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Library People News 8/16/18

Janelle Richards, Toronto Public Library’s First Environmentalist in Residence


Librarians Everywhere | Careers


Changing Tracks | Careers


Bench Building | Leadership


Leading Inside & Out | Leadership

Personal, Actionable, Accessible | Office Hours

What’s Next for Design Thinking in Librarianship | From the Bell Tower

Teaching to the Team | Learning in Practice

Susan Hildreth: Bridging LIS and Practice | Learning in Practice

Five Trends Changing Higher Education That Librarians Need to Watch | From the Bell Tower

Civic Engagement at LJ’s Directors’ Summit 2017

The Pipeline Problem: It’s Up To Us To Close the Persistent Gender Gap | Editorial

The Job Outlook: In 2030, Librarians Will Be in Demand | Editorial

What Not to Do: Tips for New Library Leaders | Leading from the Library

Hiring is Recruiting: A Career Often Begins in a Low-level Library Job | Blatant Berry

Meet United for Libraries’ New Executive Director, President-Elect

Asking for a Friend: Tough Questions (and Honest Answers) about Organizational Culture | ALA Annual 2017

One of the Toughest Leadership Jobs: The College Presidency | Leading from the Library

The Midcareer MLIS | LIS Education

Why Social Justice in the Library? | Outreach + Inreach

A Better Ladder: Fostering the Leaders Libraries Need | Editorial

The Next Step: Manager | Careers

The Next Step: Director | Careers

Exit Strategies | Careers

Cultivating Curiosity in Libraries

Jill Bourne: LJ’s 2017 Librarian of the Year

Inspired by Serving Others: The rewards are unrelated to the bottom line | Blatant Berry

Reworking the Workforce | Diversity 2016

Jenna Hartel | LJ/ALISE Excellence in Teaching Award Winner 2016

Vanessa Irvin Preaches the Art of Storytelling to Future Librarians

The Right Questions | Office Hours

Willie Miller’s Grassroots Approach to Student Engagement Costs Less Than a Dollar

Thomas Padilla, UCSB’s Inaugural Humanities Data Curator

The Research Journey | Office Hours

Tony Ageh on the Convergence of Cultural Institutions and Taking the Art Home

Building Vibrant Communities Through Literacy & Education: Ohio Workshop Shares Best Practices

Mariana Ramirez Godinez, High School Student Trustee

Mentorship 101 | On the Job

Andrew Jackson and Mikisha Morris: Moving Forward At the Langston Hughes Library

A Great Place to Work: Where challenge and contribution converge | Editorial

The Evolution of Library Work | Careers 2016

Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians | Careers 2016

Five Brand-New Jobs for Today’s Librarians | Careers 2016

A Group Effort | Careers 2016

United We Change | Careers 2016

Dennis Walcott Named CEO of Queens Library

President Obama Announces Intent To Nominate Carla D. Hayden as Librarian of Congress

Brett Bonfield: Taking the Helm at Princeton Public Library

Speak of the Devil | Office Hours

David Giles and Story Bellows: BPL’s Strategy Team Looks Ahead

Q&A With Kelvin Watson, New CIO for Queens Library

Rick Osen, Bellingham Public Library's Newest Trustee

Ann Thornton: Collaboration, Expansion, and Library Cred

Librarian of Congress James Billington Announces Upcoming Retirement

Manage the Device Deluge | Professional Development

Stacey Aldrich: A Sense of Aloha

Meet Jessica Generoux, Aboriginal Intern

Movers & Shakers 2015

The Reveal: Announcing LJ’s 2015 Movers & Shakers

Actions and Answers | Office Hours

Q&A with Paul Gazzolo, Gale Senior VP and General Manager

What Makes the Charleston Conference SO Darn Good? | Not Dead Yet

MLD: Masters in Library Design, Not Science | From the Bell Tower

Ego Non Te Absolvo: Lifelong Learning Isn’t Only for Other People | Peer to Peer Review

If Confusion Helps Students Learn, Shouldn’t They Be Information Literate By Now? | From the Bell Tower

CALI Author and Open Education | Peer to Peer Review

Benefiting from Your Benefits | Not Dead Yet

Payday | LJ Salary Survey 2014

More Data | LJ Salary Survey 2014

Payday | LJ Salary Survey 2014 | Data Tables

What’s Your Online Persona?

Is There a Serials Crisis Yet? Between Chicken Little and the Grasshopper | Peer to Peer Review

Organizations: See How They Run | Not Dead Yet

Competency Lists Considered Harmful: Can We Rethink Them? | Peer to Peer Review

Jack of All Trades, Master of Library Science | Not Dead Yet

Seeing Your Future Self: Do You See a Library Director? | Leading from the Library

Professional Development: What's It to You? Pt. 2 | Not Dead Yet

It Can’t Hurt To Ask—or Can it? | From the Bell Tower

A Genius Idea | Office Hours

Professional Development: What's it to You? | Not Dead Yet

Movers & Shakers 2014

Can We Block the Pipeline Out? | Peer to Peer Review

Queens Public Library CEO’s Compensation in The Spotlight

Corinne Hill: LJ’s 2014 Librarian of the Year

Suzie Allard | LJ Teaching Award Winner 2013

How to Survive and Thrive in Your First Library Job

The Reskilling Muddle: Wasted Time, Money, and Opportunity | Peer to Peer Review

ALA Withdraws Accreditation from SCSU MLS Program

Worth Even More: Reboot the Fight for Stronger Pay | Editorial

Placements & Salaries 2013: The Emerging Databrarian

Placements & Salaries 2013: Salaries Stay Flat; Specialties Shift

Placements & Salaries 2013: Geography, Gender, Race, and More

Placements & Salaries 2013: In Their Own Words

Placements & Salaries 2013: Explore All the Data

Placements & Salaries 2013: Survey Methods

Placements & Salaries 2013: Make Sure Your School Gets Counted

Bridging the LIS/Library Divide

Students and Adjuncts | Blatant Berry

Diversifying the LIS Faculty | BackTalk


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