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Once a Spy

With this fourth installment in the “Rogues Redeemed” series, Putney continues to offer a fascinating historical perspective combined with a tender love story that slowly moves from friendship to desire to love, making this an excellent addition to any collection.

Once a Scoundrel

A vibrant heroine with a warrior maiden mind-set and a bold, undaunted hero who makes peace with his past find love amid mayhem in a story that redeems another rogue and sows the tantalizing seeds for the next in the series. Putney (Once a Rebel) lives in Baltimore.

Once a Rebel

Valiant, resourceful protagonists fight for each other against incredible odds in a story that deftly balances fascinating historical detail, adventure, and menace with a passionate romance. Another "redeemed rogue" gets the future he deserves. Putney (Once a Soldier) lives in Baltimore.

Once a Soldier

Exquisitely developed characters, a stunning setting, and the perfect amount of history and engineering detail make this an excellent start to what promises to be another of Putney's insightful, riveting series. Here, spies bond (and then escape) on the eve of their scheduled execution. Putney (Not Always a Saint) lives in the Baltimore area.

The Last Chance Christmas Ball

Lighthearted gaiety is gently tempered by misunderstandings and a few more serious issues as these cleverly linked romances unfurl into a unified whole that is poignant, funny, and complex; one of the most engaging anthologies of the season.

Not Always a Saint

A caring heroine with a sordid past who doubts her self-worth and a hero plagued by soul-destroying guilt find love and redemption in a captivating romance that is graced with impeccable character development, flawless prose, and several surprising twists. Putney (Not Quite a Wife) lives in the Baltimore area.

Sometimes a Rogue

Witty humor, deep character development, thrilling sexual edginess, and a remarkable pair of protagonists combine in this exhilarating addition to Putney's addictive and exquisitely written series. Putney (No Longer a Gentleman) lives in the Baltimore area.

Mischief and Mistletoe

Touching, gently funny, satisfying, and short enough to be read in one sitting, each story in this delectable anthology is a holiday treat.

No Longer a Gentleman. Zebra

With sensitivity and inimitable skill, Putney rescues another lost lord; gives him a brave, resourceful heroine who helps him heal; complicates things with foiling villains, readjusting to society, and falling in love; and weaves it all together in another beautifully written, unforgettable romance. Putney (Nowhere Near Respectable) lives in the Baltimore area.

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