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The Durrells in Corfu: The Complete Third Season

A totally engaging series filled with unconventional characters and amusing situations; an A+ choice for public libraries.

Gosford Park

Featuring a who's who of British performers and a smattering of lesser-known but gifted American ones, Robert Altman's tongue-in-cheek comedy of manners laced with a period murder mystery à la Agatha Christie plays like a trial run for scripter Julian Fellowes's subsequent Downton Abbey...

Our Man in Tehran

This fascinating look at an important but poorly understood country reveals the gulf that lies between the government's harsh anti-American rhetoric and the feelings of ordinary Iranians. Highly recommended.

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life

A valuable resource for students as well as an entertaining addition to Caine's previous autobiographies What's It All About?? and The Elephant to Hollywood.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

Rape may be difficult to talk about, but we need to, Abdulali says. Especially when "we raise our children with such unclear standards that they don't have the tools to recognize rape when they see it." ["Guaranteed to become an important part of the canon on gender studies and sexual assault": LJ 12/18 starred review of the New Pr. hc.]


Reclusive suburban-Paris photographer Monsieur Hire (Michel Simon) falls for his fetching new neighbor (Viviane Romance), fresh out of jail for taking a robbery rap for her boyfriend...

Engaging Design: Creating Libraries for Modern Users

An additional purchase for librarians curious about library design.

Once upon a River

This title is an essential purchase for libraries whose patrons appreciate literary fiction with a touch of the unreal. ["Recommended to readers who enjoy popular or historical fiction with gothic twists as well as fans of the author's other novels": LJ 9/15/18 starred review of the Atria hc.]

Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates

A colorful and diverting history of piracy in its heyday; will be of general interest and to pirate buffs. ["A colorful and well-researched study of piracy's glory days, rooted in historical context. Sure to appeal to pirate enthusiasts as well as serious researchers": LJ 8/18 review of the Norton hc.]

The Long Shadow

Recommended to viewers with an interest in American race relations.

Josephine Baker's Last Dance

Recommended for historical fiction fans and those with an interest in Baker.

Crash Course in Disaster Preparedness

An excellent tool for training and planning sessions for library staff, boards, and government officials.

The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding

Fans of British royalty and that particular kind of historic fiction that is interwoven with a strand of modernity—think Beatriz Williams and others' The Glass Ocean—should consider this novel. ["Historical details about fabric, embroidery, and the royal family are well incorporated into their stories, with light romance rounding out this charming work of historical fiction": LJ 9/15/18 review of the Morrow hc.]

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge

Some scenes are unsuitable for children; overall, this film is highly recommended for a general audience.

River Bodies

A solid first in a series. Recommended to fans of CJ Tudor's The Chalk Man. ["An engaging, solid mystery that will captivate lovers of the genre, especially those drawn to regional settings": LJ 11/1/18 review of the Thomas & Mercer hc.]

We, the Marines

Highly recommended for military history collections.


The audio is highly recommended, though some longtime fans of the series may be disappointed that the characters are not as likable as they once were. But the autopsy descriptions and forensics are still interesting, the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing is fascinating, and Guidall's narration keeps listener's interest and the plot moving along.

Love, Gilda

A genuine, intimate, and informative production on the all-too-short life of a comic genius. [See Trailers, LJ 12/18.]

The Captain

A German army deserter (Max Hubacher) puts on a discarded captain's uniform only to allow the authority it confers to go to his head...


Sage advice from five athletes who reached the pinnacle of their sport. Will appeal to young athletes looking for inspiration, coaches looking to motivate their athletes, and fans of the featured activities.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic

An undeniable treat for Potter fans and an indispensable reminder to all libraries, museums, and archives that connecting to the Potterverse is an ideal way to promote themselves as the places where magic lives.

The Good Karma Hospital: Series 2

Series 2 successfully expands viewers' understanding of the main players, while the Indian location and culture contribute a colorful setting. Recommended for serial drama devotees.

The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg

Like Sigg himself, this documentary pulls off impressive tasks without pretension—a strong optional suggestion for general viewers interested in contemporary art or China.

The American Artist: The Life and Times of George Caleb Bingham

An important and engaging film that will be of interest to history and art students as well as general audiences.

The Outer Limits: Season Two

This essential companion volume to the first season showcases an original network TV series—a moody sf/horror anthology—with a cult following sure to appreciate this high-def update over prior releases.

Someone Like Me

Recommended to all listeners with an interest in speculative fiction. ["A dark, supernatural thriller that blurs the edges of the world we know": LJ 10/15/18 review of the Orbit: Hachette hc.]

Project Management in Libraries: On Time, on Budget, on Target

A solid playbook for managers overseeing all types of projects. Those who have struggled with this skill in the past, as well as those new to it, will find this title invaluable.

