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A Haven and a Hell: The Ghetto in Black America

A well-researched chronicle of urban black communities throughout American history, with a focus on the early 20th century. This pairs well with Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law

The Crime of Aggression: The Quest for Justice in an Age of Drones, Cyberattacks, Insurgents, and Autocrats

Informative and well written, this work is ideal for those who enjoy exploring the intersection of politics, sociocultural history, and war

After the Caliphate: The Islamic State & the Future Terrorist Diaspora

Recommended for academic libraries


The Killer Across the Table: Unlocking the Secrets of Serial Killers and Predators with the FBI’s Original Mindhunter

Douglas’s latest is harrowing and hard to put down; this will be welcomed by true crime buffs and law enforcement professionals alike

Assad or We Burn the Country: How One Family’s Lust for Power Destroyed Syria

Dagher’s chilling portrayal of Assad’s transformation from an apolitical doctor to ruthless dictator and skilled manipulator makes this book essential; highly recommended

A Mortuary of Books: The Rescue of Jewish Culture After the Holocaust

A serious work of Jewish studies scholarship that is nevertheless important and accessible for anyone interested in the history of the book or postwar Europe

Fight Like a Mother: How a Grassroots Movement Took on the Gun Lobby and Why Women Will Change the World

An inspiring read for budding activists

The Lines Between Us: Two Families and a Quest To Cross Baltimore’s Racial Divide

A solid choice for those who study urban race relations

We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation

Will engage both serious students of the LGBT movement and those who appreciate simply browsing the photos, which are by turns fierce, joyful, spirited, determined, and celebratory.

Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight over Women's Work

Balancing theory and action, this manifesto presents a refreshing take on reproductive justice.

Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World

A pleasant read that reassures us it's okay to lounge around in old sweats and socks.

Radical Kindness: The Life-Changing Power of Giving and Receiving

A powerful salve in the midst of rudeness and disrespect seen in society today.

When the Irish Invaded Canada: The Incredible True Story of the Civil War Veterans Who Fought for Ireland's Freedom

This is solid popular history; fans of Irish historian Tim Pat Coogan will find it most enjoyable.

A Woman of No Importance: The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II

Purnell's work is well researched, fast paced, and gives a captivating look at one of World War II's unsung heroes. This will interest readers intrigued by the history of espionage as well as women's and military history. [See Prepub Alert, 10/29/18.]

The League of Wives: The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the U.S. Government To Bring Their Husbands Home

This unputdownable story of strength and determination is a must-read. [See Prepub Alert, 10/15/18.]

The Master Plan: My Journey from Life in Prison to a Life of Purpose

Wilson's voice comes through loud and clear in this memoir that should have wide appeal.

Childless Living: The Joys and Challenges of Life Without Children

Steeped in thoughtful research, this intimate portrait of childless living would serve as a valuable sociological tool for understanding family structures as well as a guide for readers considering the childfree option.

Duped: Double Lives, False Identities, and the Con Man I Almost Married

Pop psychology fans and adventurous book clubs will be at home here. Recommended for public libraries.

Playing with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early): How Far Would You Go for Financial Freedom?

While Rieckens began his austere existence after a lifestyle of affluence, readers will benefit from the wisdom of saving today in the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

How We Fight White Supremacy: A Field Guide to Black Resistance

Not simply a onetime read, this collection offers those who wish to be invested in realizing the social justice of collective freedom a reference for daily consideration, discussion, inspiration, or instruction.

The Little Book of Being: Practices and Guidance for Uncovering Your Natural Awareness

An efficient, handy guide to mindfulness techniques for those already embracing the concept but who aren't sure they're doing it right.

Together: A Memoir of a Marriage and a Medical Mishap

An insightful, at times harrowing, chronicle of the ups and downs of marriage and the many roles we play in one another's lives.

The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books: Christopher Columbus, His Son, and the Quest To Build the World's Greatest Library

Recommended for bibliophiles and history buffs alike. [See Prepub Alert, 9/10/18.]

The Players Ball: A Genius, a Con Man, and the Secret History of the Internet's Rise

Readers intrigued by the Internet's history and the laws that govern it will breeze through this sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always revealing narrative. See also Evan Ratliff's The Mastermind.

No Happy Endings

Spanning memoir and parenting, this supplemental purchase is best for large memoir collections; it can be read alongside the author's first book or on its own.

