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The Hidden World of the Fox

This beautifully written work paying homage to red foxes will appeal to those interested in urban wildlife and the ever-increasing conflicts between humans and other animals.


A fascinating, lyrical, wide-ranging work sharing thoughts on past and present that will appeal to a wide range of readers, including those interested in memoirs and reflections on the world around us.

Dancing with Bees: A Journey Back to Nature

This satisfying memoir of a woman’s reawakening to the importance of nature in her life will appeal to fans of natural history memoirs, bees, the natural world, or ecology, as well as those who enjoyed Dave Goulson’s A Sting in the Tale and Meredith May’s The Honey Bus.


Downriver: Into the Future of Water in the West

This lyrical, introspective chronicle sees one woman's river journey interwoven through a fascinating, well-researched guide to past, present, and future water use and allocation in the West.

Down from the Mountain: The Life and Death of a Grizzly Bear

This fascinating, well-researched, and lyrical memoir will appeal to conservationists, those curious about large predators, and readers who relish stories of the West.

How To Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency

An impressive look at myriad, diverse examples of invisibility that will appeal to those interested in social sciences and the arts.

Desert Cabal: A New Season in the Wilderness

This brief series of essays will be enjoyed by those who treasure the desert, environmental activists, and fans of Desert Solitaire.

Counting Sheep: Reflections and Observations of a Swedish Shepherd

This slight volume, written by a thoughtful, introspective author, who completely changed his life, will appeal to those who enjoy books on nature, herding, and life's many transitions.

Dreaming in Turtle: A Journey Through the Passion, Profit, and Peril of Our Most Coveted Prehistoric Creatures

Laufer claims everyone has a turtle story, and he shares a wide range of accounts in this love letter to the species that will appeal to those fascinated by turtles and who care about the conservation of endangered animals.

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