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Conference Paper: “Open Peer Review: The Current Landscape and Emerging Models” (Preprint)

Digital Yoknapatawpha: International Team Collaborating To Digitize Faulkner’s World

Open Syllabus Project 2.0 Goes Live; Syllabi From 6 Million College Classes in 79 Countries Available

Research Resource: Announcing the “Texas Geodata Portal”

Data Repositories: “Funded Partnership Brings Dryad and Zenodo Closer”

Highlights From ACRL’s “2018 Academic Library Trends and Statistics”

New Functionality: Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) Partners Can Now Upload Crowdsourced Transcriptions of Digitized Archival Materials

Journal Article: “Crowding the Library: How and Why Libraries are Using Crowdsourcing to Engage the Public”

New Research Tools: Geospatial Data: Free Dataset Archive From UC Riverside Helps Researchers Quickly Find a Needle in a Haystack (UCR STAR)

LYRASIS Releases: “Understanding the Landscape of Library Accessibility for Online Materials” (2019 LYRASIS Accessibility Survey Report)

Research Resources: Census Bureau Debuts New Datasets: Business Formation Statistics

Roundup (July 17, 2019)

Publishers Change Ebook and Audiobook Models; Libraries Look for Answers

Game of Thrones Breaks Emmy Nomination Records, Jul. 17, 2019 | Book Pulse

Reference Resource: International Energy Agency (IEA) Launches New Tool for Tracking Oil and Gas-Related Methane Emissions Worldwide

City College of New York (CCNY) Libraries Awarded $20K From GRAMMY Museum to Preserve Oral-History Recordings Recordings with Notable African American Artists

Textbooks: “All Future Releases of Pearson’s 1500 Active U.S. Titles Will Be “Digital First” and Updated on an Ongoing Basis”

Report: Historic Ebony and Jet Photo Archive to Be Auctioned Off to Pay Creditors

Apollo 11: Primary Documents & Other Materials

Library E-Books: “Simplify, Unify, Diversify: an Interview with Jessica Want, New York Public Library”

Roundup (July 16, 2019)

Nickel Boys Gets More Buzz, Jul. 16, 2019 | Book Pulse

UCLA Film & Television Archive Releases Online Archive Featuring TV News Coverage of Former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley

Report: FCC Pledges $524 Million to Expand Rural Broadband

Keep LJ Newsletters Out of Your Spam Folder

Ohio University Libraries and 13 Other Institutions Awarded $1.2 Million, Five-Year Grant From Henry Luce Foundation to Develop Southeast Asia Digital Library

UK: Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) Releases “Spotlight on Research Support” (Analysis of Data From Annual Statistics 2017-18)

Roundup: Papers Presented at IFLA WLIC 2019 (Athens, Greece)

Roundup: Papers to Be Presented at IFLA WLIC 2019 (Athens, Greece)

Report: “Peer Review: Further Results From a Trial at eLife”

Just Released: New Indicators on Book Reading Behavior, Time Spent Reading, and Reading of Specific Types of Humanities-Related Work

Just Released: New Indicators on Book Reading Behavior, Time Spent Reading, and Reading of Specific Types of Humanities-Related Works

Mackenzie Smith Writes “University of California’s Showdown With the Biggest Academic Publisher Aims to Change Scholarly Publishing For Good”

Roundup (July 15, 2019)

Crossing Boundaries: Literary Fiction, Jan. 2020, Pt. 3 | Prepub Alert

From Allende to Krugman to Yoon: Barbara's Picks, Jan. 2020, Pt. 3 | Prepub Alert

Historicals, Fantasy, Women's Fiction, and the Last of the Thrillers: Pop Fiction, Jan. 2020, Pt. 3 | Prepub Alert

Eight Key History Titles: Nonfiction Previews, Jan. 2020, Pt. 3 | Prepub Alert

Run Your Week: Big Books, Sure Bets, & Titles Making News, Jul. 15, 2019 | Book Pulse

Report: “How New Zealand Libraries are Adapting to the 21st Century”

Research Article: “Visions of Value: Leading the Development of a View of the University Library in the 21st Century”

Research Tools: Major Update to Protected Areas Database of the United States

Research Article: “Releasing a Preprint is Associated with More Attention and Citations” (Preprint)

