Cuba, Tesla, Sports | Nonfiction Previews, Dec. 2018

Ariosto, David. This Is Cuba: An American Journalist Under Castro's Shadow. St. Martin’s. Dec. 2018. 288p. ISBN 9781250176974. $28.99; ebk. ISBN 9781250176981. HISTORY/CUBA Offered a two-year assignment in Cuba by CNN in summer 2009, Ariosto (currently managing editor of the digital news publisher Brut) headed south and discovered a scattering of tourists and the hard realities of police-state politics, embargo-induced scarcity, throwback Cold War sensibility, and the uncertainty that continues today. Good for understanding where we are. McKenzie, Hamish. Insane Mode: How Elon Musk's Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil. Dutton. Nov.  2018. 304p. ISBN 9781101985953. $28; ebk. ISBN 9781101985977. Downloadable.  BUSINESS A former tech reporter and now cofounder of the subscription publishing start-up Substack, McKenzie shows how Elon Musk (in insane leadership mode) has been building the electronic vehicle/solar panel company Tesla, which balances on a knife’s edge between financial crash and visionary, world-changing, environmentally sound success. Phillips, Rowan Ricardo. The Circuit. Farrar. Nov. 2018. 256p. ISBN 9780374123772. $26; ebk. ISBN 9780374718671. SPORTS Who better than a multi-award-winning poet, and one writing graceful and disciplined verse at that, to cover the 2017 tennis season and show us that tennis is not a politely reserved sport but one in which we are edgily engaged? Phillips is also the Paris Review sports columnist, so he knows his stuff. Robinson, Joshua & Jonathan Clegg. The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports. Houghton Harcourt. Dec. 2018. 320p. ISBN 9781328506450. $28; ebk. ISBN 9781328506474. SPORTS From Robinson, European sports correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, and Clegg, a WSJ editor, comes a story not so much about the game of soccer but the money angle: how secret meetings in 1992 updated the sport to a huge, modern entertainment arena where Russian oligarchs, Emirati sheikhs, and American and Asian magnates vie for control.

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Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones

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