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Langer's homing in on all aspects of negative self-talk and worry add breadth to her advice and make it a powerful tool for readers; for anyone with a strong drive to do something different, this is a truly inspiring read; the importance and epic scale of St. Petersburg comes across vividly in this work; Cooke's wit, humor, and infectious curiosity will appeal to natural history enthusiasts of all stripes
Below is a list of titles to be reviewed in the March 1, 2018, issue of Library Journal. These lists include pertinent publisher and bibliographic information for your convenience. Starred reviews are indicated with **. Publishers: Please remember to send us one finished copy of each book that is scheduled for review (i.e., all of the forthcoming titles listed below) if you initially submitted a galley or bound manuscript. Our reviewers are not paid, and we like to send a finished copy of the reviewed book as a thank you. Materials should be mailed to: Library Journal, 123 William Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10038. CALL FOR REVIEWERS: LJ is seeking reviewers in the following subject areas: Memoir and Performing Arts (contact Liz French, efrench@mediasourceinc.com); Technothrillers, Historical Fiction, popular African American fiction (Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey, Mary Monroe), and Street Lit (K’wan, Sister Souljah, De’nesha Diamond; contact Wilda Williams, wwilliams@mediasourceinc.com). Click here to fill out an application.

arts & humanities


Art Instruction

**Allison, Christine. Drawing: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner. Guild of Master Craftsman. Feb. 2018. 96p. illus. index. ISBN 9781784943882. pap. $14.95. ART INSTRUCTION Eiseman, Leatrice. The Complete Color Harmony, Pantone Edition: Expert Color Information for Professional Results. Rockport: Quarto. 2017. 216p. illus. index. ISBN 9781631592966. pap. $24.99; ebk. ISBN 9781631594441. ART INSTRUCTION


Branam, Steve. Hand Tool Basics: Woodworking Tools & How To Use Them. Popular Woodworking. Jan. 2018. 272p. illus. index. ISBN 9781440348907. $34.99; ebk. ISBN 9781440348921. DIY Miller, Brian & Marci Crestani. The Art of Coloring Wood: A Woodworker’s Guide to Understanding Dyes and Chemicals. Linden. 2017. 144p. photos by Marc Carter. ISBN 9781610353052. pap. $24.95; ebk. ISBN 9781610353236. DIY

Fiber Crafts

Gillman, Rayna. Create Your Own Improv Quilts: Modern Quilting with No Rules & No Rulers. C&T. 2017. 96p. illus. ISBN 9781617454448. pap. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9781617454455. FIBER CRAFTS Holland, Sharon. Utility-Style: Quilts for Everyday Living. Landauer. 2017. 80p. illus. ISBN 9781935726975. pap. $18.95. FIBER CRAFTS Keen, Sarah. 50 Knitted Dolls. Guild of Master Craftsman. 2017. 224p. illus. index. ISBN 9781784943462. pap. $19.95. FIBER CRAFTS Mooncie, Vanessa. Sewn Animal Heads: Trophy Heads To Stitch. Guild of Master Craftsman. Jan. 2018. 192p. illus. index. ISBN 9781784943646. pap. $19.95. FIBER CRAFTS Victoria and Albert Museum. Patchwork & Quilting: A Maker’s Guide. Thames & Hudson. Jan. 2018. 176p. illus. index. ISBN 9780500293263. pap. $24.95. FIBER CRAFTS Pumphrey, Linda. Red & White Quilting: An Iconic Tradition in 40 Blocks. Fons & Porter. 2017. 160p. illus. index. ISBN 9781440247446. pap. $27.99. w/CD. FIBER CRAFTS **Thomas, Donna Lynn. The Anniversary Sampler Quilt: 40 Traditional Blocks, 7 Keepsake Settings. C&T. 2017. 112p. illus. ISBN 9781617454554. pap. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9781617454561. FIBER CRAFTS

Interior Design

Tanov, Erica. Design by Nature: Creating Layered, Lived-In Spaces Inspired by the Natural World. Ten Speed: Crown. Apr. 2018. 232p. photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo. ISBN 9780399579073. $35; ebk. ISBN 9780399579080. INTERIOR DESIGN

