Library Seating: How It Impacts Your Library’s Success and Your Users’ Health

Presented by: Agati Furniture & Library Journal
Event Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019 

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Join Professor Galin Cranz (Author of “The Chair”) and Joe Agati (Director of Design Agati Furniture) for an in depth discussion about seating and how it impacts patrons' health and your library's success. Professor Cranz will explain the origins of postural and seating norms that have developed in western culture. How did we end up with chairs and why do they play an important role in our society as symbols of status and refinement?  

As a longtime advocate for body conscious design, Professor Cranz has a unique understanding of how overuse of right angle seating, especially for the wrong work pattern, can lead to long term negative health implications. This webinar will talk in detail about matching Library work patterns with seating types and technical details that make one seat healthier and more functional for its intended purpose than another. 


Galen Cranz, Professor of the Graduate School in Architecture, University of California at Berkeley

Joe Agati Jr., Director of Design, Agati Furniture 


Rebecca Jozwiak, Library Journal

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