Moving Beyond the Traditional Repository to a Next-Gen Research Repository

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Event Date & Time: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 

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Join this webcast to hear Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of Libraries, University of Denver, who will describe the original vision and subsequent journey of making the University Libraries an impactful driver of improving research processes at the university.

This journey addresses key questions. Can academic libraries help drive superior research and ensure compliance by doing what they do best – collecting and organizing information and making it sharable and searchable? Can the library unite researchers together within an institution, or even between institutions?

Institutional repositories centralize and publicize a university’s research assets. Often managed by the library, they disseminate the work of students and scholars to the broader academic community, making it easier for other researchers to find, use, and build on that knowledge. They also help universities comply with publicly funded research rules.

However, current institutional repositories could be better. Challenging to search and with inefficient workflows rendering them cumbersome to maintain, it is time for academic libraries to step forward and apply their unique skill set to the problem.


Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of the University of Denver Libraries

Eddie Neuwirth, Senior Director of Product Management, Research Services for Ex Libris


Matt Enis, Senior Editor, Technology, Library Journal

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