Fine Arts

Van Haaften, Julia. Berenice Abbott: A Life in Photography. Norton. Apr. 2018. 640p. photos. notes. index. ISBN 9780393292787. $49.95; ebk. ISBN 9780393292794. BIOG **Webb, Tood & others. I See a City: Todd Webb’s New York. Thames & Hudson. 2017. 178p. photos. notes. ISBN 9780500544884. $45. PHOTOG


Bloom, Harold. Lear: The Great Image of Authority. Scribner. (Shakespeare’s Personalities). Apr. 2018. 176p. ISBN 9781501164194. $24; ebk. ISBN 9781501164217. LIT Coetzee, J.M. Late Essays: 2006–2017. Viking. Jan. 2018. 304p. notes. ISBN 9780735223912. $28; ebk. ISBN 9780735223936. LIT Foster, Thomas C. How To Read Poetry Like a Professor: A Quippy and Sonorous Guide to Verse. Harper Perennial. Mar. 2018. 224p. index. ISBN 9780062113788. pap. $15.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062684066. LIT Greenblatt, Stephen. Tyrant. Norton. May 2018. 208p. notes. index. ISBN 9780393635751. $21.95; ebk. ISBN 9780393635768. LIT Hughes, Kathryn. Victorians Undone: Tales of the Flesh in the Age of Decorum. Johns Hopkins. Feb. 2018. 440p. photos. notes. index. ISBN 9781421425702. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9781421425719. LIT Mendelssohn, Michèle. Making Oscar Wilde. Oxford Univ. Jul. 2018. 304p. photos. notes. index. ISBN 9780198802365. $24.95. LIT

Performing Arts

Hawkins, Lamont “U-God”. Raw: My Journey into the Wu-Tang. Picador. Mar. 2018. 304p. ISBN 9781250191168. $27; ebk. ISBN 9781250191182. MUSIC Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African American Lesbian Media-Making. Duke Univ. Mar. 2018. 304p. ed. by Yvonne Welbon & Alexandra Juhasz. photos. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780822370864. pap. $26.95. FILM


Bottoms, David. Otherworld, Underworld, Prayer Porch. Copper Canyon. Apr. 2018. 72p. ISBN 9781556595202. pap. $16. POETRY

Spirituality & Religion

Loughery, John. Dagger John: Archbishop John Hughes and the Making of Irish America. Three Hills. Mar. 2018. 424p. illus. maps. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781501707742. $32.95; ebk. ISBN 9781501711077. REL

Sports & Recreation

**Davis, Jennifer Pharr. The Pursuit of Endurance: Harnessing the Record-Breaking Power of Strength and Resilience. Viking. Apr. 2018. 320p. bibliog. ISBN 9780735221895. $27; ebk. ISBN 9780735221918. SPORTS Kastor, Deena & Michelle Hamilton. Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory. Crown. Apr. 2018. 304p. illus. ISBN 9781524760755. $27; ebk. ISBN 9781524760779. SPORTS Thomas, Etan. We Matter: Athletes and Activism. Akashic. Mar. 2018. 250p. illus. ISBN 9781617755941. $28.95; ebk. ISBN 9781617756122. SPORTS


Health & Medicine

Watson, Christie. The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story. Tim Duggan: Crown. May 2018. 320p. ISBN 9781524761639. $27; ebk. ISBN 9781524761653. HEALTH

Home Economics

Briffault, Eugène. Paris à Table: 1846. Oxford Univ. Apr. 2018. 272p. illus. ed. & tr. from French by J. Weintraub. illus. ISBN 9780190842031. $24.95. COOKING Horn, Nadine & Jörg Mayer. VBQ—The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook: Over 80 Recipes—Seared, Skewered, Smoking Hot! Experiment. May 2018. 224p. photos. index. ISBN 9781615194568. pap. $19.95; ebk. ISBN 9781615194575. COOKING Kurlansky, Mark. Milk! A 10,000-Year Food Fracas. Bloomsbury Pr. May 2018. 400p. illus. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781632863829. $29; ebk. ISBN 9781632863843. COOKING


