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Graphic Novels from Beeby/Kristantina, Bendis/Reis, Casey/Marra, DeForge, Gropper, Rosa, Seth, & More | June 2019

The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. Vol. 1

The phenomenally wealthy, unabashedly miserly, and thoroughly adventurous Uncle Scrooge is probably better known in the States as the star of a late 1980s cartoon series. Yet these comics from Rosa (Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck, Vol 5: The Richest Duck in The World), originally serialized in Denmark’s Anders And & Co. (1992–94) and brought together here in a single volume for the first time, have sold millions of copies internationally. The stunning craft, sense of fun, and stirring action gracing every page of this Eisner Award–winning collection makes it easy to see why.



Wroten’s knack for character development and legitimately witty banter, combined with her expressive cartooning and exquisite use of pastel color, result in a highly engaging story about an occasionally abrasive but ultimately sympathetic character


Gropper’s name is probably better known to historians and illustration buffs than to mainstream graphic novel readers at the moment, but this gorgeously drawn, touching story is sure to linger with anyone who reads it

The Weatherman. Vol. 1

Nearly every page of this volume, which collects single issues 1–6 of an ongoing series, adds to Fox’s reputation as one of the most talented and dynamic illustrators working in graphic novels today. Not to be missed

The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt

Drawing on von Humboldt’s publications, diaries, and letters, Wulf (The Invention of Nature) brings her subject to life, cleverly allowing him to narrate his story in an affable if possibly anachronistic tone that makes the occasionally complicated scientific theory easily digestible. [See Prepub Alert, 10/29/18.]

Superman. Vol. 1: The Unity Saga; Phantom Earth

Bendis’s much-touted takeover of the Superman franchise is the rare superhero comic book event that actually lives up to the hype, and this volume serves as a great jumping-on point

The Secret Voice. Vol. 1

Soto (Power Button) blends tropes of epic fantasy with elements of horror, manga, and underground art comics, kicking off what promises to be an excitingly original adventure

Clyde Fans: A Picture Novel

It’s only June, but Seth’s long-anticipated masterpiece is already a strong contender for one of 2019’s best graphic novels. [See author Q&A on p. 99.]

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