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Graphic Novels from Baudoin, Brubaker/Phillips, de Radiguès, Gaiman, Buckingham, & Co., Nowak, Roberts, Typex, Van Sciver, and Walker | LJ Reviews, Dec. 2018


Girl Town

Nowak's characters banter, bicker, and yearn for love, connection, and acceptance. Their world isn't quite ours, but their struggles are familiar and very entertaining.

Likely Stories

Gaiman fans looking for his usual rich worldbuilding might find this a little slight, but the artwork makes it worthwhile for urban fantasy collections.

Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol; A Factual Fairytale

The meticulous level of research is almost a hindrance, as the story sometimes seems to move at the pace of real life. But as an art object, it's unlikely to be outdone by any new release any time soon.


While the pace quickens to near breakneck speed in the final pages, skimming some content that would have been nice to see fully developed, this is a crime story that ultimately delivers an emotional experience much richer than a typical bloody romp of underworld deceit.

Chlorine Gardens

An unusually unfolded autobiographical farce with soul, this work is quite funny, and the personal nature of the witticisms help bind the events of the quietly touching narrative together and are what will remain stuck to your funny bone like peanut butter.


Skroce's dynamic style and pacing keeps the pages turning so fast that fans might want to read this one two or three times in order to catch the exquisite detail (enhanced by the work of colorist Dave Stewart) and impressive worldbuilding on display. Tons of fun, with the welcomed promise of future volumes.

My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

While lacking the scope of Brubaker and Phillips's longer, serialized stories, this stand-alone novella is a fine addition to a staggering body of work.

A Perfect Failure: Fante Bukowski Three

A great conclusion to a wonderful series that works fairly well as a stand-alone volume, although the entire series is well worth seeking out.

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