Bondar, Carin. Wild Moms: Motherhood in the Animal Kingdom. Pegasus. Apr. 2018. 400p. illus. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781681776651. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9781681777214. SCI Cooke, Lucy. The Truth About Animals: Stoned Sloths, Lovelorn Hippos, and Other Tales from the Wild Side of Wildlife. Basic. Apr. 2018. 352p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780465094646. $28; ebk. ISBN 9780465094653. SCI Dutcher, Jim & Jamie Dutcher. The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack. National Geographic. Mar. 2018. 224p. illus. ISBN 9781426218866. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781426218873. SCI Fincham-Gray, Suzy. My Patients and Other Animals: A Veterinarian’s Story of Love, Loss, and Hope. Spiegel & Grau. Apr. 2018. 288p. ISBN 9780812998184. $27; ebk. ISBN 9780812998191. SCI Jones, Darryl. Birds at My Table: Why We Feed Wild Birds and Why It Matters. Comstock. Mar. 2018. 352p. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781501710780. pap. $19.95; ebk. ISBN 9781501710803. SCI McLeish, Todd. Return of the Sea Otter: The Story of the Animal That Evaded Extinction on the Pacific Coast. Sasquatch. Mar. 2018. 264p. illus. bibliog. ISBN 9781632171375. pap. $19.95; ebk. ISBN 9781632171382. NAT HIST THE INNER MIND Jasanoff, Alan. The Biological Mind: How Brain, Body, and Environment Collaborate To Make Us Who We Are. Basic. Mar. 2018. 304p. illus. notes. index. ISBN 9780465052684. $30; ebk. ISBN 9781541644311. SCI **Williams, Caroline. My Plastic Brain: One Woman’s Yearlong Journey To Discover If Science Can Improve Her Mind. Prometheus. Mar. 2018. 320p. illus. index. ISBN 9781633883918. $24; ebk. ISBN 9781633883925. SCI


Ablon, J. Stuart. Changeable: The Surprising Science Behind Helping Anyone Change*; *Including Your Spouse, Your Kids, Your Coworkers, and Yourself. TarcherPerigee. Apr. 2018. 304p. notes. ISBN 9780143129011. $27. personal growth Bono, Tim. When Likes Aren’t Enough: A Crash Course in the Science of Happiness. Grand Central Life & Style. Mar. 2018. 272p. ISBN 9781538743416. $25; ebk. ISBN 9781538728093. personal growth Crowley, Jocelyn Elise. Gray Divorce: What We Lose and Gain from Mid-Life Splits. Univ. of California. Jan. 2018. 232p. notes. index. ISBN 9780520295322. pap. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9780520968110. relationships Hanley, Kate. How To Be a Better Person: 400+ Simple Ways To Make a Difference in Yourself—and the World. Adams Media. Jan. 2018. 224p. ISBN 9781507205266. pap. $14.99; ebk. ISBN 9781507205273. personal grwoth Hardy, Benjamin. Willpower Doesn’t Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success. Hachette. Mar. 2018. 256p. index. ISBN 9780316441322. pap. $13.99; ebk. ISBN 9780316441360. success **Langer, Gigi. 50 Ways To Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking To Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection. Possum Hill. Jan. 2018. 240p. ISBN 9780999122006. pap. $14.95. personal growth **Leahy, Robert L. The Jealousy Cure: Learn To Trust, Overcome Possessiveness, and Save Your Relationships. New Harbinger. Mar. 2018. 240p. bibliog. ISBN 9781626259751. pap. $16.95. relationships Mundy, Jon. A Course in Mysticism and Miracles: Begin Your Spiritual Adventure. Weiser: Red Wheel. Mar. 2018. 320p. index. ISBN 9781578636013. pap. $24.95. Spirituality **Price, Catherine. How To Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan To Take Back Your Life. Ten Speed: Crown. Feb. 2018. 192p. ISBN 9780399581120. pap. $12.99; ebk. ISBN 9780399581137. SELF-HELP Simon, Julia M. When Food Is Comfort: Nurture Yourself Mindfully, Rewire Your Brain, and End Emotional Eating. New World Library. Mar. 2018. 334p. index. ISBN 9781608685509. pap. $16.95. SELF-HELP Stabile, Suzanne. The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships. InterVarsity. Apr. 2018. 240p. index. ISBN 9780830846429. $24. relationships