Polluting Paradise

Viewers concerned about the environment and democracy in developing nations will be strongly disturbed by this horrific situation.

The Bounty

The true story of mutiny on the high seas in 1787 benefits from a new perspective taken by scriptwriter Robert Bolt (Lawrence of Arabia) and New Zealand director Roger Donaldson (Smash Palace)...

The Punch

Of interest to fans of the author as well as those of well-written, clever, and offbeat familial stories.

99 Ways To Die

Recommended for mystery/thriller fans, especially those already following the series.

Cleopatra: I Am Fire and Air

Cleopatra is the classical world's beguiling superstar and is well worth getting to know through a Shakespearian lens. ["Recommended for Shakespeare enthusiasts and readers seeking a deeper understanding of one of his greatest creations": LJ 8/17 review of the Scribner hc.]

The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports

Fans of the English Premier League teams and players, along with those interested in how major sports leagues can alter history, will find this a fascinating audiobook.

Intentional Marketing

Library administrators and marketers will find here many useful strategies and ideas.

I Am Another You

Both Olsen and Wang unveil a growing awareness before viewers' eyes in this absorbing portrait of a young man.

Almost Everything: Notes on Hope

Established fans of Lamott's will likely enjoy this work, but the scattershot organization and less than stellar narration may leave others cold.

Elementary: The Sixth Season

Recommended for viewers who are fans of the series as well as those who enjoy police dramedies. [See Trailers, LJ 10/1/18.]

Horrors of Malformed Men

Based on works and themes by the classic Japanese detective writer Edogawa Rampo, this surrealist dream of mystery, imagination, and grotesque experimentation captures the author's fevered narratives, both beautiful and chilling.

Kitchen Yarns: Notes of Life, Love, and Food

Recommended where food-based memoirs by authors such as Ruth Reichl, Calvin Trillin, and Laurie Colwin are popular, though the print version will be a better fit for those who want to cook from it rather than just enjoying the essays. ["This warm, humorous, touching, and wonderfully readable book will appeal to food lovers and fans of culinary biographies": LJ Winter 2018 starred review of the Norton hc.]

The Third Murder

Winner of seven Japanese Academy Awards, Hirokazu Kore-eda's (Like Father, Like Son; After the Storm) "murder mystery" unfolds more like a psychological thriller owing to an accused (Koji Yakusho) who, much to the consternation of his lawyer (Masaharu Fukuyama), keeps changing his story after having confessed...

Full Circle: Circle of Dust; The Birth, Death & Rebirth of Circle of Dust

An ultimately uplifting film not only about Circle of Dust but also about committing to creativity and continuing through adversity. Recommended for any fan of industrial music and the mid-1990s alternative music scene.

Ghost Stories

A carefully paced modern take on traditional tales of phantoms and monsters, with some nifty, reality-rending twists and unusual filmmaking sleight of hand, the film delivers scares and dramatic storytelling equally. [See Trailers, LJ 8/18.]

To Auschwitz and Back: The Joe Engel Story

This moving documentary is a must-see for students of history and anyone interested in World War II and the Holocaust.

TVTV: Video Revolutionaries

Former members recall their hits and misses, proudly noting the roles of actor-comedian Bill Murray and future director Harold Ramis, plus their mixed legacy as reality TV pioneers.

Reminiscence Therapy: Favorite Things

Excellent memory prodders and conversation starters, these items provide flexible, professional resources for those working with dementia and memory-impaired patients. They will be of interest to elder-care facilities, activity directors, and those supporting home caregivers. [Additional collections—e.g., Farms, Cats, Dogs, Signs—are available on the producer's website.—Ed.]

Delay, Deny, Hope You Die: How America Poisoned Its Soldiers

Our society must find a way to compensate veterans for the lingering, hidden costs of our recent wars. Highly recommended for adult collections.

95 and 6 to Go

A tender and gentle examination of a man nearing the end of his days, full of humor and small moments about loss, family, romance, and the will to survive. Recommended.

The Dragonglass Bowl

An unexceptional addition to an already bulging collection of fantasy series.

The Piranhas

May be of interest to fans of Mario Puzo's The Godfather. ["Those who enjoy Mediterranean or Neapolitan noir (Sandrone Dazieri, Massimo Carlotto, Giancarlo de Cataldo) will feel right at home in a world where chaos and vulgarity reign": LJ 8/18 review of the Farrar hc.]

Nine Perfect Strangers

Loaded with suspenseful psychological thrills, comedy, and dark humor, this genre-crossing work will appeal to a wide range of listeners as it is a little bit Maeve Binchy, Dean Koontz, and Lisa Scottoline. ["The story drags a bit in the middle, but the last third is on fire, with intense issues and a roller-coaster plot that will leave readers breathless": LJ 11/15/18 review of the Flatiron: Macmillan hc.]

