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Giraffes on Horseback Salad: Salvador Dali, the Marx Brothers, and the Strangest Movie Never Made

A fascinating project inspired by obvious passion from everyone involved, but subpar illustration ultimately results in a volume that will, owing to a few text pieces describing the origins of the project and reprints of Dali's initial treatment and notes, appeal primarily to die-hard fans alone.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses

This is the latest in a series Lapham has produced on and off since 1995, and part of his brilliance as a storyteller is that every volume works as a great jumping-on point. So if you haven't already jumped on, you really should.

The Sons of El Topo

Those unfamiliar with the film will find this work inscrutable; nevertheless, owing to Jodorowsky's strong following, it should be in high demand.

Letter to Survivors

Originally published in French in 1981 and available now for the first time in English, this odd blend of sf and satire of consumer culture by former Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief Gébé raises more questions than it answers, but who needs answers when the cartooning is this elegant and the questions are this fascinating?

Black Dahlia

Geary is an accomplished cartoonist and storyteller, and these installments in his long-running series on American crime are sure to satisfy fans of graphic novels and true crime alike.

Philip K. Dick

While some interesting aspects of Dick's life—in particular, his turn to Christianity


Readers might find themselves reaching for a notepad to keep track of the multiple groups and allegiances here, but a close reading is definitely rewarded.


Fans looking for a straightforward biography of McCay might find themselves thrown by the far-out concepts that appear halfway through the book, but everyone else will enjoy this deeply strange, incredibly fun sf/fantasy noir with artwork that pales only to that of McCay himself.

The Prague Coup

Maybe not quite to the level of the thrillers penned by Greene himself

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