Fobazi Ettarh

Fobazi M. Ettarh is currently the Undergraduate Success Librarian at Rutgers Newark. Her identities as a first-generation American, queer, and disabled women of color shapes her librarianship which is guided by critical perspectives and the deconstruction of white supremacy. Creator of the concept vocational awe, her research is concerned with the relationships and tensions between the espoused values of librarianship and the realities present in the experiences of marginalized librarians and users. She also studies equity, diversity, and inclusion in libraries, in particular, ways in which social and organizational infrastructures privilege the works of certain groups over others. She is the author of the article “Vocational Awe: The Lies We Tell Ourselves” and the blog “WTF is A Radical Librarian,” which examines issues at the intersections of librarianship, education, activism, and social justice. You can also find her on twitter at @Fobettarh.

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