White Right: Meeting the Enemy

This powerful, moving film is a must-see for all audiences.

Waiting for Eden

A superb novel further enhanced by an exemplary reader; a timely acquisition for all libraries. ["With sparse prose and a deft pen, Ackerman writes a profound meditation on the liminal space between our past, present, and future": LJ 9/1/18 starred review of the Knopf hc; 2018 LJ Best Literary Fiction.]

End of Life

A moving portrait of dying (the actual moment of death is not shown), as viewers are made privy to this phase of life in a most intimate way and are almost challenged to consider how they would approach death or help another approach that state.

Some Like It Hot

On the lam with an all-female band after witnessing a mob hit, cross-dressing musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) both fall for sexy singer Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe) in Billy Wilder's classic slapstick comedy...

Friday Black

Brilliant and tragic, this is essential for all fiction collections. ["Powerful work for a wide range of readers": LJ 8/18 review of the Houghton Harcourt hc.]

Lab Rats: How Silicon Valley Made Work Miserable for the Rest of Us

Essential for all libraries supporting business and management curricula. This work will appeal to fans of John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge's The Witch Doctors, David Craig's Rip-off!, and Matthew Stewart's The Management Myth. ["A must-read for tech entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the shifting dynamics of workplace culture": LJ 10/15/18 review of the Hachette hc.]

Gas Food Lodging

Abandoned by her husband, single mom Nora (Brooke Adams) waitresses in a tiny New Mexico town, struggling to raise her teen daughtersmovie-matinee dreamer Shade (Independent Spirit Awardwinning Fairuza Balk) and cheekily guy-focused Trudi (Ione Skye)while trying to find a little romance herself...

Who We Are Now

After ten years in prison, an embittered single mother (Julianne Nicholson) works with a public defender (Jimmy Smits), and later his more idealistic protégé (Emma Roberts), in a custody battle with the boy's legal guardiansher possessive sister and brother-in-law...

The Return of Swamp Thing

A campy B movie delight that captures the fun and spectacle of the Saturday matinee.

Sickies Making Films

Cinematic provocateur, Baltimore native, and director John Waters lends needed humor and a dose of common sense here. While lacking first-rate production values, the video is recommended for mature audiences.

Sid Caesar: The Works

The Gleason Show is strictly for Gleasonites and die-hard fans of that era of TV comedy; Caesar's The Works is highly recommended to all comedy fans who want to visit the font of TV sketch comedy as it is known today. In both releases, the sound and picture are only as good as one can expect from aged kinescopes and videotape.

This Will Only Hurt a Little

Fans will find much to delight them here. ["Philipps paints a picture of what it's like to be a woman in the world of acting...juggling parenthood and career in a celebrity memoir that stands apart in a crowded field": LJ Xpress Reviews 9/28/18 review of the Touchstone hc.]

Escape Rooms and Other Immersive Experiences in the Library

This important work on a relevant trend is highly recommended for librarians and library programmers.

Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story of the Grateful Dead

This tale of the clash between the Dead's communal, carefree ideals and the sobering realities of drugs and international stardom will appeal to music fans and general viewers alike.

Killing Commendatore

Highly recommended for devoted readers of international contemporary fiction. ["Those familiar with the author's inventive writing will certainly devour this, as will readers seeking challenging and thoughtful fiction": LJ 10/15/18 starred review of the Knopf hc.]

Memoir of War

In Nazi-occupied France, Resistance member and budding writer Marguerite Duras (Mélanie Thierry) flirts with a French collaborator (Benoît Magimel) to determine the fate of her captive husband...

Like Any Other Kid

An important subject and a powerful film. Nothing comes easy to these young people, and nothing is sugarcoated. This presentation is eye-opening, offering a sensible alternative to juvenile incarceration; recommended for public library, law, and justice and education collections.

Dare To Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts

This work will appeal to the fans of the servant leadership works of Robert K. Greenleaf, Ken Blanchard, and James C. Hunter.

Single-Handed: The Complete Collection

Viewers who enjoy mysteries amid piercing desolation, such as Hinterland, will find Single-Handed most satisfying.

Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen

With immigration policy constantly in the news, Vargas's journey provides an illuminating antidote to inaccurate sociopolitical rhetoric. ["A thought-provoking, moving, and highly personal memoir of Vargas's struggle to belong. Recommended for all readers interested in immigration issues and American identity": LJ 10/15/18 starred review of the Dey Street: HarperCollins hc.]

The Good Fight: Season Two

Selected by Entertainment Weekly as one of the ten best shows of 2018, the second season of The Good Fight does not disappoint.

Brief Answers to Big Questions

This work is for those interested in cosmology and physics, but because of the popularity of the author it would likely be of interest to a broader audience. Still, the level of attention required means it is not ideal for casual listening.

