2020 Census Offers Opportunities for Library Involvement

2020 Census Offers Opportunities for Library Involvement

The 2020 United States Census officially launches on April 1 of next year. Because it will be the first conducted primarily online, and the number of regional and area census offices has halved since 2010, libraries stand to play a major role in helping assure an equitable and accurate count. But even before households receive their invitation to participate next spring, there are many opportunities for libraries to get involved—and a strong need for them to do so.


Not Small Change: Honey Grove Library & Learning Center | Best Small Library in America

Meredith Schwartz, Sep 06, 2019
Honey Grove Library & Learning Center, TX, is one of the two finalists for LJ's Best Small Library in America. The library has been named a finalist before, in 2014; a lot has changed since then.

Building Bridges: Whitehall Public Library | Best Small Library in America

Meredith Schwartz, Sep 06, 2019
Whitehall Public Library is one of the two finalists for LJ's Best Small Library in America. When social service agencies began to resettle refugees in Whitehall, in the Pittsburgh, PA, suburbs, the library started building bridges between refugees and long-term residents.

LYRASIS Calls for Greater Collaboration on Accessible Digital Content

Matt Enis, Sep 06, 2019
Many libraries have established formal or informal policies to ensure the accessibility of licensed and library-created digital content, but libraries also report uncertainty regarding the responsibilities for auditing and enforcing such policies, according to the “LYRASIS 2019 Accessibility Survey Report.”

Virginia Next in Line for New OA, Sustainability Wiley Pilot

Camille Thomas, Sep 05, 2019
The Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) and publisher John Wiley and Sons have agreed to a new model, similar to the agreement Wiley made with OhioLink earlier in June.

Alexandra Chassanoff, Apr 12, 2018
During the week of March 19–23 MIT Libraries convened experts from across disciplines and domains to identify and address grand challenges in the scholarly communication and information science landscape.
Mirco Tonin, Jan 03, 2018
Suppose a librarian receives an email from a man named Greg Walsh, wanting to become a cardholder or simply inquiring about the open hours. Would the librarian reply? And, if so, would the reply be polite, including for instance some form of salutation, such as “Hello” or “Good morning”? Does your answer change if the guy is called Tyrone Washington? Is a librarian treating Jake Mueller differently from DeShawn Jackson?
LJ Reviews, Apr 11, 2018
A detailed look at pain management implementing the use of medical cannabis rather than opioids; A complex look at the issue of opioid abuse backed up with research and first hand stories; A valuable addition to the conversation about addiction filled with case studies illustrating the complexities of the disease
Mahnaz Dar, Jan 20, 2018
Editor Sarah Janssen discusses editing The World Almanac in an age where being attuned to "fake news" is especially vital.
Gary Price, Sep 14, 2019
From the Associated Press: University of Vermont Professor Wolfgang Mieder, thought to be the world’s premier paroemiologist, has been studying the concise statements for 50 years, amassing thousands of books and writings that are now housed in a new unique library named after him at the school. [Clip] The extensive library of about 9,000 volumes […]
Gary Price, Sep 14, 2019
From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: The St. Louis Police Library, among the first of its kind in the country, is a trove of new and old policing paraphernalia. But after seven decades in service, the library at the department’s downtown police academy is being dismantled, making way for a high-tech active-shooter training simulator. Now, a troop […]
Gary Price, Sep 13, 2019
The following article was recently published by PLoS ONE. Title Research Applications of Primary Biodiversity Databases in the Digital Age Authors Joan E. Ball-Damerow Field Museum of Natural History Laura Brenskelle Florida Museum of Natural History, U. of Florida Narayani Barve Florida Museum of Natural History, U. of Florida Pamela S. Soltis Florida Museum of […]
Gary Price, Sep 13, 2019
From the U.S. Dept. of Energy: OSTI.GOV has introduced a search for figure and table images included in DOE’s collection of scientific and technical information. This innovative new feature allows users to search for and retrieve documents as usual, but the associated images are also retrieved, and can be viewed with the corresponding document or […]
LJ,  Sep 13, 2019
Each week, the LJ editors comb through the internet to find the best library-related news and tidbits. This week, a sleepover in a Wales library, hip-hop statuary in Queens, and protocol in a TV writers' room.

Neal Wyatt,  Sep 13, 2019
Permanent Record by Edward Snowden starts getting attention. So does Demi Moore, Inside Out: A Memoir. The Goldfinch opens today. John Green reads poetry. His Dark Materials adaptation debuts Monday, November 4 on HBO.

Steven Bell,  Sep 12, 2019
Every academic library should have a set of standards for how people are expected to conduct themselves in our facilities. If it’s nonexistent at your library, now is the time to create it. If there is one that has languished for years, it’s time for an update.

Neal Wyatt,  Sep 12, 2019
Vendetta in Death by J.D. Robb leads 13 new books onto the bestseller lists. Entertainment Weekly has an excerpt of The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang. Sally Rooney gives writing advice.

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