Biography **Abrams, Jeanne E. First Ladies of the Republic: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the Creation of an Iconic American Role. New York Univ. Mar. 2018. 328p. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781479886531. $28.95; ebk. ISBN 9781479877522. BIOG Edemariam, Aida. The Wife’s Tale: A Personal History. Harper. Mar. 2018. 336p. illus. maps. ISBN 9780062136039. $26.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062136060. MEMOIR Mihesuah, Devon Abbott. Ned Christie: The Creation of an Outlaw and Cherokee Hero. Univ. of Oklahoma. Mar. 2018. 272p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780806159102. $29.95. BIOG Stockwell, Mary. Unlikely General: “Mad” Anthony Wayne and the Battle for America. Yale Univ. Mar. 2018. 376p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780300214758. $35. BIOG


**Gurba, Myriam. Mean. Coffee House.  2017. 160p. ISBN 9781566894913. pap. $16.95; ebk. ISBN 9781566895019. memoir **Hall, Sands. Flunk. Start. Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology. Counterpoint. Mar. 2018. 400p. notes. bibliog. ISBN 9781619021785. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781619021808. memoir **Narayan, Shoba.  The Milk Lady of Bangalore: An Unexpected Adventure. Workman. Jan. 2018. 272p. ISBN 9781616206154. $24.95; ebk. ISBN 9781616207618.  memoir **O’Farrell, Maggie.  I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death. Knopf. Feb. 2018. 304p. illus. ISBN 9780525520221. $25.95; ebk. ISBN 9780525520238. memoir **Seeger, Peggy. First Time Ever.  Faber & Faber. 2017. 416p. photos. ISBN 9780571336791. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9780571336814. memoir


Kennedy, Dan. The Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century. ForeEdge. Feb. 2018. 272p. notes. index. ISBN 9781611685947. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9781512601787. COMM


Hougaard, Rasmus & Jacqueline Carter. The Mind of the Leader: How To Lead Yourself, Your People, and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results. Harvard Business. Mar. 2018. 256p. illus. notes. index. ISBN 9781633693425. $30; ebk. ISBN 9781633693432. BUS Peretti, Jacques. The Deals That Made the World: Reckless Ambition, Backroom Negotiations, and the Hidden Truths of Business. Morrow. Mar. 2018. 304p. notes. index. ISBN 9780062698292. $27.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062698315. BUS


**Weiss, John Henry. Moving Forward in Mid-Career: A Guide to Rebuilding Your Career After Being Fired or Laid Off.Skyhorse. Jan. 2018. 276p. index. ISBN 9781510722019. pap. $17.99; ebk. ISBN 9781510722026. CAREERS


Adkins, Roy & Lesley Adkins. Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History. Viking. Mar. 2018. 480p. illus. maps. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780735221628. $30; ebk. ISBN 9780735221635. HIST Hollingsworth, Mary. The Family Medici: The Hidden History of the Medici Dynasty. Pegasus. Mar. 2018. 528p. illus. maps. notes. index. ISBN 9781681776484. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9781681777108. HIST Huang, Yunte. Inseparable: The Original Siamese Twins and Their Rendezvous with American History. Liveright: Norton. Apr. 2018. 416p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780871404473. $28.95; ebk. ISBN 9781631493850. HIST Mathisen, Erik. The Loyal Republic: Traitors, Slaves, and the Remaking of Citizenship in Civil War America. Univ. of North Carolina. Mar. 2018. 240p. illus. maps. notes. index. ISBN 9781469636320. $34.95; ebk. ISBN 9781469636337. HIST **Miles, Jonathan. St. Petersburg: Madness, Murder, and Art on the Banks of the Neva. Pegasus. Mar. 2018. 560p. illus. maps. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781681776767. $29.95; ebk. ISBN 9781681777160. HIST **Sokol, Jason. The Heavens Might Crack: The Death and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Basic. Mar. 2018. 352p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780465055913. $30; ebk. ISBN 9781541697393. HIST **Wright, Lawrence. God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State. Knopf. Apr. 2018. 352p. illus. ISBN 9780525520108. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9780525520115. HIST Zipperstein, Steven J. Pogrom: Kishinev and the Tilt of History. Liveright: Norton. Mar. 2018. 352p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781631492693. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9781631492709. HIST ROYALS & RIVALS **Goldstone, Nancy. Daughters of the Winter Queen: Four Remarkable Sisters, the Crown of Bohemia, and the Enduring Legacy of Mary, Queen of Scots. Little, Brown. Apr. 2018. 496p. illus. maps. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9780316387910. $30; ebk. ISBN 9780316387880. HIST Tallis, Nicola. Elizabeth’s Rival: The Tumultuous Life of the Countess of Leicester: The Romance and Conspiracy That Threatened Queen Elizabeth’s Court. Pegasus. Mar. 2018. 352p. illus. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781681776576. $27.95; ebk. ISBN 9781681777146. BIOG THE ERA OF IKE Hitchcock, William I. The Age of Eisenhower: America and the World in the 1950s. S. & S. Mar. 2018. 672p. notes. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781439175668. $35; ebk. ISBN 9781451698435. BIOG Simon, James F. Eisenhower vs. Warren: The Battle for Civil Rights and Liberties. Liveright: Norton. Apr. 2018. 464p. notes. index. ISBN 9780871407559. $35; ebk. ISBN 9780871407665. BIOG