Roundup: 10 New or Recently Updated Reports From the Congressional Research Service (CRS)

ALSC Selects Sacramento Public Library as Site for 2020 Arbuthnot Lecture Featuring Neil Gaiman

Indiana University: “Archivists Learn How to Preserve Audiovisual Collections Despite Time, Technology and Tragedy”



Despite its fantasy elements, this remains a romance at heart, revolving around Rory’s and Ace’s growing feelings for each other. Rory’s personality shifts drastically toward the end, creating a noticeable character inconsistency, but an exciting plot paired with fascinating magic makes this a solid and enjoyable start to the series.

Roundup (July 12, 2019)

Page to Screen, Jul. 12, 2019 | Book Pulse

Podcast Probes | Mystery, July 2019

Generational Gardening | Science & Technology, July 2019

Well-Wived | Fiction, July 2019

Research Article: “Do Download Reports Reliably Measure Journal Usage? Trusting the Fox to Count Your Hens?”

ALA Releases Results From NILPPA, a National Impact Assessment of Library Public Programming

Report: Google Admits Partners Leaked More Than 1,000 Private Conversations with Google Assistant

LYRASIS Announces New Board of Trustees Members

New Report from RAND: “Exploring Media Literacy Education as a Tool for Mitigating Truth Decay”

Los Angeles-Based BadVR Awarded National Science Foundation Grant to Apply Virtual Reality Technology to Visualizing/Analyzing Large Geospatial Datasets

Turkey: Turkish Statistical Institute Releases 2018 Library Statistics

Roundup (July 11, 2019)

Relearning from the World’s Greatest Leaders | Leading from the Library

Columbia to Produce Obama Presidential Oral History

New Bestsellers, Jul. 11, 2019 | Book Pulse


Livewire. Vol. 1: Fugitive

Overall, an intriguing story that will appeal to fans of the Valiant Event “Harbinger Wars,” who will enjoy the breakout treatment of Livewire. However, newcomers will struggle to follow along, and background reading is necessary to grasping the larger narrative arc.

Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light, 100 Art Writings 1988–2018

A compendium of piquant art prose from a happy, hungry omnivore, and great for aesthetes of all kinds.


Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Jake Gaither, Florida A&M, and the History of Black College Football

A valuable resource for future scholars and for anyone interested in black college football.


Earl Campbell: Yards After Contact

Will appeal to readers wishing to learn more about Campbell and this era of both college and professional sports as well as Texas history.


High School

This inspiring memoir will appeal to readers, especially fans of the duo.


America’s Game

This is more an unfocused grab bag than a book with a coherent narrative.


My Life on the Line: How the NFL Damn Near Killed Me, and Ended Up Saving My Life

This no-holds-barred account reveals O’Callaghan’s long journey to recovery and self-acceptance, and provides hope for anyone, not only professional athletes, living life in the shadows. Recommended for all sports fans and readers interested in social, cultural, and LGBTQ history.


Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson

This comprehensive and engaging reference is a significant addition to popular music research. A must for Jackson fans and students of musical and social culture.


Pioneer Coaches of the NFL: Shaping the Game in the Days of Leather Helmets and 60-Minute Men

An important study of coaches who helped to change professional football into the thriving game that would eventually surpass all other American sports in popularity. Recommended for sports fans, historians, scholars, and all library collections.


From the Ashes: My Story of Being Métis, Homeless, and Finding My Way

Although Thistle’s memoir does not deal extensively with issues of native identity and oppression, the theme of estrangement is powerfully portrayed in what is ultimately a story of courage and resilience certain to strike a chord with readers from many backgrounds.


Colonize This! Young Women of Color on Today’s Feminism

With a range of dedicated voices and a clear commitment to exploring feminism and political activism with justice and lived experience at its core, this engrossing anthology would make an excellent addition to public, academic, and school library shelves.


Character: What It Means and Why it Matters

Recommended for academic libraries and readers interested in legal ethics.


Tragedy in Aurora: The Culture of Mass Shootings in America

Recommended for general audiences, this book could provide solid reference points in conjunction with other sources on the topic, such as Dave Cullen’s Parkland: Birth of a Movement.