The Road to Charleston: Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution

This engaging read for military and American history enthusiasts provides an in-depth review and argument for the criticality of Greene's contribution to American Independence.

Thin Blue Lie: The Failure of High-Tech Policing

This eye-opening account abounds with vigorous investigative work that exposes the myth of high-tech policing. Highly recommended.

Someday Is Not a Day in the Week: 10 Hacks To Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

Out of literally dozens of tips and ideas, readers should be able to find at least one to employ to make their lives better. Recommended for all public libraries.

Outer Order, Inner Calm: Declutter & Organize To Make More Room for Happiness

Rubin's many fans will flock to this title, as will anyone seeking a quick and easy fix to the persistent problem of clutter.

The Absent Hand: Reimagining Our American Landscape

Lessard's journey through the American landscape provides an insightful glimpse into how the changing of landscape aesthetics reflects concurrent changes in society. For readers interested in a unique blend of geography, sociology, and travel.

La Passione: How Italy Seduced

Italophiles will relish the depth and breadth of this delightful book.

The Enlightened Capitalists: Cautionary Tales of Business Pioneers Who Tried To Do Well by Doing Good

This accessible, informative work should appeal to readers interested in learning more about corporate social responsibility.

Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind To Create the Life You've Always Wanted

An enlightening read for those willing to dismiss cynicism for insight into self-sabotaging obstacles.

Career Rookie: A Get-It-Together Guide for Grads, Students and Career Newbies

Readers looking for an irreverent career guide may appreciate this selection, but it's no replacement for more serious works such as Roberto Angulo's Getting Your First Job (for Dummies) and Steven Mostyn's Job Search.

Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia

Thompson accomplishes a lot in this work that blends history, anthropology, and geology; the smoothly flowing narrative makes for an exceptional read.

The Adjunct Underclass: How America's Colleges Betrayed Their Faculty, Their Students, and Their Mission

This well-written, effective work will be appreciated by graduate students hoping to become faculty, as well as high school guidance counselors, parents of college students, and those researching higher education administration.

The Lost Boys: Inside Muzafer Sherif's Robbers Cave Experiment

This brilliant reexamination of a study that resonates today should interest scholars as well as undergraduate and graduate psychology students. Also consider Paige Rawl's memoir Positive, one of the best titles on bullying to date.

My Young Life

This story of the intellectual development of a budding writer is fascinating, funny, and a delight to read.

The Moth Presents Occasional Magic: True Stories About Defying the Impossible

Highly recommended for individuals and all libraries.

Antiracism: An Introduction

As an introduction to the intellectual history and political theory of antiracism, Zamalin's book is ideal for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students.

Greek to Me: Adventures of the Comma Queen

Norris's experience is one few can match, making this a lively read. However, the author dives deep into the details, which may be distracting for some readers. Overall, this is a good choice for anyone who enjoys travel memoirs.

The Last Stone: A Masterpiece of Criminal Interrogation

An intriguing firsthand look at the nebulous justice meted out by necessities of time and the desire for closure, as seen through the focused lens of a seasoned journalist.

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do

An important book for all readers in these divisive times. [See Prepub Alert, 9/10/18.]

Honorable Exit: How a Few Brave Americans Risked All To Save Our Vietnamese Allies at the End of the War

Fans of military and U.S. history will revel in Clarke's expert storytelling, well-crafted re-creations, and research. [See Prepub Alert, 10/15/18.]

Defying Hitler: The Germans Who Resisted Nazi Rule

Highly recommended for those wishing to comprehend life in Nazi Germany and what courage it took not to surrender to authority. This masterful work will best serve general audiences and historians alike. [See Prepub Alert, 10/15/18.]

Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Exhaustively researched and well argued, this volume will appeal to anyone curious about equality and social justice topics.

Gray Day: My Undercover Mission To Expose America's First Cyber Spy

Part memoir, part true-crime, this fast-paced work is recommended for anyone interested in cybersecurity, Cold War history, and espionage tales.

Revolutionary: George Washington at War

O'Connell debunks myths and explains motives, shortcomings, and misperceptions in this historical saga that will engage both general and academic readers.

The Agitator: William Bailey and the First American Uprising Against Nazism

With parallels to today's ongoing conversations about activism, immigration, nationalism, and religious extremism, this newest work by Duffy is recommended for history buffs.

