Hey Siri, What Does the Future of Public Libraries Look Like?

Presented by: collectionHQ & Library Journal
Event Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 

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Computer assistants, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs are becoming commonplace. If you need directions, want to buy groceries, or are looking for suggestions for a new wardrobe, technological help is just a request away. There is no doubt that computerized assistants and Artificial Intelligence are impacting every facet of society, including our economies, cultures and public institutions such as schools and libraries, and that this impact will only grow stronger.

As we as a society try to manage this new technology, many people are calling on the library community to lead the way. Libraries are increasingly supporting patrons in understanding AI as well as implementing AI technology to improve processes and provide a better, more personalized patron experience. 

Librarians will also be needed to educate people about AI, helping them understand how to use it in order to enhance daily life and develop their career, while learning of potential pitfalls and how to protect personal data online.

This webinar will discuss the use of AI in public libraries and provide advice on how your library can ensure it is not
only prepared for the changes AI will bring, but that it is positioned to shape and then lead the world that AI is helping to create. Featuring presentations from the New Orleans Public Library, King County Library System and collectionHQ, the webinar will share specific examples of how AI is being used to inform the selection of pre-published titles based on predictive algorithms, and how voice-assisted technology can be used to connect patrons to library resources.


Mat Bowers, Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development, New Orleans Public Library 

Angela Nolet, Librarian, Online Library Services, King County Library System

Liz Duffy, Senior ESP Project Manager, collectionHQ


Rebecca Jozwiak, Library Journal

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