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The Fearsome Doctor Fang

This rip-snorting, two-fisted pulp adventure is the first of four titles in TKO's debut lineup. Here, filmmaker and TKO publisher/cofounder Chun (7 Deadly Sins), along with Weiss (The Mentalist) and artists McDaid (Firefly) and Miwa (Shaft) take the tarnished tropes of "yellow peril" fiction and flip it, transforming Fang into a Tony Stark-esque superinventor with a heart of gold. With any luck, this will be the first of many globe-trotting, stereotype-crushing adventures.

Peanuts Dell Archive

This well-produced collection will be of interest to fans of Peanuts or vintage children's comic books and may have a nostalgic appeal to readers who grew up with the famous strip.

The Wrath of Fantômas

Adapting one of French pulp literature's most lurid diabolical masterminds, debut comics creators Olivier Bocquet and Rocheleau render a Fantômas who spectacularly breaks the shackles of the printed word developed by Souvestre and writing partner Marcel Allain to invade the graphic medium. A midnight-hewn thrill ride whose sophisticated art perfectly captures the electrifying colors and terrifying aftermath of deeds most foul.

Graphic Novels, February 8, 2019 | Xpress Reviews

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