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The Body Lies

Longbourn author Baker's foray into suspense contains some beautifully written passages, but it is mostly told from the perspective of the protagonist, and at times it's hard to grasp the young woman's motivations or emotions. Regardless, this book is recommended for readers who enjoy psychological thrillers that focus on women protagonists such as Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, or Paula Hawkins's Girl on the Train. [See Prepub Alert, 12/6/18.]

The Telling

Fans of egalitarian historical fiction with touches of romance who don't insist on happy endings will love this; the contemporary story may have less resonance for the readers who will most enjoy this novel.


Baker's talent for capturing human behavior is wasted on this dreary, unrelenting chronicle of one helpless woman's misery.


British author Baker's second novel after her much lauded The Undertow is densely plotted and achingly romantic. This exquisitely reimagined Pride and Prejudice will appeal to Austen devotees and to anyone who finds the goings-on below the stairs to be at least as compelling as the ones above. Highly recommended. [See Prepub Alert, 4/8/13.]

The Undertow

With their masculine pride pushing them to make bad decisions, the three male Billys tend to be a bit unsympathetic to readers, regrettably. Still, Baker's fine writing, the quick-flowing story line, and the excellent ending make this first-rate novel a good choice for fans of family sagas and literary British fiction.

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