I'm Writing You from Tehran: A Granddaughter's Search for Her Family's Past and Their Country's Future

A wonderful choice for readers of history, current events, and fans of Marjane Satrapi's graphic memoir Persepolis. [See Prepub Alert, 9/109/18.]

The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America

Grandin's own ideas are in plain view; however, that should not distance readers interested in American history and the frontier from this insightful book. [See Prepub Alert, 9/10/18.]

What Matters Most: The Get Your Sh*T Together Guide to Wills, Money, Insurance, and Life's "What Ifs."

Reynolds provides not only sound counseling but a straightforward plan for when the unthinkable occurs. Sally Balch Hurme's Checklist for My Family is another excellent resource for end-of-life matters.

Shelter in a Time of Storm: How Black Colleges Fostered Generations of Leadership and Activism

This vivid exploration of an important topic is a must-read for anyone interested in higher education and HBCUs in particular.

The Story of Britain: A History of the Great Ages; From the Romans to the Present

Strong succeeds in making British history a page-turner for general readers in this excellent introduction to the grand sweep of British history. The incisive language and short chapters allow readers to be absorbed in the story at their own leisure.

African Samurai: The True Story of Yasuke, a Legendary Black Warrior in Feudal Japan

With fast-paced, action-packed writing, Lockley and Girard offer a new and important biography and an incredibly moving study of medieval Japan and solid perspective on its unification. Highly recommended. [See Prepub Alert, 10/15/18.]

Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer Is No

Supported by extensive factual material and fascinating personal anecdotes, this engaging work provides thorough insight into the varied and fruitful lives of non-moms.

Worried? Science Investigates Some of Life's Common Concerns

Validated information that will assist readers in determining what is and isn't worth fretting about and how to mitigate the dangers.

Help Yourself Now: A Practical Guide to Finding the Information and Assistance You Need

An excellent reference for all libraries and counseling centers.

An Arabian Journey: One Man's Quest Through the Heart of the Middle East

Ideal for those interested in Middle Eastern history, current events, or world history, as well as lovers of superlative writing.

The Problem of Democracy: The Presidents Adams Confront the Cult of Personality

Committed general and academic readers will benefit from taking in this well-written and -researched study in its entirety, partly for setting the Adams' legacy straight, and additionally for the implications the story has on modern politics.

Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet

This unique book is a real-life Journey to the Center of the Earth, a maze of dark corners and subterranean denizens that encompass unknown or forgotten worlds. The text maintains a fascinating, eerie, and otherworldly tone throughout and is too unique not to consider.

Moms in Chief: The Rhetoric of Republican Motherhood and the Spouses of Presidential Nominees, 1992–2016

This insightful book should spark continued discussion regarding gender roles, contemporary women's multifarious personae, and their acceptance as professionals and independent political actors.

Legacy: Trauma, Story and Indigenous Healing

A deeply empathetic and inspiring work with insights of value to anyone struggling to overcome personal or communal trauma.

How Safe Are We? Homeland Security Since 9/11

An insightful snapshot of DHS development and government mechanics with the added perspective of personal experience. Recommended for readers of politics, government, and law enforcement policy.

Indians on the Move: Native American Mobility and Urbanization in the Twentieth Century

Miller's narrative expands significantly beyond the VRP in order to contextualize it within the broader scope of Native American migration over the course of the 20th century. In doing so, he has created a fascinating monograph highly recommended for anyone interested in Native American studies or American history.

Where Monsters Hide: Sex, Murder, and Madness in the Midwest

Recommended for true crime fans.

Women with Money: The Judgment-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve

Women desiring a book tailored to their unique financial needs will find this work approachable and informative.

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

All readers eager to look into the next trench over for innovative ideas to solve their problems will welcome this remarkable, densely packed work that will prove essential for all university libraries supporting AAA level athletics programs, colleges of business, and human resource development.

Mother Winter

Despite flashes of brilliance, the writing is uneven with many asides and inordinate word choices. The book is best in its open, raw, reflective, and intimate moments. Readers willing to tackle serious issues of gender roles, displacement, parental neglect, and sexual assault will be ecstatic to discover a writer who unabashedly shares her story.

Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution

The overall content might be well-trodden territory for some, but Tamblyn's fervor and willingness to lay her own thoughts and emotions bare make this a powerful read for anyone ready to take a deeper look at issues facing women today. [See Prepub Alert, 9/10/18.]

Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment, and the Rule of Law

This is a relevant and thought-provoking commentary on truth and justice from the unique perspective of a high-level former U.S. Attorney.

