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SAM: One Robot, a Dozen Engineers, and the Race To Revolutionize the Way We Build

Fans of applied iterative trial and error, common to all innovation work, will appreciate this latest piece of popular science and technology.

Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans

This work will mainly interest technologists who are exploring the computational and technological foundations of AI and the present implications these bring to the digital era.

Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control

Russell has created the right guide at the right time for technology enthusiasts seeking to explore the primary concepts of what makes AI valuable while simultaneously examining the disconcerting aspects of AI misuse.

When Islam Is Not a Religion: Inside America’s Fight for Religious Freedom

This book will resonate with those looking for an accessible exploration of public policy with a sprinkling of legal drama. It will be in demand by those seeking to understand the erosion of religious freedom in America.

Are We There Yet? The American Automobile Past, Present, and Driverless

An extremely engaging work of narrative nonfiction for those who enjoy popular historical and technology reads.


Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level

A solid and compelling biography that is recommended for readers who enjoy pop technology titles and business profiles.

No One at the Wheel: Driverless Cars and the Road of the Future

For readers interested in learning more about technology and transportation policy, especially those contemplating the uses, drawbacks, and future possibilities of emerging technology on society writ large.—Jim Hahn, Univ. Lib., Univ. of Illinois, Urbana

Outside Agitator: The Civil Rights Struggle of Cleveland Sellers Jr

Readers of historical biography, especially related to civil rights and social justice, will enjoy this informative work.

Acid West

For lovers of a good postmodern romp through the Old West.

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