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American Poison: How Racial Hostility Destroyed Our Promise

Bleak, but perhaps inspirational, this challenging critique is recommended for policymakers and readers concerned about civic engagement.

Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America

Recommended for renters, owners, developers, and policymakers alike.

Broke: Hardship and Resilience in a City of Broken Promises

With a foreword by Michael Eric Dyson, this book is an important read for policymakers and urban dwellers, locally and nationally.

The Meritocracy Trap: How America’s Foundational Myth Feeds Inequality, Dismantles the Middle Class, and Devours the Elite

Though it might have been more effective at half the length, this is an important contribution to the debate on economic inequality and of note to policymakers, activists, and scholars.

Fentanyl, Inc.: How Rogue Chemists Are Creating the Deadliest Wave of the Opioid Epidemic

Following after Sam Quinones’s Dreamland, which surveyed the ravages of prescription pills and black tar heroin, this book will assist policymakers, activists, and general readers in understanding better how to respond to the drug crisis that is only more intractable now

The Yellow House

Though largely a linear narrative, this debut memoir feels collage-like, at once impressionistic, cumulative, and multisensory; imbued with ambivalence about leaving and wonder at the pull of home. Recommended for all who enjoy family history or care to explore beyond the surface of place.


This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto

Impassioned and compelling, this important book illuminates the bewildering, tragic contradictions between the realities and the nativist perceptions of human movement across borders.

Women's Work: A Reckoning with the Work of the Home

This vivid, candid narrative of intertwined lives demonstrates that such relationships are transactional yet intensely intimate, with fuzzy, complex roles, and enormous implications about some people's power over others based on affluence and gender.

Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline

Compelling, convincing, and deserving of a very wide audience, from general readers to policymakers.

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