I’d Fight the World: A Political History of Old-Time, Hillbilly, and Country Music

This book will surprise those who have preconceived notions about country music and Southern politicians, and their longstanding connection.


Native Provenance: The Betrayal of Cultural Creativity

Vizenor’s latest raises important discussion points for students and scholars of anthropology, history, and American studies.


Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy

Suitable for adults interested in politics and law enforcement reform.


True Virtue: The Journey of an English Buddhist Nun

Recommended for communities with a strong focus in Buddhism, women’s spirituality, and/or local connections to this sect; otherwise, an optional purchase.

All Manner of Things

This a must-have for historical fiction fans and book clubs. Finkbeiner joins authors Valerie Fraser Luesse and Lauren K. Denton in tackling tough topics with realistic characters and a gentle touch.


All the Forgivenesses

This emotional story of deep hardship is told in Bertie’s distinct voice and is recommended for readers who enjoyed Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell and Jane Hamilton’s The Book of Ruth.

The Killing Tide

Pettrey (“Alaskan Courage” series) delivers another outstanding novel filled with romance, mystery, and suspense. Fans of DiAnn Mills, Lynette Eason, and Dee Henderson will be drawn to this book.


Stay and Fight

In her debut novel, short story writer ffitch (Valparaiso, Round the Horn) dazzles with this irresistible take on a part of modern society largely hidden from view. The unpredictability of her characters and plotlines are deliciously compelling

Things You Save in a Fire

Center (How To Walk Away) crafts a heartfelt story of growth and the redemptive power of love perfect for fans of women’s fiction, especially works by Jodi Picoult and Elin Hilderbrand.


The Swallows

Lutz’s many fans will enjoy this, as will those who devour boarding-school novels such as Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep or #metoo revenge stories. [See Prepub Alert, 3/11/19.]

The Ventriloquists

The narrative is periodically interspersed with an interview in the present between Eliza (Scrivener) and Helene, who was Gamin. Athough readers may occasionally find this complex tale tricky to follow because the development is presented from different perspectives of the principal characters, their persistence will be rewarded. Highly recommended for readers who appreciate fine fiction grounded in history. [See Prepub Alert, 2/4/19.]

Stars of Alabama

Dietrich is a Southern Garrison Keillor. Fans of the latter and former will be pleased.

Yale Needs Women: How the First Group of Girls Rewrote the Rules of an Ivy League Giant

This stunning, engaging work highlights the strength and courage of women who fought for their future against centuries of patriarchy. Perfect for readers interested in seeing how far women have come--and how far they still have yet to go.


The Nuclear Spies: America’s Atomic Intelligence Operation against Hitler and Stalin

This easy-to-read academic book will appeal to those interested in World War II intelligence and atomic history; a strong pairing with Sean Kean’s The Bastard Brigade: The True Story of the Renegade Scientists and Spies Who Sabotaged the Nazi Atomic Bomb.


Moonbound: Apollo 11 and the Dream of Spaceflight

A well-paced yet deep look at the path that led to the first man on the moon, including the early lunar myths, philosophies and fantasies that predated it. Appropriate for those interested in the history of space flight and 20th-century culture. [Previewed in Ingrid Bohnenkamp’s Graphic Novels Spotlight, “Mass Appeal,” LJ 6/19.]

The Last Widow

Another strong novel by Slaughter, with complex characters to root for and an antagonist you hope gets what he deserves. With a well-written, intriguing plot and an edge-of-the-seat ending, this is sure to keep readers up late into the night. [See Prepub Alert, 2/11/19.]

40,000 San Jose Students to Automatically Receive Library Cards

Philadelphia: Temple Libraries and Penn Libraries Collaborate to Ensure Summer Access

Springer Nature and ResearchGate Extend Content Sharing Pilot

UC San Diego Library and Texas Digital Library to Co-Create a “Blueprint for the First Nationally Distributed Digital Preservation (DDP) Service for Private and Sensitive Data”

Reference: U.S. Census Estimates 7.58 Billion People on Earth on World Population Day (July 11, 2019)

Multimedia Search: A New, Cool, and Useful Early Prototype From JSTOR Labs: “Interview Archive”

University of California’s Direct Access to New Elsevier Articles Has Been Discontinued


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