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Highlights from Flame Con 2019

News from the Show Floor | ALA Annual 2019

In and Beyond the Library: GNCRT's State of the Comics Union; Past, Present, and Future | ALA 2019

Eisner Grant Winners Honored at ALA Annual | ALA 2019

Censorship Beyond Books | ALA Annual 2019


George Takei on Democracy | ALA Annual 2019

ALA Looks at “173 Days of Congress” and What’s Ahead | ALA Annual 2019

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Speaks to the Power of Librarians | ALA Annual 2019


Librarians Protest Against CIA Presence at ALA Annual Conference in D.C., Submit Resolution


Making the Make Book | BookExpo 2019

Highlights from BookCon 2019

On the Hill | ALA Preview 2019


News from the Show Floor | ALA Midwinter 2019

A Human-Centered Conference | ALA Midwinter 2019

Open Agenda, Privacy, and Digital Identity Lead Top Tech Trends | ALA Midwinter 2019

Social Justice in Seattle | ALA Midwinter 2019

A Taste of Seattle

ALA in Pictures: Library of the Year Reception

News from the Show Floor | ALA Annual 2018

Quantum Computing, Lack of Corporate Transparency Lead Top Tech Trends | ALA Annual 2018

ALA in Pictures: Opening General Session

ALA in Pictures: Exhibits and Speakers

We Need Diverse Books Presents: Life Cycle of a Diverse Book | BookExpo 2018


PEN America Presents: Can Free Speech Be Saved? | BookExpo 2018


Novel New Orleans: Beignets, Bars, and Books in the Big Easy

Reaching New Audiences | NYCC Professional Day 2017

United for Libraries Author Panels | ALA Annual 2017

Asking for a Friend: Tough Questions (and Honest Answers) about Organizational Culture | ALA Annual 2017


Hillary Clinton Gives Closing Speech | ALA Annual 2017

Authors & Celebrities | ALA 2017 Preview

Back in the Big Apple | BEA Preview 2017


LJ Reviewer Makes His ALA Debut | ALA Midwinter 2017

LJ’s Reviews of RUSA’s Top Genre Fiction | ALA Midwinter 2017

Picturing History, Comics Creators in Conversation | Comic Con 2016

New York Comic Con: Top Library Panels

Academic Librarians On Taking Their Seats at the Table | ALA Annual 2016

Exhibitor News Roundup | ALA Annual 2016

Security, Virtual Reality, and Smaller Maker Spaces Among Top Tech Trends | ALA Annual 2016

Andrew Carnegie Medals | ALA Annual 2016

Tailoring Data Services for Institutional Needs | ALA Annual 2016

Active Shooter Policies in Libraries | ALA Annual 2016


Serving Newly Released Adults | ALA Annual 2016

Academic Libraries and Open Educational Resources: Developing Partnerships | ALA Annual 2016

Annual First Look | ALA Annual 2016

Library Field Responds to Orlando Tragedy


Cool Summer Reads: Hit the Beach with These Genre Fiction Favorites

BEA, Back In Chicago | BEA Preview 2016

Libraries Transforming Communities | PLA 2016

LJ’s Reviews of Notable Nonfiction & Poetry | ALA Midwinter 2016

LJ’s Reviews of RUSA’s Notable Fiction | ALA Midwinter 2016

LJ’s Reviews of the 2016 Andrew Carnegie Medal Winners | ALA Midwinter 2016

We Need Diverse Books at ALA Midwinter

Libraries and Book Collections as Essential Cultural Institutions | ALA Annual 2015

Exhibitor News Roundup | ALA Annual 2015

2015 Andrew Carnegie Winners | ALA Annual 2015

A Taste of San Francisco | ALA 2015 Preview


Fog City Reads | ALA 2015 Preview

RUSA’S Top Pop Fiction | ALA Midwinter 2015

BEA, BookCon Repositioned as Separate, Adjoining Shows

Anticipatory Discovery and One-Click Server Installs Among LITA Top Tech Trends | ALA 2014

Library Simplified Works on Three-Click Access for Library Ebooks | ALA 2014

What Happened in Vegas | ALA 2014


Quirky Books for Fall 2014 | ALA Annual 2014

Banned Books Week Announces Comics Focus | ALA 2014

BookCon To Expand In 2015

#WeNeedDiverseBooks: Not a Trend, But Here to Stay | BEA 2014

Las Vegas Reads | ALA 2014 Preview

Survival Tips & Vegas Eats | ALA 2014 Preview


Authors & Celebrities | ALA 2014 Preview

Betting on Vegas | ALA 2014 Preview

BEA Goes Global

New Adult Fiction | PLA 2014

Fiction Breakout: The United for Libraries Panels at ALA | ALA 2013

Fleeing the Reference Desk | ALA 2013

Super Crips and Gay Dads: Avoiding Stereotypes in Video Collections | ALA 2013

2013 Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction | ALA 2013

ALA Annual Conference Day Three: First Time Authors, Top Tech Trends, Library of the Year | ALA 2013

ALA Launches Resources for Commuity Dialogue Around Privacy | ALA 2013

Engaging the Elusive Non-User | ALA 2013


ALA Annual Conference Day Two: Celebrating Reviewers, Paralibrarians, and Tumblarians | ALA 2013

Illusion and Empathy in Science Fiction | ALA 2013

Alice Walker Wore Purple | ALA 2013

“Whose Table?”: On Libraries and Race | ALA 2013

Readers’ Advisory Panels Look at Genre and Marketing | ALA 2013

ALA Annual Conference Day One Gallery: Opening, Exhibits, and Movers & Shakers | ALA 2013


LibraryBox 2.0 Project Moves Forward with Kickstarter | ALA 2013

International Crime Month Winds Down at ALA 2013

LibraryReads Book Discovery Program To Launch | ALA Annual 2013


The Library Is Open: A Look at Librarians and Tumblr

Getting Reacquainted with Fiction | Library Journal’s Day of Dialog

Licensed to Sell? IDPF Panel Tackles Tough Questions on Digital Content | LJ Insider


Collection Development 2020 | Library Journal’s Day of Dialog

Back Home to Chicago: LJ’s Guide to the 2013 ALA Annual Conference Program


BEA For All: A Librarian’s Guide to BookExpo America 2013


Reference News from the Show | ALA Midwinter 2013

“Rain Is the Ink of the Northwest”: Writers Talk about Place and Fiction at ALA Midwinter

Getting Ready for ALA Midwinter: What I Learned from the Galley Guide

Sign Up for Library Journal’s First Ever ALA Midwinter Galley Guide

Wearing Two Hats at ALA: Author and Librarian | ALA Annual 2012

Every Reader a Book: Finally, a BEA That Generated Excitement About Books | Editorial


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