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Studies in Virology, Antibiotic-Resistant Infections, and Advances in Immunology | Academic Best Sellers in Microbiology

Recipes for Learning

Positive Thinking, Aging Gracefully, Improving Friendships, & Navigating Change | Self-Help Reviews

Austen Is Always a Good Idea | Wyatt's World

Black Voices Matter 2020


Ancient Cartography, Mapping Mars, the Ethnography of Tourism, & More in Geography Academic Best Sellers

Making Cocktails at Home

Reading the Roaring Twenties: Fiction & Nonfiction | Collection Development

The Intersection of Art History, Music, and Sociopolitical Movements | Academic Best Sellers

Antiracism: A Starter Booklist

Updating Congress | Notable Government Documents 2019

Federal Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

State and Local Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

International Selections | Notable Government Documents 2019

Escapist Reads for Quarantine, Social Distancing, & Beyond | Science Fiction & Fantasy

True Crime Deep Cuts: Documentaries To Distract You in Your Isolation

The History of Science From the Space Race to the Rise of Photography and Beyond: Academic Best Sellers

Resources to Support Home Caregivers

Climate Change Legislation, Immigration Policy, Free Speech in Safe Spaces on College Campuses, & More | Academic Best Sellers in Politics & Law

Hot Off the Presses! Beachy Reads, Political Biographies, and Enthralling History Books/Ebooks Out This Week

The Ethics of Genome Editing, Climate Change's Impact on Disease, & Big Data in Biology | Academic Best Sellers

Crafting in 2020: Modern Takes on the Art of Creating | Collection Development

How To Start Your Spanish-Language Collection

Cats: The True Stars of #StayingHome

The Latest Stephen King, a Guide to Raising an Active Reader, & 64 Other Exceptional Titles | Starred Reviews, May 2020

Books to Battle Quarantine Sleep Problems

Progressive Capitalism, Social Poverty, & Narrative-Driven Economics in Business & Economics Academic Best Sellers

Picture This! | Graphic Novels Preview 2020

Best Resources for Home Workouts

Resources for Those Facing Grief and Mortality

Tripendicular Reads To Expand Your Mind on 4/20 and Beyond

Medical Marijuana and Beyond: Nonfiction Reading for 4/20

The Space Race, AI, and How Roboprocesses Shape Our World in Engineering Academic Best Sellers

12 Novels Featuring Protagonists on the Autism Spectrum

Booklist: Post-Binge-Watching Reads

Analyzing Our Inherent Bias as a Society: Academic Best Sellers in Social Sciences

Best Books for Home Breadmaking

Spring 2020's Most Anticipated Debut Books

Booklist: Cooking from Pantry Staples

Archaeology, Geomechanics, and Paleontology: Academic Best Sellers in Geology

Lots of How-To, plus Life Lessons from Chopra, Lucado, Somers, & Steinem | Self-Help Best Sellers

Indoor & Container Gardening for the Quarantine

Max Brooks's Sasquatch Thriller, Talia Hibbert's Latest Rom Com, & 78 Other Stellar Titles | Starred Reviews, Apr. 2020

Winter/Spring Bests | Debut Novels 2020

The Politics and Economics of Latin America: Academic Best Sellers in Latin American Studies

Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller Trends, plus 49 Exciting 2020 Titles

Crafting Ebooks for Quarantine

Booklist: New to Working from Home

Racism, Addiction, and Classism in Healthcare: Academic Best Sellers in Medicine

Examining the American Revolution, the Fight for Environmental Justice, & Migration in the 21st Century: Academic Best Sellers in U.S. History

Finding Self/Finding Home | Top Spring Poetry

Barbara Bush's Pearls of Wisdom, Lucid Dreaming, Conversations for #MeToo | Self-Help

The Politics of Code & Virtual Reality: Academic Best Sellers in Computer Science

A New Take on Cold War Relations & the Fight Against Slavery in San Francisco: Academic Best Sellers on Asian History

Fractional Calculus and Squaring the Circle: Academic Best Sellers about Mathematics

Romantic Reads for Valentine's Day | Wyatt's World

2020 Forward Forecast: Books To Have on Your Radar Now

Seasonal Selections | Editors' Spring Picks 2020

Serving Veterans | Collection Development

Why Are #OscarsSoWhite—and What To Do About It: A Reading List

Powerful Protests! | Fine Arts, Feb. 2020

Sites & Sounds | Performing Arts, Feb. 2020

Ferrante Fever | Literature, Feb. 2020

Witchy Women | Fiction, Feb. 2020

Building Kobe Bryant’s Bookshelf: Q&A with LA Public Library’s Keith Kesler

What Public Libraries Need To Know About the Coronavirus

From Nero to Putin by way of Paris | Academic Best Sellers in European History

Top 20 Best-Selling Physiology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Religion Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Physics Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Philosophy Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Top 20 Best-Selling Botany & Zoology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Books for Fans of John Carpenter, "Black Mirror," & "Stranger Things" | #LibrarianRecs

Favorite Reading (and Listening) from Coast to Coast | The Reader's Shelf, Dec. 2019

Top 20 Best-Selling Psychology Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Far from Home | Collection Development: Immigration

Top 20 Best-Selling Language Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Best Crime Fiction 2019

Best Horror 2019

Best Literary Fiction 2019

Best Pop Fiction 2019


Best Romance 2019

Best SF/Fantasy 2019


Best Short Stories 2019


Best World Literature 2019


Best Arts Books 2019

Best Biography & Memoir 2019

Best Cooking & Food Books 2019

Best Poetry 2019

Best Religion & Spirituality Books 2019

Best Science & Technology Books 2019

Best Social Science Books 2019

Best Wellness Books 2019


Top 20 Best-Selling Chemistry Titles | Academic Best Sellers

Rise and Fall | Collection Development: Walls & Fortifications, Oct. 2019

Love for All | Romance Preview 2019

Fall/Winter Bests | Debut Novels

Making the Cut: Great Directors | Film Reviews, Oct. 2019

Eldridge's Debut of the Month, Huber's Pick, plus Ferrari, Miller, Noble, Pandian, Sweazy, Tursten, & Cozies from Crosby, Stein, & Fletcher | Mystery & Suspense, Nov. 2019

Top 20 Best-Selling Literary Criticism Titles | Academic Best Sellers


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