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Irish reader Gerard Doyle narrates with gravitas and grit Bester's truly original and bizarre future; libraries should be prepared to offer Zevin's skillfully crafted novel in all formats; a remarkable portrait of the possibilities and power of unconditional love; an uncomfortable (and rightly so) call to action—a must!
Below is a list of Audio and Video titles to be reviewed in the February 15, 2018, issue of Library Journal. These lists include pertinent publisher and bibliographic information for your convenience. Starred reviews are indicated with **. Publishers: Please remember to send us one finished copy of each book that is scheduled for review (i.e., all of the forthcoming titles listed below) if you initially submitted a galley or bound manuscript. Our reviewers are not paid, and we like to send a finished copy of the reviewed book as a thank you. Materials should be mailed to: Library Journal, 123 William Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10038.



Bester, Alfred. The Stars My Destination. 7 CDs. 8:30 hrs. Tantor. Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781541414198. $35. digital download. F Dawkins, Curtis. The Graybar Hotel. digital download. 5 hrs. S. & S. Audio. Jul. 2017. ISBN 9781508236399. $17.99. F Erdrich, Louise. Future Home of the Living God. 9 CDs. 10:45 hrs. Harper Audio. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9781538456156. $39.99. digital download. F Fallon, Siobhan. The Confusion of Languages. digital download. 10:22 hrs. Books on Tape. Jun. 2017. ISBN 9781524775803. $76. F Moss, Todd. The Shadow List. (Judd Ryker, Bk. 4). 6 CDs. 7:15 hrs. Recorded Bks. Sept. 2017. ISBN 97814906807801. $123.75. digital download. F Mozley, Fiona. Elmet. 6 CDs. 7:30 hrs. HighBridge. Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781684410460. $34.99. digital download. F Reay, Katherine. The Austen Escape. 8 CDs. 8:30 hrs. Thomas Nelson Audio. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9780785219576. $24.95. digital download. F Sharma, Akhil. A Life of Adventure and Delight. 5 CDs. 5:17 hrs. HighBridge Audio. Jul. 2017. ISBN 9781681687124. $29.99. digital download. F Weir, Andy. Artemis. 8 CDs. 9 hrs. Brilliance. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9781543658026. $34.99. 1 MP3-CD. F **Zevin, Gabrielle. Young Jane Young. 7 CDs. 8:18 hrs. HighBridge. Aug. 2017. ISBN 9781681687322. $34.99. digital download. F


**Blakeslee, Nate. American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West. 8 CDs. 9 hrs. Books on Tape. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9780525493297. $40. digital download. nat hist Doughty, Caitlin. From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World To Find the Good Death. 5 CDs. 5:30 hrs. Recorded Bks. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9781501973802. $77.75. digital download. soc sci Haddish, Tiffany. The Last Black Unicorn. digital download. 6:19 hrs. S. & S. Audio. Dec. 2017. ISBN 9781508245513. $17.99. memoir Kassabova, Kapka. Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe. 10 CDs. 12 hrs. HighBridge. Sept. 2017. ISBN 9781681687971. $39.99. digital download. memoir Kaufmann, Miranda. Black Tudors: The Untold Story. 9 CDs. 10:30 hrs. HighBridge. Nov. 2017.ISBN 9781681687261. $34.99. digital download. hist Prados, John. The Ghosts of Langley: Into the CIA’s Heart of Darkness. 15 CDs. 18 hrs. Tantor. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9781541417854. $42.99. LAW **Taibbi, Matt. I Can’t Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street. 10 CDs. 13 hrs. Books on Tape. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9780735288157. $45. digital download. soc sci Various Authors. True Crime from Texas Monthly. digital download. 4:29 hrs. Books on Tape. Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780525593515. $38. crime Wilson, Edward O. The Origins of Creativity. 5 CDs. 5:30 hrs. Recorded Bks. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9781501960406. $77.75. digital download. SCI Young, Kevin. Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News. 16 CDs. 20:30 hrs. HighBridge. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9781681687100. $44.99. digital download. soc sci



**Decline and Fall. 182+ min. Guillem Morales, dist. by Acorn TV, www.acorn.tv. 2017. DVD UPC 054961259595. $34.99. SDH subtitles. F Heritage Falls. 89 min. Shea Sizemore, dist. by Monarch Home Entertainment, www.monarchhomeent.com. 2017. DVD UPC 723952079572. $19.95. F Home for the Holidays. 103+ min. Jodie Foster, dist. by Shout! Factory, www.shoutfactory.com. 2017. DVD UPC 826663180619. $9.99; Blu-ray UPC 826663180008. $27.99. SDH subtitles. Rated PG-13. F The Mummy. 110+ min. Alex Kurtzman, dist. by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, www.uphe.com. 2017. DVD UPC 025192285776. $32.98; Blu-ray/DVD combo UPC 025192285769. $38.48. Horror/Adventure Spotlight on a Murderer. 95+ min. In French w/English subtitles. Georges Franju, Arrow Video c/o MVDvisual, www.mvdb2b.com. 2017. Blu-ray/DVD combo UPC 760137993186. $39.95. Mystery


