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One Lark, One Horse: Poems

Hofmann’s condensed, serrated screeds against a gradually dehumanizing culture might seem unduly dyspeptic to some readers, but others will appreciate their unglossed vision and resistance to passive acceptance.

Starting Fall with Great Poetry: 13 Collections from Award Winners and Newcomers Alike


I Will Destroy You

Beautifully crafted poems from the (broken) heart; the masterly Flynn doesn’t drag us into the depths but rises to meet us.



Written with a storyteller’s verve, this collection entertains as it provokes and will appeal to many readers.

The Last Love Poem I Will Ever Write

Orr will appeal to a wide range of readers as he asks big questions in accessible language.

Father’s Day

A profoundly heartfelt and thoughtful book for all readers.

In Her Feminine Sign

Mikhail’s deeply felt poems read flowingly but only look simple; there’s real depth here for all readers.

Be Recorder

“Can I trust the ardor/ or is it just theatre/ …shall I ask permission/ do I beg for a license”: Giménez Smith asks key questions in roiled times, and her greatest strength is nailing an outsider’s raw uncertainty, assumptions never made, immunity never achieved.

Sightseer in This Killing City

Filipino American poet Gloria ably articulates contemporary crisis on both sides of the Pacific, using fluid language to remind us that we must move forward.
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