Don’t expect the intricacy and history of Elsebeth Lavold, but it will be the rare sweater lover who doesn’t find something on these pages that they’ll yearn to make.

Cartooning Made Easy: Circle, Triangle, Square; Draw Unique Cartoon Characters Using Simple Geometric Shapes

A great guide to cartooning that would be an excellent addition to a collection and also useful for creative library programs.

In the Name of Plants: From Attenborough to Washington, the People Behind Plant Names

A great botanical reference that’s also entertaining enough for general audiences to dip into or read cover to cover. Appropriate for academic and large public libraries.

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