Audiobooks from Bohjalian, Darznik, Egan, Eggers, Double Messud, with PBS's Little Women, Dolores Huerta, Education Equality, & More | Review Alert: May 15, 2018

Song is a spectacular testimony—further heightened by Mozhan Marnò’s vividly resonant narration; a highly recommended spy novel for all public libraries; be prepared for renewed interest in Messud's first novel in all formats; this new production of Little Women is fresh, energetic, and absorbing; yes, Dolores Huerta did, so why can't we?

Below is a list of Audio and Video titles to be reviewed in the May 15, 2018, issue of Library Journal, organized by subject. The list includes pertinent publisher and bibliographic information for your convenience.

Starred reviews are indicated with **.

Publishers: Please remember to send us one finished copy of each book that is scheduled for review (i.e., all of the forthcoming titles listed below) if you initially submitted a galley or bound manuscript. Our reviewers are not paid, and we like to send a finished copy of the reviewed book as a thank you. Materials should be mailed to: Library Journal, 123 William Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10038.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: LJ is seeking summer/fall football titles for a roundup in the August 2018 issue. Please include with your submissions the following bibliographic information (author, title, publisher, pub date, ISBN, format, price) and a brief summary of the material (catalog copy will suffice). The deadline is Friday, June 1. Questions? Contact Stephanie Sendaula at




Boast, Will. Daphne. 6 CDs. 7:30 hrs. HighBridge. Feb. 2018. ISBN 9781684410026. $34.99. digital download. F

Bohjalian, Chris. The Flight Attendant. 9 CDs. 11:30 hrs. Books on Tape. Mar. 2018. ISBN 9780525496120. $40. digital download. F

**Darznik, Jasmin. Song of a Captive Bird. digital download. 10:52 hrs. Books on Tape. Feb. 2018. ISBN 9780525527336. $76. F

**Doyle, Roddy. Smile. digital download. 5:03 hrs. Books on Tape. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9780525499565. $47.50. F

**Dudley, Lawrence. New York Station. 9 CDs. 10:30 hrs. Blackstone. Jan. 2018. ISBN 9781538424179. $34.95. 1 MP3-CD. F

Egan, Jennifer. Manhattan Beach. 12 CDs. 15:20 hrs. S. & S. Audio. Oct. 2017. ISBN 9781442399983. $39.99. digital download. F

Eggers, Dave. The Monk of Mokha. 7 CDs. 8:18 hrs. Books on Tape. Jan. 2018. ISBN 9780735205796. $35. digital download. F

Joseph, Nic. The Last Day of Emily Lindsey. 7 CDs. 8 hrs. Recorded Bks. Nov. 2017. ISBN 9781501955037. $123.75. digital download. F

Valente, Catherynne. Space Opera. 8 CDs. 10 hrs. HighBridge. Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781681689166. $24.99. digital download. F


Benjamin, H. Jon. Failure Is an Option: An Attempted Memoir. digital download. 4:58 hrs. Books on Tape. May 2018. ISBN 9780525527749. $57. memoir

Flock, Elizabeth. The Heart Is a Shifting Sea: Love and Marriage in Mumbai. digital download. 12:46 hrs. Harper Audio. Feb. 2018. ISBN 9780062799470. $26.99. soc sci

Lipska, Barbara K. The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: My Tale of Madness and Recovery. 6 CDs. 7 hrs. HighBridge. Apr. 2018. ISBN 9781684412662. $29.99. memoir


Messud, Claire. The Burning Girl. 6 CDs. 6:38 hrs. Recorded Bks. Aug. 2017. ISBN 9781501958731. $72.75. digital download. F

Messud, Claire. When the World Was Steady. 8 CDs. 9:14 hrs. HighBridge. Aug. 2017. ISBN 9781681686677. $29.99. digital download. F



Humans 2.0. 3 discs. 394+ min. Lewis Arnold & others, dist. by Acorn TV, 2017. DVD UPC 054961256297. $39.99; 2-disc Blu-ray UPC 054961257591. $39.99. SF

**Masterpiece: Little Women. 180 min. Vanessa Caswill, dist. for BBC One by PBS, 2018. DVD UPC 841887036160. $24.99; Blu-ray UPC 841887036177. $34.99; digital HD. F/TV

The Old Dark House. (Classics of American Cinema). b/w. 72+ min. James Whale, dist. by Cohen Media Group, 2017. DVD UPC 741952840794. $19.99; Blu-ray UPC 741952840893. $25.99. Horror/Comedy

