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Adequate Yearly Progress

This novel provides an entertaining and humane story of what it’s like to teach high school. Already a hit with teachers when it was self-published in 2018, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys humorous workplace narratives.

Almost Midnight

Though newcomers will be better served by starting at the beginning of the series, fans will be satisfied hearing of Mike's latest exploits.

Sleepyhead: The Neuroscience of a Good Night's Rest

Anyone living with narcolepsy will be interested in this book, as will those with other sleep disorders. Readers simply curious about the science of sleep should also find it engaging.

Stay Hidden

After a slow start, Doiron's mystery picks up steam and provides a thrilling read. For fans of the series and other outdoor lawmen mysteries. [See Prepub Alert, 1/8/18.]

The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars: A Neuropsychologist's Odyssey Through Consciousness

Lyrical, thoughtful, and imaginative, this book presents a disjointed narrative that might have been two different works, one about the author's grief and the other on the nature of consciousness. Those looking for clarity on psychology topics may not be satisfied, but readers of literary essays with a scientific bent will be intrigued.

Happy Brain: Where Happiness Comes from, and Why

Readers seeking an overview of the current research on happiness, who appreciate British humor should find it enjoyable and enlightening.

On Brassard's Farm

A beautifully written homage to a vanishing way of life and a moving story of love and connection, Hecht's novel should appeal to readers of literary fiction. [For another literary account of rural life, see Elinor Florence's Wildwood.—Ed.]

Heart Spring Mountain

Although the point-of-view jumps can be confusing and the narrative takes its time gaining momentum, the characters are richly drawn and authentic, so this book should be warmly welcomed by readers of contemporary literary fiction that plumbs the depths of rural American experience, especially that of women. [See Prepub Alert, 7/17/17.]

Our Senses: An Immersive Experience

This book may not appeal to casual readers of authors such as Oliver Sacks, but fans of sophisticated popular science should certainly enjoy it.

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