Moving from Emptiness: The Life and Art of a Zen Dude. 69+ min. Shaeri Richards & Jerry Hartleben, dist. by Alive Mind c/o Kino Lorber, www.kinolorber.com. 2017. DVD UPC 738329211776. $29.95. Closed-captioned. ART-GENERAL **Mr. Gaga. 100+ min. In Hebrew & English w/English subtitles. Tomer Heymann, dist. by Icarus Films Home Video, www.homevideo.icarusfilms.com. 2017. DVD UPC 854565002159. $29.98. DANCE/INT AFFAIRS Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards. 89+ min. Michael Roberts, dist. by Music Box Films, www.musicboxfilms.com. 2017. DVD UPC 751778950935. $22.99. SDH subtitles. FASHION Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story. 102+ min. Jon Brewer, dist. by MVDvisual, www.mvdb2b. 2017. Blu-ray/DVD combo UPC 760137022688. $24.95. MUSIC


**From This Day Forward. 76 min. Sharon Shattuck, dist. by Bullfrog Films, www.bullfrogfilms.com. 2017. DVD ISBN 9781941545836. $350 (Rental: $95). Public performance; SDH subtitles. Real Boy. 72 min. Shaleece Haas, dist. by Passion River, www.passionriver.com. 2017. DVD UPC 602573246368. $59.95. Public performance. GENDER STUDIES Ascent of Evil: The Story of Mein Kampf. 52 min. In French w/English subtitles. Frédéric Monteil, dist. by EPF Media, www.epfmedia.com. 2017. DVD ISBN 9781933724454. $100; acad. libs. $250. Public performance; home version $24.95. HIST All of Me. 90 min. In Spanish w/English subtitles. Arturo Gonzalez Villasenor, dist. by Strand Releasing, www.strandreleasing.com. 2017. DVD UPC 712267370726. $24.99. INT AFFAIRS Last Men in Aleppo. 104 min. In Arabic w/English subtitles. Feras Fayyad, dist. by Grasshopper Film, www.grasshopperfilm.com. 2017. DVD $99.95; acad. libs. $395. Public performance. INT AFFAIRS Blood on the Mountain. color & b/w. 93 min. Mari-Lynn Evans & Jordan Freeman, dist. by Virgil Films, www.virgilfilmsent.com. DVD UPC 829567124321. $19.99. Closed-captioned. SOC SCI/HIST **I Am Jane Doe. 98 min. Mary Mazzio, dist. by Tugg Edu, www.edu.tugg.com. 2017. DVD UPC 186380000189. $250; acad. libs. $500; streaming starting at $250. Public performance. SOC SCI Rat Film. 82 min. Theo Anthony, dist. by Cinema Guild, www.cinemaguild.com. 2017. ISBN 9780781515665. $99.95; acad. libs. $395. Public performance. SOC SCI Birthright: A War Story. 100 min. Civia Tamarkin, dist. by Women Make Movies, www.wmm.com. 2017. DVD $89; acad. libs. $395 (Rental: $150). Public performance. Jackson. 93 min. Maisie Crow, dist. by Last Clinic Film, www.jacksonthefilm.com. 2017. DVD $95; acad. libs. $395 + $15 s/h. Public performance; closed-captioned. WOMEN’S STUDIES


Antarctica: Ice and Sky. 89+ min. In French & English w/English subtitles. Luc Jacquet, dist. by Music Box Films, www.musicboxfilms.com. 2017. DVD UPC 751778950850. $32.95. ENVIRONMENT The Invisible Patients. 88 min. Patrick O’Connor, dist. by Tugg Edu, www.edu.tugg.com. 2017. DVD $75; acad. libs. $350; streaming at edu@tugginc.com. Public performance; closed-captioned. HEALTH


Desert Hearts. 91+ min. Criterion Collection. 1985. DVD ISBN 9781681433752. $29.95; Blu-ray ISBN 9781681433745. $39.95. The Journey. 94+ min. IFC Films, dist. by MPI. 2016. DVD UPC 030306949192. $24.98. Rated: PG-13.  The Long Riders. 2 discs. 100+ min. Kino Lorber. 1980. DVD UPC 738329216108. $19.95; Blu-ray UPC 738329216115. $29.95. Rated: R. Lost in Paris. 84+ min. In English & French w/English subtitles. Oscilloscope. 2016. DVD UPC 857490005509. $34.99; Blu-ray UPC 857490005516. $39.99. Le Samourai. 105+ min. In French w/English subtitles. Criterion Collection. 1967. DVD ISBN 9781681433820. $29.95; Blu-ray ISBN 9781681433783. $39.95.

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Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones

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