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Gio Ponti: Archi-Designer

An important document of a protean talent that should be in all architecture and design collections.

Social Studies from Texas Monthly

Fans of any of the topics listed above will enjoy listening to this excellent collection.

Tales from the Crypt

Despite more successful tales than misfires, overall this remains a misshapen monster.

The EC Archives: The Vault of Horror

Laying the bedrock for the creative fecundity and artistic integrity the publisher was famous for before being targeted by misguided anticomics crusaders, these golden oldies remain imaginative tales of midnight noir and slimy retribution from beyond the grave that still render chills to make the night darker and sleep impossible.

True Crime from Texas Monthly

Any fans of true crime and the Lone Star State will find this collection enchanting.

Renoir: Intimacy

Familiar paintings take on a new aura in this volume and may be of interest to those who appreciate the work of Renoir.

The Dark Horse Book of Horror

The high level of beautiful and terrifying work, present in every component of this volume, ensures that readers will revel in these tales from the first through final page.

The EC Archives: Crime SuspenStories

This robust collection allows inquisitive readers to view firsthand the high artistic standard and compellingly literate noir tales by the industry's finest. However, be aware: the remastered color is not as striking as the original four-color process.

Gwan Anthology

These timely selections, although sometimes truncated, will resonate with teens, tweens, and adults with transitions in their lives.

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