Law & Crime

**Engdal, Eskil & Kjetil Sæter. Catching Thunder: The Story of the World’s Longest Sea Chase. Zed. Mar. 2018. 400p. tr. from Norwegian by Diane Oatley. notes. ISBN 9781786990877. pap. $21.95; ebk. ISBN 9781786990907. CRIME Greenya, John. Gorsuch: The Judge Who Speaks for Himself. Threshold. Jan. 2018. 272p. bibliog. index. ISBN 9781501180378. $25; ebk. ISBN 9781501180385. LAW McNamara, Michelle. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer. Harper. Feb. 2018. 352p. maps. ISBN 9780062319784. $27.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062319807. CRIME

Political Science

**Frum, David. Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic. Harper. Jan. 2018. 304p. notes. index. ISBN 9780062796738. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9780062796752. POL SCI Jentleson, Bruce W. The Peacemakers: Leadership Lessons from Twentieth-Century Statesmanship. Norton. Apr. 2018. 416p. notes. index. ISBN 9780393249569. $28.95; ebk. ISBN 9780393249576. POL SCI **Reich, Robert B. The Common Good. Knopf. Feb. 2018. 208p. illus. ISBN 9780525520498. $22.95; ebk. ISBN 9780525520504. POL SCI


Becoming an Independent Information Professional: How To Freelance, Consult, and Contract for Fun and Profit. Libraries Unlimited: Teacher Ideas. 2017. 176p. ed. by Melissa M. Powell. index. ISBN 9781440855405. pap. $50. PRO MEDIA **Cole, John Y. America’s Greatest Library: An Illustrated History of the Library of Congress. D Giles Limited, London/Lib. of Congress. Jan. 2018. 256p. photos. index. ISBN 9781911282136. $39.95; ebk. ISBN 9781911282303. PRO MEDIA **Roberts, Ann. Designing Adult Services: Strategies for Better Serving Your Community. Libraries Unlimited: Teacher Ideas. 2017. 130p. index. ISBN 9781440852541. pap. $45; ebk. ISBN 9781440852558. PRO MEDIA


Beam, Cris. I Feel You: The Surprising Power of Extreme Empathy. Houghton Harcourt. Mar. 2018. 272p. notes. index. ISBN 9780544558168. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780544558175. PSYCH

Social Science

**Duberman, Martin. The Rest of It: Hustlers, Cocaine, Depression, and Then Some, 1976–1988. Duke Univ. Mar. 2018. 256p. index. ISBN 9780822370703. $27.95. SOC SCI Go Home! Feminist. Mar. 2018. 320p. ed. by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan. ISBN 9781936932016. pap. $18.95; ebk. ISBN 9781936932030. SOC SCI Kahrl, Andrew W. Free the Beaches: The Story of Ned Coll and the Battle for America’s Most Exclusive Shoreline. Yale Univ. Mar. 2018. 376p. illus. maps. notes. index. ISBN 9780300215144. $28. SOC SCI **McBride, Sarah. Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality. Crown Archetype. Mar. 2018. 288p. illus. bibliog. ISBN 9781524761479. $26; ebk. ISBN 9781524761493. SOC SCI **Ngugi wa Thiong’o. Wrestling with the Devil: A Prison Memoir. New Pr. Mar. 2018. 272p. illus. notes. ISBN 9781620973332. $25.99; ebk. ISBN 9781620973349. SOC SCI Ramos, Jorge. Stranger: The Challenge of a Latino Immigrant in the Trump Era. Vintage. Feb. 2018. 224p. notes. ISBN 9780525563792. pap. $15; ebk. ISBN 9780525563808. SOC SCI

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Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones

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