Rake: Series 4. 3 discs. 461+ min. Peter Duncan & others, dist. by Acorn TV, 2017. DVD UPC 054961258697. $39.99. SDH subtitles. F/TV


England Is Mine: On Becoming Morrissey. 94+ min. Mark Gill, dist. by Cleopatra Entertainment c/o MVDvisual, 2017. Blu-ray UPC 760137059288. $29.95. MUSIC/BIOPIC

Linefork. 96 min. Vic Rawlings & Jeff Silva, dist. by Cinema Guild, 2017. DVD ISBN 9780781515573. $99.95; acad. libs. $350. Public performance. Music

Somos Lengua: Fragments of Hip-Hop in Mexico. 83+ min. In Spanish w/English subtitles. Hyzza Terrazas, dist. by Kino Lorber, 2018. DVD UPC 738329227760. $29.95. MUSIC

And When I Die, I Won’t Stay Dead. color & b/w. 89 min. Billy Woodberry, dist. by Grasshopper Film, 2017. DVD $99.95; acad. libs. $375. Public performance. POETRY


**Dolores. 90 min. Peter Bratt, dist. by PBS, 2018. DVD ISBN 9781531702403. $24.99; Blu-ray ISBN 9781531703387. $29.99. SDH subtitles. BIOG

Ku¯ Kanaka/Stand Tall. 26 min. Marlene Booth, dist. by New Day Films, 2017. DVD ISBN 9781574484472. $79; acad. libs. $189; streaming 3/yrs. $350. Public performance. BIOG

Miss Kiet’s Children. 113+ min. In Dutch w/English subtitles. Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster, dist. by Icarus Films Home Entertainment, 2018. DVD UPC 854565002296. $29.95. ED

**Most Likely To Succeed. 89 min. Greg Whiteley, dist. by Tugg Edu, 2017. DVD $95; acad. libs. $395; streaming starting at $125. Public performance. ED

Line 41. color & b/w. 96+ min. In German & Polish w/English subtitles. Tanja Cummings, dist. by Film Movement, 2018. DVD UPC 859686006420. $24.95. HIST

**A Dangerous Idea: Eugenics, Genetics and the American Dream. 106 min. Stephanie Welch, dist. by Bullfrog Films, 2017. DVD ISBN 9781941545873. $350 (Rental: $95). SDH subtitles. SOC SCI

Stopping Traffic: The Movement To End Sex Trafficking. 79 min. Sadhvi Siddhali Shree, dist. by Collective Eye, 2018. DVD $50; public performance $125; acad. libs. $295. SOC SCI

Written Off: “The Journals Will Explain Everything.” 61 min. Molly Herman, dist. by Video Project, 2017. DVD $89; acad. libs. $350 (DVD/DSL). Public performance; closed-captioned. SCI/HEALTH


Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry. 82 min. Laura Dunn & Jeff Sewell, dist. by Tugg Edu, 2017. DVD $75; acad. libs. $250; streaming starting at $75. Public performance. AGRI/LIT

Dr. Keeling’s Curve. 77 min. Kirsten Sanderson, dist. by George Shea, 4288 Klump Ave., Studio City, CA 91602; 818-980-6769, 2017. $29.95; public performance $39.95. ENVIRONMENT

Life on the Line: An Inspiring Look into the Resilience of Humankind: Season 3. 2.5+ hrs. dist. by First Run Features, 2017. DVD UPC 720229917513. $24.95. MED

Cyborgs Among Us. 75 min. Rafael Duran, dist. by Passion River, 2017. DVD UPC 602573452066. $59.95. Public performance. TECH


The Assistant (“La Volante”). 87+ min. In French w/English subtitles. Distrib Films c/o Icarus Films. 2015. DVD UPC 854565002289. $26.99.

Birdman of Alcatraz. b/w. 149+ min. Olive Films. 1962. DVD UPC 887090139816. $24.95; Blu-ray UPC 887090139915. $29.95.

Images. 101+ min. Arrow Academy c/o MVDvisual. 1972. Blu-ray UPC 760137110088. $39.95. Rated: R.

My Journey Through French Cinema. color & b/w. 192+ min. In French w/English subtitles. Cohen Media Group. 2017. DVD UPC 741952839095. $25.99; Blu-ray UPC 741952839194. $30.99.

Nowhere in Africa. 141+ min. In German w/English subtitles. Kino Lorber. 2003. DVD UPC 738329229221. $29.95; Blu-ray UPC 738329229238. $34.95.


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Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones


Kids are using VR to explore worlds and create new ones

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