Transforming Learning in Your Community: Educational eResources for Patrons of All Ages

Presented by: Recorded Books & Library Journal
Event Date & Time: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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The way we learn has changed in the past 10 years with a larger focus on digital. Digital learning services allow you to learn at your own pace, in your own place, and on your own time. And a number of your patrons will not otherwise have access to important learning opportunities unless your library offers these services, including: job skills training, language learning, test preparation, software training, and more.

Join us on this free webinar where we discuss how a library, equipped with educational resources for today’s learner, can improve the quality of life for the whole community. The range of patrons seeking assistance is diverse—from children just learning to read and write, to retirees looking for something new to spark their interest, and everyone in between. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why digital learning has become increasingly important over the last decade
  • Five key patron segments to focus on when offering and promoting your learning services
  • Six different digital learning services you can offer today through a single app
  • How Transparent Language can help you improve the lives of your ESL patrons
  • Why Method Test Prep significantly improves ACT and SAT test scores

Lauren Gancarz, Library Marketing Manager for Transparent Language, will explain how this language-learning program can help an ESL learner acclimate to his community. Bryan Ziegler, Senior Vice President of Method Test Prep, will demonstrate how the test preparation service increased a student’s test scores, which solidified his acceptance to the school of his choice. Brad Gray, Senior Solutions Engineer with Recorded Books, will discuss how our portfolio of products has benefitted lifelong learners, job seekers, and those looking to advance in their careers.


Lauren Gancarz, Marketing & Library Programs Manager, Transparent Language, Inc. 

Bryan Ziegler, Product Manager & Sr. Vice President of Operations, Method Test Prep, Inc. 

Brad Gray, Senior Solutions Engineer, Recorded Books 


Bruce Lovett, Vice President of Marketing, Recorded Books 

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