The Women's Suffrage Movement

An essential compilation for libraries wishing to add to their women's studies and history collections.

Psychology, February 2019 | Best Sellers


Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

A fascinating read for memoir fans and anyone curious about how DNA tests could impact one's life.

Beeline: What Spelling Bees Reveal About Generation Z's New Path to Success

A fascinating study into today's generation through the eyes of the Bee as well as an intriguing ethnographic study of young Asian Americans who have taken the competition to new heights in recent years.

Long Shot

A remarkable account of a devastating, ongoing conflict; for most collections.

Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University

For anyone concerned with the future of higher education, Fitzpatrick makes a passionate argument for a simple yet potentially revolutionary idea.

Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel

Readers interested in the creation of Israel, the lives of spies who assisted in that endeavor, and stories of intrigue will enjoy this tremendously.

Under Red Skies: Three Generations of Life, Loss, and Hope in China

Kan presents an engaging debut memoir that would make an excellent book club choice and has strong YA crossover appeal.

Nature Play at Home: Creating Outdoor Spaces That Connect Children with the Natural World

Colorful and filled with great solutions for connecting kids to the natural world; highly recommended.

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Social Upheaval

Recommended for readers of black women's history who don't mind when the author meanders into conjecture.

Act Natural: A Cultural History of Misadventures in Parenting

This fun, if at times unsettling, cultural history proves an amusing glance back at parenting through the ages, though occasionally the author's opinions stand in the way of presenting history "as is."

Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America

Trotter includes an impressive bibliographic essay in this useful survey of an important topic that will be particularly useful for readers with interests in labor and race relations.

Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen

A solid primer for anyone, from educator to entrepreneur, who seeks to cultivate success through basic steps of mindfulness.

Soar, Adam, Soar

Prashaw's compassionate, authentic, and wise words make this a powerful contribution to the emerging genre of transgender life writing.

Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine

Good for general readers looking for a guide to Roman emperors with some nods to pop psychology and pop culture, but not the most beneficial for specialists.

Real Queer America: LGBT Stories from Red States

Suitable for fans of memoirs and travelogs, this collection is a soothing and motivating balm for readers engaged with social justice issues. It is also a revealing and surprising tour through the country for readers both within and outside the LGBT community.

Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance

An honest and passionate voice of Indigenous power that needs to be included in contemporary political discourse.

We Want To Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom

Recommended for academic libraries serving preservice teachers.

Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline

Compelling, convincing, and deserving of a very wide audience, from general readers to policymakers.

Ctrl Alt Delete: How Politics and the Media Crashed Our Democracy

A succinct distillation of the intersection of technology, media, and politics in Britain and America, though readers who have read extensively on Brexit and/or the 2016 election will find little new information here.

In Putin's Footsteps: Searching for the Soul of an Empire Across Russia's Eleven Time Zones

For students of the vast country, this is a verbose and complex narrative that will find a place in large subject collections

Summoned at Midnight: A Story of Race and the Last Military Executions at Fort Leavenworth

An engaging and highly recommended true story for those interested in racial discrimination, especially in the military, and criminal justice issues.


Despite its flaws, this hidden gem of a work will enthrall readers seeking underrepresented voices in the history of science and literature.

The Montessori Toddler: A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being

With every page chock-full of plans for how to make one's home a haven for a youngster's intellectual and emotional growth, this valuable manual fills a gap on a topic not as frequently addressed in the literature on toddler development.

Running Home

Far more than a book about running, this touching memoir takes readers on a compelling and emotional journey as Arnold finds relief from her sorrow. Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one will find comfort in these pages.

The Age of Disenchantments: The Epic Story of Spain's Most Notorious Literary Family and the Long Shadow of the Spanish Civil War

Part history, part melodrama, and sure to entertain public library patrons attracted to family biographies or Spain.

If We Can Keep It: How the

This timely and sophisticated analysis is recommended for all collections and nicely complements Jon Meacham's The Soul of America, which provides a similar mature assessment of modern America.

The Last Job: "The Bad Grandpas" and the Hatton Garden Heist

Recommended for most collections, especially where true crime circulates well.

Pocahontas and the English Boys: Caught Between Cultures in Early Virginia

This enlightening study highlights a form of slavery that has been often overlooked in histories of colonial Virginia and should be read alongside Helen C. Rountree's Pocahontas, Powhatan, Opechancanough.

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