The Incurable Romantic: And Other Tales of Madness and Desire

Recommended for the armchair psychoanalyst in all of us, anyone who believes people are living stories, and those who appreciate works that delve into the psychological experience of love.

The Escape Artists: A Band of Daredevil Pilots and the Greatest Prison Break of the Great War

Highly recommended to listeners with an interest in the Great War. ["This detailed account will appeal to readers of military and adventure history": LJ 9/15/18 review of the Houghton Harcourt hc.]

Crowdsource Your Library, Engage Your Community: The What, When, Why, and How

In a time of funding cuts that have made implementing innovative projects difficult, public librarians will find practical, inspiring support here.

Keeping Faith

Suitable for public libraries.

The Rest I Make Up

It is high time for The Rest I Make Up. [Fornés died this past October.—Ed.]

Records Collecting Dust II

Recommended only for hard-core punk fans.

The Reckoning

Highly recommended for fiction collections and especially for Grisham and William Faulkner fans, as well as those who enjoy historical fiction and stories set in the South.

Doom Asylum

A gonzo horror comedy that nauseates with ludicrous puns as well as gore, Doom Asylum's off-kilter humor will tickle some viewers' funny bone.

Where the Crawdads Sing

A selection of Reese Witherspoon's book club, this should be a popular addition for most fiction collections despite its flaws.

How To Be a Good Creature: A Memoir in Thirteen Animals

This title will fascinate both animal lovers and those interested in animal science.

Reference Librarianship & Justice: History, Practice & Praxis

This thought-provoking, radical, and persuasive work will excite even the most theory-averse readers and challenge librarians to see reference through a critical theory lens of empathy and social justice.

Sir Edmund Hillary: Everest and Beyond

This version of Hillary as an ordinary man who had extraordinary adventures is recommended for general audiences.

The Official Story

High school teacher Alicia (Norma Aleandro) gradually learns that her five-year-old adopted daughter was illegally procured by her government-official husband (Roberto Ibáñez)...

The Woman in White

Fans of British period dramas that are served up with a generous side dish of danger will gobble up this superbly crafted cinematic jewel.

Rolling Stone: Stories from the Edge; 50 Years of Defining Culture

Gibney's slick film, produced in association with HBO and Rolling Stone Productions, could have used better editing for what is, essentially, a puff piece. Despite the film's congratulatory tone, viewers are left with the sense that the magazine was a reaction to the culture, not its creator.

Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things To Create Extraordinary Happiness

This thought-provoking work is recommended to fans of Marie Kondo (Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up), those who enjoy self-help books, and anyone who is seeking to renew the spaces in which they live.

The Jackie Gleason Show: In Color



A loving film about a massively talented artist with a genial, expansive personality.

Glam Squad & Groomsmen

This is a short, sweet story about two people who fell in love at the wrong time but get a second chance to see if it can work out. The story is a bit predictable but well written and satisfying.

Innovative and Immersive Library Experiences | Professional Reading Reviews

Best Audiobooks and DVDs of 2018

Archival Futures, Digital Assistants, Information Literacy, Short-Term Employment Opportunities | Professional Reading Reviews


The Lost Carousel of Provence

There's something for everyone: history, romance, and a touch of mystery. ["Highlighting various perspectives throughout the last century…Blackwell successfully crafts multiple mysteries in several time periods, all surrounding one family": LJ 8/18 review of the Berkley hc.]

When Calls the Heart: Year Five

Recommended especially for family viewing.

Eternity Is Now in Session: A Radical Rediscovery of What Jesus Really Taught About Salvation, Eternity, and Getting to the Good Place

Dean Gallagher presents this message in a conversational tone that will appeal to a general audience of seekers as well as Christian readers.

The White Darkness

Grann's vivid, descriptive writing together with the passionate reading by Will Patton make this an outstanding listen. A modern-day hero dedicated to a goal is much needed in today's society. ["Solidifies Worsley as one of the great leaders and explorers of the modern age who has pushed the limits of human achievement, while also providing a fresh narrative of Shackleton's accomplishments": LJ 11/15/18 review of the Doubleday hc.]

What Will People Say

Inspired by her own experience, writer-director Iram Haq's (I Am Yours) second feature deals with a Norwegian-Pakistani teenager (Maria Mozhdah) whose strict father (Adil Hussain) forces her to live with relatives in Islamabad after catching her making out with a boyfriend...

Impossible Owls

Recommended for fans of NPR's Driveway Moments, short-form history, and highbrow periodicals. ["Phillips's essays are not only fascinating and thoroughly researched but written in a distinctive voice that conveys humor, awareness, and vulnerability": LJ 7/18 review of the Farrar hc.]

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